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When this site first started I quickly wrote an “About” page to describe the general gist of what was going on here.

However, as the audience has grown and an increasing number of readers have surfed in who wouldn’t know an MOG from a GOH, I’ve found it necessary to revise the “About” page to make it a little more informative and a lot more wordy.

You can read the new one here: http://www.stufffundieslike.com/about-2/

14 thoughts on “Updated About Page”

  1. Nicely done. I don’t think it will stop evangelicals from getting all huffy and asking why we’re making fun of them. Note to huffy evangelicals: The fundies we speak of, would never even share the same air with you if they didn’t have to. So do yourselves a favor and stop lumping yourselves in with the IFB who rather die than be associated with you.

  2. Dar-El, how about adding an SFL glossary page?
    You know, define terms like “MOG” and “Poe” and maybe even try to explain the White Piano.

    I would say you could also try to explain why everybody gets so worked up about being “First,” except there can’t possibly be a coherent explanation for that.

    1. no one can tell you what the white piano is, you have to see it for yourself.

      Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill. (no not that one you sicko!)

  3. My contribution:

    The overarching term for the state that the various Mog khans, potentates, big cheeses and hucksters all belong to in one way or another. Many of them claim to be the Supreme Ruler of Fundystan though in reality Fundystan is a loose coalition of warring tribes.

    1. It would be easier to explain the relationships between warlords in the mountainous border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan than to do an accurate and widely accepted taxonomy/family tree of IB Fundamentalism.

  4. I had never visited the “About” page until now. So THAT’S where you keep all the trolls! I guess a few of them escape over here to the regular comments from time to time.

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