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    1. “Would you like for me to have a pure heart? Well, you’re going to have to help me.” Are you kidding me? πŸ™„ Stuff Fundies Like: Blaming Women for Things They Need to Learn to Control Themselves.

        1. Sometimes I think they want us all to wear burqas. I’ve even heard some say we shouldn’t wear short sleeved blouses. We need to be entirely covered up lest we tempt them to sin in their thought lives. Yes it’s always the woman’s fault.

          I think fundy men think women are just plain evil. It’s a form of misogyny (woman hatred). Why can’t they take responsibility for their own thoughts? If you’re a woman in fundy-land you’re d*mned if you do and d*mned if you don’t. It’s always the woman’s fault.

          If a woman wears tight or revealing clothing, and a man lusts, it’s her fault.

          If a man wears a tight open shirt and he has a hairy chest or if he fills his pants in a pleasing way to the female eye, and she lusts, it’s her fault. Why you wicked woman you. You hussy you. It’s not the man’s fault it’s your fault, you’re not supposed to have lustful thoughts! Leave that to the men!

          Blah! πŸ‘Ώ

        2. “I think fundy men think women are just plain evil. It’s a form of misogyny (woman hatred).”

          EXACTLY. This is why that even years after fundyland, I STILL question myself over minute details, like if something I said was too loud, too attention-drawing, etc.

        3. You really can’t win! At the end there, he started yelling at the women who do dress according to his ideals. Pretty much assuming that if you wear a skirt to your toes, then you probably read Harlequin romances and “dress like a whore inside”. There’s no hope.

        4. Frankly, it’s just another thing Fundamental Christianity has in common with Fundamental Islam: women are the problem–cover them up and keep them quiet.

        5. Indeed, it is misogyny.

          My question is: How do these men go out into the real world where women wear tank tops and shorts and open-toed sandals and skinny jeans and skirts that do not reach the knee?

          Do the heads of these fundamentalist men explode?

          Do their eyes pop out of their heads?

        6. Um, Doctor, my own understanding, and admittedly limited experience, tell me that no, THOSE are not the physical reactions weirded-out lustful fundies have…. 😳

        7. LOL! They don’t go out in the real world, silly! At least, my former pastor never did – he always had pizza delivered and his wife did all the grocery shopping.

  1. All I want to know is, how did Jeff Owens get my mailing address, why does he think I know or remember him, and when will he stop inviting me to every pointless, stupid, misinformed, misguided, unscriptural, hidebound, legalistic, self-aggrandizing, self-serving function at his so-called church? Oh, I guess I do want to know one more thing: can his wife possibly be happy?? πŸ‘Ώ

      1. Or all of the above. She has to be delusional, just to stay with him, let alone allow,him to touch her, and like every other screaming fundy I have ever known personally, he probably does live a double life. All that time serving as Jack Hyles’ alter ego had to do SOMETHING to him… That reminds me… wasn’t there some sort of mini-tempest back in the day, over whether or not this bozo or Schaap would succeed Jack Hyles, after JH’s death?

        1. I think so. I cannot find any record of by googling it. Perhaps it was discussed at the time in the FFF, but I simply cannot stomach that forum.

        2. I’ve heard this, supposedly he was slated to become Hyles’ successor but his son in law Jack Schaap was chosen instead. Like it makes a whole lot of difference. Both preach the same slop! πŸ‘Ώ

        3. tis accurate…at the time of Hyles death, Owens had the biggest adult SS class, and Schaap always publicly said he would succeed Evans at the college; they tried Owens as a college admin once Schaap was pastor, but it never worked. Now Owens supposedly has “one of America’s most exciting churches”

        1. I grew up hearing that we would disappear: there was no mention of clothes being left behind. When I read that idea in the “Left Behind” books, first I was amused; then I began to be grossed out. If only our bodies are raptured leaving behind EVERYTHING manmade, there may be some rather disgusting heaps scattered across the post-Ratpure landscape. (Sorry for going there.)

