KJV Bible Codes

You don’t have to watch the entire video the first minute or so should suffice to show that we’ve finally found somebody who can rival Gail Ripglinger for pure KJV crazy.

This guy’s premise is apparently that God has left secret codes consisting of seven(ish) words and phrases hidden throughout the King James Version as “proof” that it is the most pure version and that all other translations are just not nearly as…codey.

Not only is the premise strange but I can’t even really make the math work.

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  1. Wow. At about the 3:00 minute mark – The Bible matches our DNA because in Genesis 5 the word generations in used. And the word “gene” is contained in the word generations.

    Makes sense to me.

    1. Never mind the fact that gene is derived from a GREEK work and generation is derived from a LATIN word. To be fair, the Greek and Latin roots were cognates, derived from the PIE root *gen(e)-. But, still, there is a REASON we don’t pronounce it: “gene-eration.”

      1. My wife and I were watching BJU video clips last night for fun and the old dean of men apparently couldn’t pronounce “genitals.” They had a recording in which he kept pronouncing it “gentiles” and “genteels.”

        1. Dear Deacon’s Son,
          I believe your wife attended BJ? You might tell her that I worked at the Information Desk for 3 years. One night, during dinner, the school’s registrar walked out of the men’s room. He had a piece of toilet paper stuck to his shoe, flapping as he walked. Over 30 years later, I still laugh at the memory.

        2. You have that recording???? One of the funniest moments of my college career was hearing Tony Miller tell us that we shouldn’t be calling people a woos (wuss) because it referred to a woman’s gen…gentill… genteel…
          I still crack up imagining the producer on the other side of the glass trying to help him through it.

        3. πŸ˜† That guy can’t possibly be real!
          He’s the vice principal out of a high-school comedy, except with funnier material. πŸ˜†

  2. Oooo! Am I extra holy? The first word in my screen name has seven letters! Woot! And my last name in real life has seven letters! And my first name and my middle name together add up to seven letters.

    Now the “wife” in my screen name on its own is four letters, but everyone knows that a wife isn’t on her own, so when I combine “wife” with the name my husband goes by, which has three letters, I come up with, again, the number 7!

    I am feeling smugly secure in my seven-ness today.

    (There are also seven gods in Westeros, btw.)

        1. Yeah but Big Gary is two words. Whereas I am only one. Let me show you how this wroks:

          Two divided by one is two.

          One divided by one is one.

          To me this just absolutely makes sense. :mrgreen:

        2. Scorpio – It may be redundant, but being as you have 7 letters in your name, who am I to question you? I will take it on faith that it makes sense.

        1. Thanks for that, BG. Great tune! I seem to remember a very cool song where they counted up to (70)? Every time you came to a number that ended in 7, or any multiple of seven, you substituted “unh unh” for the number, and any time you came to a number with a “naught” (0) on the end, you said something else. I never could make it very far without screwing it up. It’s called “I’s a-Muggin'”, or something like that. I think the group was called The Onyx Boy’s Club.

          They sing like the crows in Disney’s “Dumbo” (I Never Seen No Elephant Fly), shuckin’ and jivin’ through the opening. If you can find it on YouTube or elsewhere, could you embed it here? I can’t do it from my phone. I think you’ll get a kick out of it…

        2. Stuff Smith and the Onyx Club Boys seem to have specialized in “jive talk” novelty pieces. It was all in good fun, but some of their numbers are too close to minstrel shows for our generation’s taste.

        3. Yes! Thanks BG. I first heard the Onyx Group on Bob Dylan’s “Artist’s Choice” compilation of music that was important to him. I didn’t listen to DjangoR’s version yet… I thought he was just a guitarist. I didn’t know he sang.

          Again, thanks for posting that for me. (How far can you get without a mistake at their tempo? I fail every time.)

        4. Ok I listened to DjangoR’s version, and it was very cool, but the 7s game (part 2) wasn’t there. Oh well, nothin wrong with virtuoso guitar and fiddle riffs. (And did i hear some scat?) Had me snappin my fingers on the 2 and the 4…. Crazy, man!

        5. I think the vocals and fiddle are probably by other people on that recording. It’s definitely Reinhardt on guitar.

        6. I’m guessing the violinist is Stephane Grapelli. In addition to being Django’s accompanist he was one of the greatest jazz violinists of all time.

