David Benoit

Now it’s time for more from the halls of crazy people fundies love to have tell them about the devil’s nefarious plans to corrupt your children with action figures. Meet David Benoit, Christian, preacher, and freelance demon hunter.

His website reports “in the past several years, David has used his vast knowledge of the occult and the New Age movement to show how Satan is subtly gaining entrance into our families and our churches through seemingly harmless childrenโ€™s toys, movies and cartoons. He has authored four books on this subject.”

With as much as he’s opposed to all things fantasy, I’ll bet if we could look at his computer we’d find that he’s a closet night elf mohawk. I’m just sayin.

Now David himself might not be a fundamentalist, since he does apparently preach at non-denominational churches, but he’s definitely a something fundies like.

(video found at Christian Nightmares)

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    1. I’ve been refreshing the page as I’ve been getting ready, and then went to brush my teeth.

      One day…

    2. I had some friends who liked the band Demon Hunter. I bet this guy would claim that said band was possessed by the very things they claim to be hunting.

      1. I will say, the whole “first” thing has certainly run it’s course. You usually have to scroll down 3-4 comments before there’s anything with substance to read.

        1. That’s why the good Lord made scroll wheels. It’s really such a minor discomfort.

        2. The people who don’t like the “first” thing obviously have never BEEN first. It is a small price to pay to read through a couple self-congratulatory posts to get to the “good stuff” because I have hope that one day the honor will fall to ME. (Of course, being on the West coast just makes it MORE of a challenge, but also more sweet the victory when I finally DO get to be first)

        3. I’ve been first multiPle times. Not much of a thrill other than to break up the string of firsts with a “good morning” or a “priority post”.

        4. Rob, you switched from the IFB cult to the Mac cult. Tsk, tsk! Linux for the win!

  1. I remember watching this guy’s videos at my high school. He’s crazy, and the only people who didn’t realize it were the teachers. Wrestling-savvy students theorized that he was Chris Benoit’s less successful older brother.

  2. He says “real” means “real” but I doubt ANYONE has stopped any real enemies by using the binding spell found on the Hogwarts website.

    1. I’m a little underimpressed if that was Hogwarts’ Real graphics on their site.

      If he understands the storyline of Harry Potter, I would venture to guess Real reference is parallell to the story. Harry and his friends were in school learning spells as well as trying to fight real enemies that were trying to kill them.

    2. Ok, so this is a great example of what happens when you break up the context and pick certain words and define them apart from the context. Around 2:45 is where the quote from Hogwarts says, “Learn to duel against friends with gentle spells such as the tickling charm.”

      It is important to break up the quote at this point and plant an idea in the mind of the audience as to what is going to come next. At 3:02 the quote continues with, “Or even learn how to defeat real enemies with the full body bind spell!”

      The quote unbroken: “Learn to duel against friends with gentle spells such as the tickling charm, or even learn how to defeat real enemies with the full body bind spell!” So in context it is pretty easy to see that there are “practice spells” you do in friendly competition and “real spells” you would use against “real enemies”…in the game.

      Real means real and that is all real could ever possibly mean. At least when you take a single word and define it without context. If this is how he handles texts written for children I can only imagine how he butchers Scripture

  3. Not trying to be Debbie Downer or nothing but there are parts of what he is saying that are true. What I don’t like is the fact that he is promoting a lot of fear.

      1. I’ve had the wierd, unexpected privileged to dialogue with witches lately. It’s made me realize how much of my faith and belief is built on a bunch of ” I believe this because it’s all I’ve ever known.”
        Many of them are deeply into RPG games and carry strong occult ties.
        What I hate about what he is saying is that he paints a picture of a witch in such a stereotypical way- these people are not riding around on broom sticks, casting spells on Christians, waiting to sacrifice their children. He is teaching fear and for that I hate this video.

        1. You’ve never played any whitewolf RPGs then, like Hunter, Vampire, Werewolf. Or any Computer RPG’s like Diablo, Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment, Arx Fatalis. All of them are doused in occult imagery.

        2. like all the gangsta rappers wearing their bling crosses? using the imagery doesn’t mean intent.

      2. Ok light bulb moment. I just figured out what pulled me into fundamentalism in the first place. The IFB takes a truth, a small truth and mixes it with 99% fear and lies just like this guys idiotic video is…

        1. Bingo + IFB do a lot of the old demonizing people doing what they are actually doing (living in fantasy land). If you keep everyone focused on the dangerous evils around them they won’t notice your corruption, and bs.

