209 thoughts on “Fundy U Promotional Videos: WCBC Edition”

    1. Yep, and guess what, you can’t find it on your own, you’re gonna need us to tell you what it is. Bleh!

        1. And I only didn’t do it cause I was on my Nook. But then I discovered that I can do it on my Nook, so now I am out of God’s perfect will; I should go to this school, maybe I can find it again.

  1. Ok, perfect will, perfect will, perfect will. Couldn’t help but notice the subtle message that the ONLY way to fulfill God’s perfect will for your life is to attend an IFB Bible college. He especially beats that into the little mush filled skulls at the end. (I only caught 2 mentions of Jesus Christ, but I may have miscounted.)

    Our ex-fundy church is a major feeder school into WCBC and I have personally meant most of these Man of gawds. I was not impressed.

    Golly, Schmidt seems so nice in this video and the campus is so beautiful. Geepers, WCBC must be just lovely. πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey watch your language! Golly and Jeepers (geepers) are substitutes for taking the Lord’s name in vain.

  2. Calling WCBC a “college” is a bit misleading, in that it’s really a Bible college and the principal focus is on training for ministry.

    Did I see a WOMAN teaching in the classroom??? She must be one of the profs in the elementary / secondary ed. program (which, I gather, must be to train people for their teaching ministry in Christian schools).

    Is this place regionally accredited? Nice campus — they obviously have some bucks behind ’em.

    1. http://www.wcbc.edu/academics/accreditation

      It looks like they are not accredited at all, and do not ever intend to pursue accreditation. Gotta love the page that’s titled “accreditation” actually containing a lengthy sermon that takes its own sweet time to eventually tell you that you’re wrong for even asking about it.

      1. That answer on accreditation always reminded me of a politician trying to answer a question about a tax hike, misuse of funds or and illicit affair. If that doesn’t make a parent’s head spin, take their child and run in the other direction, I don’t know what will.

    2. Nope, no accredidation. What particularly irks me about these schools is that they convince kids (yes kids) that it is God’s will for their lives to attend their bible college. At one point in the video Schimidt goes on about other colleges just seeing you as something other than God’s creation. Truth is, they don’t see these students as much more than a way to pay the bills. If they really cared about high schoolers who are trying to sift through life changing decisions, they would be 100% honest and forthcoming.

      ~ “No we are not accredited, so if you want to teach outside of an IFB school you might want to consider another college.”

      ~ “Dr. Chappell did not actually earn his PhD. Some IFB bible college gave it to him.”

      ~ “We will control every aspect of your life from what you wear to who you talk to, who you date, where you go, when you go, when you go to sleep and when you wake up.”

      I know of a young lady who graduated from WCBC with a “teaching degree” and she is miserable. Sadly, unless she starts all over again at a real college, she is stuck. You all know the story. πŸ™

      1. @JE – you are right, and unfortunately it’s not just high schoolers but people new to the faith in general who are manipulated, cajoled, and subjected to guilt trips about going to Bible college. I’m now considered a failure by IFB types because I never “used” my Bible college training but went to a [gasp, choke, sputter] state school and earned a technical degree, and am now doing what God designed me for. And guess what? I’m GLAD I’m considered a failure by IFBs! It means I’m on the right track!

      2. I have a fairly useless, unaccredited Bible degree from a well-known Fundy U.

        I am currently pursuing a degree from a highly regarded, secular university. Everyone I know thinks that I am some sort of heathen for doing this. Little do they know that I am planning to use this degree in the ministry. They have never asked.

        1. I also have a useless degree, mine from HAC, a generally useless place. However, I am pursuing a degree from secular universities, and one AMAZING thing about that is how it has opened my eyes even further to the truth about fundamentalism. Ugh. Fundy U: founded by liars, maintained by the duped. πŸ‘Ώ

        2. Apathetic, if everyone you know thinks you are a heathen for going to an accredited university, then you really, really need to get out more.

        3. Sorry for the unclear wording. I sometimes use “everyone I know” as shorthand for relatives, people with whom I attended Bible College, people with whom I used to attend church and various other fundies I have met.

          A lot of people think that it is awesome that I am starting over and pursuing a well-respected degree. Unfortunately, none of these people are fundies.