      1. My city AND state have seven letters each! And they each start with “G”, the seventh letter. Put that with the seven letter names, and I am doubly plus blessed (another perfect word).

    1. “Deacon” only adds up to 6 letters, which is how we know that deacons are inferior. BUT “deacons” is seven letters and there were seven original deacons!!! Praise the Lord for this insight!! (Now if I only knew what to do with it.)

      1. I should add, the numerology of my name (first, middle, last) is : 7-6-7. Which is why I ended up leaving the Baptist church, because I looked perfect on the outside but was evil on the inside.

        1. I should also add, that in Bill Gothard’s ATI, we were told that the name our parents’ chose for us would foretell our future. We had to look up the meaning of our first, middle, and last name and then write a “life purpose” statement describing what God was calling us to do through our name. I told my mother this seemed like divination to me and she became very angry and said that she had picked my name based on what it meant in order to influence my life.

          (This was a lie. My first name is one of the top 5 most popular boys’ names from the 1980s. My middle name starts with “A” because they wanted a girl so they didn’t have a boy’s middle name picked out, so when I was born, she started in the “A” section of her baby name book until she found a name she liked. Obviously, my parents had no control over my last name.)

        2. I once delivered a package to a woman in East Chicago. Her name, in the address, was Blanca Nieves. I asked her about it, and she laughed and said Nieves was her married name. In Spanish, Blanca is “White”, and Nieves is “Snow”. Also, in Espanol, the adjective comes *after* the noun, so her name was, in English, “Snow White”.

          Her parents didn’t plan it, but by serendipity, (besides the obvious fairy tale reference), she received a great ‘Bible Name’ – “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.”

        3. My maiden name is seven letters. My married name is six. I guess I should not have gotten married because I am now less holy. πŸ™‚

    2. I knew this divorced lady once whose ex-husband (former IFB pastor – long story) called her in great excitement one time. He had discovered that the various parts of his social security number each added up to 7, as did his birthdate, as did the last four digits of his debit card number. He told her that God had helped him see that he was perfect and thus their divorce must have been her fault.

      1. DS – The stories of your family and the people you know are amazing. And by amazing I mean they are unbelievable. And by unbelievable I mean I believe them but it’s like bizzaro world.

        1. Exactly. It’s some kind of fantastic alternate universe– amazing to look at through the Hubble Telescope, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

        2. “Hubble Telescope” has 15 letters in two words. Fifteen divided by two is 7.5, so anything you can see through the Hubble is wrong.

      2. Deacon’s Son,

        Disclaimer: Please take this post in the friendly spirit in which it was written.

        When I read your posts, I am often split between two schools of thought:
        1. I cannot believe that you appear so well adjusted after living through some of the most bizarre, illogical, and generally depressing situations I have ever heard of,
        2. You are the greatest Poe that ever lived.

        Being as I have seen snippets of these types of things when I was in Fundyland, I believe #1 to be true…but to anyone that hasn’t seen behind the curtain, I’m sure they cannot comprehend that your stories really happened.

        In closing, I am very sorry that you were subjected to the things you were. Please know that you have a friend in Bro Bluto…and keep those stories coming – I can’t get enough!

        1. I couldn’t agree more Bro.
          Deacon’s Son really needs to start his own blog.
          I would read it everyday.
          Possible names for DS’ blog:
          Shit I Went Through
          Mommie Dearest
          Y’all Ain’t Gonna Believe This
          One Time At Church Camp
          Deacon’s Son’s Day Off

        2. You guys are great!! My stories are all pretty much true. This particular one is completely true in all its details. (I have always especially loved the part about his debit card.)

          You have to remember that I was more than just an IFB kid. My parents were into quiver-full, IFB, ATI, IBLP, La Leche League (hangover from their hippie days), home school, Vision Forum, David Cloud, Weekly Standard, denim jumper, stay-at-home-daughters, courtship, Wall Builders, etc. They used to look around our VERY CONSERVATIVE IFB church and bemoan how “liberal” and “worldly” everyone else was. So, I have some extra special experiences that some of you probably got to do without. πŸ˜‰

          Also, when I was born, my parents were ELCA Lutherans. Over the course of the last three decades, they have made their slow descent into madness, going from ELCA to PCA to Bible Church to SBC to IFB. And their standards and practices at home became slowly ever more extreme as well. But because I was the only kid who really remembered things being different once, I observed, more than embraced, many of these changes, some of which were very shocking to me even at a young age. When I left home and lived my life of sin and degradation (a/k/a not going to Bible college) my parents became even MORE radical and entrenched with respect to the “children” (actually, 3 adults and 3 children) still at home.