  4. I’m telling you: once you’ve been to one of his services where he tells you all the hidden meanings in things, it’s difficult to find things that you can safely purchase after that.

    I remember one of his interesting services where he showed some cards from some sort of Oriental cartoon game and then he had to play some Ron Hamilton afterwards just to get the evil spirits to flee. I had a nightmare that night but it was about WalMart implanting chips in our hands and that has more to do with the End Times and not necessarily the occult. So, I don’t think it was because of David Benoit.

    1. Ha ha! It’s a good thing Titus makes his own video games. I just hope they don’t involve any accidental witchcraft of fantasy! Those things can sneak in so easily without any intent even? Maybe he should consider getting rid of all the computers & finding another pastime? ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. CMG, the next time you are blessed to go to one of his meetings, stand up and yell “FOR THE HORDE”. You’ll never have to go back, I guarantee it.

  5. I can’t believe he is still around. I heard him several times through the years when we were still fundies.

  6. My mom used to be convinced that my sister and I were possessed because we didn’t have good attitudes all the time. As we all know, bad attitudes = rebellion. Rebellion = witchcraft. Witchcraft = demon possession. She would keep us in a room for hours asking “What are you thinking about?” “What are you seeing?” and she would pray to “bind a hedge” around the demons inside us… good times. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    1. “she would pray to โ€œbind a hedgeโ€ around the demons ”

      You know that’s exactly what necromancers do when they’re drawing a magic circle on the floor. They call on angels and whatnot to do the work of protection.

      You know the exorcism ritual, casting out in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost? A fair amount of medieval necromancy was from people deciding that was putting such power to waste, and deciding to change it from a banishment to “in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost, I command you, demon, to get me a sandwich/a wife/wealth/knowledge/a lost item”.

      1. Rather, what necromancers *did*. In the past. When this was cutting-edge theo-technology.

        Not that it ever worked. If magic ever worked, I’m confident it would have been adopted for military use. Simply being able to conjure clean water and food would have provided a massive advantage to an army on the march or in a siege situation, in a time when poor sanitation meant that disease often killed more of your own troops than combat did.

        1. During the U.S. Civil War, far more people died of illness than from combat wounds.

        2. I believe you have to include infection with illness for it to be larger than direct combat deaths in the Civil War.

      2. I said it before, anything more entertaining than the fundy sermon is suspect, and that makes everything. Professional jealousy is rampant in fundyland.

  7. I want to know: is one of the first questions cops ask suspects whether or not they play fantasy games?

    1. Of course it is, cause all cops know that’s the ONLY reason anyone would kill anyone else. I bet Cain played a rogue.

    2. Ok folks, we are going to do a little fantasy, role- playing here. Come with me as I create a scenario that we can watch from afar โ€ฆ

      โ€ฆ police sirens are heard. Screeching tires and slamming car doors indicate the police have finally arrived. The neighbors had heard yelling, screaming and loud thumps coming from the neighborโ€™s house all morning. The police slowly approach the front door and knock.

      Man in house: โ€œGet off my property or Iโ€™ll shoot youโ€

      Fast-forward two hours. After a tense stand-off with a SWAT team, the man opens the door to let the police in. The police are greeted by a grisly sight. There is a man lying on the floor surrounded by blood. Another man is covered in blood splatter and holding a baseball bat with dried blood on it. The police office pulls his gun and screams:


      The blood soaked man replies, โ€œUhhh, no sir, I havenโ€™t.โ€

      The cop replys โ€œDARN IT ANSWER ME!?!? TELL ME THE TRUTH!! HAVE_YOU_BEEN_PLAYING_RPGโ€™S?!?!โ€

      The blood soaked man replys again, โ€œNo man, I told you, Iโ€™m not even into RPGโ€™s.โ€

      The cop wipes the sweat that had beaded up on his brow and holsters his gun, whichhad been trained on the blood soaked man. โ€œWell thank goodness, son. You had us real worried there.โ€

      Scene fades โ€ฆ.


        (A real pencil & paper RPG, by the way.)

    3. Scene shimmers back into focus โ€ฆ.

      Cop: โ€œIs that Justin Bieber playing on the stereo?โ€

      Blood drenched suspect: โ€œYeah it is. Why do you ask?โ€

      The police officer redraws his gun at this point, sure of what he initially suspected: The man before him is the anti-christ.