        4. I left HAC without doing my student teaching so I didn’t get my degree there. I finished at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College at the same time they were working on getting their accreditation. (I transferred as many credits as I could but still had to go an addition year to fulfill their requirements.) I have only taught in private, Christian schools and then only briefly. When I worked as a substitute the pay was the same as when I was a full-time teacher and they never really cared much where I was educated, only that I was there. Anyhoo, I am fortunate I never had to go and try to get a job outside the bubble (I married well) because I would be flipping burgers or handing out samples at Costco probably.

    3. I skimmed Paul C’s rambling article about accreditation. It is not hard to convince me that accreditation could be done differently in this country. However, it is like driving on the right and stopping at red lights. It is not necessarily the only way to do things but that is how it is done here and you ignore it at your peril. If you decide to ignore the established way or to make your own rules you are liable to face unpleasant consequences.

    4. Before they showed her they showed the men and mentioned each and every one by name. Then they showed the woman and didn’t mention a thing. Mistake? πŸ˜₯

  3. Haha – share the link to win a prize. The more people who click the link, the more likely you are to win. Does this mean Darrell stands a high chance to win a prize?

    If so, I think it’s hilarious that they’re doing it to try and get heaps of people to look at it and think how wonderful they are, but instead, people are looking at it and seeing how sad it all is.


    And what on earth is the prize? 😯

    1. I am guessing the prize is something useless like a discount on your enrollment fee or tuition or possible an honorary doctorate or something they can give away for free.

      1. Also, the prize includes having a mark placed next to your name, so that if you ever DO attend there, they will know ahead of time that you are one of THEM. This is useful knowledge to them. πŸ‘Ώ

    2. I was thinking the “prize” is probably a book or a DVD from their brainwashing department.

      But an honorary doctorate would be funnier, so I hope it’s that.

      Whatever it is, I’d say Darrell is a shoo-in to get it, if it’s based on how many clicks you direct to WCBC’s site.

  4. The ONLY thing I support from that place is the piano music training that you can get there. Daniel Hopkins is Da Man!

    The rest is Fundy nonsense as you’d come to expect from the IFB.

  5. dude is like “oh, dorm life, some of the stories, i couldn’t tell [mischievous smile].” like what, keeping a flashlight in bed so he can study past light bell? forgetting to make his bed and getting demerits from his hall leader? i’m sure the wildest of his stories wouldn’t shock his grandparents.

    1. I almost wanted to cry when the one young woman said, by way of telling what exciting things there are to do in SoCal, “My parents came down and we went to Sprinkles Cupcakes.”

      Oh, my young friend … THAT’S your idea of a big adventure in the city?
      I weep for your generation.

      1. Someone should write to these young people and suggest that they walk down Hollywood Blvd or the Venice boardwalk on a Saturday evening. That would be an adventure! They could even carry tracts and call it soulwinning.

      2. And the young man said they go to LA where the good restaurants are. As if there is nothing else to do but eat.

  6. Well right now my purpose is doing whatever vocation God has for me at this moment. It may change and some are lifelong. Vocation is so much better than “plan for your life”. What a bunch of nonsense. Serving the LORD in your vocation actually gives comfort and meaning to the Christian life. I’ve never figured out HOW anyone actually feels like they’ve figured out God’s PERFECT PLAN. I think it usually involved a guilt trip from the Pastor about surrendering your will and plans? And then trying to make sure it’s not the devil or your flesh trying to trick you with an alternate will before making the final decision.

    1. In this paradigm, whatever you _want_ to do is the wrong thing. Feeling an inclination towards something is a sure sign that the devil wants you to do it. πŸ™„

      1. And supposedly, if you do whatever it is that makes you the most miserable, you will somehow concurrently have “peace that passeth understanding.”

        Stuff you hate=God’s will for your life.


        1. They make God’s Perfect Will to be some nebulous thing that you likely don’t want or won’t be fulfilled doing. So basically, if you enjoy some aspect of academics, you can rule that area out as being God’s Perfect Will. Some dude @ my Fundy U actually said, “Be careful not to let your burden get in the way of your Calling (TM).” What the WHAT?!

          My current pastor says the opposite: Christians aren’t necessarily given right vs. wrong choices regarding God’s will. It’s more like good, better, or best. Honestly, that seems to make more sense, considering God’s omniscience and benevolence.

