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      1. I’m not sure what Eddie Lapina you all know but Eddie Lapina is not the guy FBC wants as pastor. This guy is an ego-maniac. He’s a schemer that has his own agendas that mainly revolve around praise that he gains from people. FBC better be well aware of the can of worms they’re opening if they elect Eddie pastor. You can’t put a minor league-er in the majors…it doesn’t work.
        The guy has known from day 1 the misgivings of Dave and Jack and has never stood for right but hid the truth and now he is going to pull the wool over the members again and continue lies?? No thanks. Surprised the guys’ not a secretary or mechanic let alone the position he holds currently. If Ed’s elected pastor, I guarantee you the church will go down the tubes faster than the minor going down on jack……FBC ye’ better be very, very wary of this road you’re traveling.

    1. The thing is, if someone were to call the EPA about the toxic waste that proceeds from his mouth, that would be “persecution.” ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

      Not that I’m saying it shouldn’t be done… :mrgreen:

        1. I knew what “pulchritudinous” means, but my dictionary doesn’t have illustrations like that one. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        2. Um, I think her “girls” are about to make a special guest appearance on her show. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  1. It sounds like there’s only one other person there.

    Would this be a good time to say I have plenty of rock songs that aren’t about drugs, sex or alcohol? In fact, probably my whole music library could fit in that illusive fourth category of Rock music not about drugs, sex and alcohol.

    1. Yes. Anyone with a brain that uses it for 1/2 a second can figure out that not all music of a specific genre is about the same topics. I don’t understand why some people can’t figure it out.

        1. Fundies are just as messed up sexually as everyone else, just in the opposite direction.

          And I’ve spent 20 years in-country in Furry Fandom. I’ve seen “messed up sexually”.

        2. The music itself – I’m convinced that only happens with cultural baggage on teh part of the listener, or possibly shared between composer and audience. HUC – furry fandom? *meep* !

    2. I would love for him to do a man on the street interview and ask all those unsaved people what rock music is all about. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
      It would be classic.

  2. New to the page. I appreciate the satire, candor, but also the serious look at the folly of IFB. I was raised with so much of this. This guy gets so much wrong. No Biblical basis, and a wretched soteriology that only places salvation as a promise with no imputed righteousness (cf. 2 Cor. 5:21).

    1. ah but remember with many in the IFB Righteousness is “earned” by how one dresses, the length of their hear (men=short/women=long) the version of Bible one carries (of course anything other than the 1611KJBScofieldblackleatherwidemargin… is an abomination)the music one listens to, whether or not one is constanly engaged in soulwinning or not, three to thrive-in church evertine the doors are opened and how much one tithes. That is where many IFB find their righteousness.

      1. george, fix that while I go get some coffee!

        -there were to many “or not’s” in that one line
        whew…george going for coffee now too.

  3. “Just because you are saved, doesn’t mean you are holy.” “You are sacred.”

    Uh oh, someone missed some theology. Or maybe they didn’t have that class at PCC?


      1. No, but it looks like he probably got an A in “Random Hand Gestures That Don’t Really Make Any Sense” at PCC. (Probably a myth, but I have been told by people I know who went to PCC that they had some sort of class that was something like that.)

        1. Ah, PCC, me old alma mater. Nobody looked very natural gesturing with their hands. Perhaps it was a requirement; all I know is speech and music people, every single one of them, did it and it always looked very staged.

    1. The fake echo is my favorite part. Probably trying to make it sound like he’s preaching in a room that’s bigger than “two upstairs units” in “a two-story storefront building on the east side of Federal Highway, just north of Commercial Blvd.” in Ft. Lauderdale.

  4. He will never pay a musician in his church. Does he get payed? My 17 year old knows the Bible better than he does and he needs a part time job cause I only heard one person in the back ground. I’m thinking he could handle it.

        1. It’s true what they said about gay marriage! That was just the thin end of the wedge. Now people are a-marryin’ pie-anners! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    1. I laughed at this too. Nobody is good enough to get paid to worship God, but someone is good enough at explaining His holy word for others. What arrogance!

      1. Unless they are a travelin fundy music team then they get a “love offering”, and they get to sell their music at the back table. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„

    2. The fact that you don’t pay people who work for you seems like an odd thing to boast about.

      Yes, I’ve done plenty of volunteer work, but the groups I worked for never had the brass to boast about how great it was that they didn’t pay me.

  5. I heard a really awesome Christian Rock song on the radio yesterday that totally surprised me. I don’t usually do any of the contemporary stuff because I prefer classic or modern rock but it was really a good song. Now I’m trying to think of what it might’ve been called as I don’t know the names of many CR groups.

    My entire life I heard garbage like what this guy says then when I actually listened to some of the music they preached against, I felt really stupid realizing that I believed the foolishness all those years. ๐Ÿ™„

  6. He doesn’t believe in paying musicians?

    King David did. He not only paid them, but gave them room and board. I Chr 9:33

    I’ve seen church musicians with years and years of training put more time and effort into their craft than their IFB pastor. But you know which of the two gets paid.

