FWOTW: ancientbaptistchurch.com

Todays’ FWOTW is a church website that has a little of everything.

Conflation of God and Country.

A color Trail of Blood chart

Pirated Movies! (At least I’m assuming that BJU hasn’t put Sheffy into the Public Domain yet)

Pirated Audio!

And oh, so much more!

Update: An alert reader has pointed out that we’ve actually seen this guy before: http://www.stufffundieslike.com/2010/03/fwotw-theoldpathsbaptist-com/. Evidently he’s gone from “oldpaths” to “ancientpaths” and actually has a church now instead of just raising support.

Update 2: Apparently, since this was posted all the video has been hidden or removed.

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  1. So I was going through the songs on his “free” mp3 player on the home page and I would like to point out that most of those are not “old time hymns”. Most seem to be CCM or Southern Gospel. Also, at least 3 of the songs were written by openly gay musicians. Well, 2 of them are openly gay and the third has confessed to have strong same gender attractions.

    1. What’s your point? How many of the songs on your iPod (or mp3 player) are written and sung by openly gay musicians? How many songs do you have that are CCM (whatever that is)? I haven’t looked at the site, but do they specifically slam homosexual musicians or CCM anywhere? If not, it sounds to me like you are simply trying to stir crap up.

      1. Sorry. I’m fresh out of CCM Jonathan…. All I’ve got is In Christ Alone by Owl City…. I think you should take a look at 30 Seconds to Mars, Sum 41, and 3 Days Grace…. Quality stuff….. 😀

        1. Also you miss the point completely. I don’t give a rat’s rear about Proctor and Gamble and their supposed Satanicness or whatever. I like my Old Spice deodorant. So I buy it. I buy things from Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. I don’t care about them supporting gays. I just like their clothes. I don’t really care what a company does. If they have a product that I need, I will purchase it. The point is that fundies do care, whereas I do not. What Eric was pointing out was that they’re not putting the normal fundy words into actions.

        2. “Also you miss the point completely”

          We would expect nothing less from Jonathan.

        3. Getting the point would preclude most of his griping opportunities.

          Gripers gripe. It’s just innate. 🙂

        4. Trollers troll? Idk. Workers work though, so I’mma miss the fun of today post until later. 😥

      2. I totally get what you’re saying Eric.They claim to ONLY use old time hymns “given to the saints” and they obviously let a lot of things fall under the category of “specials” that aren’t hymns. I’m sure that’s the least of their inconsistencies.

      3. @ Jonathan – Dude, settle down, go back and reread the post and then reread what I wrote. My point is simply that what their website claims is not what they are doing. You can’t claim to use only the “old time hymns” and then put up CCM and Southern Gospel songs. There is a huge mountain called hypocrisy. I have no issue with CCM, or Southern Gospel for the most part. In fact I enjoy certain songs and artists from both genres, but I don’t decry either of them while at the same time listening to them. As far as the homosexual artists, again my point it that your typical IFB church will bash anyone who is a homosexual using fear mongering and not the compassion of Jesus Christ, yet they don’t realize that there are homosexuals right in their midst.

        As far as my MP3 player, everything from preaching to Chris Tomlin, audio books to Sara Groves, Coldplay to Sovereign Grace, hymns to The Avett Brothers. Oh, and on occasion some Lecrae 😀
        But I don’t look down on what others listen to while I at the same time am listening to the very thing I’m judging others for having. I really thought I had made myself clear the first time, but I’m sorry that I wasn’t quite as clear as I should have been.

      4. @ Jonathan One more thing. In the future, before you start accusing me of “trying to stir crap up” go and look at the site and check your facts. Over and over again the site references “singing the old time hymns”. And when you take that, their position on KJV-onlyism, and this paragraph in their statement of faith, “We believe that believers ought to live holy, separated lives in this present ungodly world. They should avoid ungodly entertainment, ungodly apparel and ungodly practices. We are to come out from among the world and be separate from all neo-evangelicalism and ecumenicalism and to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them”, when I look at all that combined, I’m fairly confident that I know their position on CCM, SG music, and homosexuality.

        So again, I would appreciate it if you check things out yourself in the future before you start leveling accusations at me. Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

  2. I am not on the path pictured in the banner of this website. I am not on the right path 🙁

    1. Your path is probably post 1973. Seems authentic Old Path preaching coincides with the ending date of the Vietnam era draft for some odd reason. Pre 1973 preaching is the real thing! 😉

  3. “We are still standing the old time way as our Christian forefathers did 2000 years ago.”

    Because I’m sure Valentinus rented out a building that looks like it used to be a Mexican restaurant too.

  4. Ok, so I’m not Catholic. Displaying the Pope as Satan… Really? Completely uncalled for. Very “unchristian” I’d say. But that is coming from a hell bound NIV reader like myself. I’m offended for the Catholics and I know plenty who will be in heaven. Now Mormans on the other hand…..

    1. Mormons…and IFBers. You could throw a snowball down main street in hell and hit a baptist.

  5. my pastor preached a really good message on The Lord’s Prayer today and he only dealt with the first part. He actually is preaching a series on it expository style, i am so stoked.
    My pastor is slowly coming out of fundyland, he sees the hypocrisy.

    I say that because if I went to this dude’s church i would order a burrito, because it does, as said earlier, look like a mexican restaurant, plus it would be the only way I would get fed

  6. “Dan married his best friend outside of Jesus Christ in 2001.”

    Poor Dan had to go with his second choice after that whole embarrassing ordeal of Jesus saying no when he proposed on the jumbo-tron at the baseball field.

  7. I had to check this out for myself. I definitely saw “1st wife.” Most Marines have a 1st wife so he’s acknowledging it in advance. (I can say that since I’m a Marines 2nd – and last – wife.) I have represented Louisiana for SFL. And if you didn’t already know, Boise is the capitol of Idaho!!! What’s w/the slanted flattop? That is not a regulation haircut.

  8. I must not be on the wrong path…I had an ‘liquid libation to ease my frustration’ last week (first time in years-granted my arms went numb after the first sip through the straw), just watched the 5th Harry Potter movie (to get caught up before the final one in 3D, and tomorrow I am taking my son to a water park …..yep..most definitely on the wrong path 😈

  9. apparently too much liberation for me…I meant I must not be on the ‘right’ path 😳

  10. I was surprised to hear a female vocalist singing a beautiful rendition of “Up Calvary’s Mountain” when I clicked on one of the tabs. Odd juxtaposition with the theme-park feel of their website.

  11. When I start my church I am going to put a big picture of myself on the sign just like he did. After all it will be because of me that the church goes forward. I mean I am the man of God so I should get the glory right?

  12. I passed this guy on the 84 on ramp at Cole street the other day. He has magnetic stickers advertising his church on the side of his maroon Prius. He cut the guy behind me off…

  13. The website boasts of using the 1611 KJV, but the video shows a red letter edition of the 1769 revision of the KJV, and the verses shown in the video are from the 1769 revision.

  14. “Update 2: Apparently, since this was posted all the [pirated] video has been hidden or removed.”

    Gee, don’t ever do a post about GodTube. It’ll shut down completely. :mrgreen:

  15. I asked him about his churches denomination and he had this to say:

    I have no denomination or affiliation with any other religious organizations!
    I am a New-Testament local church in Boise, Idaho that holds to all the New-Testament doctrines taught by John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the faithful disciples of Christ up to this present day!
    I fellowship with any Saint who holds to the truth of God’s Holy Word & His Precious Holy Spirit!

    Thank you so much for your inquiry, may God bless & guide you is my prayer!

    Faithfully His Until He Comes,
    Bro. Dan Sherwood

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