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  1. The book of Job has long troubled me. God killed Job’s children and servants to satisfy a cosmic wager He goaded Satan into proposing.

    God even admitted to Satan that He had moved to destroy Job without cause. But when Job asked why, God thundered at him and cowed him into silence.

    Job did not get back the children he had lost or the servants God killed. These innocent bystanders were fodder in the war against Job. Job was certain to be obedient afterwards, but did he ever really trust God like he had before?

  2. Rtgmath,

    I started a discussion in the forum with your comment. I thought it would be great for the forum and would probably bring some great input. I suppose I’m curious about what others would write.

    Let me know if I crossed the line! 🙂

    1. You did not cross any line as far as I’m concerned! I appreciate you thinking my comments have some merit.

  3. The Bible sums up the creators of this childish and cowardly website very well…..”But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.” 1 Corinthians 14:38 (King James Bible)

    1. Is this the guy in the video? I’m so hoping that it is.

      Also, I’m the one using my real name so you may want to rethink the “cowardly” comment unless your legal name really is “biblebeliever72”

      1. The reason a lot of fundies don’t identify themselves on this site, is because they know they’d get in trouble if they were caught reading, let alone commenting in here. Or, because they blow their “testimony” in their comments and don’t want it getting back to their church or pastor. What is your reason biblebeliever72?

    2. So basically you’re saying that you cannot actually argue with anything that has been said here, so instead you will fall back on the ad hominem fallacy and slander those who disagree with you.

    3. Seriously?

      You take one verse entirely out of context and apply it to a 21st century website? Try reading 1 Corinthians 14 beginning with verse 26 and see how “out of touch” your fundy CEO style of doing “church” really is.

      Go ahead and give yourselves a standing-O and slap each other’s backs while you white wash your sacred buildings and worship your moG!


    4. I don’t believe you can find anywhere in scripture that directly addresses web site creators (or their staff).

    5. Wow, thank you for the demonstration of how fundamentalists make up out of verses stripped from context.

      I Corinthians 14:38 deals with Paul’s commandments about the role of women in the Church, the use of tongues and sign gifts, and other details. The chapter dealt with the anarchical behavior in the meetings, and specified behaviors to keep the meetings appropriate.

      So what comes after I Corinthians 14:38? I Corinthians 14:39! “Wherefore [i.e., from what was said before we now have a summary], brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues.”

      Wow! That has NOTHING to do with what is going on at this website. Your rebuke is a clear example of using the Scripture inappropriately.

      The end of the chapter, the key verse for the topic, says, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

      You might want to think about that!

    6. I would suggest that the bible has summed you up pretty well with that verse, biblebeliever72.

  4. Ralph Sexton uses a lot of numerology and applies it inside and outside of the Bible. One example is that he’s says 11 is the number of destruction and the twin towers looked like an 11 and New York City has 11 letters in it.

    1. OK, but “New York, New York,” which is the official name of the city, has fourteen letters (not counting the spaces or the comma), and the Hebrew sign for “11” is יא, and the Greek sign for “11” is ια, neither of which look much like the World Trade Center towers.

      In other words, numerology is really slippery as long as you can choose the numbers you say are significant.

  5. Titus 3:9 But Avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and strife and disputes about the Law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.
    same type thing is in I Tim 1:4. That is why I don’t teach numerology. Why teach that when you can exposit Scripture. That is all I’m going to say because…I know that guy. lol

  6. You know its funny that the people who spout numerology(with a straight face no less) would be a totally freak at the thought that someone in their right mind might believe in astrology. Not that I subscribe to the latter, but it seems to make about as much sense (or dare I say more sense) then the former.

  7. Dear SFL Reader:

    Just when you think you’ve heard/seen it all, this guy rides into town with a new-fangeled way to polish turds.

    Christian Socialist

  8. Ok, I come on this site for a little comic relief from time to time. Came out of a legalistic background, but not devoid solid exposition. I have a BA in Biblical Studies from an accredited college, an MDiv from Southern Seminary in Louisville, and have pastored for 21 years. That is without a doubt the nuttiest, scariest, most ignorant hermeneutic I have ever seen. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I have even ever heard of numerology.

  9. This is exhibit ‘A” for the hypothesis: every one makes up their own religion. When fudys run out of material for “lessons” or “devos” (after all, their canon has only 66 books in it – I read somewhere thats about 7 years worth of material) they have to start making stuff up. Hence all of the made up religiousness heretofore. Unfortuneately I grew up being schlepped 120 miles on a sunday to a church where the pastor didnt even study for his “sermons” he just stood up and read some bible verses and then just rambled about the bible and jesus and god. This technique is known as the “Verse-by-Verse Grazing Sermon”

    A sermon based on a number of verses where the preacher reads a verse, makes a comment about it, reads another verse, makes a comment about it…This continues until everyone knows the preacher really didn’t prepare anything for the service. 😕

    1. At least with the Holy Numerology angle, the Preacher has an infinite well from which to draw sermon material.

      “This is the day the Lord hath made, folks, and we’re ’bout to rejoice and be glad in it. Today we pick up our sermon series with the number 3,972, bless God. Amen. To the unbelieving this just looks like a regular ol’ number. But I’m fixin’ to show you that this is a number, bless God, of eternal significance. Now, turn in your bibles to the Book of Genesis, the Book of Beginnings, chapter one, and verse one, and start counting words with me–we’re going to need more fingers and toes for this one, bless God!”

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