  7. “We will never pay people to play music in our church” Thats probably why you have no consistent pianist or music methodology. Classic fundie.

    1. If you won’t pay the musicians, then why would you pay the pastor? Any decent musician has spent LOTS of time and money learning and perfecting their art from childhood into adulthood….probably way more than the average pastor.

    1. I thought it was the ol’ wall-pisser at first glance, too. Both of them have the same high production values in their videos, and the same carefully-thought out, well-constructed sermons.

  8. It sounds to me like he has listened to A LOT of rap music: he goes into a lot more detail about that than he does about rock.

    A tad too many details from a fundie preacher = a dead giveaway.

  9. Several aeons ago, I had occasion to lead a preaching service. Based on the lection for the day, I said …

    They contend with Moses
    give us water to drink!
    Our kids and our camels
    we’re living on the brink!
    For all the plagues on Egypt
    This one is the worst!
    Gotta get some wadda
    ’cause we’re dying of thirst!

    Why did you bring us
    to the desert to die?
    They’re better off in Egypt
    and that’s no lie!
    It’s YOUR fault, Moses!
    YOU’RE the one to blame!
    Why did we follow you?
    We mustta been insane!

    You’d think a guy in his 50s [then] would know better. Should I repent for what I said?

    Christian Socialist

    1. I’m not sure of what you mean. Your point must have gone over my head. If you’re asking if you should repent of bad poetry, then the answer is yes. (Just picking on you with the last line)

      1. Thanks for the reply, Fascinated.

        What the reading doesn’t show is that these admittedly hastily prepared lines were delivered as a rap. Since the speaker referenced this, I offered the lines with tongue in cheek to suggest even a rap might be closer to the canonical text than what our friend proffers.


        Christian Socialist

        1. It’s Christian; it’s biblical; it’s rap. And it’s a lot better than most of the “Christian” music out there, not to mention most of the rap, Christian or not. And I completely get where the narrator was coming from. Nothing at all to repent.

    1. I haven’t been here long, but I’m begining to notice if anyone mentions something that might have some remote possibility of connecting to calvanism or homosexuality, you can’t let it go by. Are you secretly a gay calvanist?

      1. I see that even though you haven’t been here long you’ve become infected with SFL’s groupthink, PC virus. What happens is that after fleeing from fundyism, the sheeple want to fit in with some group, they crave it, so in their haste to fit in, they jump in with a group like SFL and then, just as in fundamentalism, they band together to fight anyone that expresses an idea different from the GROUP. The virus makes them unable to see that they are still just as fundy as they were in fundyland, but just over other issues, they can’t see that though, another odd thing about the infected is some sort of sense of entitlement comes over them and makes them think they can somehow control content at SFL, like they are little security people. I find it mildly amusing. ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Greg, you make interesting points. Many people on here in their haste to run away from all things fundy have totally gone to the other side as quickly and as radically as they can. I don’t know if you’re a gay Calvinist or not, but I bet that many men on here would bend over backwards (or forwards) for you and get on their knees to worship the ground you walk on. All in order to show their love of homosexuals and how they are just honored to be in the same room as a gay man.

          And in their haste to run away from all things fundy they have embraced the Beatles and all things New Age, occultic, Communistic, and drug induced. Again, to dare even question whether it’s a good decision to become involved in the occult is thought of as “oppressive.” To not fully embrace the anti-Christian, occultic, Communistic, drug-laden philosophies of the Beatles makes you a bad person. In their haste to run from all things fundy, they’ve gone overboard and have embraced everything anti-Christian in all attempts to “abstain from the appearance of being fundy.”

        2. @Sheila James: Wow, you were able to solidify your point with references to the Beatles AND communism. Maybe time to step out of the 70’s. My goal is now to abstain from the appearance of understanding the logic of you…

        3. Wow, I must have missed that post about The Beatles! Or are The Beatles just the most non-IFB thing you can imagine? I’ve seen comments here representing just about every political position imaginable, but the Communists are conspicuous by their absence. While some here may enjoy the occasional glass of wine or beer (not my thing, but not a sin), I don’t recall anyone advocating the recreational use of drugs, legal or illegal. There are believers and unbelievers here, but few, if any, who are anti-Christian. Can’t think of anyone involved in occult practices, either. There are a few (2? 3?) gays who occasionally comment here, but does that disqualify them from talking about their experiences in the churches they attended? Mightn’t they occasionally have a valid observation? And does our not shouting them down make us gay? But if you wan to believe that We All Live in a Yellow Submarine, don’t let facts stand in your way.

        4. greg (n): the only human in history to have ever received God’s own direct full & complete, unquestionable revelation.

          No need to point it out, the great one has no interest in the opinions of mere mortals.

