FWOTW: preacherboypatrick.wix.com

Today’s website pick is not of a pastor but rather of a “preacher boy” who is one of the self-proclaimed recipients of The Callโ„ข.

As part of his resume it’s worth noting that this young man “grew up in a life of sin in Kentucky” until he was gloriously saved “at the age of 15.” One wonders what his egregious crimes and trespasses may have been. Perhaps the answer is “not honoring the Baptist flag enough.”

I particularly love that the Resources page includes both the 1828 Noah Webster’s Dictionary (before dictionaries went liberal, amen!) AND The Trail of Blood. There’s a little something there for everybody.

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  1. I think I might have brought the first sour note to his site when I put in a comment…. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    1. Check out his website statistics at the bottom of the page. Do you think we made an impact? *understatement*

      1. I noticed that too. I made a note that at 7:11am EST there were 356 hits on his site. It will be interesting to see where it ends up today.

    2. I like how under the comments someone felt a need to warn him that he was “about to be under attack.” Obviously a reader of this site… ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Here is that comment made by someone who calls himself “1611 Believer”:

        PB Patrick, you will soon be under attack from those who love the world. Ignore these ignorant comments and fcontinue to focus on the Bible for the English language.Those who attack our beloved KJB feel better about themselves by atacking those who hold to the Old Paths. Leave the plough behind!

        1. Oh, thanks for posting that, Scorpio. It made me laugh. Maybe I’ll cry later, but for now I’m just laughing. What arrogance. And ignorance: the KJV insanity is the least of my problems with this boy.

        2. I think that came an hour after my comment, which was really a question. I’m always happy to rattle cages.

  2. Oh, and I’d also like to ask: Why is it that these guys always talk about “surrendering” to preach? What kind of sacrifice is it, exactly? Being worshiped? Getting to treat everyone in their congregation like it was a real life version of The Sims? Not having to work hard? The potluck suppers?

    And before anyone jumps on me, my father was an actual pastor of an actual church, and I have all the respect and admiration in the world for him and those like him. This guy and guys like him are completely different.

    “Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?”

    This may be the most nonsensical thing I’ve ever heard.

    1. Regarding the โ€œWhy should anyone hear the Gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?โ€……I think I understand what he is trying to say. Make sure everyone hears the Gospel.
      But what if I am one of those who heard the Gospel once, but has questions? What is his response? “I’m sorry. You already heard the Gospel once. Figure it out on your own. I’ve got more witnessing to do.”

      1. Yeah, I know what’s he’s probably trying to say. But this is another example of the way the IFB movement glories in its own ignorance. It’s one of those sayings they love to trot out like their being all subtle and smart, but as soon as you get beyond the bare surface of it it starts to fall apart.

        And I would also like to be angry for just a second about that ridiculous little historical revisionist tract “The Trail of Blood.” That gets my blood boiling every time.

        1. I absolutely agree. I do believe that it is nonsensical.

          SFL – Basing their theology on lame witticisms.

        1. i need to heard it every day, usually 10-20 times a day. would Preacher Boy Patrick deny me that?

    2. I agree this statement has always made me very angry! There are a lot of people who don’t trust Christ the first time they hear the gospel but someone working with them and showing them the love of the Lord will eventually win them and they’ll likely be “fruit that remains” than that person who says a prayer after a 5 minute plan of salvation and you never see them again. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

      1. The person who was very instrumental in my becoming a Christian didn’t know that she was until almost 30 years later. I wasn’t ready to trust Christ then, but a lot of what she showed me through her life was filed away in my mind until I was ready.

  3. I remember BHBC and their “Preacher Boys” it was the boys who were thought of as little kings from within.
    Oddley enough, out of all those about 10% went on to the ministry.
    Once “called” the self glorification, hipocricy and judgemental attiude began to blossom under the watchful eye of the senior pastor.
    The term itself (Preacher Boy), now, just makes me ill.
    The ones that I was around had the personality of an overgrown Cocker Spaniel.
    Looking back, a large majority of them were social mis-fits that were searching for acceptance and approval from others i.e looking for their niche’ in life.

    1. Hey! Cocker Spaniels can be try nice nice dogs. Now if you’d mentioned spoiled in-bred pomerainians… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  4. I have met quite a few IFBers who make the claim about living in sin until they were saved as a teenager. Their idea of sin might be playing videos games for too long or not taking out the trash when their parents asked them.
    Based on my experiences (and your definition of sin) someone really doesn’t start “living in sin” until their 20s and 30s.

    1. But if you’re not living in sin, you can’t be gloriously saved, amen? It ain’t glorious unless Jesus really had to work hard at it.

      Oh, wait. It wasn’t Jesus who did it. It was me! I made the decision…free will and all…so that must mean that I am gloriously strong for being able to come out from that horrific sin I was living in and get gloriously saved!

      His “living in sin” was probably secretly wishing he could listen to more of that rock music they play on TV commercials between sections of The Andy Griffith Show.

      1. “But if youโ€™re not living in sin, you canโ€™t be gloriously saved, amen? It ainโ€™t glorious unless Jesus really had to work hard at it.”

        Comment FTW!

    2. I do not have enough fingers and toes to count all the testimonies that include copious use of drugs, alcohol, and “running prostitutes” (cue mutes gasp from the ladies in the pews). I suspect if we were to dig into a lot of them they would turn out to be “once took a hit off a spliff at a party and coughed myself senseless”, “drank some Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink in the parking lot of a high school football game and threw up”, and “had premarital sex, once, and it was lousy for everyone involved”. But they have to have their “depraved cred”, I suppose.

      1. That depraved cred strikes me as weird. It’s the worse you were as a non-Christian, the better.
        I really liked it when this one lady was asked by another lady why she doesn’t talk too much about her life before Christ. The other lady said she was a little torn about talking about it; on the one hand, she knew that talking about it gives hope to the people who are struggling with the kind of stuff she was into, but on the other hand, it felt to her that by talking about it, she was giving glory to the devil.
        Those who puff up their depraved cred would do well to ask themselves who they are giving glory to.

      2. A far back as I can remember glory has been given to the “biggest” salvation story. David Wilkerson (I think that was his name, he wrote, “The Cross and the Switchblade”?) was our church’s mega-fascination when I was in high school, and all us good little Christian School kids felt just a little less saved than HIM because HE was saved from so much more. Sad.

      3. I wonder how some Christians would deal with a gay man who was immersed in the Gay Lifestyle but who gets saved? espesially if that man does not immediately becomes “straight” and, although he leaves the lifesyle behind, still struggles with homosexual feelings. I actually know some men who are in that situation. Are they as “gloriously” saved as the alcoholic or drug addict? Are they saved at all?

        1. If he gets saved and he truly wants to do what’s right, and learns that the Bible has said this lifestyle is wrong, he should from that point on live celibately, and pray for God to remove his wrongful desires. If he is living with someone he needs to separate from them. Then let God work in his life to make him what God wants him to be. It may take time but if he’s patient and he prays and fasts (and gets others to as well) he may overcome this. Some never seem to, like Ray Boltz who struggled for years before giving up. ๐Ÿ™

        2. If he gets saved and he truly wants to do whatโ€™s right, and learns that the Bible has said this lifestyle is wrong, he should from that point on live celibately, and pray for God to remove his wrongful desires. If he is living with someone he needs to separate from them. Then let God work in his life to make him what God wants him to be. It may take time but if heโ€™s patient and he prays and fasts (and gets others to as well) he may overcome this. Some never seem to, like Ray Boltz who struggled for years before giving up. ๐Ÿ™

          Wow. What an awful thing to think and to say. How can you not be ashamed to type such a thing? It’s sad that most Christians probably treat their pets with more humanity than they treat homosexuals.