        1. Maybe it could be part of the “god’s not dead” movie series.

    4. Cops would not ask anything like that. Once cops have found the perp, if it’s clearly an unbalanced person, psychologists would ask those kinds of questions to determine how strong or weak a grasp on reality someone has. Cops ask questions to throw you off balance so they can get a feel for what you are trying to hide or be defensive about.

      1. Oh, hop off your literal horse and join the rest of us in fanta- err, make-believe fun land! ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. Oh yeah, I was subjected to a Benoit chapel service @ PCC in the early 90s. His obsession then was troll dolls w/fluorescent hair. The story was that a little girl (maybe 5-7) who had the dolls in her room woke up screaming at night telling her parents that “someone was doing sexual things to her.” According to the parents, there was no way she could have known about “sexual things.” The troll dolls were removed, and the little girl slept through the night w/o nightmares. I’m sorry, but if my child told me that “sexual things” were happening to her during the night, I would have called the police before a self-proclaimed exorcist.

    I remember the guy next to me and I trying not to laugh when he began ranting about the band Chicago. In reference to the song Hard Habit to Break, he said, “everyone knows what that’s talking about.”

    On the other hand, I purchased a small spa in ’02 and found out that it had been “blessed” by some New Age minister. There were crystals over every door and demon looking frog figurines w/red eyes in every room. Nothing spookey happened, but the objects made me feel uncomfortable, so I removed them.

    1. It’s just like Fundies to latch onto something about 25 years after everybody else is tired of it. The troll dolls were big when I was a small child, in the 60s. The 90s version was a revival of the fad driven by nostalgic baby-boomer parents. I never had one, but I think they were meant to be cute, not scary.

    2. You are saying I just need to get a troll doll and leave it in my room overnight? I’ve been going about this all wrong all these years?

      1. If that worked, troll dolls would be flying off the shelves. The concession to sell them would be a license to print money.

      2. Tears are streaming down my face from laughter! The next craze in adult stores – troll dolls. For married people only. ๐Ÿ˜†

    3. I was at that chapel service too! I just remember him turning a picture of Yoda upside down and trying to say Yoda was the devil. That may have been the beginning of the end for me ๐Ÿ˜†

    4. So that’s the guy! I saw that troll video at a youth group service. I was not buying it. Gotta find that one on youtube.

    5. I collect old toys and have a few troll dolls. If he knew the story of the guy who created them, then this would be a big MythBusters “BUSTED”.

    6. If I knew where he lived, it would be my delight to put trolls on his doorstep and in his yard every night like they were creeping up on him. I’d be like an episode of Doctor Who.

      1. Someone should dress them in little camo suits and give them little toy guns too.

        1. Man that would be funny. Way better than TP-ing someone’s house, Troll-ing his house.

  9. “Now David himself might not be a fundamentalist, since he does apparently preach at non-denominational churches, but heโ€™s definitely a something fundies like.”

    In my area, many have become “non-doms” because the fundies are just too too liberal!

    1. I knew I wasn’t insane that I knew this name from somewhere…music nerd that I am.

    2. I know, I was all, “I really like David Benoit; he plays some good jazz piano…oh, wait a minute.”

  10. This is what you get when your theology is heresy. Sin is not “out there” trying to get at me, and it’s not as if I can just stay far enough away from “sinful things” so they won’t contaminate me.

    Sin is not a thing. It’s a brokenness or twistedness of what is good. And *I* am sinful, not those things out there.

    And I think all that’s needed to chase those demons away is a little Haldol. He’d feel much better.

    1. Exactly! My fundy ex-MIL was always fretting over how she “lost” her children when she sent them to IFB school rather than homeschooling, because they were exposed to so much sin. (??? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ) She has blamed every problem in my ex’s life on his teenage porn problem (which she tried to make sure I could never find out about…) No one can convince her that the porn addiction was a SYMPTOM of a heart problem, and not the CAUSE of it. Obviously, with this kind of mentality, they were never allowed to play any video games or watch any tv because of all the “sin” that might penetrate them. Hey, maybe I should suggest to her that he might have been possessed by demons! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

      1. Porn problem wasn’t limited to his teenage years. Turns out men always like to look at women. They (women) don’t even have to be undressed. It’s true. At least I’ve heard it’s true… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Seems like I recall Benoit preaching about some porn-crazed dude who drove his car through the front of a convenience store to steal the magazines.