          Then, a couple years ago something weird happened. They began jettisoning “standards” willy nilly in practice but keeping them in principle. So, now, for instance, pants are okay in their home, but are a “sin” everywhere else (and for married women at all times). By pulling back from their standards while trying to still keep them (along with the control and self-righteousness such standards provide), their standards became weirder than ever.

          At some point you realize that you can either be frustrated and upset with it for the rest of your life or you can see the humor in it and get some fun out of it. SFL allows me to take both approaches at various times. That is why I like it so much!!

          So, yeah, my family is pretty much screwed up. But someday, when I have published my best-selling book, entitled “Running with Mommie Dearest’s Scissors” I shall thank them for making me a rich man. πŸ˜‰

        3. Pants being OK for single women in private but always wrong for married women sounds to me like a fundy version of some society’s old traditions: for example, a single woman might wear her hair down but married women always wear their hair up. Sometimes the color of a cap or apron would change depending on one’s marriage status. In this case, it sounds more like an age thing: girls can wear pants in their home because they’re children. Adult women have to be dignified and responsible and thus must wear skirts.

        4. There’s an interesting Iranian movie called “The Day I Became A Woman,” where a girl’s turning nine (yes, nine) is marked by her medium-sized headscarf being replaced by a huge headscarf, as she is told she can no longer play with boys, because she is now a woman.


      3. You do have some wonderful stories, D’S, esp regarding your mother; she comes off as quite the pistol. 😎
        What was the lady’s reaction to this amazing insight? I’d shave my eyebrows if she’d answered, “Yes, of course you’re perfect, that’s why I left, or the like. πŸ˜€

        1. Actually, I think she said something along those lines, like “Well, you were just too perfect to live with!”

        2. I should add, and this is not funny at all, that the guy had been physically abusive, cheated on her with 18-year-old women, and refused to support his family. All while pastoring an IFB church. After the split, his wife and kids joined our church. People were pretty hard on them and bullied them a lot for what they had gone through. My parents, for once, actually tried to help them.

          (Although I later found out it was because my mother had decided that I was to marry one of their daughters because the girl that I really liked (now my wife) went to public school and was going to college, which were both sins, and my mother didn’t want me to have anything to do with her.)

        3. Oh yeah, those Perfect Ones, always reminding us of how inferior we are. πŸ™ πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰
          Your mother’s motives get ever more intriguing; wonder what would have happened if there really had been sparks between you and young Miss Perfect? I say this because my own brother dated some pretty nifty girls before he married the best sister-in-law I could have. 😎 (part of me wishes he could have been Mormon, hee hee)

  3. Ugh. Pretty sure the fundamentalists are going to bring about Idiocracy for real. How can one not realize that “generation” and the chapter divisions are both manmade ideas put into the Bible to make it more readable for us English speakers. I didn’t make it all the way through, but I deal with enough insanity each day.

    PS. Mr Codey, I do reject all these “facts” you’re giving me. Not because I reject the “book”, but because you in all your imperfection made them up. Oh, and I believe Adam was saved, having walked with God and mainly raised (at least) Abel to serve God.

    1. Good point Tim. We should also remember that chapter and verse divisions were inserted by Catholics and therefore cannot possibly be Godly. Dear Pastor Mike has fallen for another of Satan’s little tricks. 😈

      1. Well, he would say that God knew that the chapter and verse divisions would be made and planned the KJV around them to make it work out.

        I have friends who take this loon seriously, and I am disturbed by it. They like his KJV stand and love this “code” stuff he purports to find. I’m worried about them, and have mentioned it to their pastor, but he doesn’t seem to have done much about it.

    2. Also, all his “isn’t that neat” conclusions about various numbers pertaining to chapters and verses would apply to pretty much ALL English-language versions of the Bible, which use the same numbering system.

        1. Yeah, has anyone else ever heard the “look at all the 3:16 verses in the Bible” sermon? Supposedly you can (using some creative rhetorical gymnastics) thematically relate them ALL (well, okay, most of them) to John 3:16. (Probably you could do this with ANY randomly selected set of Bible verses, but whatever.)