          That being said, I believe it was God’s design for me to attend Fundy U, if for no other reason than to introduce me to my very human, but extremely gracious, loving, selfless spouse. πŸ˜€

    2. Not being a Calvinist, I don’t think the course of my life is predetermined. I think God wants me to use my experience and intelligence to respond the best way I can to whatever life presents. So no, there’s no one right path.

        1. But your response was funnier here! πŸ˜€

          And yeah, I dated some goobers, too. You have to kiss a lot of frogs…especially @ Fundy U. πŸ˜‰

      1. Big Gary, you are the polar opposite of Calvinistic from what I’ve read of your posts. It’s almost funny just how opposite you are. I think your post was humorous. I’m assuming you believe you’ll just end up being whatever you evolve into? I seem to recall from some of your posts that you are pretty critical of the biblical view of origins and are about as anti-intelligent design as they come?

        1. I don’t really want to derail the conversation into a debate about evolution.
          I’ll just say that evolution happens to species, not to individuals, so that doesn’t really enter into a discussion of the ultimate purpose of one person’s life.

        2. But what about the human species? What we evolve into will eventually affect you because you’re part of that species. For example, the internet might make the human species into one large, more loving, more interconnected family unit with no national or racial boundaries. If you live long enough, you might evolve into a more loving, peaceful person as humans are moving more towards peaceful relations with each other. And even if you die before the Age of Aquarius is fully realized, perhaps you can still become a better, more perfect person by catching up with later generations through the marvels of cyrogenics. You dismiss yourself too quickly!

  7. The video didn’t bother me much. Maybe I’m still too much into the IFB. One thing I saw was the comment that the “Church is a laboratory” to practice the things you learn. I have a big problem with that. The church is not something to tinker and play with. There are real people, that can be effected by your stupid mistakes.

  8. The stupid thing will not play for me without stopping and starting and finally would go no further than 1:30 but I’ve heard all that before. What a bore. πŸ™„

    1. Mine was doing that too. I finally couldn’t stand any more and shut it off. I figured I had heard everything he would likely be saying many times in my life. πŸ™ And in reading the comments I realize I was (YET AGAIN) correct. πŸ˜‰

    2. You’re both probably right that you already know what’s in it, but if you want to watch the video, I found that it works better if you click “stop” and let it buffer for a few minutes, and then click “play” again.

  9. “There are so many options, its overwelming”
    LOL and Tons of laughs. As a fundy teen I was given 3 options, all fundy schools. Not much of a choice.

    Q for fundy teens. How many ‘options’ did you have?

    1. Well, I had already decided on which Fundy U by the time I was in 8th grade (eschewing the one in FL b/c girls weren’t allowed to wear pants in the dorm halls).

      If I’d not been certain, however, I think I would have been given 4 choices. And I would’ve been ok w/that because my brainwashing was complete. πŸ™„

      1. Two. HAC and BBC (Baptist Bible College) I went to BBC for one year and thought it was terribly oppressive and decided to quit after one year. During the following summer I was then was coerced by my family to go to HAC. Boy! What a wake up call!!! BBC was a PARTY school compared to HAC!

    2. What’s sad is I had a choice, and not just between FU’s. Even secular universities 😈
      But my dad went to a well known FU, so I thought it would please him. Stupid thing is he tried to persuade me against it at first. Really wish I would’ve listened!

    3. I had as options Pensacola, Cedarville, and BBC of Clarks Summit, PA. There may have been others, but having spent all my life in a TINY church, I wanted to go to a LARGE university (well, large by fundy standards). I didn’t even look at BBC. Somehow I came across information about BJU, and I ended up there, even though I’d never met anyone who’d ever even attended there. I had many great memories at BJU, I met my husband there, I learned not to be KJV-only, and I learned that you could be a conservative Christian and NOT BE BAPTIST!!!

    1. SDG, I think you should make an update on the one you were in.

      Maybe a rebuttal to this one …

    2. When were you at West Coast? We know a lot of people from there… saw your twitter- jealous you get to attend the village church. love matt chandler’s preaching.

  10. So if dating, as described by some Fundy colleges, is any prolonged conversation with a member of the opposite sex; how would you describe what is taking place at the 4:29 mark?

    Also, “the church is a real life laboratory”; which makes the students simply rats.

