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      1. A West Coast girl during a fire,
        With primness a few might admire,
        Searched for something to wear
        Lest her thighs be seen bare.
        Still– her corpse was in modest attire.

        1. This modest attire,
          Though burned off in the fire
          Served as example to those
          Who fleeing the peril
          Lived on to wear sexy apparel.

        2. What more shall I say? Time would fail to tell of Penelope Cruz, of Jennifer Lopez, of Sophia Vergara, who through looks subdued kingdoms, redefined sex appeal, obtained wealth, and stopped the mouths of drueling men.

  1. That is the dumbdest (yes, the extra “d” is supposed to be there) I’ve ever heard of. So you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a fire alarm. Not certain if it’s a “drill” or the real thing you put clothes on “just to be safe”.

    Admin to paper the next day, “Well, we had 19 female students who lost their life in a dormitory fire last night, but thank God none of them came out in immodest night shirts or anything.”

    1. Norm – Keep in mind that the issue is the fact that women could be wearing pajama PANTS. And wimmen folk can’t be seen wearing that which pertaineth to a human with 2 legs. So if the pajama is a nightgown type (made of suitable fabric such as burlap or chainmail) then all is good.

      Someone can correct me if I am mistaken.

  2. In the event of a dangerous fire, young ladies have to waste precious time changing their clothes so as to not appear in public in pajama pants, yet the pastor’s own family members can wear jeans . Hypocrisy, dangerous hypocrisy.

    WCBC students and parents should demand the school actually care about their safety.

    Reminds me of this 2002 fire in Mecca at a girls school where the girls could not be rescued due to concerns over lack of modesty.


    “On March 11, 2002, a fire at a girls’ school in Mecca, Saudi Arabia killed fifteen people, all young girls. The event was especially notable due to complaints that Saudi Arabia’s “religious police” (aka the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) stopped schoolgirls from leaving the burning building and hindered rescue workers because the girls were not wearing correct Islamic dress…”

    1. There must be more than a few Fundy MOgs and their wives who silently seethe and gnash their teeth that no such Modesty Police have yet to be established in the United States. :wicked:

      1. I suppose that if you are burning a witch, there is something (or someone) at stake. If you are burning with a grill, there is something at steak.

        I’m not sure how school admin feel about this. I understand that if students are in trouble, they like to grill them.

        But this is a hot topic and I don’t want it to descend to the level of flame wars.

  3. This reminds me of a white water rafting trip I took with the youth group at a Bible Methodist church (very fundy in mindset) we attended when I was growing up. The youth leaders son fell out of the raft and the water was about 65 degrees. There was a breeze blowing that day. When he got back in the boat he sat there shivering so bad it was almost convulsive in nature. The raft guide let it go on for a few minutes and finally he said, “Church group or not, that boy’s taking his shirt off so he can get dry. Nobody’s getting hypothermia on MY raft.” The youth leader realized the raft guide wasn’t playing around, wasn’t giving “options” and that he had met his match. The shirt came off and he regained his warmth almost immediately.

    I’m sure we all have our stories like this.

  4. Ha I remember fire drill at my fundy u – they did it at devo time that night so as to not risk dress issues and the ladies being around to see the commotion. They still wanted you to be dressed before leaving the building! And this was for the guys.

  5. I went to a baptist camp that had the same policy. Guess its best to just burn your way to glory rather than living and causing a young preacher boy to fall.

    1. Remember, young preacher boys are the most fragile creatures of gid’s creation. The merest glimpse of a girl’s thighs, or far worse, her cleavage, is enough to derail that precious soul into perdition. πŸ™„

      1. If looking at breasts and thighs is a ticket to hell, sign me up. If God didn’t want me enjoying them, he should have made them look like Steve Buscemi’s face.

      2. I know this comment was made in jest, but given the news reports from all around fundyland it seems like maybe its more true than we would like to think?

        1. You hit the nail on the head there. That’s the very problem with the “modesty” at all cost attitudes. These boys grow up learning that they have no control over themselves, and any impure thoughts they have or actions they take are the fault of evil women setting them up to undermine their ministry.

          It’s completely maddening for women to be taught that their first priority; even if their own lives are in danger, is to protect men from the sight of pajama pants.

  6. Just last night, I was pondering to myself, “maybe I’ve been wrong and the IFB has been correct all this time.” Then I see this and it reaffirmed why I left that kind of crap to begin with.