        2. Thanks, George, for turning “rapture” into “ratpure”. George and my agonizingly slow internet connection that makes my computer so SLOWLY respond to my keystrokes.

        1. Did you catch that line on the website – The Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church is a strong and growing work and is considered to be β€œOne of America’s Most Exciting Churches.”

          ROFL! Considered by whom? You’re cousin?

        2. LOL Yes, by his cousin, and by his wife, the pageant mom, who had BETTER think that, or ELSE…. (Jaws movie music in background)

    1. Well, wait till he gets started on how women sit, when they wear “trousers.”. Apparently we sit like men, and they can never quite decide if that made us lesbians or whores. Or both. πŸ™„

    2. Oh they think they have the answers for everything. You complain about being stuck with the so called “woman’s jobs” and you wish you were a man. I even heard one sanctimonious prig start quoting the verse that says “Why hast thou made me thus?” as though I were complaining about being born female instead of male. It’s easy for them to say. They glorify in being the head and making the woman the tail. They mistreat women by sticking them with the jobs they don’t want like nursery duty and if you complain it’s because you really want to be a man. πŸ‘Ώ

    1. Guessing he wears wifey’s undies at home. My experience is, the more they holler about their legalism, the higher the probability there’s a skeleton lurking in some dark dusty closet.

        1. That stuff has got to be so bad, though, that I question whether God would allow it to be played on the big jumbotrons of judgement. 😯

  2. 2:10 is very telling. Hyper sexualization of legs? Really? I didn’t realize that what hangs out if your unzipped is the same as a slit showing leg.

    4:05 WTH. Apparently its all about the women “protecting” the perverted men.

    6:20 Its been more than once that I’ve gotten ticked off cause I’m trying to read the words on some womens shirt, and I look like a shmo checking out her rack, but I’ve NEVER hoped it was in Braille.

    8:22 Wow. Yes. He does micromanage. But she likes it. . .

    This guy, more than likely has some secret he’s not telling us.

    1. “4:05 WTH. Apparently its all about the women β€œprotecting” the perverted men.”

      Your statement is full of horrid irony: protect the rapists, protect the adulterous MOGs, protect the pedophiles. A good woman puts any “negative” thoughts about her MOG out of her head and prays she will have a tender heart toward him.

      Sadly, they (meaning both male and female alike) can excuse this behavior and blame the victim for her clothing. It makes me sick.

      1. A discussion I had with a female relative after the 20/20 show about Tina Anderson:

        Relative: Not all IFB churches are like that.
        Me: Your very own daughter was molested by the youth pastor and it got swept under the rug. (He was a layman; she was 16 or 17 and often babysat for his kids.)
        Relative: Yeah, but she didn’t dress right when she went over there.

        I kid you not: that was her response about her OWN DAUGHTER.

        1. That is so tragic that it defies everything. That woman needs professional help, and how I pity her poor daughter! πŸ˜₯

        2. An asst pastor’s wife at my former fundy church blames rape victims if they were wearing pants. πŸ‘Ώ

        3. Incredible! Simply incredible! So now it’s the woman’s fault for being raped because she was “dressed wrong.” I’ve heard this slop before. If that’s so will someone tell me why nuns have been raped? And it seems a lot of muslim females still become rape victims in spite of their burkas. So it’s not in what a woman wears! πŸ‘Ώ

        4. If somebody is blaming girls who get raped for being in pants, that’s just plain stupid. Rapists (at least the serial kind) look specifically for women who are in easy-access clothing. Like, hmmmm… SKIRTS. Way easier access there.

        5. Sadly my mom was always a skeptic when she heard someone got raped. She would always say “You can’t rape the willing,” implying that if a woman got raped and she wasn’t knocked out, she must have wanted it to happen, otherwise she would have stopped it. πŸ™„

          That was one of the things that made me realize that fundyism is totally messed up.