  4. I believe him. I believe because he is using a greeeen screeen. Notice “greeeen” and “screeen”, each have seven letters.
    Mark 6:39 says “And he commanded them to make all sit down by companies upon the greeeen grass.” This grass is alive! To place one’s bottom on dead grass would be a curse. I believe Woodstock was an image of many cursed because of the NIV… They sat on dead grass. The hippies are cursed. If they had repented and broke out in KJB preaching, the grass would have turned greeeen and they would have been blessed.
    And notice Mark 6:39… This will blow your skirt up. 6 + 3 + 9 = 18. The eighteen is pointing us to the number of people who were killed in Siloam when that tower fell. Unless you sit on greeeen grass, a tower of sin will destroy you.
    Eighteen = 6 + 6 + 6. Let’s consider the THREE sixes. The Lord is pointing us to His authorized verse, 1John5:7. The perversions have satanically ripped this from the pages of the Book.
    “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”
    Therefore, I believe him. I believe because he is using a greeeen screeen.

  5. The number antics of these type of fundamentalists is out of my sphere. It seems to me to be one of the far out fringe groups.

    I do remember Gail Riplinger (who I blieve was popular among general evangelicalism), but never took her serious, and I can’t remember too many people I knew in those days (80’s and early 90’s?) taking her very seriously. Again, that’s just my experience; Obviously, there was enough of a following for her to sell books and make the TV talk show circuit.

      1. Ah ha, as they say.

        But seriously though, the Bible Code thing is loony. That Bro. Ray McIntire guy who was featured here a few weeks ago is straight jacket and Thorazine material. But you can’t be telling me that that kind of wack-a-doodlehood is typical for an IBF pastor. Surely not?

        I know the belief that the KJV is the only “true Word of God in English” based on a serious lack of understanding regarding the history of the Church, the individual Scriptures and the Bible as a whole. And, I see the extreme morality rules (no pants, no tv, etc.) to be an expression of an irrationally fearful outlook on things. But, the leadership of whole movement? Wack-a-doodles one and all?

        Surely not.


    1. It’s kind of sad how he thinks all this stuff is so cool but he never exactly explains HOW it is so cool. It would be like if I said, “In Genesis 1:1, it says ‘in the beginning’ and that is the first verse in the Bible and so it has the word ‘beginning.’ Isn’t that NEAT!?!?! That proves the King James is better than all the other versions.” I hope your reaction would be: “um . . . what???”

  6. Does Pastor Mike seriously believe that the Bible was written in English, with its current chapter and verse ennumeration?
    Because that’s the only way his arithmancy could work.

    1. I thought you used the right word.
      Arithmancy, (according to Wikipedia, which we all know is always accurate) In modern numerological terminology, arithmancy (a shortened form of Greek ἀριθμομαντΡία divination by numbers) is a form of divination based on assigning numerical value to a word or phrase, by means of a simplified version of ancient Greek isopsephy or Hebrew/Aramaic gematria, as adapted to the Latin alphabet. Arithmancy is associated with the Chaldeans, Platonists, Pythagoreans, and the Kabbalah.

  7. Dear Stuff Fundies Love Reader:

    A Preacher and a Monkey Walked into a Church …

    The monkey knuckled his way down the aisle, climbed into the pulpit, stood erect, reviewed the worshippers and addressed the congregation.


    β€˜I’m guessing that few here have an intelligence quotient exceeding 85, that none of you have a competent, theological education, and fewer yet have a working knowledge of scientific methodology. These things said, let me introduce someone I’m sure everyone will agree is a fine choice to deliver today’s message.’

    Christian Socialist

    1. A postal clerk was at work in Greenville, South Carolina, when a preacher boy astride a unicorn rode into the post office.

      “Heavens to Murgatroyd! Where did you get that critter?” asked the clerk.

      “Oh, there are thousands of them around here,” said the unicorn.

  8. 😯 😯 😯 πŸ™„ πŸ™„
    This brought so many thoughs at once, I had sit and ort through them.

    In the 80s, when Bible codes first started showing up, our pastor had the idea that they might show which manuscripts were the ‘right’ ones.

    Using chapter and verse divisions to prove the KJV? Especially chapter. The new versions use the same divisions. OOhhhh πŸ‘Ώ

    Genes = DNA = generation. ❓ Describe = d-scribe = write down. ❓

    All I can say is those Anglicans in 1611 took Jesus out of my Bible. The KJV has Jesus less than 1000 times. NIV has Jesus over 1000 times. Which one is MORE Christ-ian??? Hay-men?