        5. Really, Sheila? The Beatles?

          At least give me credit for listening to something recorded in the last 40 years.

        6. … And by the way, Shiela, if you’ve ever been in a Fundy church on a Sunday, you HAVE been the same room with a gay man, I triple-guarantee it.

        7. they jump in with a group like SFL and then, just as in fundamentalism, they band together to fight anyone that expresses an idea different from the GROUP

          Right, Greg. As you have no doubt noticed, we at SFL always agree, and itโ€™s always about sin, and how we are for it.

        8. Greg, I don’t come from that back ground at all. I’ve dealt with fundmentalism in my own heart and from others here and there, but I was never immersed in it like many of the people here; hence the name I chose.

          What you’ve done is a common psychological sabotage that we all do to ourselves. When we’ve made up our minds about something and someone offers a different view, we develop a conspiracy theory so that we can still be right. It’s normal, and it’s how we’re wired. However, if we’re aware of it, we can stop it.

          I was giving you a hard time about the calvanism and homosexuality thing because it’s something I really do notice. There’s some truth to my joke. My question to you is why do you do that? It’s like the guy from The Big Labowski (spelling?) who always brings up Vietnam. In the end, the Dude ends up screaming at him, “What the &%$@ does anything have to do with Vietnam?”

          That’s more or less my point/ question. I’d like you to answer it.

        9. I have done no “psychological sabotage” nor have I dabbled in any “conspiracy theories” What I have done is point out a very obvious (if you’re not involved in it, at least it is!) flaw in the human psyche, and that is, the nature of folks to want to belong to a group, it is one of the reasons that fundamentalism is able to flourish as it does, or as far as that goes most “denominations.” And is what goes on with most groups, SFL is no exception.

          I will answer your other questions about homosexuality and calvinism, because you seem sincere, as everyone on SFL knows I will answer any sincere question put to me, if I am able to.

          The teaching against homosexuality and homosexuals, unlike many subjects in the bible, is completely clear and unambiguous. There seems to be a liberal mind-set at SFL to want to accept or waive this particular sin, and to to be loving and kind to any and all poisioned with this sin. Let me say I understand that the fundies teach near hatred of those guilty of this sin, and go overboard condemning this particular sin, not even leaving enough room in their hearts to truly love and minister to those so affected. This is wrong! There are many sins, and I don’t know that this sin is worse than any others, although there are hints in the scripture that there is something unique about homosexual sin, though I won’t go into that here. However just like all the rest of us sinners, homosexuals are loved by God and God died for every one of them, and God will forgive the homosexual just like He forgives my vile sins.

          Calvinism – Is man-made theology popularized by a baby-sprinkling Presbyterian. I am simply astounded that I have found in my journey away from fundamentalism that many others, also on their way away from fundyism have joined themselves to this man-dominated, non-biblical belief system! I believe it’s partly because of the “group-think” and the wanting to belong that they wind up in this dead-end faith. All 5 points are easily defeated with the Scripture, by a first year bible student. I consistently repeat that calvinism must be taught, because no one picking up a bible would ever believe in calvinism!

        10. I consistently repeat that calvinism must be taught, because no one picking up a bible would ever believe in calvinism!

          Now I am not a Calvinist (contrary to popular belief) but I do agree with much of Calvin’s Systematic Theology. I find the Sovereignty of God, as Calvin rightly points out,throughout scripture. In fact, after playing church most of my life and at the tender age of 38 the Lord drew me to himself and opened my eyes and heart to him I began to read my Bible. I have read it multiple times and each time I see more and more that God is Sovereign in all things and I see the Doctrines of Grace proclaimed, established and reiterated throughout scripture.

        11. Call me crazy, but I care vastly more about what Jesus says than some man, make that any man!

          I search the Scriptures daily (not Calvin’s Institutes) because it is in them that I believe I have eternal life…Jesus says “These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” John 5:40…the calvinist would say these folks that Jesus is speaking to weren’t “predestined” but note that is not what it says! Look to v-44 that shows man may/must/can make an effort to come to God! “How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet MAKE NO EFFORT to obtain the praise that comes from the only God?”

          Jesus is the true light that lights ALL men, not some! John 1:9

          “The Lord isn’t slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

          Can someone choose to do God’s will Jesus? “If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.” John 7:17

          “….Whoever hears my words and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned.” John 5:24

          What is your Father’s will for me Jesus? “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.” John 6:40

          Jesus when you were crucified, how many men did you say you would draw to yourself? “But I, when I am lifted up from the Earth, will draw all men to myself.” John 12:32

          How does one obtain eternal life Jesus? “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.” John 3:14-15

          Jesus we know that some folks will be condemned, how can I be sure that I am not in that number? “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.” John 3:18

          Jesus please tell us plainly just what it is that you want from us?

          “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not WILLING.” John 23:37

          Folks if your theology doesn’t line up with Jesus’ theology, may I humbly suggest you ditch your man-made theology!

