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David Benoit

Now it’s time for more from the halls of crazy people fundies love to have tell them about the devil’s nefarious plans to corrupt your children with action figures. Meet David Benoit, Christian, preacher, and freelance demon hunter.

His website reports “in the past several years, David has used his vast knowledge of the occult and the New Age movement to show how Satan is subtly gaining entrance into our families and our churches through seemingly harmless children’s toys, movies and cartoons. He has authored four books on this subject.”

With as much as he’s opposed to all things fantasy, I’ll bet if we could look at his computer we’d find that he’s a closet night elf mohawk. I’m just sayin.

Now David himself might not be a fundamentalist, since he does apparently preach at non-denominational churches, but he’s definitely a something fundies like.

(video found at Christian Nightmares)