    1. Hmmm…

      KJV – more blood, less Jesus
      NIV – more Jesus, less blood

      So many possible inferences!…

      Since Jesus is the source of the blood, I’ll take more of Him, thanks πŸ˜€

  9. Anyone read books by Chaim Potok? There’s a section in one of them where one of the rabbis does a numerology sermon, which is especially easy in Hebrew because the letters can also mean numbers. At least, if I remember correctly.

    I remember reading them when in was in fundy college, and thought even then the similarities were oddly familiar.

    1. That’s what Cabbalism is based on.
      I read a couple of books on the Cabbala once, but it was so much hocus-pocus steeped in smoke and mirrors that I gave up on trying to get my head around it.

  10. You know, I have no problem with him searching for secret codes in the KJV. It’s America, let your freak flag fly, whatever. It’s the word in front of his name that pisses me off. You don’t call yourself “Pastor” and feed this kind of garbage to your flock. You just don’t.

      1. Dear Dr. Fundystan, Proctologist:

        I thought that the term ‘garbage’ lacked the import to do descriptive justice to the good Reverend’s screed.

        I thought that a practicing proctologist of all people would find a more appropriate term.


        Christian Socialist

  11. As I wrote earlier, I had never heard of this guy until a friend told me about him. I listened, but my reaction was “Huh?” — he just made a bunch of assertions and never proved them. It’s like his entire hour+ youtube video never really said anything.

    I find this guy disturbing, and I am disturbed that my friends hang on his every word.

    He (Mike Hoggard) apparently believes that the Masons have somehow been the keepers of a third strand of DNA that is supposed to produce a Satanic breed, or be used to corrupt mankind.

    The phrase I fear lest, by any means… your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. comes to mind.

      1. I haven’t listen to a lot of his, uh, “teaching”, but I think it’s based upon theory that Satanic angels interbred with humans in Gen 6, and the corrupted DNA is what created the giants of that day. I’m not sure how it ties in with Masons, but claims all of the gene research and mapping is paving the way for an altered human being.

        1. I was talking to a Mason last week and he told me the only secrets they have are their rituals. So they don’t have any DNA secrets.

        2. That he knows of… How high up the hierarchy is he (ie. how likely that he would know such a secret)?

        3. Hey, guys. What happened to UncleWilver? One minute he was here; the next he was gone! It’s like a conspiracy, man.

        4. Dear UncleWilver:

          πŸ˜† Some people never met a conspiracy theory they didn’t like :mrgreen:

          Christian Socialist

  12. An interesting piece of potential ciphery in the King James occurs in the 46th Psalm. It is alleged that Sir Francis Bacon, famous author of the New Atlantis and alleged high-ranking Rosicrucian had done the final editing work on the King James by decree of the king. Bacon very possibly placed an hidden reference within the Psalm at 46 words in from the start and 46 words back from the end.

      1. One word before “in” is spear, so Shakespeare. I remember hearing this in Fundyland, too. But the number is off, at least according to Bible Gateway. Let me look in my actual copy – aaaaaaaaand, nope, still says “in.” Hmmmm….I also remember something about the word in the exact center of the KJV, but I don’t remember what it was.

  13. “The biggest split that has ever come will come in the next 10 years, if not sooner, over the King James Bible, and it wouldn’t come soon enough for me.” – Jack Hyles, The Need For An Every-Word Bible, p.54

    And, the split continues to fragment into the absurd…..

  14. Finding hidden codes in the Bible is a deviously effective way of pretending to honour the Word while actually ignoring what it says. A quote from Mark Twain comes to mind..

  15. It took me awhile to get excited, but I was finally able to discover that my full unabridged authorized name is perfect and worthy of its place in the Lamb’s Book of Life (16 letters…1+6=7).
    My first name alone is pagan…it contains 6 letters only…the number of man. Thankfully, my last name contains 8 happy letters (the number of new beginnings). 8+6=14…14/2=7. What makes my name even more likely to be written in that blessed book is the fact that my middle name also has 6 letters. 6+6=12…6+8=14…14+12=26…2+6=8…8+26=34…3+4=7. Therefore, my name, “rightly divided,” equals seven conclusively. In a few weeks, I will be 39 years of age. My first name (6) plus my middle name (6) plus my last name (8) plus my age (39) equal 59. 5+9=14…14/2=7. Also…59-(20/2)=49…49/7=7. WOW…I am so BLESSED!