        1. I love “democrat panties”. Yesterday, when my phone was giving me trouble, I called it a democrat phone. And if someone is difficult, they’re a democrat (if you knew my political beliefs this would be even funnier). So, this is my new thing. πŸ˜‰

    1. My wife was thinking…what if you were taking a shower, or what if you were in the act of…well you can guess. What would you be wearing then? Would every one think you were a whore and an immodest individual because you went up to heaven naked? Wasn’t it job that said, “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”

      My take on this….everyone should be naked at home. If he can be as ridiculous as he is. I can be equally so.

      1. “My take on this….everyone should be naked at home.”

        Please don’t give my husband any ideas. I can see him reading this, looking at me and his eyes lighting up and going, “Yeah!”. πŸ˜‰

    1. I gonna be good to myself today and not play it at all. I’ve been so encouraged in the Lord recently, and I’m not going to let that man’s narrow-minded, legalistic, guilt-tripping, cold-hearted condemnation get me down.

      When Christ returns, I will be dressed in the robes of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Jeans or jammies, leggings or lingerie, bathing suit or birthday suit – the focus will be Christ our Redeemer not my clothes.

      1. Exactly right! Not to mention that Heaven will be a place without sin. Therefore, if God deems that we should wear nothing in Heaven it will be fine because we will be glorified and sinless. I hate this fundy mindset that somehow sin follows us into Heaven. It’s just asinine!

        1. I’m sure he did that a long time ago, probably countless times. Thus the need to compensate by being a controlling douchebag. He could do everyone in his congregation a favor and resign and just buy a lifted F350 instead like every other guy with a small one does.

        2. Um, now I am scared… I am a female, and want a truck in the worst way! I always thought I wanted one so my life would be easier–hauling junk out of garage, bringing home new fun stuff! But now, I am worried by your comment that there is something Freudian going on here… 😳

      1. But his “apology” certainly didn’t stop him from using the slur in this video. You can say all the right things and act the right way and still be filthy on the inside. Wait, didn’t he just say that?

      2. He did say something about not listening to the “whores and fags in Hollywood” – at which point I stopped listening to this because that kind of hate speech has no place in anything related to the name of Christ and I certainly won’t be party to listening to it come out of some asshole’s mouth.

  3. As usual…not one scripture reference about how a woman should dress, just references to verses ripped right out of context.

    This is more about his sexual deviation and tyranny over his wife than anything.


    1. Bingo!

      I suspect such misogynist pastors will eventually have a really bad news headline attached to their name in the future.

      He obviously has some real issues.

  4. Lol This was great. I love the last few moments where he points out that if you do actually dress modestly then you probably have an evil heart or lizard tounge. Damned if you do, damned of you dont.
    I can picture him sitting at home coming up with this message and getting “worked up” thinking about slits, Braille, tight tops ect. LOL
    My ex was addicted to porn and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t slits in skirts and writing on t-shorts that got him there. If a man has a dirty mind it doesn’t matter what the woman is wearing…he will think that way.

  5. Oh no, that’s the first thing I thought when I saw this topic. I did not listen to it. I saw that it was part 3 then went to you tube and see there are FOUR parts of this, and it seems to have added up to a full length sermon.

    This is one of my biggest beefs in fundy-ism. Everything is about the male, the females are ignored or shoved under the rug UNTIL they start blabbing about dress standards. Then suddenly it ALL becomes about the female. How wicked it is to wear pants since they are men’s clothing. Did it ever occur to them that when the Bible was written NO ONE was wearing pants? Then how wicked it is to wear tight clothing, short skirts, low cut necklines and the dreaded evil slit in the skirt. Then how all our motives for dressing wrong (in their opinion) is because we’re trying to lure men into sin. This is such BS!

    If they talk about men’s dress standards at all, it may be that men dress sloppy or too casual and don’t you know they should be in a suit and tie 24/7? But never about how they may dress sexy to entice the female since we’re not supposed to have a sex drive? Why then would women dress sexy to entice a male? What good does it do if we have no sex drive?