        12. greg, I’m truly sorry that you were so badly burned by some Hyper-calvinist in the past. That is the only thing that would seem to explain your rabid, anti-Doctrines of Grace crusade. But you have become the very thing we are warning folks about on here and you can’t see it. If you want to continue this discussion let’s take it over to the forum ok?

        13. Greg, I appreciate you taking the time to explain things to me, but my question was/is, “Why do you bring them up when they aren’t the topic?” That’s my whole point. I’m confused as to why you mention them when they aren’t being discussed. That’s the reason I made my original joke. Why did you mention Piper and MacArthur when we were talking about this other guy’s weirdo views on music?

        14. Both topics usually pass by w/out being challenged except by me, so I sorta look at it as my duty to “keep it real” around here. ๐Ÿ˜€ (btw, MacArthur/Piper were both mentioned in the original post, all you would have to do is throw in Sproul and you would have the superstar trinity of calvinism)

          There are certain posters that regularly post “against” the beliefs of the fundies, which is fine, but they will throw out their calvinistic “code” words, when I see that, I generally will point it out.

          Fundamentalists aren’t “wacky” because they aren’t calvinistic, and that seems like what some wish to convey at SFL. As I said above, it’s so odd to see folks come out of the man-dominated IFB and roll right into this man-made system of belief called calvinism.

        15. Greg, do you believe that:
          1)Man is inherently sinful
          2)God orders the universe according to his plan
          3)Jesusโ€™ death only saves those who accept his gift
          4)Godโ€™s will is more powerful than manโ€™s will
          5)God saves those that accept him

          If you boil it down, these are the five points of Calvinism. If you canโ€™t find these ideas in the Bible, then maybe we should have a talk โ˜บ. You might not like to call yourself a Calvinist (and you donโ€™t have to do so); but theologically speaking, people are classified as either Calvinistic of Arminian.

          Arminian theology basically affirms:
          1)Man is inherently good, but he can become sickened by sin
          2)God has a rough idea of how he wants things to go, but heโ€™s open to suggestions
          3)Jesusโ€™ death saves everyone, but not everyone accepts
          4)God makes his will subservient to manโ€™s will
          5)Salvation is dependent upon manโ€™s continued faith and faithfulness

          Like I said, you donโ€™t have to claim to be a Calvinistic personโ€ฆbut I would venture to guess that you are move Calvinistic than you are Arminian.

        16. Todd you need to go actually study Arminian Theology because I’ve never heard that from professing Arminians. Your points on Calvinism also seem scetchy. You seem to equate Arminianism with open theism(it’s not)and semi peligianism/peligianism(also not). Your whole comment is just totally wrong.

        17. Greg, I strongly disagree with Calvinism myself, after having been one immediately post-fundyism (I’m Lutheran now. Eventually you’ll also have to become one – it is the heavenly church ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

          However, it was Calvinism hard-ass logic that yanked me out of fundyism, and I’ll never forget that.

        18. Phil,
          Those are the five points of Calvinism as broadly accepted by the majority of Calvinists…obviously some would choose to dispute the particulars of the wording.
          Recent proponents of Arminian theology (cf. Roger Olson) present an Arminianism that is much closer to Calvinistic thought.
          Theological classifications are always in flux. Calvinism and Arminianism are broad theological terms that encompass a wide variance of beliefs. I would suggest that many people would fall somewhere in the middle of these camps. I would further suggest that many people who classify themselves as Arminian are often closer to a Calvinistic theology in some respects.
          I regret the wording of my first two points for Arminian thought…I am familiar with the distinction between Semi-Pelagianism, Pelagianism, and Open theism. Open theism is accepted by some Arminians and it attempts to answer some of the theological tensions in Calvinistic thought…but it is definitely distinct from traditional Arminian teaching. Semi-pelagian teachings are sometimes endorsed by Arminians…but they are distinct from Arminius’ original teachings. I personally believe that some aspects of Arminian theology leave the door open for both open theism and semi-pelagianism…but feel free to disagree.

        19. You don’t have eternal life in the Scriptures.
          You don’t have eternal life in the Scriptures.
          You don’t have eternal life in the Scriptures.
          (John 5:39)
          We have Life Eternal through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  10. Amazing reverb. If the guy who made the video runs the sound system at their church, then they probably don’t really know what music sounds like.

    Still waiting for some kind of legitimate scriptural basis for rants like this (even though this was more of a nap than a rant).

      1. Let’s seeโ€ฆ
        Sunglasses: check
        Bad combover: check
        Pastored a church in Indiana: check
        Popularity peaked in the 1970s: check
        Empire building: check
        Money grubbing: check
        Demanded that his followers live in poverty so he could live in luxury: check
        Convinced large numbers of people that he was superior to other religious leaders: check
        Heresy: check
        Legalism: check
        Hypocrisy: check
        Isolation from the rest of the world: check
        Adultery: check
        Coverups: check
        Messiah/martyr complex: check
        Demanded absolute loyalty from his followers: check
        Had followers so loyal they would drink poison if he told them to: JH’s followers said they would; JJ’s followers actually did.

