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  1. I got uncomfortable when they showed the pastor preaching, and I couldn’t even hear what he was saying. Poor congregation. 🙁

  2. Another FundyCrazy thing about WCBC is that they require graduating seniors to agree to give their diplomas back if they ever disagree with leadership on issues such as KJVO.

    So, even though you pay $$,$$$ and several years of your life getting kicked around by college leadership to get that unaccredited piece of parchment, they expect you to forfeit it if God leads you in another direction.

    They hide behind the Baptist Distinctive of “Priesthood of the believer” when the mannogid gets criticized, but what about these grads? Aren’t they believer priests too? And I thought IFBs did not adhere to a confession. This requirement does sound rather confessional to me…

    1. I will return my diploma when they return all the blood, sweat, tears and thousands of dollars it cost me to earn it. And frankly, I do not think the diploma was worth the price I paid.

    1. My nephew is one of the students in the video. He is sitting at a desk about midway through it. His dad is an IFB pastor & they just love WCBC. So sad….I pray that one day maybe they will see the truth.

  3. Don’t know much about this fundy U, but they have the same run-of-the-mill promotional video as all the others. Complete with:

    -Grand sounding ideals (the exact same ones declared by other fundy U’s that don’t live up to them)

    -The speaker immediately places college students on the level of children (which fits with the fact that they will be treated as such when they get there)

    -Pictures of their mega church (“What?! It’s not a mega church! It’s just a really big church ’cause God’s has blessed us!” 🙄 )

    -Use of the words, ‘dynamic’, ‘soul-winning’, and ‘christ-honoring’ (not bad in themselves, I just notice that a lot of church/bible college promo videos like to use them)

    -Glowing student testimonials (most likely from students who would never dream of ever disagreeing with the school, or at least those who have never had to experience the ugly side of fundamentalism)

    -Use of the term “servant leadership” (no matter how power-hungry the leadership of a church or Bible college is, they always describe themselves as “servant leaders” and manage not to get struck by lightning somehow)

    -VERY obviously posed scenes of students “relaxing” and “having fun”

    -Highlights of tourist attractions in the area that most normal college students probably won’t have the time or the money to enjoy (okay, maybe that’s not usual to most bible colleges, but I noticed it in this one)

    -Equating attending our Fundy U with serving God (and this particular one doesn’t even pay lip service to being fair by first saying “consider attending a Christian college”, they basically say if you want to serve God and find His will for your life then attend WCBC)

    To be fair, my comments are based off of my experience with my own fundy U, which is not this one. I’m sure when I get the chance to read the other comments, though, I’ll find some interesting ones from former students, given what I’ve heard already.

  4. Classes that should be taught at every unaccredited fundie school.

    1. Brewista

    2. Cash Register Management

    3. Telemarketing

    4. Amway

    1. ummm, just standard issue IFB Cult experiences. Everything is smooth as silk so long as you buy into the whole cult and nothing but the cult. Start raising questions and retribution is terrible and swift.
      Mostly we are a wee bit upset with ourselves for not seeing the duplicity, lies and just plain made up stuff earlier. But that’s what happens when you are high on religious works and drunk on Fundie kool-aid. 🙄

  5. I spent four years there (2001-2005) and ended up with a BS degree (insinuation intended). Whoever in this comment stream said it – spoke truth. The place is as slick as a corporation on the outside but full of fundamental, controlling, legalistic craziness on the inside.

    Luckily I picked up some life skills in my free time while I was there and now enjoy a great professional job and being part of one of the leading neo-reformed mega-churches in North America.

    I cannot honestly, in good conscience depict WCBC any other way. I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt as have my other siblings.

  6. I just graduated from LBC highschool and because I have refused to attend WCBC my parents have demanded that I move out of their house. The school didn’t prepare me in any way to get a job. They (the church and my parents)expected me to become a preacher’s wife or church secretary. I want to be a photo journalist. I’ve been trying to find a job. At this point I’m going to stay with friends and keep trying to find a minimum wage job. Less than 1 month out of highschool and life sucks. Thanks LBC what a great example of God’s love you’ve shown me.

    1. When I was at WCBC a co-worker of mine, who was also a student, told me that she was frustrated because she only wanted to go to Bible college for a year before getting her nursing degree but was under constant pressure to “give up her plans and do what God wanted her to do!” (As if her plans and God’s plans could not be the same)I asked her if she thought that being a nurse was God’s will for her life. She confidently said “Yes!” So my advice to her was “Then do not step out of the will of God by going into the ministry.”

      1. I have heard stories like this before. I can think of two teens who desired to be doctors, who were swayed by such pressure.

      2. WCBC’s mindset is part of the problem with professional Churchianity. Who is supposed to pay the bills? What if EVERYONE in their Spirit-filled churches felt called to “full-time” service? Who would foot the bill? The idea that there is a clergy/laity distinction in which some unspiritual sheep who weren’t “called” have to slave away to pay the salaries of the elite class of Christian is medieval Romanism to its core. The idea that one can’t “serve God” and be a nurse at the same time is borderline Satanic. And I mean that.