    This Jeff Owens is my now former fundy pastor’s friend and has been to my now former church several times to preach in soul winning conferences. His wife accompanied him two years ago and did a session for the ladies. It was more of your normal guilt tripping garbage about how we’re not supposed to be human, we’re supposed to forget our problems and always paste a smile on our faces and if we’re suffering from PMS or change of life issues or whatever, just paste that smile on your face and never let them know you’re in pain! I did not go to this year’s soul winning conference last month, as I was on my way out of this church, I think his wife again accompanied him and spoke to the ladies but I wasn’t there. πŸ™‚

    Owens was Hyles’ right hand man for many years. No wonder my former pastor loved him, he loved Hyles and even now 10 years after Hyles’ death can not make it through a sermon without mentioning him and always in glowing terms. πŸ™„

    1. They could preach about men wearing three-piece suits in order to impress others or to look better than others; after all, if he knows that a woman’s motivation when wearing jeans is because she wants to be a man or tempt men, then couldn’t he assume that a man dressing in a “power suit” wants to look successful, powerful, and thus worldly?

  6. Let’s pretend he’s right; that will require willful suspension of disbelief. What exactly does he propose is the solution for heart wickedness that shows up in our actions? Apparently the mercy of God towards sinners will not suffice in producing repentance for this guy but lambasting, belittling and basically abusing women will do what exactly? I’m ready to slit my wrists after 10 minutes. I feel sorriest for any children he influences.

  7. So much crap, it’s hard to pick what he said that annoyed me the most. I would REALLY hate to be his wife. I mean, seriously, can you imagine: “Honey, is this outfit okay for me to wear?” Of course, wouldn’t most husbands prefer that their wives wore something attractive rather than a long sack dress?!? πŸ˜‰

  8. I can’t view the video (work computer) but I’m sure I’m very familiar with the rhetoric. I can feel my stomach start to churn just thinking about all the times I heard garbage like this.

    I kinda wish that at least once, I’d have worn shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops to one of their gatherings just for the looks on their faces. :mrgreen:

    1. And if you did that they’d all smirk thinking about how backslidden you were, how leaving their fundy influence has changed you for the worse. They’d all sanctimoniously sit there congratulating themselves on staying IN where they will never be tempted to dress like a harlot (in their eyes). πŸ™„

      Others may secretly be jealous of your freedom to dress as you please. πŸ˜€

    2. My wife’s IFB church used to get very edgy when I started making her wear jeans when she’d ride to church with me on my motorcycle. Saftey was the easiest argument there though and they’d not quite gotten bold enough to tell me to stop letting her ride with me. πŸ™„

    3. Toward the end of my time in fundyland (the last several years) I just kind of wore whatever I wanted. Nothing was said to me, but then I wasn’t involved in ministries either. πŸ™

      1. I stopped wearing my suits and ties due mostly to the fact that I wore them every single day at work in DC. They used to make smart comments to me indicating their disapproval but I couldn’t care less. I intentionally asked my wife to begin wearing dress pants so it would be made known where we stood. Obviously we’re not there now. πŸ˜‰

      2. It’s a whole different ballgame when you’re involved in one of the ministries. Then you have to sign one of their idiot papers that you will live up to their impossible standards like going “soul winning” every week, not going to the theatre, not smoking or drinking, and of course the fundy dress standard. Since you’re supposed to be an example and a leader etc, etc, ad nauseum. πŸ™

        1. You’re spot on. Those stupid “forms” were the primary reason I started dropping all the ministries I was doing for their church. I was tired of sweating in a suit and tie sitting at the piano without adequate AC and then being expected to play “evangelistically” and not be allowed to at least remove my coat! πŸ‘Ώ

