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Understanding Our Times Podcast With Kevin Thompson

I had the opportunity this morning to Chat with Kevin Thompson of the Understanding Our Times blog and podcast along with Joshua Caucutt, an MBBC grad who writes the Sound Church blog.

Our topic was the impact of the Tina Anderson’s story (and the subsequent conviction of Ernie Willis) on fundamentalism.

I appreciate Kevin giving me the chance to chat with him and Joshua. In fact, we chatted for so long that the podcast has been split into two part, the second of which will be available next week.

I apologize in advance for the audio quality I was having some phone issues today. I’ve linked the podcast here but do go over and check out Kevin’s website and archived podcasts as well.

Update: With Kevin’s permission, I’ve mirrored a copy of the podcast here at SFL so that the bandwidth issues with the original podcast host won’t keep the folks here from hearing it.