E-Mails From Fundies: Mark B. Edition

The following note was submitted in what I can only imagine was a response to the last video posted:

If you people spent as much time worrying about lost souls as you do ridiculing Bible believing Christians for taking a stand and taking the Bible for what it SAYS instead of picking it apart and correcting it like your staff probably does, then maybe you could get something productive done. You WILL stand before a Holy God one day and give an account for what you have done and continue to do. Go ahead and get your jabs and laughs in now…but rest assured…God doesn’t think you’re funny and I know I sure don’t and do not appreciate this one bit. I’m going to pray that God will deal with your hearts about this nonsense and that you will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ instead of running a childish and unGodly website!

(signed) Mark B.

So I’m ridiculing the Bible, correcting the Bible, God’s not amused, and I’m not saved.


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  1. And furthermore, since I seem to be the only one awake at this hour–

    6. Pray that God will give me some new socks and underwear. Mine are hole-Y.

    7. I’d like a new pocket knife.

    8. I’m also out of bourbon. I drink Woodford Reserve, as God intended.

    9. Some Sam Gipp bumper stickers. I’m going to sneek down to the Episcopal Church on Sunday and put them on the Reverend’s car. Hahaha!

    10. (Two-five). Uh . . . dammit again, I got nothing.

    Wait a minute–I think I got my Christmas Wish List confused with my Prayer List. My bad.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve had Four Roses and it was a pleasant experience. I trust your judgment on the other two; they are going on my real Wish List.

        I pretty much approach bourbon the same way I approach religion. I have a non-exclusion policy, as long as it is offered in good-will!

        1. Angel’s Envy is aged four years in charred oak, before being transferred to port barrels for another two. It is the brain child of recently deceased master distiller Lincoln Henderson, who was considered the most sophisticated pallet in American history and was the only American on the international board of spirits testers. It is a lovely treat, and at about $80 is a steal.

    1. Try slapping those stickers on random cars in the Unitarian-Universalist parking lot. The emergency meeting they’ll have about the ensuing crisis will last for weeks! 😛

      1. Don’t pick on the UUs big gary!!! hahahha
        If there was a UU church within 75 miles of me I’d be there. 😆

        1. The UUs have a beautiful church where I live (Savannah, GA). I’ve thought often of stopping in for a visit. Without the bumper stickers. Maybe one day . . .

  2. God wants us to strive for perfection. And this guy broke a grammatical rule by upper casing the G in ungodly. I will pray for his blatant transgression in hopes he comes to repentance.

  3. What irks me about this kind of thing is it comes across as “When gid punishes you, and I’ll make sure He does, I plan to be there for your dressing down! I look forward to hearing your screams when you’re cast into the Lake of Fire!” It’s like being taunted by the bratty little kid down the street, or worse, a spoiled little sister. Except for slavish obedience/apologies there’s no way to get through to these people. 😡 🙄

      1. I think he just wanted a little public humiliation, as was expected of erring sons in that culture. I love that we never hear the older brother’s response to the Father’s rebuke. That actually extends the hope of Grace for us when we stand in self-righteous neediness as he did.

  4. I tried to reason with a deacon about the concept of the Communion of Saints (regarding prayer to Mary or any other departed). He didn’t like being told his preconceptions were false.

    1. I really think its misinformation either from people who leave Catholicsm who never knew their faith or Anti-catholics that would rather belive what they are told and never check it out. That was me for over 2 decades. If you don’t like something because you have checked it out at the source (Catholic church) then you are making an informed decision. To be honest the Catholic Churchh is guilty in the past of not educating people about the faith. Many classes exist now and arevery helpful. But really, I never doubted my pastors info. He wouldn’t lie right?? My point is if you wanto hate a religion hate the facts and not fables. Ok done pontificating.

  5. Dear Mark B:

    That was quite a let-fly! Did it feel good?

    First off, let me admit that I can’t say one way or another whether these so-called ‘Bible believing Christians’ are in fact believing or Christians. I say that because I do know that on any number of points these so-called ‘believing Christians’ most assuredly are not Biblical. As an example of this, worry is forbidden in such places as Mt 6:31-34 and 10:19. Jesus’ explanation of the Parable of the Sower depicts worry as a fallen, worldly, spiritual power which, alongside deceitfulness, runs counter to the operation of God’s word in the world.