        3. Sorry. I tried to do a quote there. Couldn’t remember how to make quotes work in the blog comments.

        4. Some (a lot โ“ ) sins don’t go away at salvation. They stay in us (as Paul said, in our flesh). Struggling does not mean you are not saved.

    3. Most fundy kids don’t really have much opportunity to do any REAL sinning. Unless you count playing D&D, sneaking a beer from you dad’s fridge in the garage or making Petra bootlegs the equivalent of Middle East war crimes…

      1. From your worldly friend’s dad’s frig, maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰ A good fundy dad believed all alcohol was of the devil….

    4. I was saved at the age of 15 too (very close to my 16th birthday) but I guess I wasn’t “gloriously” saved because my sins to that point were the usual for kids that age, lying, stealing, disobeying mom, kissing some boys… but it took just as much of the blood of Jesus to save me as to save the one who has been in deep sin for many years. What a shame that to a fundy that doesn’t count as being “gloriously” saved. I’m glad it happened when it did though! :mrgreen:

      1. More people need to realize that. We are all born sinners. Romans 12 especially leaves no doubt about that. Since the only sin that keeps us from Eternal Life is rejecting Jesus and His sacrifice for us, then why big-deal (BRAG!) the past life?

        All believers are gloriously saved. Whether as a young “innocent” kid or an old reprobate. It is the same Blood that cleans us from our sins.

        Yes, your salvation was glorious. You became a child of the Creator/Savior/Sovereign of the world. And in my opinion, your testimony and lack of sinful baggage is the better story.

        1. right on! no single person’s coming to christ is a bigger (or smaller) miracle than any others’. Why would anyone believe that foolishness, unless Jesus actually saved you? It’s always a miracle.

  5. “Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?”

    Oh, is this why IFB churches send so many missionaries to the unreached people groups in Asia? Because, you know, they aren’t planting churches, so they can’t be “real” missionaries.

    1. Although they may never admit it, I’m afraid that the real reason so many IFB churches send missionaries to the unreached is that think God is unjust: that it is a “crying shame” that such would die without having heard the gospel. Some go of compassion – feeling sorry for the poor, neglected peoples.

      In fact, people should go as missionaries not for the sake of the people who need Jesus Christ, but for the sake of Him that loved them. It is Jesus Christ that should be the focus and reason behind such efforts.

      (credit the germ of the idea to Paris Riedhead)

      1. I think you missed my point. The problem with almost all IFB missionaries isn’t that they’re being missionaries or why, it’s where they go. Europe, South/Central America and Canada aren’t “unreached” people – those nations have been given the gospel.

        See this page for more information on what I’m talking about: http://www.joshuaproject.net

      2. Ten shekels and a shirt…..very powerful and convicting message. Very good points you (and mr. Riedhead) hit upon. It’s sad to think that so many fundy missionaries miss the point. Then they go and get all pompous when you mention New Tribes missions. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

        Ahem….sorry….had a fundy pastor say some snide remarks about my aunt and uncle being involved with NTM. Got me right miffed it did….

  6. I know it’s technically a different site, but his “quotes” link is full of mis attributions & general principles not actual quotes.

  7. he’s been taught by someone who has been taught by someone who has been taught…..
    What happens to those that were raised in fundamentalism when they get disillusioned? Does their faith survive?

    1. I think you’re seeing a lot of people here, on SFL, who were raised in Fundamentalism, got disillusioned, and their faith survived. :mrgreen:

    2. I think mine has. But I was led to a mainline demonination (lutheran in my case) where I got to hear about the bible without all the book-worship and taught to look at scriptures from a historical perspective.

    3. Been there, too. Hopefully what happens is that you start to learn who God really is, not what you’ve been taught by frail and feeble men to believe He is.

  8. He says he “felt” God’s call. Funny how some IFBers will mock charismatic folks for their feelings and experiences, but will use the same vocabulary to validate their own actions.

    1. When God calls, you will feel it! That’s how you know it’s a real call, not just a call brought on by some ungodly feelings.

    2. I was told, ‘Would you know if you were walking in a field of molasses? Then you would know if you are called to preach.’ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  9. I would just like to say that I am very grateful that I did not have access to the internet back when I was a preacher boy. Otherwise I am sure that I would have plastered some of my deeper thoughts and my bestest sermons on the web for all the world to see.

    1. It’s rather frightening to contemplate. What I did get out into public consumption is embarrassing enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Why does that version of the Baptist flag always remind me of the Budweiser logo? It’s not, quite, but it’s close enough that that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Appearance of evil, and all that…(because even Baptists should drink better beer than Budweiser).

    1. Which is why you always take 2 baptist on a fishing party. (Just one and he’ll drink all the beer.) ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    2. I think it looks like the Bud logo, too. It took me a minute for it to hit me what it reminded me of, but that was exactly my conclusion.

    3. Happened to notice the similarity on one of the first posts mentioning the Baptist flag.

      I don’t know which is more of a surprise; that design being given the go-ahead to begin with or Anheuser-Busch not sending some lawyers to pay the designer a visit.

  11. Quote from the description of the dictionary: “This standard reference tool will greatly assist students of all ages in their studies. From American History to literature, from SCIENCE to the Word of God, this dictionary is a necessity.” (emphasis mine). So, if I needed to know what a “quark” or “higgs boson” was, this must be the place to go.

    1. Wow! If I wanted to know what a scientific term meant, I think I ought to find a more recent dictionary than 1928.

      1. Here are some definitions for you:

        Gene — shortened form of the male name “Eugene”.
        DNA — “and” spelled backwards.

    2. “American History”: this dictionary must not be able to help with the history of other English speaking countries.

    3. I think the dictionary has a place; it is useful to have the 1828 dictionary when reading the Bible; after all, the word meanings HAVE changed over time, and 1828 is closer to 1611 than an 2000 Dictionary is.

      But why do they have to load a good, helpful tool with these ridiculous superlatives? It is NOT the best dictionary ever written; it is NOT any good for reading the newspaper today, or understanding contemporary speech.

      1. I use the 1828 Dictionary for my homeschooled kids when they have a question about a Bible Word. Webster painstakingly put scripture references with most of his definitions and it’s too bad they are taken out of modern dictionaries.

        It took Noah Webster 20 years to hand write his work.

        If you want to see how the meaning of words have changed, just look up marriage in a modern day dictionary.

        1. Exactly! It is a good tool for the purpose you have stated.

          But to lift it up as the best dictionary every written is silly.

          Noah Webster wasn’t a fundamentalist, and disagreed with the KJV translations. In fact, he wrote his own version. (If memory serves, there were certain words he thought were inappropriate in Scripture, so in his version, he basically followed the KJV, and changed the objectionable words).

  12. Wait a minute…I’m pretty positive that one of those girls on the boat was wearing shorts NOT gym pants! I really hope she was an unsaved girl they were trying to lure from the world with the bait of the Gospel!

  13. It’s amazing how the website is all about him. Who is the woman that his arm is around? From the pictures, I figured her name is Hannah. But what is she to him? He’s from Kentucky, so for all I know it could be his sister.

