Understanding Our Times Podcast With Kevin Thompson

I had the opportunity this morning to Chat with Kevin Thompson of the Understanding Our Times blog and podcast along with Joshua Caucutt, an MBBC grad who writes the Sound Church blog.

Our topic was the impact of the Tina Anderson’s story (and the subsequent conviction of Ernie Willis) on fundamentalism.

I appreciate Kevin giving me the chance to chat with him and Joshua. In fact, we chatted for so long that the podcast has been split into two part, the second of which will be available next week.

I apologize in advance for the audio quality I was having some phone issues today. I’ve linked the podcast here but do go over and check out Kevin’s website and archived podcasts as well.

Update: With Kevin’s permission, I’ve mirrored a copy of the podcast here at SFL so that the bandwidth issues with the original podcast host won’t keep the folks here from hearing it.

33 thoughts on “Understanding Our Times Podcast With Kevin Thompson”

  1. Listened to the podcast. Good job by Kevin, Joshua, and Darrell for their insights about the abuses from the fundamentalist “culture” that helped create this tragic situation in the first place.

  2. Very good discussion. It’s nice to hear thoughtful dialog rather than reactionary drivel.

  3. pretty sweet discussion – thanks for putting the time into the podcast! i enjoyed listening

  4. I liked the way that Kevin didn’t talk over his guests, but let them finish their statements… I do have to listen again when I’m more awake.

  5. Good discussion about the Non-Network network, and how IFBs have a knee-jerk reaction against anything that seems like an attack to the “Man of God.” I was faced with this at least twice when I posted news links about recent incidents in this movement. There certainly seems to be a lack of objectivity.

  6. I don;t know anything about this man or his blog (from the link) but after reading this on his response to the 20/20 expose…..

    “Forgive, Forget and Move on” – this is what Tina Anderson was told to do concerning her sexual abuse by an older man. So, the man guilty of statutory rape is allowed to escape with no consequences, this 15-16 year old girl is forced not to socialize with other teens, kicked out of school, banished to the pastor’s prophet’s chamber and eventually sent to Colorado. However, where is the forgiveness of Tina? Why didn’t the church or Dr. Phelps ever grant Tina the forgiveness they expected of her? Where is the life-lesson concerning mercy and grace to a girl obviously aware of her sin?

    I don’t have a problem with a young, pregnant girl being brought before the church. Sin ought to be acknowledged. But in a community of grace, this sin should have been condemned but this girl should have then been restored (assuming her repentance).”

    Really, azzh*le? I wouldn’t be associated with this man in any way.

    1. It’s possible to disagree with people and still dialog with them. At least, I’m willing to try it.

      And he did let me have my say about this without interrupting me. All that to say, I’m willing to talk with anybody if they’re willing to actually talk and not just naysay.

        1. So you think it was wrong of me to be a guest on his podcast for purposes of presenting the opposing view?

        2. I have mixed feeling about it. However,it *is* going to bring a lot of traffic to his comments section (seems pretty quiet in there) so maybe you have a point. I think with regards to that 20/20 post, he needs to be verbally flogged and his mentality towards women exposed for exactly what it is. No hiding behind Holy books or the Christianese.

        3. Stuff Fundies Like: Issuing judgmental proclamations on people you don’t know based on incomplete information. 😕

        4. plawoman. He is an adult. He has a blog. For people to read. Public access. He also has an edit button. And a brain. And responsibility for his words an the organization in which he associates himself. Make outrageous statements on your blog, expect heat. A lot of heat. You really can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to have a soapbox and a soft place to land.

        5. I’m sure he can handle the criticism. I was just pointing out that the way you demonize him for an inarticulate statement that he seems to be walking back is very fun die of you.

    2. @MaybeGray Thank you so much for bringing up this exact point! I read his whole blurb as was perplexed by what he meant. Tina committed no sin.

      GO look again at his blog. There’s an update on his original 20/20 post. A woman named Michelle challenged this same line of thought!!

      Thank you Darrell for engaging. I believe God will use you in more ways than we even know.

    3. Kevin writes:

      “Let me say, for the record, that I did not communicate well at all what I meant to say in this blog piece. I am in the process of writing up a retraction of sorts. For the record, let me say that Tina Anderson was not guilty of any sin in this situation and has absolutely nothing to apologie for. I realize that’s the opposite of what was said here, but that is truely not what I meant to say. For that, I must repent and accept the rebuke of all who wish to do so. I can clearly see how my comments are dangerous and irresponsible. I’ll write more on this later.”

      1. Can you speak to the “about face”? It’s quite a different tune. Unfortunately, I am terribly cynical by nature and am wondering how this could be?

        1. He dropped me a note and told me that he’s writing a longer explanation/apology. I’ll wait to read that and let him speak for himself.

        2. @Darrell Fair Enough. I’ll keep an eye out for it. If your engaging even just brought about further positive dialogue, then PTL!

      2. Just reading the little blurbs here, I think I can understand what he was trying to say. He was trying to get into the mindset of Mr. Phelps who said that Tina had sinned and needed to repent in front of the church. IF that was true, and Tina repented (as she did), THEN forgiveness should have been forth coming from the church as a whole. That is what Tina deserved IF Mr. Phelps actually believed she had sinned and then repented. HOWEVER, his actions reveal that he believed her to be a powerless victim, and an unnecessary and unfortunate distraction. So he shipped her off.

      3. @Darrell. I thought his apology and clarification letter was good. Left the same comment for him. Looking forward to the next installment.

    1. No, he’s just run over his bandwidth allowance for the month.

      I’m going to see if I can mirror the podcast so the folks here can continue to listen to it…

      1. I’ll eventually find uninterrupted time to listen to it! (Too many kids! 🙂 )

  7. I know what Joshua meant when he said he was kind of surprised to find himself not a fundamentalist. I often feel the same way.

    And I totally agree with the comment about how few sermons in the IFB are on actual fundamentals and that instead the focus is on separation, dispensational premillenialism, music, dress codes, etc.

    BTW, I’ve never been one to hang my diploma up, but I did recently take my BJU plate off the shelf; no longer displaying that.

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