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      1. They have sacred art that features naked bodies in their art gallery.

        I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s about.

      2. I didn’t get what the guy was protesting either until I saw the mouse-over. Eesh. πŸ™„

  1. More-fundy-than-thou is a game that you never win at. Just when you think you’re ahead of everyone else in just how primitive and essential your Fundieanity really is, somebody down the block out-witnesses/out-preaches/out-Biblethumps you.

    Trust me. I know from first hand experience.

      1. Why did I have to waste so much time trying to be a better Fundie when I could have been spending my time trying to be a better person/friend/husband/father instead?

        Regrets? I have a truckload.

        1. It’s a fundy variation on the one-up game. Instead of you saying you have a headache and the other person saying that’s nothing, they have a migraine, it’s one fundy saying to another fundy “I read my Bible through last month!” only to have the other fundy say, “That’s nothing, I read mine through in a week!” When I run across this sort of person I avoid them from that point on. No point in arguing, they are always superior. Fine, let them have it. πŸ™„

        2. “you read the bible in a week?! well i sneered at 2 homosexuals yesterday! what have YOU done for Je-hesus lately?”

    1. Helpful how to guide from Mark Driscoll’s church. Rule 7 is the important one.

      1-Make rules outside the Bible.
      2-Push yourself to try and keep your rules.
      3-Castigate yourself when you don’t keep your rules.
      4-Become proud when you do keep your rules.
      5-Appoint yourself as judge over other people.
      6-Get angry with people who break your rules or have different rules.
      7-“Beat” the losers.

      1. Or to put it another way: To make sure you always win, make up your own game, and never tell anyone else the rules. πŸ˜›

  2. At my HAC-bred church, we were always told that BJU was liberal and that BJU and PCC weren’t worth going to because they weren’t “local church”. πŸ˜†

  3. What the heck is “sacred” art anyway??? Old art? Old naked body art? Walt, you hit the nail on the head, what a waste of time trying to be fundier than thou.

    1. They call it sacred art rather than religious-themed art.

      As for nakedness, I heard a staff member comment that the University had actually raised the necklines or added clothing on many of the subjects in the paintings. πŸ˜•

    2. I think I get it: the word “sacred” must be a dogwhistle for “idolatry” to these protestors. And if there’s a few nudes in the gallery somewhere, it really looks bad

    3. Sacred Art is art that is cheap enough to buy at art auctions and then show off how you are more refined than your fundy brethren because you have art.

  4. Hahaha! BJU was WAAAAY too liberal for my parents to commit me to. So they shipped me off to Fairhaven instead. We all see how well that turned out. 😈

    1. I attended Fairhaven for 1st – 3rd grade, where we were taught that HAC was too liberal because their ensembles sang Gaither songs.

    2. Fairhaven is a city in the fantasy series I’m currently reading, by L.E.Modesitt Jnr. It’s the capital city of the white mages, who serve chaos and are generally portrayed as being evil.

    3. Fairhaven had a few college students that worked at the same telemarketing place as most of HAC’s females. I always wondered why the two were so distant.

    4. I went to Fairhaven for a year (96-97)!! I had cousins that started at HAC for the spring semester and I had the hardest time getting permission to go visit them for a few days (taking cuts from my classes to do so, since we didn’t get a spring break)…and then I was amazed at some rules HAC had that we didn’t. I found out Pastor Voegtlin started Fairhaven cause he thought HAC was too liberal.
      Thank goodness I got out of there after that one year. I shocked my fundie cousins though when I headed off to Tennessee Temple University. TTU was pretty conservative too, but it wasn’t as bad as PCC or BJU at least (which those were WAY better than Fairhaven or HAC in any case)!!

  5. I am a proponent of full body Hijab’s on women. Why let the Muslims out Fundy us?

    1. just for clarity, a hijab is just a head scarf. “Full body” + hijab doesn’t make sense. i think you mean Burqa.

      1. Yeah, actually the word I had in mind was niqab–which is the type of dress that reveals only the eyes, nothing else.

        You know, niqab and hijab are pretty similar and I didn’t fact check before hand…

        1. Jason was right. The burqa covers everything but the eyes (except in Afghanistan where there is some kind of ugly netting over the woman’s eyes) but the hijab covers the hair and not the face, and the niqab covers the face and hair except the eyes. It’s not a full body garment like the burqa is.

        2. The niqab and burqa are easily confused since the niqab is such a long scarf and is typically worn with the long, untailored, black abaya or jilbab, so it seems like a single garment, and the entire ensemble is often referred to as “niqab” even though it’s just the veil part that’s “niqab.” The burqa usually falls from a round skull cap, though, while the niqab falls directly around the head. It often has two parts–the veil for the head and hair, and a separate panel that falls to cover the face.