        2. My grandma drove her car into the booth of a drive-in bank, and she had no intention of stealing any magazines at all. She was just a lousy driver.

  11. Dude! I love Demon Hunter! I saw them live last summer, it was pretty hardcore ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. They are pretty awesome. It’s cool that you got to see them because they don’t tour much.

  12. Oh man. Mom told me that her associate pastor (one of my former schoolmates who later went to HAC) brought this guy in. She thought he was completely off his rocker, and apparently the pastor did as well. He never came back.

  13. I seriously question his assertion that the FIRST thing cops ask someone in a murder investigation is “do you play fanstasy video games?” Sounds like a better question might be, “Did you kill this person?” But what do I know…. I’m no cop! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now, I do believe that it’s possible that SOME people who are highly suggestible MAY be inclined to behave more violently or aggressively after spending hours playing violent video games. Psychological studies have shown such an effect on certain personality types. However, I feel that it has nothing to do with the occult whatsoever, and much more to do that that person’s psychological makeup.

    Oops, I talked about psychology. Well, THAT argument is out as far as fundies are concerned! Guess it must be demons after all. ๐Ÿ™„

      sorry, I was channeling my lvl 85 fury warrior.

      1. And that wouldn’t scare me if Blizz hadn’t taken away my bubble/hearth… ๐Ÿ™

      2. Since I lived with that game for 5.5 years, i think i have to buy it a ring.

    2. You can be sure that if any police investigators do ask a question like that, they have been listening to this nut case and his intellectual kindred.

      Police are about as subject as anyone else to believing far-fetched urban legends and myths.

      1. They edit that out. Now if you watch “Live PD” you might see that.

  14. Somehow, I doubt many folks here will be willing to follow this link but I’ll throw it out anyway:


    I have to tell you that Kerr Cuhulain (a Pagan police officer in Canada) has written some absolutely excellent articles, complete with research references, about some of the so-called “demon hunters” of Christianity. Many of these idiots are themselves, clinically insane; their stories/books have been proven false, yet those in fundyland still cling to their lies (Dr. Rebecca Brown and Lauren Stratford).

    Benoit and his ilk are hell bent on keeping people afraid. People who are afraid are easier to control and manipulate. If you believe that a troll doll will cause the rising of a succubus/incubus to feed on your flesh and soul just as soon as the lights go out, then there’s something seriously wrong with you- not the local Toys ‘R’ Us.

    1. I’m with Paul on this one: Idols have no power of their own. They exist only in people’s minds. Images of stone or wood, or, nowadays, plastic, can’t do anything. People who believe that they are alive and have a will are falling into idolatry.

    2. I’ve actually spent quite a lot of time on that website. Glad to hear I’m not the only one on this board who likes it.

    3. Fear also gives you a thrill ride. And you get to look down your nose at the heathens.

  15. ……… I love my RPGs.

    Dragon Age:Origins/Awakening, Dragon Age 2, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Final Fantasy…. Never got into WOW cause I’m poor. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ But League of Legends looks fun… I’mma give it a shot.

    Also on the topic of demon hunters…. Constantine was an epic movie. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    1. LoL’s a DotA clone. It’s cool because it’s [mostly] free to play. The downside of that is that if you don’t spend money on it, you’ll be relegated to playing the same 7 characters every time. Also, the matchmaking system is more likely to match you with incompetents against a premade, so if you’re not playing with friends, prepare to lose a lot.

    2. You should check out the game on my link. I’ve been playing it for 5 years and still love it. How many games do you know where you can be a Sauceror smiting your foes with a stream of cold catsup? Or a shieldbutting Turtle Tamer?

    3. The classic D&D, though I played some Shadowlore. Time has significantly limited my RPG time lately.

  16. To be honest, Diablo II has always been my favorite video game of all time. Level 127 Barbarian. Of course, I leveled up the old fashioned way – with a char editor!

  17. His first power point screen says “1. They want power”. “2. They need acceptance”.

    Who wants power and needs acceptance? David Benoit et al….I do believe.

    Watch you talkin’ bout Willis?

  18. Maybe I need some clarification, but isn’t CS Lewis considered fantasy? There are witches in his books and “magic.”

    1. Many fundies are DEATH on C. S. Lewis. I personally was not allowed to read the Narnia books as a child. A fundy acquaintance also recently posted a link on her FB page to a website claiming Lewis couldn’t possibly have been a real Christian.