          Or worse…soulwinning in that garb in the Louisiana summer heat. 😯 πŸ‘Ώ

  9. 1. Darrell truly does hate us.
    2. All ladies taken up in the rapture should have floral print dresses, ankle length, high neck, no slit, heavy weighted slip, bandaids (for Don’s convictions)and HAC hairstyles. This will completely supercede the “corruptible putting on incorruption.”
    3. Since everyone in heaven is a 33 year old male, zippers are required.
    4. We will dress ourselves and do hem checks in heaven.
    5. Apparently those who preach might want to consider they might be preaching in heaven also, and therefore should mind how they preach here on earth.
    6. The young men “guffawing” (sp) in the crowd are probably still virgins.
    7. The ladies in the crowd who have a brain and know what he is saying is out of control are looking around the room at the men in number 6 and realize that is the group that will be wooing them. They break down into silent tears.
    8. Others surrounding number 7 ladies realize they are under deep conviction and offer to go to the alter call with them when it is given.
    9. Preacher counts those at the alter.
    10. Revival is reported in SOTL.

    I really cannot stand this type of stuff. Thanks Darrell. You are swell.

  10. I was about half-way through and had to turn it off when my daughter came into the room. I don’t want her to hear this crap. I want her to dress modestly, not Amishly. I don’t want her to have hangups about her body like I did b/c of creeps like this. The crack about how he’s seen the women’s legs and they shouldn’t wear ankle bracelets… EXACTLY – He uses his pastoral authority to check out EVERY single one of them – just to use for sermon illustrations. Suuurrrre. πŸ™„

  11. I only got one minute in. WHAT? IF he goes up in the rapture, he thinks he is going to be interested in what everyone else going up was WEARING when they were at HOME? WHAT? Did I get that right? I can’t listen again to be sure. It is too early and there isn’t enough coffee.

    1. There isn’t enough ipecac, my friend, there isn’t enough ipecac. You really do NOT have to listen to any more of it. You KNOW what he says. We heard it enough.

      1. I was going to go up and read the comments and then maybe listen to the rest of it and by the time I got back up to where it was I decided I like myself today and I don’t need to hear this creep-o’s opinions. It would be different if I were face to face with him and could answer his ridiculous words with my own (or maybe pull up my shirt and flash my beautiful girls at him) but I usually use that one as a last resort. (p.s. I am kidding about flashing him… there was a day I would have but not since the last two kids)

        1. Well, think of all the times you did that at HAC, and it never taught any of those Bozos anything… Keep the girls where they belong. Owens is not worth it. πŸ˜‰

        2. HAHA! I WISH I had had the nerve to do it at HAC (when the girls were still at their pre-baby finest) I was practically afraid to MOVE the whole four years I was there. I remember EVERY SINGLE dress and skirt I owned and each potential stumble point of every one of them. I can’t bend over too far in this skirt, it might ride up, and I can’t kneel down in this one it might cup my booty, and I can’t lean in with this blouse on without holding my hand nonchalantly at the neck so nobody can peek in, and I better keep my arms down with this one so nobody gets a glimpse into the armpit area… Yeah, I was a TOTAL mess, taking the girls out for air never even occured to me back then.

        3. Although now that I think about it, I did breastfeed there on the campus. In someone’s office. Once. I don’t remember whose office it was… I was PETRIFIED someone might come in and “catch” me doing it. Wow… all those great memories could have been lost forever if I hadn’t found this site and gotten the opportunity to stroll down memory lane each morning with you guys! πŸ˜€

    2. not enough coffee? More like there isn’t enough alcohol…

      this video so reminds me of the fundy church I was forced to go to in high school (long story), without the hatred he is spewing.

  12. Well, this fully met my expectations… several bad experiences hearing this man “preach” – realized later that I never heard him teach the Scripture; EVERY “message” I heard from him was based on one word or phrase in one verse that was merely a launching point. (Example: he will take the verse about the ground shaking when Jesus was crucified and than talk about things that should “shake” up Christians. See? The word “shake” was in the Scripture, and he spoke about “shaking”, so it must be a “Bible” message).

