201 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Name That Scrawl!”

    1. It’s YEC. My dad had a 10 minute rant back in the day about how Thermodynamics proved the earth could only be 8,000 to 10,000 years old. Even at the time when I believed YEC, the more he/they tried to prove it “scientifically” the less convinced I was.

      1. That argument from thermodynamics was made, and disproven, back in the 19th century. It only works if you assume that (1) Earth is a closed system, and (2) Earth does not generate any heat of its own. Both of these assumptions turn out to be incorrect.

  1. I of course never had such names as are scrawled here, but wow…does it bring back memories of evangelists, missionaries, and the like. I think they are good…jury is still out.

  2. An evangelist’s wife left her Bible laying around my IFB church a few years ago, and we were looking inside it to see who it belonged to. Well, we found her name, but more interestingly we found Billy Graham’s signature just an inch and a half away from John Van Gelderen’s signature. I thought that was incredibly ironic. . . I wonder which one signed it first? Would John not have signed it if he had seen Billy’s signature? These things we’ll never know. . . :mrgreen:

  3. Saw Johnny Pope right away. I guess you have to be familiar with the signature to recognize it, I can’t make out the others. 😳

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