  7. It’s not only IFBs. In one of the middle eastern countries some girls died in their school building when it caught on fire, because they were unable to get veiled properly in time to get out.

      1. They are for real in that they physically exist. They are not for real in that they produce grajuits who have an inferior education and a diploma that truly lacks value. PCC’s nursing program is technically worthwhile but not worth the spiritual and emotional torture.

        1. I’ve heard PCC is one of the more liberal schools…Well, according to Mennonite thought. grin.

  8. I lived through this. Its a dumb rule. Just run. Leave and don’t look back.

    What’s strange is that the men’s dorms were on the OTHER Side of the campus where I attended school. The only men who would see the girls in their PJs would be the firemen and if there was a real fire I would hope they would be professional and have other priorities.

    1. Not if they are Real True Xian firefighters. A Real True Xian male is subject, at the merest peep of a woman’s body, to uncontrollable lust at all times. That is mandatory.

      Funny how few of them ever become firemen.

    1. When I was at university in Coleraine (a secular uni) I spent the first year in student “halls”. No fire drills but you could be sure of some dumb jerk setting off the fire alarm, usually at around four o’clock in the morning. It usually happened on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning or Thursday night/Friday morning after some serious student drinking sessions. In the run up to christmas it happened at least once a week. Sometimes twice. When the alarm went off everyone had to get out. The sound of the alarm was so appalling you couldn’t have stayed in the building unless you were drunk, drugged deaf or dead, or some combination. Everyone kept clothes close by, to get dressed quickly. It had nothing to do with modesty, but everything to do with survival. Coleraine is near the north coast of Northern Ireland and near Christmas time is like a polar outpost. Especially at 4 o’clock in the morning. One of my vivid memories of university days….

  9. If this is true, then I’d say (out of protest) leave the building buck naked with only your student handbook in hand.

    What? Are the firefighters going to jump your bones out of an irresistable urge to have relations with you when they see you running out of a buring building not wearing the attire approved by the Mog and Dean of Women? These people are sick and twisted.

    1. I agree. I’m not a firefighter, but it has always seemed to me that an announced fire drill is a joke. When I worked in the big hangar at the major airline in the Southeast, our drills were always announced, even to the time. When it got close, we would be milling about our work areas, with no one inside any hard to access places. We would be timed, but it was far from accurate as to real life.
      One time when the alarms went off for real, a group of us played cards through the incident. We never heard the alarm. The alarm one by the breakroom had been masked off for painting and never uncovered, blocking both the strobe and aural warning. Happily the guy with the crew sheet took his job seriously. Turned out to be smoke in the other hangar, no fire.

  10. My question is this: if she is truly a fundy why would she have any kind of immodest sleepwear? I mean seriously, how could she even bring something like that onto campus and profane this sacred land. Wouldn’t even the thought of a female classmate having immodest pajamas be enough to tempt a Man-of-Gawd-in-the-making to engage in auto-erotic behavior? Those sleezy little tramps!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wait…a….minute….
      Victoria’s Secret has it all wrong!!
      Instead of selling lingerie, they need to do the whole long sleeved tops and pajama bottom look!!
      They’ll make trillions getting those women looking hot!

      1. Add a few pics from a dorm fire in the background with WCBC boys ignoring the fire, salivating over and pawing at the girls who escaped the flames. Include a few soot smudges on the girls. Add a caption of the girls saying, “I knew I should have chanced dying to get modestly dressed!”

  11. On an even worse note, I’m about 99% sure my Bible college never had fire drills at all. In my entire four years there, I don’t remember a single one, or even a discussion about fire safety or what to do if there was a fire. The only discussion on the topic I remember is one time in ladies’ devotions, when the dorm sup was telling us that if we broke the rule about sleepovers and went sneaking into someone else’s dorm at night, and there was a fire, they wouldn’t know where to find us, and we might die. Of course, they didn’t have to worry about the issue in the post anyway(yeah, right), because we were not supposed to wear pajama pants or anything else that didn’t fit the modesty standards for regular clothes, anyway. I don’t know what would have happened if there was ever a fire. All of our doors were on an outdoor hallway, and we weren’t allowed to have our cellphones in our rooms at night. How would they even get everyone out of the building? I hope it had really good fire alarms, and I’m glad nothing has ever happened.