  11. We have great academics!! Our teachers have 1000’s of hours of….ministry experience?????

    One would would think those statements would end by saying they had many earned degrees, not work experience!

    1. I thought he said the staff have a thousand YEARS of ministry experience.

      I’ve been trying to work out how that could be …

  12. My brother is planning on going here..after having been at PCC during my kool-aid years, I tell people my opinion is that they should stay away from places like this. They can do what they want though..I don’t want to tell them to “do” or “not do” something. Makes me sound Fundy. πŸ™‚

  13. Am I the only one who thought this started off like an ad for medication to treat a “man problem”? With the first few seconds of soft-focus, sunset and acoustic guitar I expected the dude to ask “When the time is right, will you be ready?”

  14. Male teacher:
    “Dr. So-and-so, XX years in the ministry”

    Male teacher:
    “Dr. So-and-so, XX years in the ministry”

    Male teacher:
    “Dr. So-and-so, XX years in the ministry”

    Female teacher:

    As Stan Lee would put it, “’nuff said.”

  15. From the video “Academics is a real strength of West Coast. Our faculty combined has nearly 1000 years of ministry experience that flows inside and outside the classroom. ”

    There is something really, really, really wrong with that statement. The two don’t go together like he is leading you to believe that they do.

    1. Exactly. Work experience is great, since you learn things there you couldn’t in a classroom, but…academics and work experience are not identical. πŸ˜•

    2. “flows inside and outside the classroom” … a new description of the FundyU sewer system. Somehow I think Victor Hugo did a better job describing the Paris system. Oops, that was forbidden reading at FundyU.

  16. “You’re gonna love campus life” – followed by 23 seconds of scenes of nothing but athletic events (except for one scene). Same problem as my fundy HS had — if you’re not into athletics, we’ve got nothing outside of class.

    1. What bugged me was it was only guys participating. Even when they did the wave the girls stayed seated. 😯

  17. The ending of that video is also especially repulsive. You have 1 life, and it is far too important to waist. That is the gist of the ending. The problem is you have one life, and one chance at living it. It is too important to waist at an unaccredited Bible college. You can go to regionally accredited Christian or public schools and still have a ministry, still go to the mission field and/or still serve God. You can do this and still be in his will. You can do this and still find out what God has for your life.

    Get this. Your life is far too important to waist at such an insignificant place. Your future is far to valuable to throw away with an unaccredited degree. Don’t buy into the spiritual vomit that in order to find God’s will for your life and serve him you must go to some Bible college. God works everywhere. He isn’t limited to West Coast College. He can work on you at University of California. He can work on you at Berkley. He can work on you anywhere. God is not limited by anything, and your future, your *LIFE* is far too important. Don’t let anyone guilt you into making a poor choose that could literally ruin your life. He talks a lot about God, but it is spiritual hogwash. Don’t get caught up…*Your life is far too important to let them dictate it for you!*

    1. ^^^THIS^^^^

      Most colleges whether secular or Christian have promotional material and spokespeople. However, Fundy U’s have the habit of adding the whole “you are going to be a failure and disappoint God” to their hardsell routine. It is repulsive that they have no fear whatsoever about coopting God into their sales patter.

      1. It really is a sales pitch. And they hit it hard. But you are right it is nothing more than co-opting God for their own profit. And that is why it is so repulsive.

    2. Yes! The bible college hoax is the thing about fundyism that angers me more than anything. Probably because so many talented, enthusiastic, hard working young people are taken in and sell out to mediocrity. It’s criminal.

    3. Yes!

      When I was there, the teens at LBC were always pressured into attending WCBC. They were told to give God one year. Once they acquiesced and signed up for one year, then the pressure was put on not to be a quitter.

      I know of kids who already had good college and career goals who were taken under the wing of a staff member and “encouraged” to do something great for Gid instead, by attending WCBC.

      Total hardsell – just with the appearance of loving concern. It is all so phoney.

      I have become convinced that the real Gid of LBC/WCBC is power and money.
      πŸ™ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ™

  18. Great Landscape shots…check
    Random Hot chicks…check (ok It’s California, this might be legit)
    Fundy Camp Games (party school atmosphere)…check
    Couples having devotions…check
    Praising the Mogs…check
    Non-accredited academics shell game…check
    Conflating college and church…check

    Yep…its a fundy promo alright.