      1. I too was not allowed to read the Narnia series. Even now, with my mother far removed from the clutches of fundydom, she still objects to the books.

        1. I’ve enjoyed SO MUCH sharing Narnia with my own children now. We’ve read the books, listened to the books on tape, watched the movies, collected the action figures, and even had a Narnia-themed birthday party once.

      2. ๐Ÿ˜› Of course he wasn’t, PW, he was an Anglican. They are just like the Catholics, and everyone knows that Catholics are all going to hell. :mrgreen:

    2. Raised fundy, I was allowed to watch the BBC version of Narnia and read the books. Guess I wasn’t raised THAT strict in the fundyworld.

      1. I watched the BBC version right before I went to see the new one that came out a few years back. The animal costumes and cartoon mythical beasts were painful to watch. Loved the new one.

        1. I watched the BBC version as an adult and didn’t like it at all! Aslan was not majestic or awe-inspiring, the beavers were silly, and poor Lucy – not a good casting choice IMO! I love the new movies. While not without flaws, I thought they captured the ethos of Narnia.

        2. The ONLY reason I “like” the BBC version is because they follow the books accurately and use most of the original quotes from the books. However, the newer, are by far better in casting and effects.

        3. My kids like that BBC series. I privately think of it as the Dr. Who-esque version. Also, at the risk of sounding horribly rude to a child, I had a hard time distinguishing Lucy from Mr. Beaver in that one. The 2006 movie was far superior.

        4. Dr. Who (or at least the revived series I have seen) is awesomeness! Quintessential British show. Wish I still had cable so I could watch it. Best episode I’ve seen so far was ‘Blink’. Weeping angels were disturbing.

        5. C_fresh, The new Dr. Who is good but i really like the clasic. I have seen almost every episode from the beginning and the truely pathetic effects and costumes in the originals are part of the qualities that endear.

      2. @Priscilla, it’s amazing all the levels of legalism possible! I thought my parents were strict about clothes until I heard of fundies who won’t let their daughters wear pajamas to bed only nighties! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        1. That was the same with me, too. I didn’t like the nighties, especially the ones that looked like they came straight from Little House on the Prairie. My mom even sent one of those awful things to me after I got married-it left the house ASAP. UUGGHH!!! The skirt over the snow pants thing got to me too. For years, it wasn’t an issue, then bang, all of a sudden it was. It wasn’t until I turn around 13 or 14 that it became one, hhhmmm…….

        2. Does anyone remember his extended rant at PCC about how evil “The Wizard of Oz” is? I remember his “trolls will practically kill you” message there too. And I want to say he even said something about the Cabbage Patch Kids at some point, but I may be wrong.

          The fact that PCC had him come speak multiple times says a lot…


    3. I love everything Narnia! The movies, in all thier various productions, Don’t hold a candle to the books. I have read them multiple times alone, to my children, and now am reading them to my thirteen grandchildren everfy chance I get.

  19. I remember when this guy came to pCC and talked about the Wizard of Oz, then a lady came like th enext week and sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for fine arts

    what a riot that was!

    Where you there then Darrell?

      1. Yeah, I was there (student 1989-1993). Went on staff for ten years afterward, but I am almost certain that happened during my student days.

    1. I was there 93-97, and don’t recall him being there during that time, but I intentionally forgot a lot of them. I do recall hearing jokes about the troll doll story, so I think he prob was there a year or 2 before me, but recent enough for current students to have 1st hand recollection. Is just an estimate based on vague memory though.

      1. It was def 1993 because that’s when I was there–and only the one semester so it had to be then–fall semester to be precise.

    2. I was there from 91-95, must have been the semester my parents pulled me out to send me to Brazil because God told them to.

    3. Are you referring to Benoit or someone diff? Benoit def spoke @ PCC when I was there ’90-’94.

  20. “With as much as heโ€™s opposed to all things fantasy, Iโ€™ll bet if we could look at his computer weโ€™d find that heโ€™s a closet night elf mohawk. Iโ€™m just sayin.”

    Kind of makes me wonder about the obsession with sexual relationships with underage girls that takes place on this site.

    1. This comment makes me wonder why you dislike when people are outraged by sexual crimes? Hiding much?

    2. Yes, Jonny, there’s truly a comparison between a closet WoW-head and a closet child molester.

      Y’know, you were funnier before you tried to hide behind the passive-aggression. You should go back to accusing women you don’t know of prostitution.

