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  1. Serious Question: What did he do to get his ‘doctorate’? I realize it’s all in house, but I want to know if he went to school and if everyone who has graduated from HAC can get the same thing as Schaap. Or was it bestowed upon him honorarily by his father in law/

    1. It was bestowed by the First Jack, (Hyles) upon the second, Jack (Schaap) the crown, aka honorary doctorate.

      I don’t think Jack Schaap even has a Masters degree. He didn’t several years ago, but have to admit I haven’t kept up with that place as much as I once did since finding freedom in Christ.

      1. He has been in ministry for 45 years and taught at Hyles Anderson for 20 years. Believe it or not he is a good bible teacher. I am not condoning what he did he is out and it is a shame all the people he hurt I own several of his books now they just seem like there hollow, I looked up to him now it seems as if some one died. I am praying for the girl and her family.

        1. I’m not attacking you with this question garnett but…
          How can he be a “good” Bible teacher and be such a shallow, error ridden, preacher/teacher from the pulpit? It’s just hard for me to reconcille your statement about his teaching ability and what I know from hearing his sermons.

  2. “Anyone can do the same” – unless they are femaile of course, they aren’t anyone at all. Odd how I never noticed that sort of thing until I had neices.

  3. Darrel’s title is better. This isn’t magnifying Jesus at all. And do Hyles folks even lift their hands in prayer/worship as in the video at 1:20?

    1. When I was there, the men could, and usually waved their KJV while doing so. So, what exactly they were worshipping was unclear,

      1. The women cannot even wave their bibles? Don’t tell me- the women have to keep silent in church and the pages might ruffle?

        1. You know, I never saw a female raise her hand or shout or wave a Bible. I wonder what would have happened, had one tried to do so? Wish *I* had done it!!!

  4. This is North Korean creepy. What’s next, Jack shot eight holes-in-one the first time he played golf?

  5. Will someone please remind me how to pronounce Schaap? I know it was posted in the comments on an earlier post, but I don’t remember which one. When I see it in print, in my mind’s ear, I hear “shap”. Starts like shit and ends like crap.

  6. I’m not saying that God did not call Schaap to preach, or even that God did not call him to preach at that church. That’s certainly between God and him. On the other hand, God doesn’t call any Christian to lead a cult, or to teach his/her preferences and convictions as Bible truth (unless its actually IN THE BIBLE). God never calls a pastor to do the thinking for his congregation, and put down anyone who dares to disagree to him. God did not call the pastor to be a dictator. God’s call to preach does not excuse sin in the preacher.

    1. I agree, but sounds like God never called him to preach based on the common sense statements you made here.

      1. It is possible that he was really called to preach (though I doubt it happened in the oh-so-dramatic way in which he wants us to think it did 🙄 ), I just mean that since I don’t know him personally I can’t really say one way or the other.

        Though he definitely makes a convincing case for NOT being called of God, considering what I do know of him…

    2. …but Mandy don’t you know that the office sanctifies the holder of it? If one is the “Pastor” then he is god by proxy. From god’s throne to his ear, throug his lips to teach the sheep who is in charge. Didn’t you pass IFB 101? 😉

      *btw, excellent reply

  7. Regardless of the magnificence of Jack’s story, that is some of the highest quality fundy videorrific production there. Wow. That aerial shot of the college campus almost gave me a seizure.

  8. wow, this post was the Random Post on the main page today: The day after Schaap was fired/resigned.

    I guess there was more to the story…

    1. Ever since the, uh, recent unpleasantness involving Jack Schaap, someone (I assume it’s someone from First Baptist of Hammond) has been working to scrub all traces of him from the Internet.

      1. Huh, I guess kind of following Hyles’ if you didn’t see it happen, it didn’t happen philosophy, if you didn’t see Jack Schaap at FBCH, he never was at FBCH.
        Unfortunately for them, that’s not how the real world works! 😈

  9. Hey, all,

    I’m the author of this video and also the reason it’s been made private. If you’d like to see it, I can make it available to you. I just never wanted anyone to see it attached to my name again.

    First, let me say that I’m sorry I ever made the movie. I was the youth pastor of the church hosting him for a weekend, and our theme was Magnifying Jesus. It was meant to be an intro video before he spoke. I sat with him on the stage as he watched it.

    I was on a journey at the time, coming to where I am now, but he was still my childhood hero. After the conference, I had some time alone with him to ask questions. I talked to him about coming out of Fundamentalism and I poured on to him just about all the grievances we talk about on this site. He told me some things and we parted ways. A few months later he hosted an open forum where all questions were allowed. I asked him a question in front of a bunch of pastors – thinking he was “cool” with my thought process – he and Tony Hutson tore me apart with everyone hooting in the background. That was the end of my days in Fundywonderland. I left and started a church where we talk about how much God loves us.

    That’s the story behind the video.

    1. Hey, I really appreciate you sharing that. Thanks for telling us the rest of the story.

    2. Thank you for your comments, JR.
      Your journey has much in common with many SFL followers.

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