    1. Dear Just Baptist:

      I read your post and I can just feel the rapture coming.

      Christian Socialist

      PS: I wonder what results from using Pastor Mike’s methodology on his own ‘sermons’ ……..

  16. I’m way late on this, but in the first minute when he’s getting from 196 to 7x7x4, is there ever an explanation of why you get to take the square root of 49, but leave 4 as a non factored number? I would think you have to go all the way down to least common denominator or work with the 196, not factor what numbers you want and stop there?

    1. Every number-based Bible divination I’ve seen works like this. You grab whatever numbers you want from anywhere in the Bible, then add or subtract or factor or multiply or divide some, but not all, of them, set the inconvenient ones aside or subtract something to make them fit, and then judiciously apply the principle of Flippigation (Shoes taught me that last one).

      Remember those tricks people showed us when we were kids where they have you pick any number, and then you add and subtract and multiply and divide a bunch of stuff, and you always end with the same number? The trick was that you cancel out your original number somewhere in the process, so it doesn’t matter what number you pick. Or else all your other operations total zero, so you get back your original number. Well, prophecy through arithmancy is something like that.

        1. I googled up the flippigation, and it looks like I was wrong, it’s a Doctrine, not a Biblical Principle. I hope Shoes doesn’t catch me misapplying the word of truth. I do miss that guys formulas!

  17. After listening to several seconds of this illuminating video, I discovered something about myself. If I add the numbers of my first name, middle name, maiden name, and married name…I’m perfect! (9 + 7+ 5 + 4 = 25. 2 + 5 = 7)

    Now, if I could just convince my husband…

    1. If I do the same math wizardry with my husband’s name (no maiden name, of course – that’s just silly), I get 5 + 6 + 4 = 15. 5 + 1 = 6. There! He’s imperfect, short of the mark of perfection that I have attained by the sovereign name choices my parents made.

      Any suggestions on how to use this truth to win our next disagreement? πŸ™‚

        1. Oh, yeah. I visit them so seldom that they had slipped my mind. I avoid one because it has a depressing lack of quality and flavor. The other because many of the people inside (employees and customers)make most post-apocalyptic movies seem normal.

  18. I am going to propose the following theorem, known as the King James Theorem:

    “For any set of natural numbers, there exists a series of mathematical operations that can be performed on such numbers such that the result is 7.”

    The first person to offer a proof for said theorem will be rewarded by the King James Bible.

    1. Also, the Mark of the Beast Theorem:

      “For any set of letters of the alphabet, there exists a series of mathematical operations that can be performed on such letters such that the result is 666.”

      This theorem requires one to accept the following axiom: any letter of the alphabet may stand for any number as long as the substitution results in the Mark of the Beast Theorem being proven correct.

      1. You need to acquaint yourself with a former commenter “Shoes”. If you google “flippigation” there’s at least 6 or so SFL posts that have mathematical manipulation that staggers the mind!

  19. What these bozos don’t realize is that their fascination with the number 7 is a direct link to astrology, as 7 is the number of Jupiter, the greater benefic. Numerology IS based on astrology. So when they pull out the numbers game and talk about their “codes,” they are talking astrology.

    1. Sorry, cut myself off. Seven is linked to the Son of God because Jupiter is His rising star. Seven is also the sum of all triplicities (3 – cardinal, fixed, and mutable) and the qualities (4 – hot, cold, dry, damp). Ancient and medieval astrologers/numerologists classified everything as a combination of one triplicity and one quality at the basic level. But God, being perfection, has all three triplicities and all four qualities in all combinations and transcends them all, so it can be said that He is represented by the number Seven.

        1. Alchemy and astrology are closely tied together. Astrology includes the same components. Changing lead into gold is the same as taking that which is Saturnine (lead) and taking it backwards through the qualities until you get to the starting point, a solar element, gold.

          Astrology is the basis for a lot of disciplines, some obsolete, some not.

  20. Around 1:25 he mentions the book of Joshua and compares it to our salvation. It always bothers me when people equate the Israelites inheriting the promise land with our salvation and heaven. The people of Israel never inherited all the land and they were led out due to disobedience…so do we run the risk of not receiving our inheritance and may we possibly get kicked out of heaven?

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