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  1. Pssst… don’t go to the theatre! You might catch teh gayness from all the gay people there! 😳

    1. That’s a theater. “Doctor” Smith referenced the “theatre,” which is a different animal entirely. Of course, I highly doubt he’d know the difference if it bit him on the @$$. For all I know, he may well have been talking about the “movie the-A-ter.” πŸ™„

    1. Never mind, I looked it up. He said it on the 14th of this month. Nothing said on this blog had made me feel nauseous – until now. I hope that it just was Shelton not thinking about things in the recent past that led him to comment this.

  2. I guess John F. Kennedy’s advice would be not to ride in cars, and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s advice would be not to stay in a hotel, and Isadora Duncan’s advice would be not to wear a long scarf.

    That last one may actually make sense …

    1. Good point.

      The tweet is nothing but fear-mongering to keep people in line. I no longer have to live in fear that if I step out of line God will “get me.” Perfect love casts out fear; I can live in the freedom that Christ’s death and resurrection purchased for me.

      Jesus Himself said that it’s not what goes INTO a man that defiles him but what comes out from his heart. A building in itself cannot contaminate you simply because it’s a movie theater.

      1. PW; I appreciate the post – I remember the day when the end of Matthew 11 shone clearly upon my heart – Jesus’ yoke is EASY, and His burden is LIGHT. Why then, was I feeling such a HEAVY burden, and as if the yoke were anything but easy? It was the commandments of man. That was a very freeing day for me.

        And yet… and yet… I think that the view of God as never punishing us is not right either… the Bible clearly tells us that God corrects those who are His children — and that if we don’t ever have any correction, we are not true children of Him. I don’t think God is a cruel ogre, just waiting to slap us for anything we do that is wrong, but neither do I think that He lets us do whatever we want, regardless of what He has instructed us to do.

        1. I agree. God does discipline us. Scripture must be taught in balance so we don’t go to the right or to the left to extremes.

          When you’ve heard one doctrine stressed all your life, though, you sort of have to revel a bit in the ones you rarely heard — God’s wrath was poured out on CHRIST, not on us. Thus His chastening of us is done in love for our good not out of wrath.

        2. Very true; keeping a balanced view is to me, one of the hardest things to do, especially, as you say, when one has been subjected to an unbalanced view of ‘works’.

          Heard it just last month while traveling: “If you’re not going soul-winning, don’t think that you can ask for anything from God”. I’m so glad that I don’t have to come to God with my pathetic, filthy rags of works; He was pleased to give me clean white robes, and I can ask for things in Jesus’ name. So said to hear people not “get” it.

    2. Beat me to it. I guess thats what happens when I prioritize the gym over checking for SFL updates. One day I’ll learn.

      1. Well said PW. It is nice to see someone who has escaped fundyland but still has faith in God. I left about 6mo ago, and am struggling a bit with what to believe. No doubts about leaving, best thing I ever did, just trying to make sense of it all, and rebuild my faith from the ground up. Not an easy task πŸ™

        1. I went through that about 17 years ago. I started with the book of Psalms and I would circle words like lovingkindness, joy and blessed. Words that would speak healing to me and that reflected God’s character instead of rules, burdens and all that guilt.

          Psalm 139 is my favorite Psalm as well.

          God Bless on your journey FreeatLast!

    3. I hope Shelton remembers to take all the stones out of his pockets before attempting to walk on water. πŸ™„

    4. Don’t sit in the window and listen to a long winded sermon.
      Dont sit on the wall with a bunch of hungry dogs bellow.

    5. AW Big Gary, that was what I was going to say. (Good thing I read the comments FIRST this time)

  3. What’s up? All the text on the comments shows up on my screen with the lines centered (instead of flush left), and I have no idea why.

        1. Big Gary, don’t you have some kind of manual that tells you how to fix that problem, or some kind of help line you can call for people in your profession? I’m assuming you’re not real and you’re a paid poster on this site.

        2. What a coincidence. For quite some time now I’ve also thought that this “Big Gary” guy is a fake, paid poster. My guess is that he’s never been to a church in his life, except maybe a wedding, and is totally going from some pre-written script when it comes to posting on here. I of course could be wrong, but I doubt it.

        3. If you’ve been reading my comments for a while, you know things like where I grew up, where I live now, my marital status, my age, which pets I have, my views on soteriology and other theological issues, what my parents did for a living, some of my favorite books, and what kinds of music I like.