        1. You can see Tony Hutson in the background as well and he’s got sunglasses on just like his mentor Hyles.

      1. You know Schaap wasn’t too fond of PCC either. Another reason Hyles was Anti-PCC was because PCC allowed the girls to wear jeans/shorts in the dorms. Schaap made a big deal about this in one of his sermons.

        1. Hmmm, I don’t ever remember jeans being allowed in the dorms. Although the odd thing is, I don’t ever remember hearing about HAC, good or bad, at PCC. They didn’t even mention them, as far as I recall. I DID however hear plenty about BJU. ๐Ÿ™„

        2. Oh, and the “shorts” we were allowed to wear were like basketball shorts and things like that. We couldn’t even wear pajama pants outside our rooms. I don’t know why I didn’t just shake my head at all the nonsense! We couldn’t even watch things like I Love Lucy (one of my faves)…not that that ever stopped me. That show got me stress-free through many a project or final.

        3. @Mark: nope! I always kind of zoned out when they’d start the bashing, but I remember we had to watch a four-part video of some guy named Johnson (I think?), one part each year. It was something to do with the KJV and they mentioned BJU a lot, I’m assuming they didn’t use KJV exclusively perhaps.

        4. I actually know the answer to this one. My PCC youth pastor (who was not rabidly KJV for the most part) explained to our youth group at least 2-3 times a year that BJU professors were not required to use the KJV in their PERSONAL BIBLE study so we knew that (1) BJU were hypocrites because they used the KJV at school but not at home and (2) their teachings were probably secretly perverted because they were reading perverted Bibles. ๐Ÿ™„

          Of course we know that ALL PCC “professors” use the KJV in their personal Bible study. Every. Single. One.

  11. I also shudder when I hear “christian rock”. Mostly because most of it is appalling. I like to think my taste in music has evolved since my fundy days.

    1. Yeah, it’s not the fact that it’s Christian or that it’s rock that annoys me, but that most of the music is so bad.

      There are exceptions, of course.

    2. Yep. I was listening to the Eagles once at work and my Christian boss had a problem with it. I then told him that IMHO CCM, which he adores, is usually pretty bad musical quality. To me. Although some might say that about the Eagles! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. “I believe that pollution is one of the things that keeps the church house from being a place where people meet God.”

    It’s not “pollution,” but it’s the attitude that you can only worship God or minister to others if you have your act together and are “right with God” that keeps people from meeting God, in or out of the “Church house.”

    1. Actually, it God’s own choice. The bible clearly says he doesn’t dwell in buildings made with human hands. If you think you have to go to a building to meet God, you will be sorely disappointed. All we have to do is ‘feel’ after him to find him. He’s not far from each one of us. (all taken from Paul’s Mars Hill sermon)

      1. No, I don’t believe that you have to go in a building to be in the presence of God, in fact I usually experience his presence more outside of “church” than inside. I know most fundies believe you have to go into the “house of God” to meet him. I don’t. That’s why I added outside to my comment

      1. Well, At first I thought it was just a storm outside, but then when the “credits” rolled, it seemed like it was dubbed as part of the credits. Weird.

        1. That is just God saying “H-E-Y.. M-E-N!

          …or it covers-up this Son of Thunder breaking wind… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    1. This is one issue that has always bothered me. I can’t stand most of what I see in IFB circles as well, but is it possible to hold to the fundamentals of the faith and be “I” and “B” without being “IFB”? Do our churches have to join a convention or become reformed or drop baptism by immersion or other historically Baptist doctrines in order to escape the label of IFB? I certainly hope not, or else I am forever destined to be linked to fanatics.

      It seems the best outside label you can get as an independent baptist is “fundy lite.” LOL.

      In the grand scheme of church history, fundamentalism was a justified response to liberalism. However, historical fundamentalism degraded very quickly into the KJVO, non contemporary, culottes wearing, legalistic junk we have today.

      It seems as if the fundamentalist response to those educated in liberal accreditated seminaries was to go out and create the most uneducated group of people possible, put them in overly conservative unaccredited “schools” and convince them that King James was the 4th member of the trinity and that a woman cannot be holy while wearing pants.

      At times it feels I cannot ever escape these people without becoming methodist, presbyterian, or charismatic.

      1. We took Baptist out of our church name. I guess we are now non-denominational, but I do sometimes feel a little lost. As “fundy-lite” I knew what I was. Now I feel a little disconnected.

        I totally still hold to all the fundamentals of the faith.

      2. I think its just that people are too attached to thinking of people in terms of labels alone. A lot of people here like to bash fundamentalists for making generalizations (ALL Methodists are such-and-such, ALL Episcopalians are such-and-such, etc.), then turn around and do the same thing to Baptists, those who are more conservative by choice, or any group that they disagree with.