  19. I had a hard time following what the hairless presenter-guy was saying, because I was distracted by trying to figure out the shape of the clay object he was molding with his hand gestures.

    1. I am so very glad we left before he could effectively mold our kids. We did not want our kids manipulated like that.

      (Gotta cut him slack on the hair. He is recovering from cancer.)

  20. Then there is Wendell Evans, at HAC, who used those really catchy terms, “Satan State” and “Devil U” to describe ANYTHING besides HAC. One wonders how he could, since he himself was a grad of BJU and had worked at TTU. Then there is Clarence Sexton, who once excused Wendell Evans’ being bought out by Jack Hyles by telling me that Wendell was too old to make a life anywhere else, and he had gotten used to the perks. Yep, God’s perfect will, all right. That is how it operates, right? Fear, perks, shame, buy-outs? πŸ‘Ώ

    1. When you get in with a big guy or two, it’s amazing the dirt they spill on other MOgs. . . I had forced “counseling” with a guy who is probably my favorite fundy ever. He treats kids like kids and is, surprisingly for an IFB pastor, really really cool. During those counseling sessions, we talked about everything imaginable. . . His dad was my pastor, so a lot of his stories had to do with people I know. And he would be spilling stuff about Wil Rice, the VanGelderens, and so many other people. . . Of course, nothing too horrible, but he gave an honest assessment of them, not the “Great man of God, and one of the foremost religious figures in fundamentalism. . .” crap that is usually all you hear.

      1. Wil Rice…do you mean Bill Rice of “Bill Rice Ranch” or Dr. William Rice, founding Pastor of Inter City Baptist in Allen Park, MI?

        1. Ugh. Those Rices give me the freaking creeps. I went to church with them years ago, when they deigned to attend Franklin Road BC in Murfreesboro. Talk about taking legalism, condemnation, and misjudgement to the extreme!!! πŸ‘Ώ

  21. Poor kids. I remember the pressure of picking the right Fundie college and then to pick the right major that would set a path for the rest of my life. After going to PCC, I can tell you it has had nothing to do with the rest of my life. Unless trying to find a university to accept the credits to get a masters counts, then yeah it mattered. Wish I could have a do-over.

      1. Weeeeelllll… yes and no. Going through it left me with a worthless piece of paper, instead of a real degree, and took money out of my father’s pocket, true. OTOH, I gained valuable discernment in how to tell a BS artist from the real deal. I can smell a control freak a mile off. I met my spouse there. I guess I mean, YES, I wish every one of them would close its doors TODAY, and FOREVER. But I cannot change the past, and the best plan is to consign it to the Lord, and let Him make beauty from the ashes. I do have a very happy, wonderful life, today. There is a rainbow, after this particular storm. πŸ™‚

    1. Yup.

      Treated just like young campers too. Strict curfew. Crazy dating restrictions. Crazier dress code. Spiritualizing every stupid little thing and telling you that you have no character if you disagree. Demanding complete obedience and monitoring you.

      Sucks to be an adult student at WCBC.

  22. Was I the only one who thought the campus looked like a big box store? And they kept showing the same building from different angles. And none of the sports showed wimminfolk, in fact half of had men in sports coats.

    I’ve half a mind to send in an application from Wendell J Hudsucker III asking to do secretarial.

    And where the sam hill are all those preacher boys going to find jobs a-preaching? Most of them are going to end up with no job and no qualification worth having and several years with Sprinkle Cupcakes as the highlight of their young adulthood.

  23. I thought it was funny that the presenter wasn’t wearing a suit and tie, but EVERYONE ELSE was! If they were trying to pretend to look like a normal school, they failed sadly.

  24. I thought I was watching a Christian Version of “The Stepford Wives”. The all look so nice and clean. The guys all had ties on, except the narrator.

    Thought it was interstiting they suggestd going to LA or Disneyland. So they can go tell everyone they are going to Hell? Or to go and cast judgement.

    What is the cultural demographics of the school? I didn’t see any Afro-Americans.

    I was shocked when I figured out that one served Jesus where ever you are. I didn’t have to go to Africa, or Paraguay. I could work here and do that. I figured it out when I became a United Methodist.

    1. “Thought it was interesting they suggestd going to LA or Disneyland.”