        3. You sound like you’ve actually had these garments on! On you tube you can find videos about how to wear them. It’s scary to think about isn’t it, the thought of putting these on, I’d feel like I was in a prison. πŸ˜₯

        4. I see people wearing variations of this nearly every day where I live. I wouldn’t take away their choice to wear it, but it seems so oppressive to me; it makes me very uncomfortable.

        5. I’m with you there, PW.
          I’ve always said people should wear whatever they want, but I can’t quite imagine wanting to wear that.
          Like the other uncomfortable things women wear, I think social pressure has a lot to do with people “choosing” to wear such clothes.

  6. don’t give them any ideas Altar Ego!! After seeing those bright green jackets with zebra tops underneath..(who dresses like that anyways!) all they are missing is a headcovering!

    1. I for one liked the zebra tops – sorta Party Rockin’ style.
      Then again, I also think the hijab (the headscarf variety) is freaking hawt… TMI…

  7. I guess I missed those classes. I was, after all, a trade student(Aircraft Maintenance). And since I was a married student, I could ignore the sign on the right.

  8. I was completely unaware they worshiped neckidness there. I always thought they worshiped Bob.

  9. I think ‘ecclesiastical’ separation has really taken it’s toll on “seclusion” fundies. BJU is truly considered liberal by loyal HAC and PCC circles (and some even more micro-fundy circles). After all, they’re soft on translations, Calvinist leaning (or at least sympathetic) and they accept transfers from Liberty.

    1. I went to WCBC and the general consensus was that Maranatha is anathema, HAC is crazy, BJU is liberal, and PCC is just a little weird… and they are not local church.

  10. I wouldn’t agree with him, but if he’d said “PROMOTES nakedness” he’d at least appear somewhat sane. But WORSHIPS? Good grief.

  11. oh my gosh guys i just got it. The guy’s an intolerant never-nude. “There are literally.. six of us”

  12. I’m not sure I get the “look but don’t touch” sign? Is he trying to say that BJU is endorsing “look but don’t touch” by having art that apparently has nudity?

    1. I don’t get the second sign either. All Art galleries usually have a look but don’t touch signs. I’m agreeing with the eye babies comment above. Dangerous risks there!

    2. it’s a proven fact that OVER 9000 art galleries have a look but don’t touch policy

  13. This is so very strange to me. It’s policy to use a sharpie and draw clothes on “immodest” people in library books … but BJU has an art gallery with naked subjects? My mind is totally blown.

  14. I totally agree with this guy. We were married in a BJU church and the sermon was on Genesis 2:25.

    And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.
    (Genesis 2:25 ESV)

    And we couldn’t wait to get naked! 😯

    1. And RIGHT THERE is why there can be a definite advantage in following a liturgy.

      While I believe in preaching the whole counsel of God, I wouldn’t want the preacher expounding on being naked and unashamed while my groom and I stood on the platform with everyone thinking about US in that context. Yikes.

  15. “Why, did you know that underneath their clothing the entire population of the world is walking around completely naked?” -Sam the Eagle (the Muppet Show)

        1. “Can I Train My Dog To Put It On Himself?

          “No, the dog will require human intervention each time he wishes to put on or take off a condom.”

          Good luck with that! πŸ˜›

  16. Well, BJ, come on that is the initials to blow job. Also it is the only thing I can possibly think of when ever the school is mentioned.

  17. “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or now influence on Society” – Mark Twain

  18. You know, its funny when bju is getting protested against because they’re too liberal. Just how angry are these people? I actually feel really sorry for them.

    1. I thought it was a way of clarifying what he meant by his first sign. If I saw only the first sign, I would have NO idea what he was talking about. The second sign reminds me of a museum and I’d realize, “Oh!! He doesn’t like the art in the museum.”

      He may also be trying to say that it’s hypocritical to have strict rules for student behavior – NEVER touching someone of the opposite sex (except during certain approved games on your once-a-year dating outing OR if a Bible conference speaker wanted you to hold hands during the invitation) but allowing students to LOOK at nakedness in the gallery.

  19. After all if God had wanted people to go around naked…they’d be born that way. πŸ˜›

  20. One of the things I really enjoy post-IFB is being able to be sincerely happy for people in all stages of growth. You’ve never read through the bible and just finished working your way through Matthew? Great! Tell me more.

    (I was glad for people who shared how God was working in their lives but always felt guilty if I didn’t push them to do more for God, and then felt ashamed because my own spiritual life was nothing to emulate, always worried that others were in turn judging me. Hard to celebrate the work of God in others lives when you’re constantly making it all about yourself.)

  21. His threshold for nakedness is pretty low. I’ve worked as a gallery guard at the BJ Gallery and actually there isn’t very much nudity at all. There were very few uncovered breasts and you kind of had to look for them. (check out the carvings on some of the tables). — ok…I was a guard…I had a lot of time on my hands.

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