Friday Challenge: Pick Me A Winner

In an attempt to sound fun and playful, Bob Jones University has launched a promotions project which will reveal a new mascot tomorrow night. In the spirit of the sort of helpfulness and charity for which SFL is famous, I propose that we use today’s Friday challenge to provide not only BJU but other fundy schools, churches, and institutions with suggestions on appropriate mascots.

Happy Hunger Mascot Games!

118 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Pick Me A Winner”

  1. Hmmmm, let’s see.

    Bob Jones Bobbitts (in honor of John Wayne Bobbitt)
    (not-safe-for work mascot):

    Pensacola Penitents

    Hyles Hypocrites
    (some of these are just too easy):

    Crown College Crowns of Thorns

    Liberty University Libertines:
    And the women’s team, the Lady Libertines:

    First Baptist Church of Hammond:
    A giant hand, ready to slap any grandmas who turn up.
    The Junior Varsity mascot is a hand holding a jumbo Coke to throw at any obese women it sees.

    1. I’ve seen pictures of a bear mascot – which has already been dubbed ‘pedo bear’ in one meme. Please tell me they weren’t that dumb… 🙄

  2. I wonder if the Boston pro hockey team will put up a stink. After all, they’ve had the name “Bruins” foahevah. 😈

    1. Most pro teams have 1,000 school teams with the same name. There aren’t enough unique names to go around. My school was also a Boston name, the Patriots. At least they didn’t pick my Red Sox.

      1. There are plenty of names to go around. Look at all the ones people have suggested here. Most of them aren’t being used anywhere.

  3. 1. The Crown Christ Honoring Musicians

    2. The BJU Mulattos since the interracial dating ban is gone.

    3. The Pensacola Mixed Swimmers or possibly the Authorized Versions.

    4. The HAC Easy Believists

    5. The West Coast Anti-Accreditationalists

    1. Hahaha my dad pointed the underwear nose out when something came in the mail for my little sister who goes there.

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