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  1. “Woman have been made into merchandise…”
    Yes, by sermons and viewpoints like yours.

    This makes me sick. Just sick. He’s really going to be checking the dress of his churchmembers during the rapture? Really? That’s what he wants his congregants to know about how he sees the rapture?

    Pastor’s Wife, I’m with you. I just can’t imagine the beaten down spirit of the women who sit there and believe that what this [word I can’t type here] has to say is Truth.

    That crack about wearing ankle bracelets told me all I needed to know about how this immature boy behind the pulpit views women, and the rest of his “sermon” just confirmed it. My heart aches now. I’m so glad my self-image is beyond and out of the circle of this kind of thinking.

        1. Apparently one last chance to get more points with God and watch what every one else is doing and not wearing so you can report them.

      1. Not that I believe in the Rapture, but if there is one, he’s going to spend it fully clothed, looking up.

  2. Listening to this was TRAUMATIZING–and very, very revealing about him personally, I think. I can’t fathom my (non-fundy) pastor talking about a woman’s body in that disrespectful, sexist, perverse kind of way, let alone from the pulpit (well, our church doesn’t have a pulpit, but figuratively speaking). It’s offensive, boorish, and sexist enough WITHOUT even taking into account that this man is a pastor and should be setting an example with his behavior and words.

    Others have said this above, but it’s true. Women are like 2nd-class citizens in fundyland, and their bodies are treated as “one giant sex organ.” It’s so true. I felt so marginalized and looked down upon in my fundy church. I wasn’t expected to have any thoughts or ideas about theology or anything deep. I was a woman, and therefore I was only interested in cooking and babies and shopping and other things “ladies” like to do. *shudder*

  3. This is completely inappropriate for a church service. The house of God is for WORSHIPPING GOD not for going over the rules of the click. This makes me so angry to hear someone using a church service this way. I feel like I’ve been sitting next to a scary drunk in a bar ranting about his women fetishes.

    1. Yep, and unfortunately this type of tripe is not unique to this douchebag, nor is it that uncommon, and I was far far from the circles this guy runs in, these HAC turd burglers would have called the leaders of the places I grew up in liberal compromizers and we still had a bunch of dirty old men running around spewing this crap and calling it preaching.

      The stronger and more direct the yelling about sex, dress codes, and jezerbell, the more likely the preacher is to be banging the counselees on the side, or getting a little strange in a Interstate rest stop men’s room

  4. It took me three tries to get through this. I kept quitting and then reading a comment that made me want to hear what Owens said. I should have known better.

    I thought of 3 things as I sat through this:
    1) What an idiot
    2) I’m glad my wife isn’t so weak as to need me to okay her outfits.
    3) I have an electric fence to troubleshoot. I’d rather get zapped by that than listen to more of this drivel. I had enough of it many years ago.

  5. GAG. Really? You are going to pay attention to clothing when we head to heaven?? And we should dress the way we will in heaven. Well . . . I have heard speculation that it will be like the garden of Eden and we will wear NO clothes!! Anyone brave enough to show up at this guys house dressed in what we will wear in heaven?? (I’m only one minute in).

  6. Just getting sicker. Yep that passage in Matthew is TOTALLY talking about the woman changing the way she dresses so that she can help all the men keep their minds pure. Yep. That’s the WHOLE point. πŸ™„

    Ewwww. I am NOT enjoying the glimpse into his mind and heart.

    GAG. GAG. GAG. How do people actually sit through something like this and think they have worshiped or learned something about God??

  7. DARRELL: Hey, guys, how bout a sh*t sandwich this morning?
    SFL READERS: Oooh! Me! Me! Me! Me!

    1. Someone posted a comment on Facebook this morning:-
      If it looks like Bull****, and smells like Bull****, then it is Bull****. Putting sugar on Bull**** doesn’t make it a Brownie.

  8. It’s long known that Fundamentalism attracts men with controlling, abusive tendencies. This particular sociopath could use a few decades of intensive therapy – either that or maybe he’d be happier controlling his out-of-control thought life in the middle east where women are completely covered and apparently never get raped.