    Is he married? Is this his girlfriend? Whoever this woman is, she has very little to do with his ministry, and seems like she is a stepping stool to making him a bone fide MOG.

    1. Sin Cred
    2. Token Wife
    3. Called Preacher Boy
    4. Worship the Heroes

  14. Darrell asked, “Where’s Jesus?”

    This has become a shocking and common theme that I’ve seen among fundamentalists since I stepped away from the IFB: the de-emphasis of Jesus Christ. I’m not sure why: perhaps they relegate His teaching to a different dispensation than the church age. Perhaps they are too focused on standards and rules. Maybe they’re uncomfortable with his teachings about love (similar to the way the older brother of the prodigal felt when his dad welcomed his younger son with unabashed joy).

    It’s almost as if they assume, “Well, we all know about Jesus. Now let’s move on to the DEEPER things like not going to movies and despising other believers over their beliefs on election.” But how can you move on from JESUS?

    Refocusing on Jesus and His glorious grace has been one of the blessings of my ex-fundy life.

    1. It’s because he turned water into wine and they haven’t gotten over it yet.

      1. No, Jesus turned the water into non-alcoholic grape juice. All that talk about the best wine being served first (because everyone would be drunk by the time they got to the last) should be skim-read over very quickly.

        Because the KJV is perfect and should be read literally. Except where the word ‘wine’ is concerned.

        1. Gnnnneeeeee….not the non-alcoholic grape juice again! Please, take it away. I’ll be good, I’ll be so good. Really, this is only one step worse than my own pastor Bless his heart! who insists that Jesus used/created alcohol (and by implication, that Judaism endorsed the use of alcohol) only because “the water wasn’t any good then,” completely ignoring the difference between a well-based water economy and the post-Roman river-based water economy of Medieval and Enlightenment Europe. It is true that the endemic use of alcohol (esp. watered wine) in Europe came from the need to avoid drinking unmodified river water – too many water sources were essentially sewers. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    2. I think being “uncomfortable with his teachings about love” is a big part of it. Any time that word or topic comes up in discussions with my IFB parents, they accuse those who focus on love as being “new evangelical” (whatever that is). It’s been said before – fundies don’t know how to love. It’s the biggest failure I see in my Christian upbringing, and one I have to fight against every day – the automatic tendency to judge, rather than love.

      1. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

        I know what you mean! I’ve heard many warnings from the pulpit (and from fundy relatives) about how dangerous and liberal it was to be “loving.”

        Yet James 2:13 says, “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” (Of course, it’s a little less clear in the KJV where it says, “Mercy rejoiceth against judgment.”)

        1. Yep. Like it says, “They will know you are my disciples way you separate from each other.”

      2. It’s “neo-evangelical” and the IFBx view of it would be defined as one who has taken a “lower view” of Scripture, has developed a more open, inclusivistic spirit toward liberalism, and has become ecumenical in evangelism efforts. The neo-evangelical movement has been described as theologically, politically, and socially radical.

        My view is peace, love, and rock’n’roll. =D

    3. As I’ve been reading through the Bible in my post-fundie life, it amazes me how many times the NT talks about LOVE. I mean, it’s the 2 commands we were given in the NT!! So why is it so hard to find in fundie churches?

    4. True; I was at a missions conference a few weeks ago, a proudly fundamental conference. I decided to count the stories told by the preacher (and how many were about himself, and how often he was the hero) and the references to Jesus (prayer not counted).

      The first message was pretty straightforward, but had ZERO references to Jesus Christ (wasn’t He the One who said “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me”). The preacher told 5 stories and two were about himself.

      The second message was from an action of Jesus’ in the gospels, so He was mentioned three times. This preacher also told 5 stories, one about himself, in which he was the hero.

      Yes, indeed, Jesus was notably missing.

    5. Pastor’s Wife,
      I officially left IFB 3 months ago. In heart about 3yrs ago. I attend a Bible Church now that exalts Jesus. IFB says the love Jesus but these folks emphasis Jesus in every service. The music ALL focuses on Jesus & His love, power & sacrifice. The sermons are expository. He goes to the greek and brings great points out about the Bible. I really believe they/we worship there. It is a strange new feeling/experience. So many yrs wasted…..

      1. Don’t spend too much time regretting the years wasted; I’ve been there. Just thank God for opening your eyes and go forward from here. (“forgetting those things which are behind…”)

  15. I love the dire warning on his guestbook section by some fellow Fundy that the author will soon be under attack from the world. Must be a self sacrificing brother who is studiously patrolling the dark crevices of the inter-webs (i.e., SFL) in order to edify the true believers.

    1. It’s a tough job, but someone (who is a mature Christian, able to withstand the attacks of the world) has to do it. ๐Ÿ™„

    2. If the preacher boy in question is reading here:

      Kiddo. (I am old enough to have wiped your bottom; I am going to call you “kiddo.”) You are not under attack. You have probably never been under attack in your sheltered life. People are disagreeing with you. This is not the same as being under attack. People from outside your tiny world have noticed the things you deliberately made visible to the entire larger world, and they aren’t impressed. This is not the same as being sought out for persecution. Your site has been added to a long, long list of similar sites that have been discussed, sighed over, laughed at, and eventually forgotten. This is not the same thing as being singled out for martyrdom. So if you want to be regarded as a grown-up, not just another preacher boy, don’t start acting like you’re a victim.

      1. Jenny – you need to post this in the comments section on the site. Not that it will stay up long.

        1. I trimmed it down to fit into the guestbook and posted it earlier today. Is it still there?

      2. Can I copy this and post it to him?(I’m serious about this.I will do it if you want me to)

      3. You expressed exactly what I was thinking. If I do copy this would it be OK to put my name to it?

  16. I can’t open the website on my iPhone! Must be the devil caused Apple and Adobe Flash to get into a tiff so I can’t see it-just like it was the devils fault that the Wonderful World of Disney was on Sunday nights.

    Maybe his sins were looking at the swimsuit models in the Walmart ad – ALONE, or listening to southern gospel hits on the radio?

      1. Just looked at the WIX site –


        It has a picture of a female wearing SHORTS!!!!!

        (Sarcasm off…)

  17. This comment from the guestbook is profoundly ignorant: “I do not know Patrick too well but if he loves John Schuler he must be a Godly man.”

    ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    This is the type of thinking that keeps people sweeping sin under the rug in IFB churches, excusing perpetrators and castigating victims: thinking that just because someone is associated with a Mog he himself must be OK too. It’s maddening!

    (BTW, I’m not accusing Schuler or Patrick or their churches of anything wrong. I know nothing about them. I am criticizing the mentality that assumes a man is Godly because he says he LIKES someone.)

    1. I’ve never met John Schuler, but it sounds like what they’re implying is that he’s very hard to love. ๐Ÿ˜•

  18. The comments on his site are getting really good as others (NON IFB) are starting to bring some good thoughts to mind.

  19. As I went through his site, I had feelings of deja vu. I was this guy 10 years ago when I religiously attended and “served in” a Southern Baptist Church. Naturally, I was trying to serve God through works by participating in every program and activity that came down the pike. Before I was 21, I was preaching, leading the youth, soul-winning, participating in the worship team, etc. etc.

    I was more of a Martha than a Mary (not saying this guy is, but if his church was anything like my church, then he probably is), not growing beyond the basic fundamentals, etc.

    While my church life was busy to the hilt, my spiritual life was drying up. When I fell, I fell hard, and the church was *NOT* there to pick me up.