    3. Jonathan, do you even know what a “night elf mohawk” is? I doubt it, especially if you’re equating it with “sexual relationships with underage girls”.

      Better to be silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      1. It is kind of nice to have someone consistently volunteer for the position of commenting dufus to be worthy of universal scorn a derision. It’s like some knows what a dunce cap is and goes and puts it on every day before speaking. The mockery is well deserved, even if the original (duncy) comments are masking his desire to be an ex fundy.

  21. So what about other genres of games? Like simulation, hidden object, puzzle, etc. What about action/adventure? Are there demons waiting to pounce out of those games? Although, that may explain why my hubby enjoyed watching me play Tomb Raider so much.

    1. Speaking of Tomb Raider, have you seen the gameplay footage for the upcoming reboot? Looks pretty freakin awesome…

        1. Y’know, after wandering around for WEEKS in Oblivion without touching the main story, I think I’m going to pass on Skyrim in the interest of preserving my life.

        2. HEHE that’s the best part of oblivion! I can’t wait for skyrim! :mrgreen:

        3. I know, I know. I was simultaneously the Grey Fox, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, and the Master of the Fighters Guild. And I hadn’t touched the main story quests.

  22. Jonathan, you’re a perverted coward that wakes up every day thanking God that there is an internet for you to hide behind, while throwing insults at people that you’ve never met. I’ve passed over your ignorant ramblings several times, chalking them up to someone that has no friends, is terrified of their own shadow, and has to come on here to be hard core. I enjoy the dialogue here, often disagree with people’s opinions, but enjoy the general tone and courtesy exhibited by almost everyone except for you. So I’d like to propose that we meet face to face and see if we can work it out. Here is my FB page so that you can get the general idea of who’s talking to you. My name is Ray McDaniel, I live in Columbus, OH and I fly almost every week. So it wouldn’t be any problem for me to call my travel agent and have her get me a flight to wherever you are. Let me know if you’d like to meet up. Maybe we could get Darrell to post a video of the meeting, and we could all critique it.

    1. I would love to watch this video! ;). Jonathan Pearson is in one of the Carolinas, I believe , (big shock, an obnoxious fundy in the Carolinas).

  23. If he’s the one that lives in [location redacted due to Jonathan’s insitence that he feels his family’s safety is in jeopardy if anyone here reveals the identity of his ultra secret lair which he only wishes anybody cared about the location of] we’re in luck! I have a business apartment in [some other place not to far from Jonathan’s secret hideout] that is only 45 miles away! Can’t wait to hear from you Jonathan!

  24. This vid was from Thomas Road Baptist Church (the old church). He wasn’t there from ’95-’99 when I was there, but man I can’t believe Jerry brought him in…..

    1. Dare I admit that I’d like to dress up as Bellatrix and go to a midnight showing along with my daughter who’d be dressed up as Hermione?

  25. I like how in the testimonials, we learn that My Little Pony might Satanic. Creepy yes, but I would have never known that those innocent-looking horsies could possibly be Satan’s doorway into your daughter’s soul.

  26. This guy should teach a class on how to preach Christ-less, gospel-less, fear-mongering sermons. Jack Trieber could fill in for him on the weeks he’s too busy to be there.

  27. As kind of a “newbie” here, I hope what I am about to say will not cause me to be judged to much. I have been on both sides of this video. I was a “fundy” lifer, and my parents loved to take us kids to these kinds of “messages.” I was always scared to death after one of the talks. After I left fundyland, I became a Wiccan for a while. I have to say that most Wiccans you will meet will not try to convert you to the “dark side”, eat your babies, or kill your cats! In all actuality, most desire peace, and live by the rule of “three times three.” (Also known as the Golden Rule.) Now I am not saying that there aren’t “bad” witches out there. But this kind of propoganda perpetuates instances like witch hunts. While I no longer practice Wicca, I do get a kick out of reminding die hards that their Holy holidays are all rooted in paganism. On a side note, I did a research paper in college last semester on the evils of video games. While some murderers have admitted to RPGs, studies show that there is an insignificant amount of data to determine that people who play those games are violent. I think it all boils down to not letting a game or tv babysit your child. Call me ecumenical, but can’t we all just get along? BTW, I am now studying to become a member of the Western Orthodox Church. Guess I’m still going to Hell. Sad Face.