          So if I’m a fictional character, at least I’m a well-fleshed-out one. πŸ˜‰

        4. I think Big Gary is a fake poster because he is always here. Hmmmm, it’s almost like it’s his job to be here. He never has any down time. He also is one of the more vocal advocates of tearing down the fundamentals of the faith. Not just “fundy” stuff, but the fundamentals of the faith. For example, his favorite topic is evolution and he just can’t wait to tear down the biblical account of creation and elevate evolution every chance he can get. Hey, it’s a free country and he’s free to do that. But just don’t hide behind the ruse of being “anti-fundy” when you’re actually anti-fundamentals of the faith. But then again, this whole site is against the whole fundamentals of the faith and is devoted to tearing them down. I don’t see why so much emphasis on IFB’s when directions in the heading of the site promotes the site as being anti-fundamentals of the faith that Christians of all flavors and denominations agree with, not just IFBs. So in that case, maybe Big Gary is not a fake and is just a regular poster here who is just fitting in with the ethos of the site.

        5. If the goal of this site is to attack the fundamentals of the Christian faith, it’s doing a pitiably poor job of it. I’ve yet to see a post claiming Jesus is not God, that He wasn’t born of a virgin, that He didn’t die on the cross, that He wasn’t resurrected, or that faith in Him doesn’t save. I haven’t seen posts questioning the existence of God or the presence of the Holy Spirit or that Christians are to follow Christ’s commands.

          There are some people who comment here who are unbelievers or atheists and some who question some doctrines like inerrancy and creationism (both which I believe btw), but I’m surprised that those are the only people you seem to notice. I, on the other hand, have found a vibrant and diverse community, many of whom share my commitment to the truth of the Gospel.

        6. Big Gary, let me add that I don’t mean to be unkind. We welcome your input here and your input and contributions add to the site. I am not a fan of evolution, have no problem with creation, etc. But that doesn’t mean we can’t engage in friendly conversation and amicably disagree over many or perhaps most issues.

        7. Even if I were on Stuff Fundies Like’s vast, lucrative payroll, I don’t see how that would make me a fake. Are people who get paid for their work fake?

          I do make a lot of comments here, and I believe I have discussed, for example, the Bible much more than evolution. But I guess the obvious reality of evolution is just the one that really chaps Shandurlki’s hide. πŸ˜›

  4. I thought it was funny. A fundy offering a reason not to go to the movies from a guy who got shot at a theatre. I doubt he was even thinking of Aurora.
    …Though Fundies will probably use Aurora eventually…

  5. Remove the word “Christian” and it is just a bad joke.

    With the word “Christian” it is a tasteless fundy double entendre that is not funny.

    1. That’s what I was gonna say. Of course, there are those who say I have quite a sarcastic streak myself.

  6. I don’t often say this, because I try to respect everyone as fellow image bearers. But my first thought was, “What an idiot”

    As a Christian to whom God has, in Christ, freely given all things, this is repugnant. First this man is presuming to add to the Word of God his own man-made rules–thereby judging God and God’s laws as insufficient. Then he is calling on us to concern ourselves with what Abraham Lincoln might think–whether true or not–instead of pointing us to Christ and His Word.

    As a person with an interest in history, it is likewise repugnant. This man knows nothing of Abraham Lincoln if he thinks this would be on Lincoln’s mind to be his one communication to modern American Christians. And I take offense that a man who styles himself “Dr” and no doubt takes his position of authority extremely seriously feels it perfectly acceptable to refer to a former President as “dear old Abe.”

    Finally, as a person who under authority, and who has authority over others, I am appalled that someone who calls himself a leader of any type would resort to such a fallacious argumentum ad verecundiam.

    1. It’s not really an argument as such, it’s just a corny joke.
      Because Lincoln’s assassination is so funny, see. πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  7. I can understand not liking the guy because of his theology. But slamming him for this joke and saying it’s tasteless because of the Colorado shootings is just stupid. It’s a joke people, and it’s funny. Get over yourselves.

    1. I wonder how long the good “Dr” would last on SFL. After all he has a sense of humor. He’s a regular guy jokester. Right?

      It’s the hypocricy of someone like him that gets me. He would call all of us bitter and backslidden. But hey, let’s make fun of a dead guy and throw in our crap theology while we are at it.

      And it is not funny. It really isn’t.

    2. Honestly the joke about Abraham Lincoln saying “Don’t go to the theater” is old. It’s been around for ages. I imagine, he’s parroting the old joke and is not making reference to the Colorado shootings

      1. Oh, that’s right, he 😈 probably doesn’t have a TV and is not aware of the recent theater shooting.

      2. Exactly. The joke has been told as long as I can remember. I think certain assumptions about Smith’s intentions are being made that are just stupid.

    3. It was a joke, and it wasn’t funny; not because of Colorado, but because he’s trying to get people to follow legalism.