    I found myself praying for Patrick, hoping that this does not happen to him, hoping that his good intentions and (more than likely) sincere heart will not leave him abandoned on the roadside when his human fallibility causes all others to ignore and leave him.

    More than likely, Patrick serves a purpose for this church. As long as he serves that purpose, he will be okay. But the second he becomes an embarrassment…God help him.

    And should this happen, he will be more confused and lost than ever, because the God he is serving right now is a legalistic God whose grace knows only limits and whose love is highly conditional.

    1. I was thinking something similar but I do not believe I could have expressed it quite this well. What you describe happened to me. My wife and I are still dealing with the fallout. I would never wish that on anyone.

    2. “More than likely, Patrick serves a purpose for this church. As long as he serves that purpose, he will be okay. But the second he becomes an embarrassmentโ€ฆGod help him.”

      What I was going to say got knocked out of my head with this statement. Change the name and you have me and my family as the castouts.

    3. Exactly this. I hope that he is not run over by the church once he is no longer useful. The pastor of my school told all of us last week that he will be happy to put us on the trash heap where we belong once we are no longer useful. It’s such a sad attitude to see from Christian ministries, but it is so prevalent.

    1. It appears to be; however, I don’t see that she is explicitly introduced as such. There is a comment in the guestbook that refers to “Mrs. Hannah” and a “little Joshua,” so perhaps there is a little Preacher Boy as well.

    2. I guess we have to assume it is. Otherwise he wouldn’t have his big paw on her. The least he could do is mention her but to a fundy the wife isn’t anything important, only a helpmeet which to them is defined as “servant.” I wish I had a buck for every missionary/evangelist/special speaker who came to one of the churches I’ve been to and sat with his family and when he got up to speak never had his family even stand and be introduced. It’s disgusting! It’s all about him and nothing about his family at all! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    3. Unless he or she is related to a Hudson then he will never progress very far at this church. This is a Hudson fiefdom, all you see is under the protectorate of Dr. Hudson. Nepotism is alive and thriving in the IFB feudal system.

  20. I think it’s funny under the “information” tab the blurb states “Patrick. . . .does not take his calling from God Lightly.” I wonder if Mr. Lightly is aware of this.

  21. Again here is the attitude of Christian perfectionism. “I was in sin until I was saved…” without saying it that conveys a message of “OH, now I’m a Christian and I sin no more, nor do I associate with those who do.”

    As Darrell mentioned, “Where’s Jesus?”
    Billy Sunday’s first quote:

    “I am an old-fashioned preacher of the old-time religion, that has warmed this cold world’s heart for two thousand years.”

    That is a very true statement, he preached the old time religion, not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He preached to warm men’s hearts not preach salvation for their souls. He preached a social gospel that said if only we could get rid of liquor then all society’s ills would be fixed ans we would have heaven here on earth.

    It is the old fight against the external sin. All of the men he quotes spent more time preaching against sin as an external we should be fighting against rather than showing people sin is internal and because it is we all need the gospel on a daily basis. The IFB is a movement that expends all its effort on fighting against the symptoms of sin and rarely ever addresses the root source of sin… the heart of every individual. They love to lame the “world” and the “devil” and they fight demons everywhere, music, culture, in bottles that merely look like they might hold alcohol, and even in the word of God when it is in a version other than the idol they worship.

    My heart aches that this movement of error and superficial religion is followed by so many. yet, but for the grace of God, I would still be there. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    1. I’ve always viewed Billy Sunday as more of a sensational prohibitionist than a genuine purveyor of the Gospel.

    2. Quote from Lestor Roloff link:

      “The Television is the monster of hell.”

      “We need a Bible revival.”

      From Billy Sunday: *sin the external fight*

      “I’m against sin. I’ll kick it as long as I’ve got a foot, and I’ll fight it as long as I’ve got a fist. I’ll butt it as long as I’ve got a head. I’ll bite it as long as I’ve got a tooth. And when I’m old and fistless and footless and toothless, I’ll gum it till I go home to Glory and it goes home to perdition!”

      One can only assume that they will both go home at the same time according to this rant.

      From Lee Roberson:

      Give an invitation at the close of every service.

      God’s business is to be carried on by tithes and offerings.

      There is no happiness outside the will of God.

    1. yeah, I was thinking of printing it off and taking it to the DMV when I renew my license ๐Ÿ˜†

    2. He talks about “Spiritual Birthdays”
      Christians arn’t supposed to celebrate birthdays according to this link. It is an act of pagan worship!
      (Of course I’m being silly, equating the two, but I think the hero of this site does that sort of mental and spiritual origami, all the time)

    3. Patrick, your Spiritual Birth Certificate takes, like, 5 minutes to open on my computer. My spirit’s going to die of old age before I get that thing printed out.

  22. I have known Brother Patrick for a while now and hes a good Brother.
    Yall are pathetic. You sit here and make fun of a Brother in Christ. What are you doing for Jesus? If Brother Patrcik is so wrong have you gone to him in private like the Scripture commands? NO! You are too much the coward to do that arent you.
    I dont know why yall have the time to poke fun at Christians like you do. Yall must be on welfare. If yall got a job or went out and started doing something for God you wouldnt have time to sit around and mock the ones who are doing something for HIM. It would help yall to have a better attitude too.

    1. If Brother Patrcik is so wrong have you gone to him in private like the Scripture commands? NO! You are too much the coward to do that arent you.

      Do you have his address so we can all pay him a visit?

      1. Sarcasm is not Christain.

        Since you have his website I am sure you can contact him to arrange a meeting. I doubt you mean to though. It is easier to make fun of the ones who are out there getting God’s work done than to actually work for God your own self.

        1. Do you know for a fact that Darrell, or anyone else here, is being sarcastic? No. You do not know anyone’s heart. Only God does.

          I am not on welfare. I am a Marine’s wife. I stay at home and homeschool our four children.

          No one’s saying your buddy is a bad person or a bad Christian. Stop finding offense where there is none.

          May I point out that the spelling of your moniker is incorrect? The word is correctly spelled “fundamentalist”.

        2. Nor Christian. But I think “yall” is spelled correctly.

          Do we even mention I John 2:16 to someone who calls himself “proud”?

        3. Fundament is Latin for foundation. List means to lean. I means I. I spell Fundamentilist the way I do to show that I lean on the foundation which is Christ and His Book the King James.

          It is sad to see the anger wich so many of you harbour agaisnt God and His Word and His Church and His Men. I am not one ot judge but I believe that most of you just need to meet God for the first time and it would clean up your bad attitutes and set you on the right path if that ever were to happen.

        4. Dear Proud Fundamentilist:

          The people here, for the most part, are NOT angry at God – they are angry at the churches and the supposed pastors who abused their position and become overlords instead of shepherds.

          Sadly, many fundamentalists are more loyal to men than to God: oh, they give lip service that their follow God alone, but that is not the practice.

          Witness the number of people who to this day follow Dr Jack Hyles’ teachings blindly because they are Dr Hyles’ principles; they do not check what he taught against the Scripture.

          Witness the evangelists, preachers, and churches defending Greg Neal, despite “overwhelming” evidence of his acting upon perverted desires.

        5. Can you explain why sarcasm isn’t Christian? Maybe you can elaborate on what types of humor ARE acceptable while you’re at it.

