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  1. Was that music actually being played there or added by whoever uploaded the video? That was sinful rock and roll was it not? I’m too holy to know for sure! LOL! :mrgreen:

    1. The song is “Footloose” from the movie “Footloose” about a fictional town where the Fundy-type preacher and his church got rock music and dancing outlawed. I expect it was dubbed over some church’s wild weirdness for ironic effect.

  2. Not a lot of vertical. Could have broke an ankle.

    Wonder if anyone yelled at a kid after the service for running in church…

  3. Do we have any idea what “church” this is? I mean, we just the youtube poster’s word for it that it’s a fundy. (Although it sure looks like it with the suits). But I note the piano is not white, and there are speakers pretty prominent on the stage, and there are ungodly modern chairs instead of good old-fashioned God-given pews.

    1. Well, those speakers on the bottom of the stage that point backwards are for the people on stage to hear the mic system without being annoyed by the reverb from the speakers pointing to the audience. I don’t remember what they’re called, just what they do…. I had to sit through a whole Sunday morning mass in the on stage choir at BJU when they were NOT turned on and all we could hear the whole time was 3 reverbs of everything Dr. Wood said. I’m pretty sure the whole choir fell asleep.

      There’s also a modesty curtain in front of the piano, and mog wannabes standing in front of the thrones on the stage. I believe I saw a cover-the-knee-even-while-sitting skirt in the front row and the guys all have collars on. All the fundy churches i’ve been to have black pianos…. And the extra spiritual ones have a grand instead of an upright. And the extra, extra spiritual ones have an organ.

      1. The white piano became a funny SFL joke, but I’ve always seen dark ones too, either black or brown. White for most of the people in my circles would have been too flashy.

    2. Without a doubt it’s one of the most Fundy IFB churches I’ve ever seen thus far. These folks LOVE Phil Kidd and his type. It’s Windsor Hills Baptist church now with Vineyard’s son pastoring. It’s the place that gave me my screen name. 😉

  4. That’s nothing. I used to do that as an NBT teen evangelist back in 92. But only for Jr High day teens, and I never ran the pew tops with kids seated like I saw a couple guys do from Fairhaven. The IFB pastors said that went too far. Or maybe it was a looming law suit watching a wild 20 yr old college student running on pews with elementary kids.

  5. I love this video! Between last night and this morning, I have watched it 6 times. LOL

  6. No, Dude, when you do the crowd-diving bit, you’re supposed to have a mob of people ready to catch you. 🙄

  7. I’d say it’s somewhere in the South. Northern/Midwest IFBers would frown on this as being too much like Pentacostals.

    1. Totally. This would have been severely censured in my circles. They weren’t preached against – all our indignation was focused on Pentecostals and others – but their names were never mentioned. I didn’t even know these kind of fundies existed until I went to BJU and heard the stories of the wild people at Tabernacle.

  8. It’s in Oklahoma City, OK. It looks like the School of the Prophets or something like it. I think the guy jumping was our homiletics teacher Guy Kelly! He would do something like that. Bob Ross is the guy with the ultra white hair standing there clapping on the platform.

    1. After close analysis I dont’ think it’s Ross…looks like perhaps a skinny Jimmy V or another staff guy. Ross had larger than life hair. :mrgreen:

    2. I haven’t called someone this in years, but WHAT A DICKHEAD! Not you, EXObc, the dildo in the video.

  9. I really want to know the context for this. What was his excuse for behaving like a crazy person?

    1. The guy has a reputation of being a “fighting Irishman” and tends to do crazy stuff like that. Welcome to the Fundy U world I lived in for a year. This was considered really great entertainment. 🙄

      1. So contemporary praise and worship music is condemned because it’s “entertaining”, but leaping from the stage, rolling on the floor, and running up the aisle is OK?

        The hypocrisy drives me crazy.

        1. Oh of course! Everyone that’s right with gawd KNOWS that evil CCM is really just rock music with Christian lyrics. 😈

      2. This guy truly defines the word “Preachertainment”. We had guys like this in twice a year for revival meetings when I was growing up. I remember one guy that my sister and I nicknamed “Tigger”. He wouldn’t stop bouncing, he ran around like this guy, and he once did a handstand on the pulpit. Truly Baptist entertainment at its finest. And movies are bad why??