      1. My dorm at Party State had inadvertent fire drills. They were rewiring the building and it kept screwing up the alarms. We had something like 25 or so false alarms in one semester.

        1. We finally got a notice one year to just ignore any further fire drills because the alarm kept going off on its own.

  12. To take a girl’s picture from Facebook and write something about it without her permission is pretty disgusting… Might want to know context before condemning..

    1. If you’re talking about Darrell’s post, it wasn’t from FB. It was from Twitter. I use Twitter, and know that anything I put on Twitter is out there for the whole world. There’s zero expectation of privacy.

    2. They re women, not girls. WCBC should stop treating them like children and give them the respect adults deserve. They should also care enough about them to have decent fire safety rules. I pray the fire marshall pays you a visit soon.

      1. Bob Jones has significantly loosened their rules about women wearing pants. That, of course, doesn’t mitigate their legalism in other areas.

        If I remember correctly, when I was in the dorms at BJU (in the 80s), if there was a fire drill, we had to put on shoes, a long coat, and a towel over our head. I didn’t mind the shoes or the coat (though I thought it stupid when all my life I’d been told to NEVER stop for ANYTHING in case of fire: just get out), but the towel over the head was humiliating and stupid. I assume it was because of all the residue from hairspray potentially catching fire, but I’d never heard of anywhere else (whose coeds also used tons of Aquanet) having to do the same. World’s Most Unusual University was a slogan that truly fit them well.

  13. Every college has rules that not everyone will agree with (you can’t please everyone all the time), and yes, some rules may be strict, but that is no reason to mock someone who holds to a higher standard than one’s self. To clarify, that was a scheduled fire drill, and the students knew about it in advance. It makes perfect sense to expect the students to be modestly dressed for a planned fire drill. If it were an actual fire, that would be a different story.

    To assume that one is legalistic because they hold to hire standards than one’s self is shallow and narrow minded. It’s also hypocritical to mock and (might I add) falsely accuse other Chriatians who have different standards; if what you believe is so much “better” than the one you are mocking, than why must you act so childish to prove your point?

    All in all, Christ said to love thy neighbor as thyself. Those of you who profess to be Christians need to keep that in mind.

        1. Well Sherlock, it is a picture of two students at West Coast. Someone probably knew it is them.

          *Common Sense Alert*

        2. True, which is probably why their choice to post it on Twitter where it is public (cause that’s how Twitter works) was not a wise thing to do.

        3. Once they have kids and become grandparents….
          Remember how we were back in the day???
          Got our tail feathers ruffled rather quickly back then myself….
          Be loving with them.
          Bless their hearts.

        4. Nah. If you mellow out as a grandparent, you weren’t really fundie.

          Being IFB means never apologizing for making and enforcing more rules.

      1. Scheduled or not, isn’t the purpose of a fire drill to practice EXACTLY what you should do in case of a fire??? Am I going to send my child out the front door of my home in a practice fire drill yet expect him to go out his window in case of a fire? Seriously, these people are so silly to think they are only expected to do this at a “scheduled” drill, but not do it when the place is on fire. You grind this in the girls’ heads and you are going to see them stop to dress properly in a real fire. IFB rules go beyond common sense and when you scare them enough, you better believe they will be donning those skirts before heading out.

    1. “To assume that one is legalistic because they hold to hire standards than one’s self is shallow and narrow minded.”

      Uhhh. The problem is not that you yourself hold to “higher standards,” although I would say that you are measurement challenged if you think that you are.

      “Higher” standards by whose definitions? The Pharisees created “higher standards” and Jesus said they were teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.

      But still, you may have *your* illusorily “higher” standards. The problem is that you cannot help but judge others improperly when you do that. You condemn (yes, you do!) others as having “lower standards.” You infer — and you outright state — that people who do not have the same standards as you are somehow more “worldly” or “sinful” or “unrighteous.”

      Yes. You do. Quit saying you don’t. You have done it and you continue to do it. You may try not to say it in front of certain people (only do it behind their backs, eh? Backstabber!). But you think it!

      I have been in fundamentalism long enough to know how the spiel works, and sister, you aren’t going to pull the wool over these eyes!

      The fact is that your “higher standards” emphasis is works righteousness, not the righteousness that comes from Christ. It is separation to yourselves, not to God. It is the rudiments of the world, making an appearance of Godliness but without the real power of a changed life. It is institutionalized selfishness.