        6. We are to be as gentle as doves. You dont see doves going around being sarcastic. You dont find sarcasm in the Bible.

        7. Just for the record, cause it’s driving me nuts. Fundament is ENGLISH not latin from the latin word fundฤmentum.

          Fundamentalist & Fundamentalism is derived more from the Fundamentals of the faith as defined in the early 20th Century, and strayed FAR from by what we now know as Fundies, or Proud Fundamentilists.

        8. Private admonitions is for private sins. Public sins (not necessarily “done in public,” but sins which are publicly offensive) can only be dealt with in public.

          When Christ’s name is being dishonored all over the internet by a boy who thinks more of himself and his calling and his soul count than of Jesus Christ, it is the responsibility of the Christian community to defend Christ by open and public discourse.

        9. Am I the only person to think that Pround Fundamentalist needs a good hard kick in the Fundament? Haymen?

      2. Ah! I get it now!
        A Fundamentalist call that because too often he preaches through his Fundament….

    2. Proud Fundy wrote, “What are you doing for Jesus?”

      More evidence of where Fundy faith really lies

      Work, work, work

      Do, do, do

      I am so glad to be off the Fundy hamster wheel of works sancification!

      1. As someone commented “as long as the wheel keeps turning, who cares if the hamster’s dead”

  23. I’m sure that Patrick will be told not to read anything on here, as he is merely a Preacher “boy” who is also probably being “counseled” that he is much too immature to handle reading it on his own. It isn’t clear but it looks as though he is a grown man with a wife and child. Patrick, just in case you do sneak on here to read this, you are NOT a preacher BOY. That must be very embarrassing for you. They shouldn’t call you that and you certainly should not refer to yourself in that degrading way. I wonder, Patrick… how many times did you hear the gospel before you responded to it? What if everyone had your “Why should anyone hear the gospel twice before everyone has heard it once” attitude? I daresay, you and many others, inclding myself, would not be saved had we heard the gospel only once. I really do hope you read this site and take it to heart. Sometimes people can be a little too saracastic but we mean no harm.

    1. Ha ha ha. No. That was just george having his way with me.

      I wish I could claim this as my work. I mean the explanantion for the spelling of fundamentilist is classic. It will be a part of the SFL lexicon.

      1. Jeff – 2 things:

        1) How did you know Fat Tire is my all-time favorite beer?
        2) Are you really a prince?


        1. 1. You’ve mentioned it before. That fact has been committed to my SFL memory bank.
          2. No, I wish. I am merely a peasant boy whose doppleganger is P.H.

        2. Very impressive. The memory thing anyway. Not being a prince is a letdown. ๐Ÿ˜†

  24. I am a dyslexic so I have a hard time typing. That is why I sometimes make mistakes when I write. It is not nice to make fun of peoples spelling but since you have nothing better to do or a job to go to you can sit here and do that cant you? YOu certanly cant justify your attitudes so you have to make fun of the way I write.

    1. Sure I can. I’ve just learned that I don’t have to justify them.

      As for being jobless, yes I am. I spent 6 hours this morning string trimming the fence in a horse pasture to earn a little money. I’ve been laid off for two months now. I work almost everyday in the Middle Georgia sun doing odd jobs, yard, or light construction/remodeling type work. I also spend time looking for a regular job. And teach a College and Career age Sunday school class.

      I do not appreciate the implication that I am lazy and have nothing better to do with my time so that it is spent lounging around. Where were you last night while I was out helping a relative with a broken-down car twenty-five miles away? What great profession do you have that allows you to insult and belittle people you don’t understand? I spent my time in Fundstan. That departure was one of the best decisions I could make for my family. All three of my children, now adults, are helpful Christians who understand service is people, not a “non-denominational belief system”, set of rules, or the worship of a particular translation.

      You may not mean to be offensive, but you struck a nerve with me today. Read what you wrote about us. You are not only offensive, but hypocritical.

      Dyslexia is a medical condition, not an excuse for laziness. It takes work, but you can correct what you type. It takes time and patience with yourself. I understand that more than you think.

      By the way, God is not looking for a few good men. He is not willing that any should perish.

      Please forgive my rant, it went longer than I had planned. If you are a peer of Patrick, then I’m likely about the age of your dad. Please take this as advice meant to help and sharpen. Think before you speak next time.

  25. I meant no offense to anyone. To the lady who is married to a Marine and is homeschooling his children I say congratulations and my hat is off to your husband. I am just sorry that he has to serve under the Comander in Chief that we have. I thank him for his service.
    I believe that the ministry is a lot like the Marines. God is looking for a few good men too.

    Most of you are just backbiters who indulge in filthy communications. If you read the King James Bible instead of just bashing it you would learn that God is going to judge those who do those things and those who participate in them too.

    It is sad that someone has gone to the time and trouble to make this wesite and to allow a root of bitterness to spring up and to use this site to defile many like the Bible warns against. Hebrews 12:15

    1. You, sir, are an imbecile. I don’t call people that very often but you, tonight, you are the definition. The military and Christianity are not synonymous. They are not related in anyway, shape or form.

      1. I dont know what you are referring to with this. Serving in the Lords Army is much the same as serving in the US Army. I think if you will look at things beyond the serfice you will find that they are close in terms of sacrifice and comitment.

        I am sorry that you feel the need to stoop to playground tatics and call me names.

        1. You’ve obviously never served in the US armed forced or you’d never say something so silly.

    2. “To the lady who is married to a Marine and is homeschooling his children …”

      Sir/ma’am, I am neither wet nurse nor nanny to the children in question. I am their mother. I have the scars to prove it.

      The ministry is nothing like the Corps. Nothing.

      There is none good, no not one. Notice that statement includes, by definition, men. That said, God has, does, and will continue to use women to further his purposes. Please do not insult half the human race by dismissing us out of hand.

      Now, as for the people who post here. Some of us are SAHMs. Some of us are on vacation. Some of us work odd schedules. Some of us work part-time. Some of us are laid off. Some of us who work full time might be on sick call or taking time off to stay home with a sick child/parent. Some of us on SFL are in England. Some are in China. You do not know much about the people here, so you may want to tone it down when you criticize people for spending time here. It seems rather odd to say that the people who post here have too much time when you are here reading and posting.

      Just because you “meet God” doesn’t mean your attitude is forever cheery. The “I’m Inright, Outright, Upright, Downright Happy All the Time” song is really bad theology.

      I’m not sure how you aren’t judging when you say we need to “meet God” to improve our attitudes.


      1. “Ooo-Rah!”
        Acknowledge the title: “Marine’s Wife,” is hard earned and those who wear it deserve honor!
        Semper Fi!

        1. Well, yes, I know that, Scorpio. But ya didn’t have to tell him that!

          Time to go feed my husband’s children ….

        2. Priceless. When I read the part about “his children” to my husband, we both just grimaced. Wrong thing to say to a military wife. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. BTW, not to get political, but it was President Obama who authorized both the SEAL takedown of the Somali pirates and the operation to kill Osama bin Laden.

        The service members I know think more of serving the country as a whole as opposed to the president specifically.

  26. Alright! Who has been making the filthy communications? Fess up! Get Right, Right now!
    In the immortal Words of Capt’n Morton:
    All right! Who did it? Who did it? You are going to stand sweating at those battle stations until someone confesses! It’s an insult to the honor of this ship! The symbol of our *IFB embargo* record has been destroyed and I’m going to find out who did it if it takes all night!
    *altered for our current puropses.