      If it is anything like my Fundy U, you were only allowed to go to such places on approved outings. You were loaded onto buses under the ever-watchful eyes of the chaperones, sang inane choruses the whole way there, had to stay with the group while you were there, some aspiring preacher would harangue you on the way back and you had to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the privilege. If you had fun it was in spite of, not because of the planned program.

      1. Actually you are pretty much allowed to go wherever you want just as long as you at least tell someone where your going….. I have in fact been to Disney and LA several time this semester with a friend dont get home until two and they are fine with it. Yeah the rules can be strict but you can get out of it any time you want. No one is forcing you to be there. You want to leave, do it

    2. I didn’t watch it all the way through because it was being glitchy, but did they mention at all the lovely beaches we have here in Califoria? Or the mountains or just a short drive from the desert? We also have many great opportunities for missions just a few miles across the border in Mexico. Of course I forgot, the fundies don’t see that as a mission opportunity so much as an unwanted flow of people coming in to “OUR” country. I just find it not at all surprising that Disneyland and “LA” are the only approved venues for an outing. (and I am pretty sure most of LA would be off limits if the leaders of the school ever went there.)

  25. Hmm. . . Looks like I might have to start carrying this brand of whitewash, too. . . Wouldn’t this make some of those sepulchers purty. . .

  26. Hey, PCCers – check out 4:10 – Andrew Schettler. If that isn’t Jim Schettler’s son, then he needs to explain where he got his eyes.

    Wonder if this is a WCBC jab at PCC…

  27. Did no one else notice the jab at PCC by having Andrew Schettler in the video- twice?! He is the son of Jim Schettler who was the pastor at the campus church of PCC up until a few years ago.

    I’m sure that wasn’t a coincidence…

      1. Jim Schettler preaches at WCBC a couple times a year now. He’s one of the better chapel speakers.

    1. hmm kinda blows the theory out of the water that he left PCC peaceably with no animosity on either side…

  28. This was The Straw in my life; it broke my back. I was a ministry wife who worked with teens for years, nodding and sitting quietly as my husband told them with some sort of nebulous Fundie bizarre authority that God’s Perfect Will was that they all attend bible college.

    “But I want to be an engineer.” Sorry-if it’s not an available major at Funde U, it’s not God’s will.

    “I want to be a doctor. I want to go to Africa and help the people there.” No can do-no pre-med programs. And, secular schools teach…shudder…evolution. Let me direct you to the missions dept at Fundie U.

    “I have no idea what I should do.” Your focus is on yourself, you selfish godless heathen. Your interests, needs, goals and dreams are completely rebellious and totally irrelevant where your future is concerned. Obviously, since youdon’t know what you should do, you’re called to the ministry.

    I left the ministry nearly physically sick with guilt after sitting with a young preacher’s wife who already hated the ministry, was apathetic toward the things of God, and considered her college years a punishment, but she just wanted to be sure she was following her husband’s dream of serving the Lord. She was maybe twenty-one.

    1. Quote:”Obviously, since youdon’t know what you should do, you’re called to the ministry.”

      Yeah, but this video takes it even further. They just assume that you must be in ministry anything else is your own selfishness. All of this is much more heinous when you realize that they teach/preach this because it helps their bottom line. If they have the *only* school where you can find God’s will for your life than where else are you going to go? Certainly not those secular heathen schools with better academics and more programs. You couldn’t possibly go there and find God’s will, you can’t go there and become a missionary…no you have to come to our school or miss out altogether. You wouldn’t want that would you? πŸ‘Ώ

  29. A former student of mine, here in Mexicol dropped out of high school to get her GED fast, so she could be able to go to College on a scholarship offered by her pastor.

    I questioned her about the decision, about the school, its academic standing, and whether or not it was accredited. I also pointed out that finishing high school along with her friends wasn’t such a bad experience to have. But, she was determined and excited, so I wished her well.

    Then, I found out that she was getting enrolled here. I sort of asked her if she had seen the student handbook, dropping hints that she should check it out. She hadn’t, and I don’t know if she has so far. The handbook is horrible, and crippling both emotionally and spiritually, I would think.