      Now, if you can hold to your “higher standards” without judging your brother — as Scripture commands you to do! — then fine and good. But you cannot demand he meet your standards. You cannot demand one thing of him, because he stands before his Master, as do you. And it is Jesus who will both judge him and you.

      What? Do you think you get to judge your brother? You will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. Paul did not dare even judge himself or assume his right relationship with God. And neither can you.

      Turn down the haughty chin. Turn off your offendedness. If you belong to Christ instead of yourself, then you will take criticism of the hoity-toity’s in stride.

    2. Dear West Coast Student,

      Remember me when thou comest into the kingdom inhabited by unaccredited graduates. Thou shalt accompany those of us who have gone before. Lo, thou are encompassed by a great cloud of witnesses, some of whom bring their lamentations to SFL.

      And what more shall I say? Time would fail me to tell of Bob Jones, and of Jack Hyles, and of Jack Schaap, of Jack Chappell and the other false prophets. Some were imprisoned for relations with young girls; some were tempted; some just died (of whom the free world was not worthy, yea were deemed worthy of imprisonment); and some lived far past any useful existence.

      Yet one day thou shalt arise and see that thou hast bills to pay and children to feed. Thou shalt say, “Where is the God of Israel, Isaac, and Jacob?” “Why have I come to this place of torment where I canst neither pay rent nor electric nor smart phone bill?” “Why dost all prospective employers say, ‘Is your degree accredited?'”

      And lo thou wilt clothe thyself in sackcloth and ashes. And thou shalt mourn the day that thou didst defend the ones who exacted usury upon thee by charging thee tuition, room, and board for such degree. And thou shalt cry out to God and ask why his supposed servants didst tell thee that this degree was good, when it was not. That shalt bemoan, mourn, and wail thy desolation.

      And thou shalt come back and make friends with the cloud of witnesses at Stuff Fundies Liketh. And thou shalt begin to heal. And thou shalt rise up, and call God blessed.

      See you soon,

      1. BJg,

        Your post is clever, funny, and certainly in no need of additional verbiage. Nevertheless, here’s a pile of words that hypothetically could be inserted between the third and fourth paragraphs. Please consider it fan fiction.

        And in that day thou shalt cast thy diploma, for which thou hast laboured, to the moles and bats, or else thou shalt burn it in a furnace of iron that it might be utterly consumed. Then shalt thou go to them that defrauded thee and say, “What manner of degree is this which thou hast bestowed upon me? It pleaseth me not, and lo! it is altogether unprofitable.” Then shall they answer and say unto thee, “What is that to us? This problem is thine alone and not another’s with thee.”

        Then shalt thou say unto them, “Restore unto me the silver which thou hast stolen.” Straightway thou shall seem unto them as one that mocks. Then shall they answer and say unto thee, “Go thy way and be ye warmed and filled–Reprobate!”

        1. The sarcasm in the be warm and full line is rich, sir. They’d certainly never actually say that to a reprobate.

    3. How is it holding to a higher standard when your own leadership does not believe in the standard? They enforce rules on college ladies that they do not keep themselves.

      Many of those rules are not in place because leadership holds them as conviction (although a few of them might), but because it is a way to market the college to more conservative IFBxers. The no pants rule is more of a marketing ploy than a conviction in Lancaster.

    4. but that is no reason to mock someone who holds to a higher standard than one’s self.
      Clearly you have put significant thought into this.

    5. “Planned fire drills” are legalistic exercises neglecting the spirit of the law.

      Fire codes require fire drills, so they are held. But instead of actually practicing evacuating a burning building when the alarm sounds, they tell everyone so everyone is prepared for an alarm. This defeats the purpose of the law — which is to make sure residents are prepared for an actual emergency.

      I attended PCC, where they had the same policy. I talked to my mom, who watched a men’s dorm burn in her college days, and she made it abundantly clear that this modesty policy was putting people at risk.

      It is distressing to me that people’s LIVES are so unimportant to these institutions. The fact that no one has died yet doesn’t mean no one will die, or that teaching this kind of “compliance” with local regulations is magically ok because no knees were seen.

    6. “To assume that one is legalistic because they hold to hire standards than one’s self is shallow and narrow minded”

      Hire standards? Yes, every business or institution has standards for hiring employees.