        The fact is, people are much more complicated then whatever labels they happen to apply to themselves in a discussion. There is more to a person then silly labels.

        Although I like to laugh at the posts here, and I read a lot of interesting things in the comments, there does tend to be a lot of negativity. Whatever church you are going to, or thinking of going to, its much better to judge that church by its own individual merits. Ignore the generalized negative comments left on the internet by strangers.

        (And yes, I’m laughing at the fact that I’m yet another internet stranger leaving this comment for you ๐Ÿ˜† )

  13. I’ve got to give Preacher Price credit for coming up with the great idea of reviewing music that you haven’t bothered to listen to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Stay tuned for my upcoming essay on Modolvan folk theramin ballads.

    Next week: My analysis of Justin Bieber’s entire oeuvre.

  14. Just because you put God’s name on your own (or borrowed) opinions, doesn’t make your message holy. These are things that make God shudder. I grew up listening to Sunday morning/night/Wednesday services full of nonsense like this. And I grew up with no real relationship with God, only a bunch of religious rules that I was afraid to break.

    1. Great post… this is the real tragedy of most of what occurs in independent, fundamental, Baptist churches. The rules takes precedence over having a relationship with the Savior. They turn out robots that are good at following rules, but have no relationship with their Heavenly Father (assuming that they are actually saved).

      1. I guess you mean that it is officially all called “Christian Contemporary Music”. But the styles of CCM vary from rock, pop, r&b, hip hop, etc.

    1. Reminds me of Gilmore Girls where Lorelei is in the car and says “All that’s on the radio is Christian rock…Christian rock, there’s an oxymoron for ya.”

  15. I like how the drummer called to see if they were hiring and he probably wasn’t saved.
    drummer= heathen

    And it made me giggle at the 1:00 mark on the video how he’s ticking off abominations on his hand and he has nothing for #3 but he counts 3 anyway. Reminds me of the museum manager on Night at the Museum who can’t finish a sentence. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Did anyone open this video in youtube? Please witness this exchange the uploader had with someone. Classic Fundie.

    “Comment:What was amazing grace before we had the words that are so๏ปฟ famous now. It was a drinking song sung in taverns all across the UK so that means we cant sing it cause people knew it was a drunkards song. Many of the songs that are in the hymnals were at one time were secular songs of some sort. Think about that if we dont use the medium that the world is using to spread the word of God then the only thing we do is preach to the choir.-mageus07

    Uploader Comment:I’ve never heard that. What’s your source of๏ปฟ information?-LauderdaleBaptist in reply to mageus07 1 month ago”

    1. I’d like to see a source for that info, too. The Library of Congress site has a brief history of “Amazing Grace,” and mentions that it has been set to several different tunes, but doesn’t mention drinking songs:


      “The Star-Spangled Banner,” of course, was set to “To Anacreon In Heaven,” which was a popular drinking song.

      1. “And long may the sons
        Of Anacreon entwine
        The daughters of Venus
        For now and all time!”
        — Dr Demento used to play “To Anacreon in Heaven” every July 4th

    2. The tune for “Amazing Grace” was not original to the hymn (John Newton wrote only the words), but I’ve never heard before that the most popular “Amazing Grace” tune started out as a drinking song. The lyrics are in a standard meter, so you can actually sing it to a fairly large number of tunes that have the same meter.

      1. You can sing “Amazing Grace” to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals. I’ve heard it done, and it’s unforgettable.

        1. Yes, unforgettable. Oh, how I wish I could forget! Singing Amazing Grace to that tune is even more annoying than singing it to the tune of the theme from Gilligan’s Island!

        2. You can sing almost anything to the tune of the House of the Rising Sun. But this doesn’t make it a good thing to do.

  17. One of the best points made on this website recently was the point that Fundies need a cause. A cause fuels the fire of a Fundy’s judgment. If a cause does not exist, just look closely enough and create one.

    This is a great example of a manufactured cause – a particular type of music – that the preacher turns from personal opinion into a moral dilemma. And he does it in a way I would expect my 9-year old to try to describe the difference between communism and captialism – in other words, with broad sweeping generalities he may have heard from somewhere, once, with no real basis in fact.

    One final thought – was listening to his ‘sermon’ and thinking of the fantastic lyrics in so many songs by some of my favorite rock bands – very rarely are they about sex, drugs or alcohol. And I can’t think of one rap song that I like that is about rape. He just doesn’t even know what he is criticizing.

    1. Dear MarkT:

      You wrote: ‘Fundies need a cause. A cause fuels the fire of a Fundyโ€™s judgment. If a cause does not exist, just look closely enough and create one.’

      I reply: ‘that was Paul’s opinion also.’

      ‘I hear that there are schisms and factions among you, and I somewhat believe it; how else are you going to prove which one of you is right’ [1Co 11:18-19].