    At the very end of the video, it is clear that this “message” is from when he was still at HAC.

    1. He absolutely always preaches just like Jack Hyles: take one word from the Bible, remove it completely from the original context, then make it what you want. Supposedly John R. Rice even called Jack Hyles on occasion and said, I am trying to print one of your sermons in this Week’s SOTL. Can you give me a Bible verse for it, because it is personal philosophy. Jack Hyles TOLD that from the pulpit, bragging about it and laughing. And oh, yes, his audience laughed right along with him. πŸ™

  13. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. If he doesn’t like that, maybe he’s the one who needs to talk to God about it. I’ll keep my slits, tyvm, and rear my sons to respect women enough not to ogle them even if they’re walking down the street nude.

    How d’you like them apples?

  14. I DO like them apples. Recently I was at a beach baptism with my son who just turned 17 and there were two teenage girls there (not in our group, just enjoying the beach) who were very pretty and wearing VERY tiny swimsuits. I watched my son to see if his eyes followed them and he did look for a moment, and then he looked away from them and didn’t act like they were dressed any differently than anyone else there. I was proud that I have raised a son with the self control to not act like a total fool in a public place. You can’t keep them from ALL the girls who refuse to wear the burqua.

      1. Since I grew up in a fundy church on the west coast the youth group there NEVER went to the beach or Disneyland or any place where they couldn’t control the dress code of other people. I tried to imagine how some of the fundy boys would have acted in the same situation and I think it would have either been what you said, or they would have tried to “witness” to them in order to get a closer look. That is, if they had ever gone to a place that might have had such a woman present.

  15. i love how he says that men love slits and that he says not to wear ankle braclets cuz it draws attention to the legs and then says he has looked at thier legs and they are not that nice….

  16. Okay, so let me get this straight, his voice has barely changed, and he’s publicly admitting that he checks out every women in the church right in front of his wife, God, and everyone. Got it.

    And, I hate to inform him, but rapes have to do with power and a sick mind than lust over what someone is wearing. You can wear a burga, and if someone is intent to commit a rape, he’s going to do it (or attempt to) anyway (this is common law enforcement knowledge). Speaking of which, I challenge this guy to call my HF hen-pecked (I’d just warn him not to be mad when HF laughs at him and calls him something that would make even HIM blush).

    I wonder if his wife inspects his clothes before he leaves. After all, doesn’t the Bible say that his body belongs to her? Just wondering.

    Okay, so scantly clad women aren’t cool, but modest women aren’t either. So…. the only other option is not to show up at his church at all…..

    Hey!!! πŸ˜›

    1. “And, I hate to inform him, but rapes have to do with power and a sick mind than lust over what someone is wearing.”

      This is true, but as you may have figured out, fundy rules haven’t got to do with facts, knowledge, statistics, clear thinking, or Biblical exegesis.

  17. 1. If there really was going to be a rapture, I don’t think anyone will be concerned about what anyone else is wearing.

    2. I’m convinced that MOGs who are so vehement about women’s clothing have a deep, dark fetish of some sort and they’re projecting.

    3. I can’t even get past the first minute.

  18. Listening to this “preacher” has me wondering if he has a problem keeping “himself” in his pants. Ever realize how when anything goes wrong it’s always the woman’s fault…even in the Garden of Eden, it was the woman’s fault. Toward the end it talks about how women want to think they are men..maybe if some men would act like men maybe the woman wouldn’t have to take on those responsibilities. I have know men in IFB circles (my ex included) that were lazy and they made the woman work and bring in th paycheck plus take care of all the house duties. I got so tired of how I was supposed to dress and act and NOTHING was said about the men’s responsibilities and dress. double standard i think

  19. I listened to the whole thing. I shouldn’t have, but I did. And I got what I deserved.

    That whole ten minute “message” felt so much like listening to a man list out his fantasies. His comment about t-shirts with words on them offended me especially; no one except his filthy mind ever thought such a thing. Now that he’s implanted his fantasy in his audience, however, that’s ALL they’ll think of, and HIS perversions become the new normal in his church.