    She was excited about college from a short visit to campus, and I’ve noticed her FB wall getting all “Stuff Christian Culture Likes.” On the one hand, she is soon to be a young adult, and capable of choosing. On the other, I want to scream, “RUN! This place will attempt to break you, and stump any possible growth into a human being.”

    Gah… what a mess.

  30. “The church is a real-life laboratory” — does that mean that I can try out my new theory of ministry there to see how it works in your “laboratory”?? (I’ll bet not – YOU are the student; WE are the greatest, and YOU are here to learn how WE do things” is probably the attitude – it has been at every IFB-run church school I’ve run across)

    1. They might claim that, but I have witnessed the reality. Seriously, what sane place would even have to try to convince the viewer of that?

  31. Wow! 1,000 years experience! They don’t look that old!

    Really? I wonder how big the staff is? That’s 50 people with 20 years experience!?!

    1. I wonder if they are counting all the college interns, each with one year of “experience”.

  32. One thing they fail to mention in their glossy marketing ads is that this “kawledge” is smack dab in the middle of a stinking desert. The only green grass and palm trees around are the ones they planted and pay $$$ to keep green (water ain’t cheap here). Many summer days are >100 degrees, and some are over 110 degrees.

    Just type 4020 E Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93535 into Google maps and see what I mean.

    It takes over an hour to drive into Los Angeles, and about 2 hours to Disneyland…and that is assuming no traffic (It’s LA – most of the time there is traffic). The only beach they “prefer” is San Buenaventura state beach, which is typically cold and overcast, which is why it is less popular than the more southern (and warm!) beaches. Just try telling them you are going to Venice Beach or Huntington Beach and see what their reaction is. πŸ™„

    SFL: Slick marketing ads aimed at the gullible and trusting

  33. “Christ-honoring music.” Gag. Choke. Puke. ❗ 😈 😑

    Sorry, that phrase always makes me sick.

    1. Truth in advertising:

      “”Christ-honoring music” as narrowly defined by WCBC/LBC, using no real biblical support whatsoever. Unless we cleanse a song by omitting any noticeable beat, it is not honoring God. We are your supreme authority on what is and is not pleasing to God, and reserve the right to search your stuff if we think you are harboring ungodly music and can expel you for violations to our music policy.”

    2. I hate that phrase too. It’s so smug! But who are they to assume to know the mind of God? I searched the Psalms to find out how to praise God, and there are references to shouts, clapping, dancing, loud music, cymbals, and stringed instruments.

      They are behaving extremely presumptuous to condemn other believers and claim that only the music of which they approve is that which honors God when the Bible does NOT make the same claim and actually indicates the opposite of their position in the Psalms.

  34. At 5:07, the young lady is scrubbing the sink while it being said,

    “It’s all designed for you. It’s all to help you establish a strong foundation, make great memories and build a well balanced life as you prepare to serve God.”

    We know the plans for the women, don’t we?

  35. I read all the comments & it is amazing to me how freaking brain washed I was. Here are some of your comments that I could relate to:

    ~”No free thought or disagreement allowed.” ~”Spiritualizing every stupid little thing and telling you that you have no character if you disagree. Demanding complete obedience and monitoring you.”
    ~”We will control every aspect of your life from what you wear, to who you talk to, who you date, where you go, when you go, when you go to sleep and when you wake up.”
    These comments along with other comments really let me see how easily they manipulate & brain wash a person. I went to BJU 39 yrs. ago & I am amazed that the same methods are still being used. There is truly nothing new under the sun, is there?

  36. First minute. Fundies seem to know no recruiting tool other than [i]fear[/i]. Future looks scary? Come here we’ll help!

    1. It probably is scary to a sheltered home-schooler or fundy hs grad who barely knows anyone or anything outside his church or fundy school.

  37. You know, I’ve been thinking. When FundyU gives you a diploma, don’t make Fundy drones. Make FundyU take the diploma back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn diploma, what am I supposed to do with this? Demand to see FundyU’s President! Make FundyU rue the day it thought it could give zeusTHEgoose a diploma! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your school down! With the diploma! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible diploma that burns your school down! (A million hugs to anyone who gets the reference :mrgreen: )

  38. I tried to watch that video. After three seconds, it crashed my computer. Not my cheap home computer. My big expensive Mac at work. I am not making this up.

    Does this mean God was punishing me for mocking WCBC? Inquiring minds want to know.

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