      Christian Socialist

    2. One of the best points made on this website recently was the point that Fundies need a cause. A cause fuels the fire of a Fundyโ€™s judgment. If a cause does not exist, just look closely enough and create one.

      Paging Kyle’s Mom…
      Paging Kyle’s Mom…

  18. Heard enough preaching against CCM to last a lifetime; not going to listen to any more.

    I will say that we’re cleaning the house and my 4th grade child turns on the CD she got from VBS this year. We’re now listening to great, lively praise music while sweeping and scrubbing.

    I love not getting all upset about drums and focusing on the beauty and grace of Jesus.

    Playing right now — “Yeah, the Word of the Lord holds true. We can trust Him! We can trust Him!”

    1. Funny side note: the CD has an upbeat arrangement of “Up from the Grave He Arose”. My child wanted to know why Christ’s resurrection gave triumph for His foes. I realized the line was “with a mighty triumph o’er His foes.” Listening to it, “o’er” DOES sound like “FOR”. Plus, no one says “o’er” in real life. Ever.

  19. I wish I could make some kind of funny comment about this, but I can’t. He is preaching his own man-made opinions as if they were the words of God. This is what got the Pharisees damned. It is no light matter, and he is no “man of God”. He is teaching doctrines of demons.

  20. This reminds me of when Dave Benoit came to preach at PCC and told us all that by listening to one song of rock music (secular or christian) we could get demon possessed. He then went on with a story about a sweet young girl who listened ONE TIME and lo and behold she was possessed and he had to cast the demon out of her. People were drinking it in like kool-aid.

    1. So what happens when you are shopping in the mall or grocery store or wherever and they play ROCK MUSIC โ“

      Instant demon possession I guess. Such bull. It’s just so amazingly stupid.

        1. Our beer aisle is also the frozen veggies and pizza aisle. Wine is in produce. Wondering how fundies can shop at our store.

        2. In our grocery, the wine aisle is next to the bakery. I went with my very fundy dad yesterday. The thing I noticed, and was excited about, was that they had just restocked the entire bakery!! Yum! I was thinking this and then my dad said out loud to me, “Well, they’ve expanded the wine section.”
          Yes, this is a true story. I turned to him and said, “You know, maybe you should stop focusing on all the bad things (to him) and start enjoying the good things more.” He sort of stared at me, but I was very happy because just a couple years ago, I would have been like that too. And now, my mindset is so different!

  21. When I was a senior in fundy high back in 2002, the sound guy at my old fundy church spoke in a chapel service, in a rather ineloquent manner, about how CCM and secular rock music are the same, and how they’re both evil tools of Satan. He railed against Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman, and Iron Maiden. I remember thinking to myself, “Nobody really listens to Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Stephen Curtis Chapman anymore, dude. And Iron Maiden? Really? It’s 2002 and you’re screaming about Iron Maiden? It’s not 1983 anymore, idiot.”

    1. HA! I’ve heard the same stuff. Fundies need to update their CCM bands every 30 years, I reckon.

      Also: your profile picture is Prince Harry and a puppy. Stop. That is wonderful.

    2. My fundy school teachers railing against rock & roll in the 90s taught me the love & all kinds of great 60s & 70s bands, I never would’ve heard of.

    3. not that this really matters all that much, but i love iron maiden. lol. i also love it when people freak out over number of the beast without listening to the words of the song and realizing that it’s just a scary story…

  22. When he characterized Rap as “rape, violence and despicable behavior”, for some reason the first thing that came to mind was Schaap and the long list of IFB sex offenders…

    1. That must be it! All of those IFB guys accidentally heard some Rap while out rounding up “bus kids,” and the consequent demonic possession caused all of their subsequent behavior.
      There you have it.

    2. I read the same thing and the first thing that popped in my head was, “Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down..”

  23. they jump in with a group like SFL and then, just as in fundamentalism, they band together to fight anyone that expresses an idea different from the GROUP

    Right, Greg. As you have no doubt noticed, we at SFL always agree, and it’s always about sin, and how we are for it.

  24. Bored, I actually listened to the “preaching.”
    1. He has as much enthusiasm as a dead cat.
    2. The added in thunder noises made me laugh. Or is his church upstairs of a bowling alley?
    3.Pollution, I expect to see an Indian by the side of the road with a single tear rolling down his face.
    4. PCC should remove him from the alumni list.

  25. Some older male friend should give him some advice on suits, or he should make friends with a salesman at a good department store men’s department. The suit sleeve is far too long and his shirt sleeves are far too short. Plusses for the cuff-links, so he’s trying. He just needs some advice.

    1. I mean, my own advice would be to go for a cassock-alb, and avoid the issue entirely; but if your idea of clergy vestments is that a clergyman should dress as a successful businessman, than things get complicated in terms of clerical attire pretty quickly.