  20. To me, the most significant thing when it comes to dress codes is that it is always about what women wear and never about men. If a woman adheres to the standard IFB definition, they would definitely be identifiable in any public place – shopping malls, resteraunts, etc. However, nothing about the IFB dress code would ever make the men different. It is certainly a fair criticism to compare the bunch to the Taliban.

    1. Actually, that was kinda the point I was trying to make with my post a few line up. I admit I was getting sidetracked from the OP but the IFBs I ran with def had high standards for the men as well…just not nearly as crazy as they did for the women.

      I FINALLY get to dress comfortable in the summer without somebody at church trying to tell me what I can and can’t wear. πŸ™„

      My wife doesn’t have to live with that constant pressure either. She no longer worries if she’ll run into some church bozo around town and be the subject of a sermon on Sunday.

      Believe it or not but there are men out there who can’t stand to wear ties and dress clothes all the time. πŸ˜‰

    2. Over at The Slacktivist (in comments that probably got lost in the transfer to Patheos), Fred Clark quoted a passage in Left Behind describing what the Antichrist wore to show that he was an All-Around Well Groomed Good Guy Everybody Should Trust. Suit of a certain color, particular type of tie, heavy gold ring, etc.

      Nobody in the real world dresses like that except car salesmen in certain areas, actors portraying mob bosses, and TV preachers.

  21. Read all the comments and realized most didn’t watch it all, don’t know why I did, anyway, towards the end I think he gets a dig in on those “hussies” with short hair.

  22. It is a woman’s fault if a man lusts after her?
    It is a woman’s fault if a man cannot control his thoughts?
    It is a woman’s fault if she gets raped when she is not dressed fundy? Did I hear that correctly?

    This guy needs serious help. I recommend repeated smackings with a KJV that has been bronzed.

  23. “And then there are those hypocrites in here who wear their dresses down to the floor and are like the mud-flaps on an 18-wheeler.” — Why? Why would ANY woman subject herself to sitting under demeaning insults made exponentially worse because it’s supposedly done in God’s name? Just LEAVE, people. This isn’t love. This isn’t graciousness or humility or compassion or kindness. This isn’t Jesus.

  24. He said that his wife said, “Honey, I don’t ever want to wear anything that would embarrass you.”

    Why doesn’t he ever say, “Honey, I don’t ever want to SAY anything that would embarrass YOU”?

    1. Because, PW, that would involve humility, and humility is something this bozo has never tasted. What I love is, that our God turns it all upside down. He says he resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

  25. The take-away from this is that women are disgusting. Their most disgusting feature is their sexuality.

    Also, women who want to look attractive to men secretly wish they were men. That is so twisted I am not sure Freud could untangle it.

    As any good fundy knows, in the only Biblical example of a state of perfection-the garden of Eden, Eve wore a burqa. πŸ™„

    1. The takeaway from the takeaway is that this preacher either thinks he should be able to switch his libido on and off like a garbage disposal and blames everyone else because he can’t do this impossible thing–or else has to grit his teeth to do his duty to his wife and would be a lot happier going to bed with a man.

  26. He uses the phrase “lizard-tongued Jezebel”, which is a fairly distinctive way of wording things. What I find odd is that the only other fundy mog that I have heard use this exact same phrase is Phil Kidd. I was under the impression that Kidd and the Hyles crowd never, ever mingled. Apparently there has been some cross-contamination.

      1. Owens used to feed Kidd tapes to HAC preacher boys, until he found out that Kidd hated his idol (and employer, Hyles). So, yes, Owens copied many of Kidd’s one-liners during that time

  27. He makes it sound like after the rapture we will all be sitting around in some massive theater munching on popcorn watching everyone’s life come to pass on the Jack Chick Memorial Big Screen Megatron TV. Complete with individual voting devices so we can we can and judge them along with God. (God: “Let’s see what the audience says about that sin. Audience, lock in your vote now. Oh!, too bad the audience says you are guilty as hell.. Thanks for playing! Angels, take her away. Next!”)