    7. It is perfectly right and good to mock your nonsense. How is someone to know the difference between a drill and a real fire?
      Your “higher standards” are nothing more than self righteous badges of honoring yourselves. Jesus mocked such Phariseeism calling them white washed tombs and vipers.

      1. I just really don’t understand why it’s anyone else’s business what they do at this school…you don’t go there.
        These students are adults, they know how to react in the case of a real emergency.
        Go do something productive.

        1. Some of us have gone there. Some of us have loved ones there. Some of us know people who will go there. This is relevant to us.

          One of the reasons this blog exists is to point out the absurdities inherent in all things fundy. Requiring people to dress a certain way for a fire drill is absurd.

          I don’t understand why fundies come here to this blog. They aren’t ex-fundy. It’s not their business what we do here. They should go do something productive, like make more rules about something petty and absurd. If the fundy god is so omnipotent he will strike all of us dead yesterday and fundies will have nothing to fear.

        2. Have you not heard the words of our Lord? The words said in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. The deeds done in darkness will have light shown on them.

          And so, it seems, that the Lord will bring every word and work into judgment. You know that Peter promised that judgment must first begin with the house of God!

          So if you are this uncomfortable with but a taste of the discussion of the deeds you IFB are doing, what do you think will happen when the Lord does the serious judging? It sounds like you need some serious repentance!

        3. They are not adults. They are 18-25 years old with curfews and cell phone restrictions that have zero experience in character because every move is monitored. And if they are from anywhere like I was, they probably heard I prettied up version of “if you don’t go to Bible college, you’re out” and went because there were no other options. SO… the best part is, they don’t even know it. I remember when it all hit me, I was in my second year and thought? Why is someone telling me I can’t do my hair like this?… it is LITERALLY hundreds of young adults with arrested development that have been taught their ENTIRE life to never ask “why”. It i smy business as a Christian that IFB’s are out there running this mess in the name of Christ and making serious cash while they’re at it.

      1. Really!
        Which is worse, being seen in your undies or PJs or naked, or dying in a fire?
        No more calls, folks, we have a winner.

        I once wrote a set of safety rules for my employer, and I said if there is a fire alarm to leave the building at once, without stopping to pick anything up or for any other reason except to help another person needing assistance to leave the building. Nothing in any building is worth as much as one person’s life.

        1. It’s obvious your employer is no Real True Xian or you’d have been fired on the spot! πŸ™„

    8. 1- if a real fire occur, how many stridents may lose some precious time doning some “modest” garment?
      2- “modesty” before safety is not “standards”. It’s stupid and dangerous.
      3- a whole lot of people may consider pajamas as more modest (and warmer ) than night shirts . And please don’t summon the Bible whose writers certainly didn’t know a lot about pajamas !

      1. Remember, boys and girls, that Good Grammar is even More Important than Modesty. You may flee a burning building stark naked, but you Do Not, Under ANY Circumstances Whatsoever, leave your Grammar Sense behind. πŸ‘Ώ

    9. I think west coast should apologize for having the audacity to CHARGE money to “educate” people.
      Apologize for calling mans psychotic interpretation of the word of God a “higher standard”
      Apologize for telling me I most likely wasn’t saved because well… I wore blue nail polish. Not an exaggeration.
      Apologize for using God as a front for an enterprise.
      Apologize for Jeremy Whitmans life
      Apologize for the life Whitman took
      Apologize for installing in young minds that Gods love is conditional
      And last but not least I want an apology for not getting to go to the luau with Nick Green because his dorm sup was a MOG with spiritual insight and advised against it!! His dorm sup was a joke…I would have had fun with Nick dangit.

    10. West Coast Student,

      What exactly are these “higher standards” anyway?

      Please explain why the college ladies are not allowed to go out of their dorm in pants (even when fleeing a burning building), while Lancaster Baptist Church allows their youth group teen girls to wear pants on church outings.

      Is there really a closely held conviction the college has that its own leadership no longer seems to care about? Is this faux conviction really worth delaying the ladies’ exit from a potentially burning building?


      1. Why? Perhaps I can try to explain myself better.

        LBC leadership seems to no longer believe it is a sin for women to wear pants so they have no business pushing this lie onto the college students. Kind of like living a double life – they are operating under two different standards. They want to appear more cool to the locals while still attracting more conservative IFBxers with their strict dress standards.