      1. You missed your opportunity to fess-up Ensign “Ran-Away.”

        Captain, it is I, Ensign *Ran-away, and I just threw your stinkin’ palm tree overboard!*And I have been making filthy communications. Now what’s all this crud about no movie tonight?

        *adjustments for our task at hand.

    1. Darrell, A little while ago, six men from your site broke into the online home of Preacher Boy Patrick. They started throwing things through a plate glass living room window. We found some of the things on the lawn. Large world globe. Small love seat. A lot of books. A bust of Ruckman. The Bible Scholar? We also found an Army private first class. He was unconscious at the time. He claims they threw him, too.

  27. All I knows this. For people who are hung up on preaching love you srue dont show much of it to people who come here in good faith to comment adn defend a Brother who has been attacked in this post.

    I said I didnt mean any offence and I am sorry some of you have taken things the wrong way and gotten your feelings hurt. I didnt mean for that to happen at all.

    By the way I am proud to be a called preacher of the Word. I am not ashamed of it and if you expect me to apologize for that I will never apologize for that.

    1. I’m also an ordained preacher. Just make sure you preach God’s word, not man’s traditions or IFB false doctrines.

      The KJV is NOT a doctrine. It is a translation. Great for it’s time, but not “God’s only Word for English people”.

      Also, you keep using the word pride. A true servant isn’t proud. Pride is for rulers. Be a servant. Paul never was proud of himself, he was a servant of Jesus Christ. That ends today’s lesson. I need to change for our mid-week service. Out of choice, not duty.

      1. The King James is Gods Word. All of the other perversions water down the Gospel and change important doctrines. You should check your library for Final Authority by Dr William Grady for more informatiion about that subject. He really exposes the heresy that is in the new versions that Satan is putting out and gullible Christians are buying and thinking that thye have a Bible when in reality they dont have one at all.

        1. Ah, bibliolatry. Soooo, you believe the KJV to be re-inspired? You do understand that is idolarty don’t you? You do understand that the KJV is not the standard by which we measure translations don’t you? Translations are measured by comparison to the whole of extant manuscripts and portions of manuscripts. The KJV was not translated in a vaccuum. And the translators never said they were inspired but that they did their scholarly best.

          Now to the latter we answer; that we do not deny, nay we affirm and avow, that the very meanest translation of the Bible in English, set forth by men of our profession, (for we have seen none of theirs of the whole Bible as yet) containeth the word of God, nay, is the word of God. As the King’s speech, which he uttereth in Parliament, being translated into French, Dutch, Italian, and Latin, is still the King’s speech, though it be not interpreted by every Translator with the like grace, nor peradventure so fitly for phrase, nor so expressly for sense, everywhere. For it is confessed, that things are to take their denomination of the greater part; and a natural man could say, Verum ubi multa nitent in carmine, non ego paucis offendor maculis, etc. A man may be counted a virtuous man, though he have made many slips in his life, (else, there were none virtuous, for in many things we offend all) [James 3:2] also a comely man and lovely, though he have some warts upon his hand, yea, not only freckles upon his face, but also scars. No cause therefore why the word translated should be denied to be the word, or forbidden to be current, notwithstanding that some imperfections and blemishes may be noted in the setting forth of it. For what ever was perfect under the Sun, where Apostles or Apostolic men, that is, men endued with an extraordinary measure of God’s spirit, and privileged with the privilege of infallibility, had not their hand? The Translators to the Readers

          That used to be in the front of many of the KJV bibles. I guess it was necessary to remove it in order to idolize the KJV, lest someone actually read what the translators had to say.

        2. I guess it is a different Jesus who took on flesh and lived among us, who died on the Cross for our sins, was buried and who rose on the third day and who now sits at the Father’s right hand… in the NIV,the ESV, the NLT, the CEV, the RSV, the NASB, etc, etc, etc. ๐Ÿ™„

        3. One doctrine? That is easy. The preservation of the Bible. The modern liberals have moved the truth around so many different places and said its not here it is over there no over there etc that they have hidden the pure truth of Gods Word. When God promised to preserve His Word he pormised to preserve every Word. Not just some of them or most of them or the gerneal idea but all of His Words.

        4. There is no doctrine of the preservation. The actual fundamental of the faith is the inspiration of the Bible as written by the authors in the original autographs. A little learning is a dangerous thing.

        5. If you can show me any verses that back up what you call the doctrine of preservation, I will show you the same verses in my NKJV, NIV, NASB, ESV, etc.

          Again, show me a doctrine harmed in the translation of Scripture.

          If you will study a true history of Scripture translation, you will see that the same lame arguments you use for the KJV were used by the Geneva Bible adherents against the translation Authorized by James 1 of England. (It wasn’t called the King James Version for many years and revisions) Maybe they were right back then, and the Geneva is the true Word of God for English speaking people.

        6. I think I am respoindng to Uncle Wilbur but this website is a bit confusing so I dont know if I am or not so please forgive me if I am not.
          I do not spend too much time studying the false Bibles since I do not want to pollute my mind with the false teachings they contain so I do not have any references at hand to give you. I do know that many great men of God have studied the issue and I trust them. It looks like you have chosen to follow different leaders and that is fine but I want to have a pure Bible so I am going to stick with the King James since it has worked down through the years and souls have been saved.

        7. Truly an impressive employment of Poe amongst us this day. We are honored by the genius behind this commenter’s satire. / Or was he serious?

        8. Proud Fundy said, “I do know that many great men of God have studied the issue and I trust them.”

          Ahhh, so now we get down to the real truth.

          Your real faith and trust is placed in these “many great men of G-d”, and you will believe any crap they tell you.

          The sad reality of Fundystan.

    2. ummm, I just re-read the comments. Where exactly was Patrick attacked? The things he publically posted on his website have been examined but where has he been attacked personally?

      Yes, we do expose the errors and abuses of the IFB movement along with the extra- and non- Biblical manmade traditions the movement perpetuates. But in these comments you also find references to Jesus Christ, the Gospel, Grace, love and mercy. We just have litte tolerance for the IFB’s legalism, false doctrines and the attitude it instills in its followers. We have been there and we have seen the shallowness and abuse the movement promotes.

      Preacherboyism being one of the greatest cons the movement has ever produced. The way the IFB approaches church administration is in direct conflict with the biblical template of multiple elders. The office does not sanctify the holder of it and being a preacher/teacher is not an office but a gift that is given not for the one to whom it was given but for the teaching of others to equip the saints for the work of ministry. If you only have one “minister” in your church… you’re doing it wrong!

      “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, 2 with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, 3 eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 4 There is one body and one Spiritโ€”just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your callโ€” 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6 one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. 7 But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift. 8 Therefore it says,

      โ€œWhen he ascended on high he led a host of captives,
      and he gave gifts to men.โ€

      9 ( In saying, โ€œHe ascended,โ€ what does it mean but that he had also descended into the lower regions, the earth? 10 He who descended is the one who also ascended far above all the heavens, that he might fill all things.) 11 And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, 12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, 14 so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes. 15 Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, 16 from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.

      1. Perhaps you dont understand the point of this webpost. I think the point of it is to point to Bro Patricks website and to point out what yall think is wrong with it and such.
        I am not going to waste my time respoing to this nonsense if you have a bad attitude towards Gods church and Godly authority. There is only one head on a normal body you can feel free to go “worship” at your multiheaded monstrosity if you like but dont call it a church.
        People talk about love but show none of it. They talk about Grace but show none of it. I noticed you capitalized Grace but not love or mercy up there so I guess that means you are a calvinist which would explain a lot.