    1. Darrell, yes, I felt the “hate” in that post. But you know since I am going to do as they do and since they invent their way of seeing the world. Here goes my version of how it really works: They want me to be “shame-faced” and not look at them in the eyes because my eyes are so beautiful and alluring even without makeup that they might get, well” happy to see me” πŸ˜‰ ! And my body, well, even though my clothes are always loose and modest, they sense my pheremones (sp?) and it drives them crazy so they want to blame it on me any way they can! That’s my story and I am sticking to it. I’m not buying any of this guy’s crap or anyones elses, no matter what we women do they find a way to complain about it. F them. πŸ‘Ώ 😈 πŸ™„

  9. yeah, how come all fudamentalist preachers say God in two syllables not God, but go-wad. I dont understand. If you believe that way wouldnt you feel that people addicted to substances, people just lost over all would be more of a problem than plunging necklines? Oh well, let me shave, get a haircut, makes sure I am drinking grape juice instead of wine, dress modestly, leave my 2500 s/f house, and drive my $60,000 suv by the homeless people to my $25 million dollar church so I can learn to be more like Jesus 😈

  10. I bet this guy would have a stroke if he knew there is a Christian Naturalist or Naturist group somewhere in America. πŸ˜†

  11. I Love how it’s always the women being subjected into Man’s rules – and how men are never held accountable…..just like kids – trying to blame everything they do on someone else. If a man rapes a woman – it’s her fault for her plunging neckline or high hemline – and in these churches – you’ll never hear the man being brought into accountability. Drives me nutz! I’m cringing with the childhood flashbacks and will probably have nightmares tonight after listening to this idiot moron LOL. Scary that anyone thinks this way in a modern world…….nothing but a blame game and control freak at large…..using an “unapproved” god stamp on everything they say – how sad.

  12. I’m sorry, but isn’t this the same guy that his son had some “sexual problems”? Guess he wasn’t listening to his daddy’s “preaching”.

  13. Not touching this one, my blood pressure is currently just fine and I’d like to keep it that way, thank you.

    1. I don’t think I can either. I’ve seen a sermon or two of his deconstructed. Just don’t want to get myself all worked up…….I am still looking for the church that actually worships God and doesn’t have these types of horrible time wasters. And I also want a pastor who will respect people–ALL people.

  14. Man, this is grim. “If humans exhibit any form of sexuality, it is only ever sin,. well, especially for women because men are morally neutral here”

    1. I’m amazed at the overlap between Fundamentalism in general (and IFB in particular – thank God I never got sucked into that one!) and 1984. This is the purest definition of ‘sexcrime’ as used by Orwell as I’ve ever seen.

  15. I must hate myself (that or I am desperate to ignore the laundry and dog that needs a bath) and listened to the whole thing.

    You know things are going to be bad when you are ordered not to take notes and to buy the tape, instead. 😯

  16. This was disturbing and, quite frankly, gross.

    I can’t say it’s eye-opening for me. My patience for the men who dwell on women’s bodies and harp on their clothing ran out years ago.

  17. Wow, way to blame the women for a man not keeping his mind pure. Sounds like someone has some problems and needs someone to blame for them.

  18. I’m not listening to him because I don’t want to barf up my Chex Mix. However, I will smack him a couple dozen times with an electric flyswatter if one of you is nice enough to tape his mouth first. :mrgreen:

  19. From the news section of the church website “The Holy Roller monster truck was great. He crushed a total of 12 cars. We had 70 young people make a public decision to join their bus ministry.”

    So the holy roller Monster truck led 70 young people to join a bus ministry? . A sight to be seen I am sure…

  20. What? Who is this clown…an ankle bracelet makes you stare @ her legs? Sounds like he already knows what most of their legs look like. Sounds like someone lacks the fruit of the spirit…or are we too fundamental to talk about the holy spirit…someone may get “excited” btw I am a pastor of a Baptist church and I am so tired of hearing all this nonesense from these men!

  21. The saddest part starts @ 8:50. I can’t believe that people listen to this woman trashing dirt bag. I feel sorry for his wife.

  22. Wow. Made it to 29 seconds in before it made me so freaked out that I had to turn it off.
    The rapture. And women’s clothing. Women’s clothing being a factor in the rapture. Why, sir, are you so obsessed with women’s clothing?

  23. This just sickens me. Why are we women made to be the villains? Men are told to love their wives, NOT judge and criticize and abuse and harrass their wives. I am SO glad that my husband is SO not like these arrogant IDIOTS.
    Do I ask my hubby’s opinions on some things ~ yes, mostly to make sure that I don’t look like a total dweeb while in public.
    But for this so called man of God to sit there and OUTLINE his own sexual deviancy and get amens while doing it is revolting. All those issues he made are ways in which he has problems and he needs counseling. NOT a woman’s fault.

      1. probably because if she tried to divorce him, or even have any form of seperation, she would be consigned to the Fires of Hell….

  24. Wow, this guy is a straight-up pervert. He’s disgusting.

    (And if this is him “really trying to be appropriate,” I’d hate to see what he considers inappropriate. But at least he openly (and proudly) admits that he’s trying to body-shame women.

    Also, it’s not my job to stop other people from sinning.

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