        Years ago I remember them telling the youth group to avoid wearing boy shorts (which has started taking the place of the original culottes) during youth conference. Why? Because they did not want to offend visiting churches. It is all about appearances and money at LBC/WCBC. That they do not care about the safety of the college ladies because of this marketing ploy is extremely offensive.

        1. I hate it when that happens! It’s even worse when it’s in the right place, and I misread part of the comment or the username to create my imagined scenario of worst comment ever. πŸ™‚

          George has fun with us!

        2. LOL! Sorry Dagny, I should have realized that from your other posts πŸ™‚

          Stop it, George!

  14. Well that is pretty sad….I just wish it wouldn’t be all the stinking crazy conservative legalistic stories or the outrageous liberal stories that come out and serve as the “example” for Christianity or for Fundamentalists to be more specific. People just don’t get balance sometimes! No, it wouldn’t look like anything different from the world if everyone walked into church pierced and tattooed from head to toe, but nobody is going to Hell because they didn’t wear a tie….good grief! If there’s a fire I’m sure as anything getting out of there, I don’t care what I’m dressed in. But in any non-deadly situation, it is my job to be modest not all because of the “can’t show an ounce of skin or a guy will fall” BUT because God has burdened my heart to do what He has set in my life as a standard and I will not disobey Him. Can I just say God would rather me NOT die in a fire though;)

    1. Google “Christianity” and then google “fundamentalism” you will see only one has a primarily bad rap.
      I wish fundamentals would quit acting like the two are interchangeable. There is nothing Christ like about fundamentalism.
      Your attempt at a passive yet fundy forward comment is painful to read.

  15. I don’t think anyone has said anything about anyone dressing modestly if he or she choose to do so. The issue is forcing personal standards on someone who does not share their views on the matter. That is the point of contention.

    1. That is what is meant by the word MY in MY life and MY standards…which is what legalism pretty much is…I mean there are rules. But when rules go too far, and you are condemned for not being all for them, that is unfortunate.

        1. that’s a deep question I guess, haha. But seriously, I mean, who decided that murder and rape was “wrong” because some people don’t believe in employing a “no rape or no murder” rule in their lives. But if you started debating whether or not it was wrong, they might take that stand and go “who are you to say that this is wrong in MY life?” But the government says its wrong…since when is the government right nowadays? Even if they are, who can sincerely make “the rules” on this planet? MAN this is getting deep!

        2. Vintage – did you really just equate dress standards with murder and rape?


          Every culture says that those things are wrong, because they cause harm to another person. There’s nothing negotiable or iffy about it. Dress standards, OTOH, are completely up to interpretation and culture. It doesn’t hurt anyone if you choose to wear skirts and I keep my skinny jeans, but murder and rape definitely hurt people.

  16. God forbid ANYONE should perish in an emergency because they felt the need to be dressed “appropriately” in order to flee for their lives, but in the horrid instance it did occur, I can imagine it working its way into some MoG’s sermon story:

    “Yes, that fire spread so fast and so quick, it soon consumed the whole building. When they did the head count once the inferno was extinguished, they discovered three young girls were not accounted for. As the firemen worked through the charred remains, it wasn’t long before they came upon them; those three precious angels, who had succumbed to the flame. But even as the fires licked at their door and the smoke overheard them, they had enough holiness in their hearts to put on their Sunday Best, and slipped into the presence of God dressed in their finest, glory to GAWWWD.”

    Yup, could totally see that happening.

  17. I went to an IFB college (Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned) and there was never a fire drill or consideration of one until I set off the fire alarm one night. The entire dorm stood around (it was like 11:00 PM) and looked at each other like calves at a new gate. After being castigated and nearly expelled, we had mandatory fire drills once a semester. If it had been a real fire, many of the students would have died, based on their response. People don’t take these things seriously. Of course, they really don’t have to since they are invincible bc they are IFB, God’s chosen people of these End Times.

    1. I’m not sure I’d write about new calves and castigation in the same sentence. You might confuse the folks with the deer-in-the-headlights expressions trying to figure out the new gate metaphor.

      1. I just don’t think castigation is a proper subject for a family website. What’s next? Accusations of being bipedal? A discussion of ambidexterity?
        It’s bad enough that we talk about nepotism. Is nothing taboo anymore?