        1. a deliciously Poe-fect answer.

          *a-hem… you forgot to litter your response with deliberately misspelled words.

        2. oh and btw, There IS only one head over the Church and that is Jesus Christ. Even Jesus sent his disciples out two by two. So multiple elders is more biblically established than the “One-man-Rule.” That is unless you are claiming the pastor is standing in the place of Jesus… if so then the IFB owes the Roman Catholics an apology for the years of Anti-Pope sermons it has produced.

        3. Jesus sent His disciples out by twos I agree with that but that verses are not about how the church is to be set up. If you torture a verse hard enough you can make it say anything you want I guess.
          So all of the great men of God down through the ages have been wrong then about only having one pastor per church and not a lot and you are right instead? I dont even know how that would even work for that matter since it sounds like it would result in mob rule with every church member thinking that thye were the pastor and not the actual pastor.
          I guess we can agree to disagree on this issue since there is no way that I am going to change from what the Bible teaches and what my heros in the faith have taught me down through the years. How things are done where you go is your business.

        4. So all of the great men of God down through the ages have been wrong then about only having one pastor per church and not a lot and you are right instead?

          Ummm, no, it’s not right because I said it, it’s right because the Bible says it. If you would care to actually read the Scriptures instead of blindly following empire builders who have an agenda for making sure that the one man rule is not questioned. Their livelyhood and powerbase would be at risk if they actually followed the biblical model set forth in Scripture.

          Jesus Christ is the only head of the church. Giving one man authority over a group of people is asking for trouble, ever heard of Diotrephes?

          โ€œI cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption, it is the other way, against the holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or certainty of corruption by full authority. There is no worse heresy than the fact that the office sanctifies the holder of it.โ€

          Even the best of men with the noblest of intentions will exercise their power from the pulpit according to their own agenda and their own will if left unchecked. That is why Christ provided for multiple elders to oversee the body of believers in a given area. Titus was instructed to ordain elders in every town. (proper exegesis points out that while elders is plural, town is singular and every would be every town Titus evangelized in.)

        5. Dear Brother Don You are right that many, many men abuse their postoin of authority. But you are to take your place as a sheep and follow the undershepherd and let the Shepherd worry about disciplining the undershepherd since it is His responsiblity and not yours as a church member to correct the pastor.
          If you allow God to work in the heart of the pastor He will correct him and not you. That is how it should be done and that is my recomendation to you.

        6. Poelease! That is the best one yet! M? is that you?

          That is just too funny! The funniest thing about that is that there sre poe-oor saps who actually believe it. You have wome the Poe-rise with this one for sure. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

        7. For REALS, Don! You have to try really hard to come up with something that is as polar opposite of the consistent clear teaching throughout scripture that our POE came up with on that one.

        8. Proud Fundy wrote, “But you are to take your place as a sheep and follow the undershepherd and let the Shepherd worry about disciplining the undershepherd since it is His responsiblity and not yours as a church member to correct the pastor.”

          So no one should have ever called the police about the perverted and wicked Bob Gray from Jacksonville, FL? I bet he is one of your great heroes of the faith also.

          Your belief that pastors are only accountable to God is a key reason why people rarely report sex offending fundy pastors.

      1. You are the Pastor Liz referenced by Garrison Keilor from Lake Woebegon on the edge of the prairie are you?

        1. I love those books and radio programs. Ordination was easy $25 to the right website and boom! you’re an ordained minister. I did it for a friend that wanted me to marry them.

          But here is a question. How different is the “teaching” of a female missionary different from “preaching”? I have always been curious.

        2. Which brings up another question. Maybe our fundamentalist friend can answer it?

          Why is it not ok for a woman to teach a mixed class at church or be a deacon or usher because that’s usurping authority over men but when she’s out “soul winning” and a man comes to the door it’s ok for her to witness to him? I’ve never understood this. Isn’t this also “usurping authority”? ๐Ÿ˜•

        3. @ Liz there’s the rub, the biblical gift is preaching/teaching. It’s not either/or but “and.” If one is preaching without teaching then they should not be standing before people merely practicing their mad oration skillz. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. If you are a woman who is preaching you may be ordained but you are not ordained by God.

        1. To my knowledge, in all my 35 years in fundyland, I have never preached. So don’t worry your soft little head over it. See explanation above.

        2. Have you been talking to God about it to know? Has He told you this directly?

  28. I am sorry some of you have decided that I am your enemy becuase I am telling you the truth but that looks like the way things are here so I am okay with that I guess.
    It is almost time for our prayer meeting service and God has relaly shown me some things to preach on tonight so I am glad I came here tonight.
    I plan to request pryaer for some of you when we pray even though I dont know your real names just your screen names.

    1. Your so called truth is missing the mark by a long long distance, pal.

      I only see one poster with actual anger & enmity laced in his posts. Might wanna check that mirror out.

  29. Wow. I wondered why there were so many comments. Somebody poked a hornet’s nest with a stick. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you all missed it. He isn’t a real fundy in the first place. The music he plays has drums, and we all know that drums are of the debil.

  31. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooooooooooo, you’ve all been hoodwinked. If you look at the photo called morning devotions on his site, he is wearing shorts. Shorts, I tell you!!! What a librul comprimiser. And I spell comprimiser with an i because, just because.

  32. Several of you have said that Preacher Boy is not in the Bible. I agree that the Bible does not use those words exatcly but it does use something similar Sons of the Prophets. I looked up the Hebrew word for Sons in my Strongs Concordance and the word is Ben which can also mean Youth or Young Man so it wouldnt be off to say that is what the Bible is talking about there.

    1. Preacher is not the same a prophet. Those are separate offices even in the rather poor translation, the KJV.

    2. Just curious why you are looking at the Hebrew when a KJV is better.
      That is part of the argument, that with the KJV in place you don’t need to go back to the originals.

        1. I wanted to take both Hebrew and Greek at FundyU but was told that the class was for preacher boys only. Hey, they let men into the nursing program. Girls can learn foreign languages, too.

    3. Oh, my husband, that dirty athiest Jew that I married, pointed out that he has finally realized that Christianity is the one true religion. His proof is all the faces of Jesus that appear in wood, tortillas, bathroom mold and tree bark. You never see a Buddah, a Mohammed (though pictures of him are evil) or a Vishnu in said objects. Explain that if you can.

      1. It is easy to expalin that. First, I love the Jewish people and the nation of Israel and pray for the day when they are all saved and know Jesus as their true Messiah.
        The reason that the faces apepar on various objects is because Satan is doing it to cause people to fall down and worship an object. That is idolatry and even though the people think they are worshipping Jesus they are opening theri hearts to the evil spirits to enter into them and take possesion of them. That is why so many people who pray to those objects speak in tongues because they are demon possesed.

        1. Demons must be pretty down on their luck if the best they can do these days is trick people into trying to speak in tongues. That’s not even a sin for crying out loud.

        2. Then why not make the faces on the tortilla be those of other gods so people will worship them and convert to those religions? Wouldn’t that be more profitable?

    4. Interesting.

      So, the penalty for a prophet who dared to speak in the Lord’s name when the Lord had not authorized him to speak was death.

      Of course, the way to tell was to see if the prophet’s predictions came true. So perhaps we should start looking at some IFB predictions about politics and world events and get our stones together?