        1. I think you’re right. The secular professions support the church. And it’s rotten to the core for them to treat the laypeople as scum while they are the elite and we’re so privileged to pay their salaries. Oh sure they may tithe and give but it’s only a portion of the money the laypeople have paid them, it’s not money coming from outside the church. It’s those in full time service who owe their living to the lay person and it’s time they showed some respect. 👿

        2. The Bible clearly says that we are all part of the body of Christ; we are DIFFERENT but EQUAL. I agree that making a caste system out of Christians with “full-time ministry” signifying the “most devoted” is wrong, unbiblical, and, yes, wicked.

      3. Who wants to go to USC or UCLA when you can go to WCBC. WCBC promotes L.A. better than the “heathen Universities” do. Plus those girls, girls, girls at West Coast. You know Lil’ Wayne is going to make a music video on the campus of West Coast just because of the girls! Hay-man!

    2. @Shelly–I look forward to seeing your byline under some Pulitzer quality pictures one day. I’m sorry for the treatment of your family and church. God doesn’t work through prophets anymore, so only you can decide His will for your life. God Bless you as you pursue your career.

    3. I’m sorry, Shelly, that they want to put you in a box and can’t realize that the talents and desires of your heart may be God’s purpose for YOU.

    4. This is flat rotten. I’m sorry your parents are treating you this way and I will pray that they change their mind and don’t throw you to the wolves since you are not equipped to handle the outside world.

      I am so sick of the mentality that tells those who work in a secular profession that they are failures. I remember one young man who worked at Meijers (a department store) as a manager and his father was so ashamed of him because he didn’t go into full time Christian service like his brother the evangelist. It ended up that this father was laid off from his job and his son the manager at Meijers supported his parents for a while until the dad found another job. What happened to his brother the evangelist? Went to prison for some kind of sexual perversion regarding an underage girl… 😳 👿 I wonder if Daddy is still proud of his son the evangelist and ashamed of his other son the manager at Meijers.

      1. One more thing. These people act like the ONLY way you can serve God is through the church whether you be layperson or on staff. Serving in a soup kitchen or helping the needy, working for Right to Life, etc, none of those things count as serving God since it’s not done under the church umbrella. I remember once asking one of our pastors in Michigan what he thought of working for Right to Life and he said, “Oh you just need to go soul winning, that’s what changes people’s hearts!” Not so, since where were all the people they were supposedly winning to the Lord? The church never grew and none of the new converts “stuck.” I shouldn’t have listened to him! 👿

    5. Shelly, I am glad you have friends who will help you out. Your parent’s behavior really sucks.

  7. I honestly cannot express how completely crazy these people are. How do you think the Emporer Paul Chappell built all of those stunning buildings? Guilt-tripping the masses to line his pockets to build his Empire.
    Went to college there 3.15 years. Worst years of my life. Whoops, except for my entire childhood being abused by a Fundy pastor-father.
    If any parent here or student is considering going here, STAY AWAY. Go meet some real Christians and enter in the REAL world and LOVE PEOPLE in the way that Christ did.
    I feel so sorry for anyone who gets caught up with any of the IFB crowd. There is so much more to a walk with God than anything they will ever offer, which is only shame, manipulation, meanness, and hurt. RUN don’t walk!

    1. Many people have been hurt there…Sorry to hear you are one of them. Our family attended that sad place for a long time. So glad we left!

      Here are some threads on the forum side of Stufffundieslike you might find interesting:





  8. Somethings to notice about West Coast.

    1. The girls that go there are by the prettiest girls at any IFB school.

    2. Since they’re on the coast, they’re a bit lenient about wearing shorts etc.

    3. One dude says “I could tell you so many stories about the dorms”. So they make it appear that dorm life isn’t all that bad and you can even have dance parties (Bob Jones American Bandstand Video on YouTube) and girls can wear pants (Bob Jones Blue Jean Baby YouTube video).

    4. Anyone care to help fund me enough money to attend this school. It looks semi-liberal!!! Plus the Pastor was drinking Starbucks in the Auditorium, a big no-no 😆 😆 😆

  9. Ooh yeah I
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    West Coast Baptist Girls
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  10. I find it amusing that he says academics are a real strength of West Coast. Yep, so strong that unless you are going to preach at your Daddy’s church or teach at your Daddy’s Christian school, you’ll end up working at Walmart. Unless you are called to “full-time Christian service”, you’re better off going to community college. At least you can transfer your credits from there to a REAL college.

    1. Let me clarify: I am NOT bashing community college! I think community college is a wonderful option and as a matter of fact, I went to technical school myself and my oldest son will probably be going to CC because he wants to work in the medical field. I actually think community college is a better option than Bible college in MANY ways. Like I said, you can transfer your credits, unlike most Bible colleges where your credits are useless.

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