Friday Challenge: WKJV Channel Lineup

Today’s challenge comes from a reader who asked that we imagine that there’s a fundy television station coming to your town. What kind of shows might you expect to see featured?

Here are a few from the suggester to get you started:

The Big Bang Theory is A Lie

How I Met Your Mother At Bible College

Game of Platform Thrones

That 50’s Show

Rules of Courtship

House of Decision Cards

468 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: WKJV Channel Lineup”

  1. The Grace Livingston Hill Movie Channel, full of sweet, chaste, virginal women who cry over their love of JAYzuz, know they are forever ruined if a strange man kisses them, and sink into unfathomable paroxysms if a shred of real intelligence dares run across the pristine emptyness of their pretty little brains.

    1. They can also dress stylishly and modestly with barely any money and whip up a filling, aesthetically pleasing, wholesome meal with a few items in the kitchen.

  2. The Voice (Preacher Boy Edition)
    Give a short sermon and the greats of fundy pulpits turn in their chair to pick guys to have a spot of becoming a MOG. Haymen! Alliteration, proof texting, and unnecessary yelling excite the judges!

    1. Now that would be a major hit with the fundy crowd! They could invite their unsaved family, neighbors, etc. over to watch it since they can’t get them to come to their fundy church. They would be exposed to the Gospel. They could even make it a potluck supper. A bonus there…… along with the preaching.

  3. Biblical Truth or Consequences
    As the World Burns
    All My Spiritual Children
    The Kept Themselves Pure Honeymooners
    The Inner Limits
    My Mother the Fundamentalist
    The Peter Ruckmann Principal
    My Favorite Three Preacher Boy Sons
    Pensacola Beach Blanket Uno
    Top 50 Offertory Countdown
    West Coast Baptist Hot Potatoes
    Above the Ten Percent
    Mork and Fundy
    Good Tithes
    Dorm Cops
    60 MinuteSermons
    Good Morning Christian Nation
    The Yesterday Show

  4. Dateline: Predators – a show about Pastor’s African Safari…er…mission trip

    This Old Path

    The Biggest Tither

    Pulpit Boss

    Real Pastors’ wives of Boone County

    Deacon’s Kids Say the Darndest Things

    Bizarre Foods: Church Potluck Edition

    Press your Providence

    Modern Bible Version Busters

    Also need a Church Business Meeting Livestream channel to compete with C-SPAN

  5. My Favorite Wife

    Cary Grant stars as an MoG who gives “private counseling” to married women in the congregation. Supporting cast changes each season.

  6. Robin Hood-the real life story of the mog, and how he collects from the poor to add to his wealth.
    catch phrase-the laborer is worthy of his sire…

  7. Ugly Betty

    A girl who works at a fasion magazine is roundly mocked for her modest jumpers and coulottes, only to have the last laugh at the end as she marries a megachurch pastor’s son.

      1. Someone on YouTube added this wonderful footnote:
        ‘The writer of this song, Sid Ramin, ALSO wrote “Music To Watch Girls By.”‘

    1. Here’s the story of a Baptist preacher
      Who was counselling a young girl all alone.
      And to help him recall their “sessions,”
      He used his telephone.

      Here’s the story of a second pastor.
      He was preaching down in Brady, Texas too.
      And the second loved taxidermy–
      He had his own stuffed zoo!

      And then one day that first preacher was arrested;
      So the deacons met the second over lunch.
      They decided to merge the congregations.
      That’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch!

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