    Oddly enough, the Olivet Discourse forbids worry in a context specific to witness [Mk 13:11]. Moreover, that exhortation is tied to the Spirit’s role in witnessing through Christian believers. The same is affirmed in principle in Lu 12:11, and illustrated in practice in Ac 4:8. See also Jo 7:38; 15:26; Ac 4:31; 6:10; 13:9ff. Again, this is the basis of Paul’s defense of his work before the Corinthians [1Co 2:13], where the apostle attests that those taught by the Spirit combine spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.

    Those passages are not exactly obscure. It isn’t as if I’ve picked something from the Pentateuch or Obadiah.
    This is not an attempt at trickery. If you feel better about it, I recommend that you look up these texts and read them in your own Bible. After all, the best thing we can do where unbelievers are concerned is to live among them as Scripture directs us. Clearly, that includes our Spirit led conversation. So there!

    Secondly, I for one am concerned about your commitment to the Biblical imperative of Jesus’ incarnation. You reference not lost persons but to lost souls. I think that this belies the Gnostic bent of much North American theological thought. The fact of Jesus’ incarnation contradicts the oft-unstated assumption that ‘we all know it is really the soul that matters.’ Yet I observe that God raised Jesus from the dead. Bodily, no less! That makes little sense if the grand concern is to save the soul quite apart from the body. Also related is the low [purely memorial] view of the sacramental elements of bread and wine found in many ‘churches’ [sects] today.

    Third, you level a serious accusation by insinuating that Darrell ‘picks’ or ‘corrects’ Scripture. That will require honest and fair documentation on your part if your charge is to be entertained seriously. You also need to do this on pain of counter charges that you stand in violation of the ninth commandment. That is also a serious point. I respectfully suggest that you muster your case prior to communicating with people, not after the fact. Likewise, I’m unaware of Darrell anywhere denying or questioning that we will one say stand before YHWH. So again, I request documentation.

    Fourth, God is his own interpreter. Moreover, we all have the Spirit, and therefore don’t need to rely on you to interpret God’s thoughts or will for us. For all you know, God does think Darrell is funny. Plenty of people here think that Darrell is funny. And do you know what, Mark B? I think YOU’RE funny. Perhaps [for I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet] God is laughing at what I’m typing right now as I explain to you that you need to take yourself less seriously in order to take God more so. Laugh at yourself, Mark B! Are you sure God isn’t?

    As for your ‘do not appreciate this one bit,’ perhaps you should check to see that you’re not hurting because you’re standing on your OWN, precious, tender, little sensitivities. As long as you ‘take your stand’ on your own carnal pride, fleshy, self-righteous attitude, and man-made legalism, you’re bound to be ‘injured’ by the sight of people learning to love life and to live in God’s grace in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Lastly, do indeed pray for us, Mark B. Pray also FOR yourself. But do not pray TO yourself as in, ‘I thank God that I’m not like that “ungodly” Darrell, or his poor sorted readers … I pray three times a day, go soul winning twice a week, etc.’ And don’t take offense at the humor of Jesus! So pray that God will steady your hand to remove the log from your own eye, and then you will be able to see clearly enough to remove the splinter from ours’. I tell you what – no one can ‘put the fix’ on man-made legalistic heresy like Jesus! Amen?

    Christian Socialist

  6. Aaahh, you are more spiritual than I. I would have felt like beating HER head against the wall until it bled.

  7. Yep, and there are only four winds, you know. Says so in Rebellationz. North, south, east, and west. None of that Nor’easter nonsense.

    Dem angles hev got their hands full. You gotta be fast to catch and hold the wind.

  8. I don’t remember seeing anyone “correct the Bible.”

    Do you suppose that Mark B. has confused his interpretation of the Bible with the Bible itself? So, picking him apart, correcting him, then becomes tantamount to doing the same to the Bible itself.

  9. Glad you don’t let this sort of feedback grind you down. Your site has done more to convince me that there might be a God who loves me than anyone else, and I know scads of very socially involved and caring Christians of all stripes. Thank you.

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