    1. “Guess Iโ€™m still going to Hell. Sad Face.”
      Turns out that makes you good company here. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. The connection between role-playing games and violent behavior is purely anecdotal. As I’m sure you are aware, occurring together does not imply causation. (In logic, this is known as the “Post hoc, ergo propter hoc” fallacy.) Maybe murderers like to play Dungeons and Dragons, and maybe they like grape-flavored popsicles. But that gives us no reason to think that either playing a game or eating grape popsicles will turn a person into a murderer.

  28. He gets some fun emails that he’s posted on his site:

    “We watched your video on Entertaining Spirits Unaware. Now we are cleaning house, because we have a 10 year old. I would like to know if there is anything wrong with My Little Pony toys. also The talking Furbies.
    Do you have a monthly newsletter or e-mail updates. We learned a lot from your video and want to learn more.”

  29. Ok I have study this subject in depth for about 6 years and granted there are some stuff that can influence you, but this guy is way off. And isn’t kinda hypocritical to Sign up for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry? Oh wait I guess not he is the preacher.

    1. This is like when my Pastor had to scan Saturday morning and afternoon weekday kids programs for us. Sumbody’s gotta do it, MIRITE? ๐Ÿ™„

  30. drinking the blood of Jesus. eating his body. blood sacrifices to save the human race.

    no, no magical symbols there at all.

    1. It makes me think of that Simpsons episode where everyone is turning into zombies. Bart ends up being immune to the virus and everyone thinks they can cure it by eating him. But then Marge pipes up and says, “What kind of civilized people eat the body and blood of their savior?”

    1. Those are the sneakiest ones of all. Trying to get you to let down your guard by never causing any harm whatever.

  31. Isn’t this the same guy that is an “expert” on rock music too? I have his book somewhere.

  32. Just remember what old Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, the poison arrows fall from the Pulpit, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right in the eye and says, “Give me your best shot Preacher. I can take it.”

  33. I’ve been waiting for this nut to show up here. I had the “privilege” of eating dinner with him one night at a conference. Wow.

  34. People afraid of the Occult, had in the past, a difficult time putting Dungeons & Dragons into context. It’s open-ended style with variable goals seemed like tarot cards or Ouija Board, therefore it’s the creation of an Occult mind. Not to mention it’s out of the frame of context one would put Monopoly (I don’t ever remember playing that game to completion), Scrabble or Bridge. Must of been demonically sinister, since a couple of kids wound up dead from playing it. So, like the Ouija Board, one could lose control.

    So, in their minds Ouija Board = open-ended (involves some degree of imagination)
    Dungeons & Dragons = open-ended (all about imagination) ; thus not a “real game” therefore evil.

  35. Oh my gosh! LOL this guy is so dumb. I was just reading the manual for the junior camp that I am going to be a counselor at next week and they said same thing. “Teach kids not to indulge in Fantasy” Whatever! I hope they get mad at my lack of adherance to the dress code and send me home so that I don’t miss the midnight showing of harry potter ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  36. his wife teaches a women’s ministry class at Liberty that i had the unfortunate experience of taking. she talked about her “evangelist” husband a lot, but i didn’t know he was this well-known. gosh.

    i am proud to say that i knitted in her class frequently, and one item i worked on was a harry potter-theme scarf. :mrgreen:

  37. I remember David Benoit’s 1980s anti-rock sermon where he brought up all the nonsense promoted in that decade: Smurfs are evil! Druid priests appearing at rock concerts (something stolen from Jack Chick and John Todd), hidden Satanic messages in EVERYTHING. I loved how he would talk about rock albums, not mention the lyrics, and only focus of the weird things on the album covers, not realizing that was just a style of the 1970s-1980s! There were darker elements, like his gory recounting of the so-called “Judas Priest suicides” and that story where he met a man who had been scalded by roofing tar who was praising Jesus (that snippet is on YouTube), but for people today that video really is informative as to how “out in space” the religion could get.

    It was a crazy decade to be involved in Fundamentalism, and I was only attending a grade school….the only thing that topped that was the night a guy converted in the school’s attached church and they burned all his rock albums in the playground. Witnesses told me the fire sounded “like demons howling.”

  38. I guess this would be laughable by everyone here if this happened today.
    “Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth. And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so. And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. And this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified. And many that believed came, and confessed, and shewed their deeds. Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed.”Acts 19:13-20
    It seems that there is a Cavalier attitude toward spiritual things here. Mocking and making fun of what devils do is one of his ways he has you. There is much truth in what Benoit has to say. The devil would love you to not believe it.

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