    4. And also, I’ll slam him for this joke because it’s based on an explicit theology which is terrible.

    5. The joke is anyone who believes that Oswald was NOT the shooter and that he somehow had “help” in killing Mr. Kennedy. Anyone who doesn’t totally and completely believe that Oswald did it is a fool. Most of us here were the “100%’er” buttons because we completely and totally believe the Warren Commission is completely and totally correct. Anyone who doubts the Warren Commission, even one iota, is a moronic fool who should be embarrassed to even show their face in public.

      1. *blink* Man that’s DEEP left field. And I can’t tell if there should be a sarcasm tag or not.

  8. Guns don’t kill people. Theaters do.

    And also, I do remember when I was in fundy-dom there was some kind of club collapse or something (in another country) and it was very heavily pointed out to me that if those people (who died) had just stayed home they would still be alive today. That is no way to live your life. No way at all.

    1. Yeah, and if many people didn’t go to work everyday to feed their children, they wouldn’t die in car wrecks. I guess God wants us all to be selfish and live off each other. What stupid logic.

    2. I believe it’s statistically true that more people die in accidents at home than at work, and it’s certainly true that more die at home than in nightclubs or theaters, so by that logic, what you shouldn’t do is go home.

    3. Jesus had something to say about that kind of theology in Luke 13:4 when a tower collapsed and killed some people.

      1. Don’t bring the bible into these debates. We all know fundamentalism has nothing to do with the bible.

  9. I was thinking more on the lines of ” dont go to the theatre
    “because as fundys know we arent suppose to so hence he was shot because be sure your sin will find you out. I didnt think of the Colorado incident at all.

    1. I don’t find Lincoln being murdered any funnier than those moviegoers in Colorado being shot, so either way, it’s still, as Jim pointed out, too soon to be joking about it.

    2. I also didn’t think of colorado at all, just at how dumb it is to co-opt lincoln for a fundy “standard” in a manner which makes a joke of his murder.

  10. How utterly tasteless. And what a stupid argument, too, for not going to a theater… I’m sick of logical fallacies like that. There’s nothing wrong with going to a theater.

  11. Wow. Just wow. I am speechless. (and happier each day since I have left fundyland, as hard as it was to leave)

  12. You never know when you might go to the theatre and have a rash of choreography break out.

  13. Considering that President Lincoln endured half the nation hating him, the death of his son and the greatest crisis our country has ever seen I doubt going to the movies would be something he would be concerned about.

    Going through that kind of pressure either crushes and man or puts everything into perspective

  14. I find the Tweet offensive and a slam on one of the greatest President’s of our Nation!

  15. Further proof that there is little to no compassion or human decency left in fundieland. As I recall, Dr. Smith is one of the more kind and thoughtful fundie leaders. Sigh…

  16. Never mind that Edison developed the first motion pictures in the U.S. over 25 years after Lincoln died. Never let the facts get in the way of a good fundy punch line, haymen? πŸ™„ πŸ˜•

    Although I’m sure if you asked Smith, he would say that live theater of anything written after Shakespeare (with a few exceptions) is just as wicked as the multiplex.

    1. More likely anything written since Shakespeare (including him) – he isn’t exactly good fundy material. Although, with their grasp (or lack thereof) of English of that period, they may not realize how risque a lot of Shakespeare’s stuff is. And that’s not to mention the incredible, senseless violence… Come to think of it, they may appreciate the movies and plays based on Shakespeare – the “classic literature” label allows them to justify seeing something both sexy and violent – double win! πŸ™„

  17. This is bad PR. Whether he tweeted this thinking about Colorado or not, this wasn’t a very good idea. Plus, when you think it through logically, it just doesn’t make sense. This tweet, like many things the fundamentalists say and live by, is based on fear. Not cool Shelty. Not cool.

    And another aside: these quippy trite sayings are not what I’d expect to come from “mature”, “godly”, “Drs.”. But their tweets, sermons, etc. seem to be full of cutesy one-liners.

    1. All of his followers are lapping it up, and they don’t care what anyone else thinks, so….

  18. Perhaps the rest of the statement would be “but if you do go to the theatre, don’t go see that movie about me being a vampire slayer…it’s deplorable.”

    1. Hey, history is history sir. We can’t revise it just because it’s unpleasant.

      1. Unless it is Christian History. Then the fundies want to ensure that everyone is fed the New Improved Version.

    2. I forgot who I heard saying this, but I agreed:
      “What does it say about us as a people that it’s not enough for us that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and saved the Union? He has to be a vampire slayer, too, before he gets our attention.”

  19. I doubt Smith was thinking about the Colorado shooting when he wrote this, but I only say that because his tweets don’t exhibit any amount of thought what-so-ever. This certainly isn’t the first bit of stupid he has sent out through twitter.