      Of course, I imagine the IFB movement in general would argue that they don’t get revelations from God about the future anymore like them old-time prophets. Which begs the question: if they don’t get revelations like that, how do they know their calling is real?

      In the old days God had a way for His people to tell when a false teacher was wolfing it up among them and a severe penalty for said wolf, but now we’re supposed to just unquestioningly accept the word of any 17 year old who’s got him a “call?” And when he says things that disagree with the Scriptureโ€“speaking where God has not spokenโ€“we’re to simply accept it?

      This would be unprecedented in the history of all God’s dealings with His people.

      1. The Bible teaches that the office of prophet was repalced by the office of preacher in the New Testament. Since we are living in New Testament times and have the complet revelation of the Bible we do not need prophsy and God no longer works that way anyway.
        Of cousre preachers are going to be wrong about things and predictions and the like. That is normal and part of our fallen nature. It is just that God worked through the nation of Israel using prophets and He works through the church using preachers.

        1. Bible does NOT preach anything about preacher replacing prophet. It does teach Jesus replaced the offices of prophet, priest and king. You really should read that book. Even the KJV has this basic stuff.

        2. “Prophets” were not replaced by “preachers.” Elders are a new office distinct from any OT office, because we have Christ who is our Final Prophet, Priest and King. There is no NT office with the authority to speak as the mouthpiece of God like OT prophets.

        3. “Prophets” were not replaced by “preachers.” Elders are a new office distinct from any OT office, because we have Christ who is our Final Prophet, Priest and King. There is no NT office with the authority to speak as the mouthpiece of God like OT prophets.

          The problem is that IFB preachers want to be treated as OT prophets, where every utterance of their mouths is to be considered the very word of God. My point is that if they are going to claim this kind of exalted status, they should be willing to accept the punishments proscribed for those claiming to speak in that way.

          Oh, and you’re about the best POE we’ve had on here! It’s been fun.

  33. Geez Louise! I go to work, and come home to read all kinds of stuff.

    I wish fundies would get a little more diversity when presenting arguments here. They all sound the same.

  34. That still doesn’t translate. Listen, I was born and raised in fundamentalism and I can assure you, preacher boy is an IFB term. Just like the old-fashioned altar, prayer meeting, and the first and last stanzas.

    1. This was meant as a response to Proud Fundie’s comment. George is being a bully.

    2. Why is it that fundies only sing the first and last verses? Is there something wrong with the middle ones? Episcopals ALWAYS sing every verse, no matter how long the song. maybe a little ecumenical exchange is in order.

      1. Well, see, there ya go. Can’t be like those Episcopals, which is just a fancy word for a bunch a filthy Catholics.


  35. I am tired and going to bed. I was blessed to be able to stand up and open the King James Bible and preach the Word tonight. I had great liberty even though my heart was burdened with what I saw on this site today. Tonight during the prayer time all of the men came down to the alatr and we prayed for the peopel on this site to get right with God.
    Teh sad thing is you know the truth since you were rasied in it or went to a good church for a long time. It is sad that you have left what is right and good and let bitterness take over your hearts and minds. You will be in my prayers.

      1. Someone pointed out that he didn’t have enough typos in his post, so now he’s added even more. It’s gotten a bit obvious, but it’s still fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The best part is when someone pointed out he misspelled fundamentalist, and he actually made up a reason for the misspelling, and kept on misspelling. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I am beginning to think that the whole preacherboy web site is a POE exercise. The links to Sunday, Roloff, and Roberson… and the vid links to mosty Tony Hudson? And then the pics with clothing that wouldn’t pass muster in the IFB.
    I gonna call POE and say it was Poe-roud Fundamentilist, in the interwebz with a fundie Ric-Roll.

    1. Funny thing is I was just perusing the Churche’s website and I can’t find any of the ministries preacherboy is promoting on the actual church site. Hmmmmm, now given the nepotistic hierarchy of the Church’s leadership team (see here: http://moraineheights.org/OurLeadership.html )I highly doubt that a mere preacher boy would be allowed to opperate these ministries without close adult shepherd supervision.

      1. whoops I did find Kings Kids mentioned. No singles ministry is mentioned… in fact the young adult’s sunday school classes are segregated. There is a females class and a males class. No shenanigans going on in this church!

  37. There are certain posters on here that I do not want to respond to since they have stated claerly that they do no beleive in the King James Bible as the Wrod of God. In my view that marks them as a heretic and a causer of division in the body and we are to mark them whcih cause division.
    If the King James is not the Bible then where is the Bible? Liberals dont know and they dont want you to know either! They talk about manuscripts and documents and uncials and other such nonsense. Anything so they dont have to sit down and learn the Scirptures.

    1. Bible was authored by human beings thousands of years ago, as inspired according to the scriptures & doctrine. No one but a very confused “fundamentilist” could try to use that to prove anything about a specific translation. There’s not even a mention of translating the scripture in the Bible, amigo. Human beings decided to do that (translate it).

    2. and the interesting thing is you keep coming back… yet you have not trotted out the first verse. That is more proof that you are Poe-zer and not a real, dyed in the wool, rabid, slobber slingin’ KJV/IFB sycophant.

  38. You who hate Gods Bible so much what do you base your faith on? Works? You do! You can say that it is based on fiath but it is based on the works of mortal men. God only inspired one Bible and that is the King James. All the rest are the feeble wroks of men and are doomed ot fail you. It is sensless to base your eternity on the works of unbeleivers like Westcot and Hort.

    1. Now you have stepped over the IFB Maginot line. You have taken it upon yourself to act in the place of God. You have judged the heart and condemned the souls of two men you do not know. You are not qualified to stand in judgment of them. There is one Judge and that is the Righteous, Just and Holy God.

      Now if you are a Poe-zer then that jest was a bridge too far, but it did produced the response and results you were after.

      If however you are not a Poe-zer and you are a bona fide IFB cultist then you had better check your own heart and deal with the pride and bitterness you are cultivating there.

    2. How about reading the Geneva Bible. You know, the one that convicted King James so much, (yes, speculation on my part) that he commissioned ANOTHER Bible.
      As for those modern translations, they take the name of Jesus out, don’t you know. KJV has Jesus 942 times, the ESV 1042, and NIV 1310. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Just saying.(sarc)

  39. I donโ€™t think thereโ€™s any reason to continue badgering Proud Fundamentilist for misspelling words. He’s continued to apologize for it. Is it any wonder people don’t want to leave comments here for fear of misspelled words? Let it go!

    1. It wasn’t the misspelling, it was the “my etymology iz pastede on yey” attempt to cover up his mistake.

  40. Wow. ……just wow.

    On both sides of the “debate”.

    One one side, a classic beta-male fundie

    On the other side, SFL alumni who act bitterly and spout apostacy (not all of course)

    …it’s like a double dose of “Poe”

    ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ™„

  41. I watched a program on TV last night about the Amish. Specifically about two couples who had been excommunicated for some transgression (which was never named) The parallels between the Amish and Fundamentalism (or even the coccooned N.Ireland Protestantism I was brought up in) were too obvious to ignore.

  42. Sorry I made a mistake. Apart from some unspecified sin, they were guilty of two very serious sins which were highlighted, and have condemned them to hell according to the Amish. The first was to attend an Non-Amish Church. (They went to a Fundamentalist Baptist Church). The second was to Forsake the Amish Bible and to read another version. The Amish Bible is written in an archaic form of German, and these heretics are now reading the King James Bible.

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