Friday Challenge: Movie Titles

Today’s challenge is to alter a movie title to make it more attractive to an audience of fundamentalists.

Here are a few to start:

‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Who Dress Modestly’

‘The Cider House Rules Are Not Written Down Anywhere But You Should Obey Them Anyway’.

‘The 10,000 Commandments’

(many thanks to John who sent in this suggestion and most of the examples)

492 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Movie Titles”

  1. King James’ Speech. Which verily is fine becaufe eueryone understandeth it

  2. Les Miserables (because they are outside of the will of God as defined by the pastor)

    1. This is so true. Anyone who is not saved or going to an IFB church is living an absolutely miserable life, according to the pastor.

      I know I just said the same thing you did but I thought it was worth repeating. 😆

  3. The Hyleslander – The Highlander
    A.I.: Always Independent – AI: Artificial Intelligence
    Bad Boys (The Evangelicals) – Bad Boys
    Saving Private Ryan – Saving Private Ryan
    No Sex in the City – Sex in the City
    Soulwinning Nights – Shanghai Nights
    Shaft – Schaap
    Parnoid Activity – Paranormal Activity
    Pantsfinder – Pathfinder
    The Baptist Patriot – The Patriot
    Dar’sdadevil – Daredevil
    The Dic tadors Code – The Da Vinci Code
    It could do this all day

  4. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest-and became apostate.
    Giant-the autobiography of Jack Hyles
    The Apostle-the updated version of same
    Cool Hand Dr. Luke
    Whatever Happened to Baby Jesus?
    Dr. Strangelove,or, How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Lord.
    Saved!-the complete soul winning how to video
    Forrest Hills Baptist Gump-starring Curtis Hutson
    A Streetcar Named Sinful Desire
    On the Waterfront-How to conduct outdoor baptisms

    Don’t worry, I’m just getting warmed up here :mrgreen:

  5. ok- i was having trouble posting earlier, so forgive me if the following have been posted four times already, but here goes:

    The Truth About Catholic & Dogs

    and, in honor of the Beatles:
    A Hard Day’s Watchnight


  6. Apostle 13 (instead of Apollo 13). I guess maybe Paul fending off the Catholics view of Justification?

  7. The Devil wears Prada, and so do all his Jezebels!
    Deliverance-the official story of Reformer’s Unanimous
    Deliverance-a mission trip to Appalachia
    The Three Faces of Eve-how one woman destroyed the world

    Darrell, you struck gold on this one :mrgreen:

  8. The Longest Mile-standing in the BJU d.c. line
    You’re a good man Charlie Brown, but not in the eyes of God!
    There’s Something About the Virgin Mary
    Heat! (need I even comment?)

    some old tv shows

    All in the Family of God
    Preacher knows best
    Sesame St. Baptist Church

      1. Home run Jeff
        Pride and Prejudice: The Life Story of Jack Schaap

  9. “Seven Years in Greenville”
    “The (sermon)Notebook”
    “Dirty Dancing” (yes it is and don’t you forget it)
    “The Magnificent Seven Deacons”
    “How to lose a guy in 10 days because he isn’t a preacher boy”
    “The Hot Chick who won’t give you the time of day because you’re not a preacher boy”
    “Paul” – the lost missionary journey
    “Bad Teacher: Christian School Edition”
    “How the Pastor Stole Christmas by preaching about the pagan origins of holidays”
    “Catch me if you can” – (its about preacher’s kids)
    “Cheech and Chongs’ Up in Smoke at the church picnic”
    “Team American Fundmentalism: World Culture Police”
    “Walk the line” or else

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