KJV Bible Codes

You don’t have to watch the entire video the first minute or so should suffice to show that we’ve finally found somebody who can rival Gail Ripglinger for pure KJV crazy.

This guy’s premise is apparently that God has left secret codes consisting of seven(ish) words and phrases hidden throughout the King James Version as “proof” that it is the most pure version and that all other translations are just not nearly as…codey.

Not only is the premise strange but I can’t even really make the math work.

189 thoughts on “KJV Bible Codes”

    1. mmmm, the KJV translators were re-inspired even though they didn’t know they were… but then Satan told them to include the Apocrypha… of course the translators couldn’t tell the difference in who was inspiring them to do what so 400 years later only the KJVO folks can discern the difference and they alone know what parts of the text are re-inspired and what ones need better explanation… that is why we have IFB preachers. (Fundie Logic course 000)

  1. Interestingly enough, I just heard today that the word satan is in the Bible 49 times, now if my math is right, the square root of 49 is 7, which would be the number of perfection, sooooooo, where does this leave Gail? Did he not find this in his counting, or it just didn’t work with what he was trying prove, so he conveniently omitted it.

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