        1. GAAAAAH The short sleeve dress shirt! Nothing says “please never have sex with me” like a short sleeved dress shirt… ๐Ÿ˜ก

        2. I need to where short sleeve dress shirts it’s hot where I live and I’d think I’d die if i wore a long sleeve one.

        3. Aw, at least wear the long-sleeved shirts with sleeves rolled up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You just can’t imagine how many guys wore those short-sleeved dress shirts at PCC. With ties! I almost had forgotten that. Yeah, that was bad.

  26. so, can i ask a serious question? i’m in college right now and my major is worship and music studies, so it’s a little bit hard to ignore some of these comments. i just have one question. who is this guy to say whether or not something or someone is Spirit filled?

    1. Why, what do you mean, Jon?
      Brother Ryan Price’s evalutation of music is at least as valid as that of the average spray-paint-sniffing crackhead on a street corner.
      Unless the crackhead has had some musical training at some point …

    2. This is one of the things that has caused me much pain that I ever once believed that praise and worship was worldly and that people singing it were being worldly. I repent of my pride, self-righteousness, and judgmentalism.

      Now I enjoy worshipping this way and am the recipient of other’s condemnation!

      1. Well, in regards to your asking who is he to determine who is spirit-filled, I’d say that none of us are qualified to judge who is and isn’t. I used to be *extremely* judgmental, but guess what? I “dressed right” and “went soul-winning” and went to every single church service, but I wasn’t spirit-filled in the least. There will always be people who look good and aren’t, and people who will be judged who are actually very much like Christ. We each answer for ourselves and our own actions, and shouldn’t waste our time figuring out people’s spirit power or holiness, but rather focus on keeping ourselves more in Christ.

        I’m sure this guy would have a problem with your major, but thankfully, you only have to listen to God and what he is telling you to do.

    1. That’s right! Wasn’t that also an old fundy standby argument…that ALL rock music had its roots in the jungles of Africa. Looking back it was likely just more latent fundy racism.

  27. Shudder On, Brother Price.

    With all the troubling issues in our modern world (Syria, Sudan, Porn, Abortion, Unemployment, Hunger, Homelessness, to name a few), you choose to stress about . . . MUSIC?

  28. Don – I was never burned by any calvinists (some were though, think Servetus…sorry couldn’t resist) What “explains” my stance is the simple fact that the TULIP is not to be found anywhere in the Scripture, and I always get upset by false teaching and mishandling of the word of God. This is not to say that anyone that has been caught up in, and taught this mess (it must be taught because it’s not in the Scripture) is evil or going to Hell. None of us, me included, have all the answers, but let me be clear, the man-made system of belief known as calvinism is false!

    “For those God foreknew he also predestined….” Rom 8:29

    How men could get so confused over a relatively simple, innocuous principle is beyond me.

      1. Greg, I think the difference is between a Biblical Theology and a Systematic Theology.

        Biblical Theology is derived directly from the entire Word of God (not proof texting). Of course you need a good hermeneutic (art and science of textual interpretation) to get a good Biblical Theology.

        Then all the biblical Theologies are gathered up and men try to make a unified and consistent presentation, this is called Systematic Theology, of whom Calvin is famous for being the first to attack it in such a complete method(ICR).

        TULIP is simply an attempt to create a simple mnemonic device to access a comprehensive system of theology.

        Because it is boiled down from an incredible effort it can be attacked as not being biblical when it is actually derived from biblical theology.

        So to say TULIP is not found in the Bible is both correct and incorrect. The acrostic is not in Scripture, but the Bible doctrine contained in each one letter is most definitely grounded in Scripture and can be found throughout Scripture.

        The caveat is that Systematic Theology must always submit to Biblical Theology.

        (Full disclosure 3.5 pointer – 4 if you let me define my terms.)

    1. greg you are so caught up in your own universalism theology you don’t realize that you are following the likes of Charles Finney. You keep harping on Calvin’s theology as being man made and yet by your own admission you have never studied the Institutes of Religion. If you had you would see that Calvin used scripture in context throughout his work.
      You are parroting caricatures of Calvin rather than anything of substance. Servetus?? Really??

      Like I said if you want to continue this conversation let’s take it to the forum.

      1. Cmon, “burn, calvinists” I had to go for it! :mrgreen:

        “Caricatures of Calvin” Here we go again, no one, not even calvinists know what calvinism is!

        I have the bible, I’m not really interested in Calvin’s meanderings/mutterings.

        I’m always game, but then we get “hung up” because suddenly “all” doesn’t mean all, “foreknowledge” doesn’t mean foreknowledge. The very plain words of God suddenly don’t mean what they very plainly say….

        1. So you spend time & energy attacking something you boast of ignorance in? Stop wasting everyon’s time, then. TROLL.

      2. Yes! Speaking as a Lutheran, I would concede that Calvin has Nestorian tendencies, but Finney is an out-and-out Pelagian.

        Finney is not Christian.

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