  10. That was really strange. If you watch as he is leaping off the stage, the girl in the front row looks like she isn’t even looking at him. Is this so commonplace there that she is bored or distracted from it? It went by really fast, but I watched her each time and her head doesn’t even turn to follow him as he goes down the aisle…

    1. I noticed that myself. It’s like she was completely unaware. Or maybe she was just in shock.

    1. Judging from the auditorium decorations it looks like their “School of the Prophets” or perhaps the “North vs South” events they do every year. Basically all the preacher boys get 10 minutes each to entertain everyone and try to out do each other while their favorite girls are watching (hopefully in admiration). 🙄

      It often gets really crazy like this.

  11. This is WHBC in OKC. There is a brief clip of Bro. Tony Keaton, the Youth Pastor and Principal of WHBS.

    I went to OBC (Oklahoma Baptist College) for a semester and yes just like in Footloose, we’d sneak out and go to the dance hall. The elder Mr. Vineyard didn’t approve. Needless to say this video reminded me of those days and the Footloose song was spot on!!!!!!!!

    There is another YouTube Video where Jack Hyles goes off on Pensacola Christian College. They were to “Liberal” for Dr. Hyles.

    1. PCC was too liberal. I’d have to hear that video, that promises to be entertaining.

    2. Keaton! I knew he was one of the staff guys that I didn’t see too much while at the college. Thanks for the help in figuring out his name. 😉

      When I first saw the video this morning I wasn’t expecting to recognize the church and folks I knew! 😯 😀

      What years were you at the compound? I was there in ’04-’05.

      1. 98-99. Bro Keaton was a pretty cool dude and so was Bro. Ross. The elder Vineyard was a Hyles disciple and thought Hyles hung the moon and stars.

    1. Not surprising to hear Hyles bad-mouth PCC. PCC made a lot of new enemies after they picked on BJU and Dr. Custer over Bible Translations.

      On one visit to Pensacola, I told an older PCC staff member that I thought PCC should apologize to BJU for what they did. The staffer and others nearby just looked at me with deer-in-the-headlights looks. Like, ” I can’t believe he just said that!” It felt great.

      1. Hyles would not have gone off on PCC for their pro-KJV stand. I’m sure it is because they are not based out of a local church or (and I personally heard Texas Bob Gray indicate this without actually saying it) the college is run by a woman (Beka Horton).

      2. I don’t think Hyles would have had problem with PCC condemning BJU over the KJV issue…more likely just jealous that he wasn’t the one to “expose” BJU. All the infighting we see among the different fundy “camps” is to me just another indicator of the error of fundamentalism.

    2. Oh my…I remember being in that auditorium that night at Pastors School, March 1996. Al Lacy preached the most mind-numbing stupidity on the King James Only position while sarcastically mocking every other Christian on earth.

    3. Never heard this one before.
      Discipleship Class 101, Lesson 86, “how to bash fellow believers who don’t tow the line and not be bitter or seem lofty and proud about it.”

      And they wonder why people leave in droves. DROVES

  12. I can remember similar antics at our Fundy High and in services since in various churches. The really frightening ones also involved the mog challenging Satan and bragging about how he could charge hell with a water-pistol.

    As a kid, I thought they must be really great Christians close to God. Now I understand they are foolish exhibitionists.

  13. This is what some folks do in lew of snakes.

    This was brought on by the preacher preaching himself into a frenzy and having to take a “Victory in Jesus” lap around the building… they have been known to run out the door and around the church, run on the pews and as we have seen, do self baptisms. It’s all for show. That’s Preachertainment.

    1. “I used to be an IFB pastor, running the asiles, then I took and arrow to the knee….”

  14. Hard to believe that the whole crowd of lemmings in that church really thinks there is some connection between what that ninny is doing and the method and message of Jesus Christ ad His disciples.

  15. Holy mother of pearl. Can you imagine if he’d split his pants? That would’ve made this perfect.

  16. All those “liberal” preachers that draw the attention to themselves instead of Jesus, and are more focused on displays of emotion rather then doctrine. Clearly fundamentalists are NOTHING like that. 🙄 🙄 🙄

  17. I cant understand how anyone could ever call that worship!! How can those decieved people sit there week after week and believe this is what the gospel is about!

  18. I’m taking bets on how insulted he’d be that his antics were put to “Footloose” considering the storyline of the movie it was written for.

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