    And Abraham Lincoln was clearly very critical of theaters, as evidenced by the fact that he never ever went to them in his entire life. Ever.

    1. Until that one fateful day, and BAM God struck him dead O_o That’s how they’d twist it, anyway.

  20. Forgive me that this is off topic, but I am new here and have some questions… who is George, and what does FWOTW stand for? Oh, and why is it significant who is the first to post?

    1. Welcome TripletMom. To answer your questions:

      1) george (he doesn’t deserve capitalization) is a friend of Don who helps everyone make typos. Usually typos that you only notice the very second after you hit the Submit button.
      2) FWOTW stands for Fundy Website Of The Week
      3) Being “first” is just game we continue to play. Some people don’t like it but let me tell you, if you ever get first, it is joy unspeakable. And full of glory! πŸ˜†

      1. Oh, and I believe you concerning answer #3, in fact… I’m quite sure, the half has never yet been told πŸ˜‰

        1. Indeed. My life is a hollow, empty shell, because my habits prevent me from ever making it to “first.” 😎

      2. By the way george has an even-more-evil twin. His name is Otto Koreckt. He doesn’t like me.

  21. If dear old Jack Schaap could speak just a word to Christians, I think he would advise “Don’t take pictures.”

  22. If dear old Jack Hyles could speak just a word to Christians, I think he would advise “Don’t close the outer door.”

  23. I’m with Smith on this one. Don’t go to the theater. stay home and rent movies cuz that way no one can know what you are watching.

    Can I get a witness up in here!


    1. I second that!! πŸ˜›

      Seriously though, I’ve watched much worse movies at home than I ever saw in a theater.

  24. Dear Shelton Smith:

    You have no idea what President Lincoln might say today. Perhaps he would say, ‘that isn’t my party.’ But who knows? That’s the point.

    Still, I can’t imagine that it hasn’t occurred to at least some of these pulpit maniacs, ‘if only they’d listened to us and NOT gone to the theater … can’t you hear God’s voice speaking through this horrid event! Now bow your heads and close your eyes as the music plays quietly and I pray for you souls …

    Christian Socialist

    1. “You have no idea what President Lincoln might say today.”

      I was thinking that very thought this evening, he doesn’t have a clue.
      Actually he owes America an apology for making the President look like a fool.

  25. I can’t believe you waste your time “following” Shelton Smith. I can think of better, more productive things to do with my time; like watch the grass grow, or watching the paint dry.

  26. If dear old Lester Roloff could speak just a word to Christians, I think he’d advise, “Don’t get on a plane!”
    If that’s not appropriate, neither is the Abe Lincoln crack.

    1. Or at least, don’t fly into a thunderstorm assuming God will deliver you from your own poor choices.

    2. Or, don’t fly your own plane if you’re not very good at it (according to an account I once read by someone who had flown with Roloff piloting).

  27. Not to burst anyone’s bubble here.. but I think that Dr. Smith was making a mildly puny joke here. Although I don’t agree with him on his anti-theater stand, I’m never against high standards. I highly doubt he was making a hurtful comment in reference to the Aurora shootings.. just my two cents.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard that “joke” before (such as it is). It was funny the first time I heard it… some people deal with suffering and tragedy with humor. Nevertheless, the timing (after Aurora) was not very good. I’m willing to believe that he was not making a comment about the Aurora shootings, but the comment was poorly timed.

      Regarding high standards, I’m not against Biblical standards… be they high or low. According to I Cor, the one with the “higher” standards is “the weaker brother” (ref to earlier post as well).

    2. I think most of us agree that he meant the tweet as some kind of joke. Whether he has incredibly bad timing with his comment or intended to use Lincoln’s assassination to reinforce his POV on the Aurora shootings is up for grabs. Either way, I object to the lame humor, the condescension in calling a great man “dear old Abe Lincoln,” and the very notion that Christians should avoid the theater. Which brings us to high standards. As GR said above, adhering to God’s desires for our behavior is always to be desired. But let’s not confuse the hypocritical emphasis on the appearances with obeying God. Avoiding the theater isn’t having high standards, any more than refusing to leave the house in anything other than a three-piece suit. At most, it’s a personal preference, possibly relating to a person’s individual obedience of the heart.

  28. Sorry Shelton, but I think old “honest Abe” would be saying something more like “it’s HOT down here. Get me out!

    1. I read stuff fairly recently which claimed that Lincoln made a commitment to Christ during the American Civil War. Shortly after Gettysburg. That fact that it was a publication in which Jack Chick was involved might make me doubt it’s veracity, though.. I hope it’s true, but I will try to find out what other writers and historians say

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