        1. Make up your mind. πŸ˜‰

          First you say you can’t say the words in one sentence. Then when you’re told they were in two sentences, you come up with some other reason. So to answer your last question, no. Nothing’s taboo, and it’s Schaap’s fault.

  18. I guess I’d be in trouble myself. I prefer sweats or pajamas to nightgowns, which only ride up around my waist and get bunched up there. If someone flipped back my covers, I’d be in trouble!

    (OTOH, if someone flipped back my covers, his name had better be James, and he’d better have a darned good reason for stealing the blankets _again_!)

  19. O MY GOSH, people!!! (at west coast)…this screams out irresponsibility of the staff/rulemakers to me!! wow! to put who knows how many young ladies in danger by REQUIRING them to cover up those “whorish” pajama pants is absolutely ridiculous. The fundy school I went to didn’t have a drastic (not too mention dangerous) rule like that. I just grabbed the comforter/blanket off my bed cuz I was a little sheepish about anybody seeing me in my PJs , but mostly the blanket was to keep me from freezing cuz they did the drills when it was freakin’ cold!!! lol I’m actually surprised West Coast let them PJ pants in the first place. After all, whether you’re indoors laying in your bed or outdoors for a fire drill, you “still got them worldly britches on!!” =)

  20. The fire-drill-dress-modestly idea is partly due to their unaccredited status. Probably all faculty & staff went to IFB unaccredited kawlidges. That’s all they’ve ever known. If they allowed a little intellectual cross-pollenization surely someone would come along and express horror at placing these kids in such danger.

    They need chlorine in the intellectual gene pool.

    1. You mention cross pollinization and I think of these brainwashed zombie IFB kids as the GMO corn of the religious world. Tendencies to eat their own and can’t think for themselves. Completely reliant on a synthetic religion. Sad. Oh well glad I’m out all I can say!

  21. Well… clearly no one has been logically thinking the problem through… the right answer to the problem is to bad immodest sleeping apparel – everyone must sleep in clothes that would not cause offense to anyone. Then, in case of fire, they don’t have to hunt for “modest” clothing — they can just flee the fire!

    Problem solved

    Compliments on my sagacity accepted. πŸ˜‰

    1. Honestly though, how many people are really going to follow that rule? I am a counselor at a very conservative summer camp and I don’t even follow the “modest sleep apparel” rules. And unless you are super cautious you don’t really do everything in your life with the preparation of a fire at any moment…like having car accident, you don’t REALLY consider it always happening to you.

  22. So I shouldn’t tell this but I can’t resist. At a fire drill at a prominent Christian university, I just happened to have a WWII gas mask that I found at a yard sale. What better safety device to wear in a fire! The dorm supervisor could only see my eyes, and I could see that this was suddenly a bad idea. At the all clear signal I high tailed it back to bed. About 15 minutes later I could hear ‘knock ‘knock ‘knock… garbled voices… door slam. Repeat. Finally the hall leader arrived at our door. “Did someone in here wear a gas mask during the fire drill?”. My APC rats me out and I am headed to meet with the dorm supervisor. Fortunately the dorm super can’t even get the first question out without cracking up. I insisted that in a fire I might have been the only one to get out alive. He told me to get back to bed before he gave me demerits. The story became a bit of a legend in the hall meetings the remainder of my college career.

  23. I remember when my roommate at BJU got demerits after she fell off her bed and broke her arm – she got in trouble because she didn’t change into a skirt before going to Barge (the campus infirmary). Yes, really. I had to bring her a skirt to change into before I could escort her back to our room.

  24. Again, why does WCBC put the college ladies’ lives in danger when it has started allowing pants for staff wives and teenage girls during youth and school activities?

    Also, will the ladies who were previously scolded for daring to wear pants (even just out in public on their own time!) get a formal apology? Will Chappell admit he called something sin that was clearly not a sin?

    Youth group activity:

    1. IMHO Chappell keeps imposing this error on the WCBC ladies – because if he doesn’t the more conservative IFBxers will stop referring students to him at $40k+++ each.

      Follow the money.


  25. So much focus on proper attire even during an emergency is making outward appearance the sole gauge of orthodoxy. The Pharisees would be proud and would receive such into everlasting habitations.I mean finally the Pharisees have been validated.

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