    According to the way Owens describes it, we will be treated to what amounts to a celestial, voyeuristic porno flick complete with “boom-chicka-wow-wow” sound-tracking. He seems to be looking forward to this event with orgasmic relish.

    Owens: “oooo, did you see that?” boom-chicka-wow-wow “My goodness she could do THAT??
    “sure am glad this is popcorn is “buttered.” “Ohhhh, y-e-a-h!” 😯

    1. We SAID, in a previous post, that the fundies preach the slide-show version of Heaven, and have apparently never read Romans 8:1. Like Don in the above post, they seem to relish the entire idea… really, Don, the buttered popcorn comment… πŸ™„


        1. I had a fundy preacher who insisted that if you had the grace to blush, there was hope for you yet. Breathe easy, Don.


    2. I am pretty sure my highlight reel will include the following play by play

      “Good form, a little rough on the landing, he may have to settle for the bronze”

        1. (fanning self furiously) My poor widder’s face is all flushed! You boys behave now, hear? 😳

  28. This is kind of a tangent, but this rant relates to something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve attended 3 universities–one in Fundystan, one in the realm of “Liberal” Christianity, and now a state university. I am a woman.

    In Fundystan, my gender classified me as a second-class citizen automatically. I’ve never felt more objectified in my life (except for when I worked at Fundy Camp). At Fundy U, I learned that basically my entire body is one giant sex organ and must be concealed in shame.

    At “Liberal” Christian U, my gender made me a desired being, almost super-human. I was expected to dress modestly for the sake of my Christian brothers, but that did not stop their eyes from wandering south of my face no matter what I wore. I was still, for the most part, classified as a sexual being.

    Now at “Godless-Heathen-State-U”, I’m amazed to discover that more often than not, I’m classified as human first and a female second. Of course, there are animalistic males who make no effort to conceal the fact that they see only my female parts. But for the most part, I’ve met men who view me as an equal–no more, no less. What I wear really doesn’t matter. They listen to my ideas and discuss them with me. I’m a person, not a body. It never fails to amaze me that *this* is where I’m experiencing this kind of respect–where supposedly all is carnality and wickedness. Sure, there’s all kinds of stuff going on here, but in the classroom I’m treated the way I think Jesus wants us to treat each other.

    At this public university, people treat me with respect regardless of how I’m clothed. This is the first time in my LIFE I have experienced such kindness and good will. And from “heathens.” Oh, the irony.

    1. I find your observations sad. How disappointing that the more liberal Christian college did not provide a good atmosphere for women. I expected the fundy college to treat women horribly, cause that’s how they roll.

  29. You all should check out Part 1 of this sermon. This guy established his cult-like atmosphere straight from the beginning. He starts off with naming a Bible verse he’s going to read, but then he tells his audience not to turn there. I guess he’s afraid they’re going to read the context and ignore what he says.

    Oh, and he also told them not to take any notes. If anyone misses it, they need to get the tape.

    Then he started off the “sermon” with a whole bunch of Scripture on why the Bible is true, and right, and basically trying to establish a basis for people to respond to him with “yes” or “no” about everything he says. A lot of what he says in the beginning is stuff that most Fundies can’t argue with, but then he gets into the wacko stuff later.

    1. “He starts off with naming a Bible verse he’s going to read, but then he tells his audience not to turn there.”

      IMHO, that is a big red flag right there. If you’re worried about your congregation reading what the word of god really says that tells me your sermon’s gonna have holes my hubby could drive his pickup through. Even the fundy preachers I sat under as a kid made a point of telling us to turn to the passage he was reading and read along. Again IMHO, this douche isn’t worth the time it would take to recycle his phony seminary diploma.

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