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  1. What really got me laughing was “Lycanthropy.” Apparently, he thinks werewolves are real.

    1. Clinical lycanthropy is apparently a very rare psychological condition where a person genuinely believes that they have turned into an animal or has the power to do so. It was named for the mythological lycanthropy.

  2. These are like nonsensical punchlines for the following unintentional jokes:

    *Name 4 things you have listened to on your IPOD in the past 12 months.

    *Identify 5 cultural activities outside of Christianity that are worthwhile to pursue.

    *What are some things that teenage boys find interesting when they realize they are not doing very well in the girls or sports department?

    *Name things my fundy father knows nothing about but talks about non-stop.

  3. 1. AC/DC, Metallica, Ozzy Ozbourne, and Abba.
    2. Drinking beer with friends, going to baseball games (especially on Sunday afternoons), running, left wing politics, and attending Occupy protests.
    3. Anything they want! Perhaps they love the arts. Theatre.
    4. My dad isn’t fundy and is pretty smart but his politics are derived from Hannity, O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck so it drives me nuts LOL

  4. no vampirism? Are you telling me there’s something wrong with that? REALLY?! I can’t even be a vampire?
    It strikes me that no one would know what “LOTR” stands for unless they were already “into” it at least to some degree.

  5. I score an 8 if you count things I was really heavily involved in at one time, and include Werewolf the Apocalypse under “Lycanthropy”. 12 if you include things I just dabbled in. I only score a 3 (Freemasonry, Video Games, and Heavy Metal) if you include only the things that I still enjoy. I don’t believe that demon posession is at all common, and I wouldn’t consider anything on the list except the Church of Satan to be an actual gateway for fallen angels, but I would note that a lot of stuff on the list is not harmless to your spiritual life. I would, speaking from experience, advise everyone to avoid the Tarot like the plague.

    Incidentally, in the non-Fundamentalist Protestant circles I move in, Freemasonry is considered a wonderful Christian organization by conservatives as well as liberals, though I am well aware that the situation is quite different in England, or even just north of the border in Canada.

    1. Tarot, really? Did you know that the oldest extant Tarot trumps appear to have originally been pages somebody’s mnemonic handbook, cut up and repurposed after printing with moveable became common enough to allow widespread literacy? That’s why it includes assorted virtues, crafts, medieval concepts (the Wheel of Fortune), and elements of Christian religion. Basically it was what well-to-do people in Western Christendom used as an elementary social studies handbook in the Middle Ages. Combine some pages from an old, no longer needed book with a pack of four-suit cards (a concept imported from China via India IIRC), add a sizeable pinch of flimflam, et voila: fortunetelling at fairs.* The mystical-woo-woo stuff was added by dabblers in what they called “magick” in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

      *Another possibility is that the Italians were playing a complex game with four suits of cards and a much larger set of trumps that got taken further west, trimmed down (lost cards, perhaps?), and repurposed as a way to extract money from rubes.

  6. Adam and Eve were vegetarians. I wonder what villainous scoundrel is to blame for that… OH WAIT.

  7. What a relief to see that steampunk won’t lead to demonic possession. A close call with cyberpunk making the list!

  8. Clearly the person who put vegetarianism on this list has never read the first chapter of Daniel… A doorway to demonic possession indeed. 😈

  9. So, this is either completely ridiculous or ive already lost my soul. but isn’t meditation a religious requirement?

  10. I see that Magic the Gathering, Heroscape, Heroclix, or Warhammer 40K were not anywhere on this list. must have been an off day for them. 😀

    1. Neither is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (Earlier gens of MLP have been denounced as Occult on a church-by-church basis.)

      They say dying horses make a blood-chilling scream. I have no desire to hear that scream from the throats of Fluttershy or Rarity as they burn at the stake for Witchcraft.

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