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      1. Absolutely not. Spitting is reserved for the trash chutes @ PCC.

        Same Guy that had a flag drapped over his pulpit a while back right?

        BTW, You didn’t do that superimposed text did you? Didn’t think you would immediately host in Russia, right? Whoever did it was very amusing.

        Obv not a Piper fan, but this guy is much worse than Piper.

        1. I did the text. And yes, I automatically hosted it in Russia.

          I’m tired of fighting stupid DMCA takedown stuff. I can win it…it’s just a huge bother.

        2. It felt like your commentary. DMCA isn’t so bad (I like to support art & artists), DMCA abuse by jack-holes can be wearying.

        3. BTW, watched all the way to the end today (quit yest with about 1 min left when he took his 4th or so rabbit trails about local radio). If I’d seen the SFL signoff, I would’ve known it was you just posting in Russia. I can’t imagine anyone going there for any other reason than they must think he’s a nice guy, or are direct relative of his.

      2. @Darrell. This post after I was chastised for highlighting the “C” word in the prior post? Hmmmm….Benevolent dictator indeed. 😀

        1. aw. feel free to argue about Calvinism all you want on the forums. I just couldn’t figure out how we got there from a sermon on God & Country. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I don’t like Piper either, but I’m certainly not a Fundy. I wouldn’t advocate spitting on the radio though, and I think I dislike fundies more than Piper, but it’s close.

  1. I like to disagree with John Piper occasionally (his position on divorce is, well, um… interesting, to say the least). I’d be much more willing to get on board if he were hating on Jack Hyles/Schapp. 😆

  2. Well, I don’t like Piper either and have several reasons for it, however, I don’t want to ruin my radio from spitting on it. Haha.

    1. Any preacher will wreck your home if they become some kind of “celebrity” to one of the people living there. Because if that happens, everything is judged according to what the “celebrity” pastor says, the church they attend they start to pick apart, wishing it was more like . The people of Lauderdale baptist probably worship this Price guy as much as some people worship Piper.

  3. As if it isn’t already difficult enough having a diploma from PCC, there have to be people out there like Ryan Price spewing this stuff and posting it to Youtube.

    Granted, all of his videos have been collectively viewed less than the video of Debbie Boone singing “You Light Up My Life,” but still . . .

  4. John Piper would be disappointed and his father doubly so. He was a fundamentalist preacher and John Piper has only ever said good things about his upbringing in a fundamentalist household.

    1. Darrell’s comments were very funny, but I’m still not sure they made up for having to subject myself to this kid’s foolish ranting.

        1. I’ve always thought of him as a new calvinists. All the anger, different theology than fundies.

  5. He says that Piper, MaCarthur, and Sproul are saved they just teach satanic doctrine? What? Is it me or are fundies getting stranger by the day?

    1. You need to listen to Aaron Samples. Every Christian except the members of his church are devil possessed but saved, because they don’t acknowledge “Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh” or something.

  6. I personally like Piper and his Desiring God blog. He is an intelligent man who knows Scripture. I do disagree with his stance on divorce/remarriage, but overall he’s a wise man. I’d attend his church over any Fundy church by a long shot.

  7. For me, Piper was one of the biggest helpful influences in escaping the IFB. He taught me that God is incredibly enjoyable, and not a slave-driver or rules Nazi. I’ll always be grateful for that.

  8. Ryan Price isn’t worth listening to. What was his point anyway? How many rabbit trails? And where was the Scripture to back up anything he said? This guy calls himself a pastor? Heaven help his “church” people . . . .

  9. He just told his people, “Don’t listen to those guys.” As opposed to listening to Ryan Price?? Surely he must be joking; but, it really looks like he takes himself pretty seriously. What an arrogant A$$.

  10. Wow. It’s a weird feeling when you know one of the crazies we make fun of personally…I have friends that go to Price’s church and he is friends with my dad. Now I have more things on my list of things to never discuss…the weather is always a safe topic.

    It’s sad though, that Piper, MacArthur, and Sproul do great things for the Lord in this country, but because they don’t have an IFB seal of approval, anything they say is null and void. Or the work of Satan.

  11. I love how Price tried to deflect and massage his statements after he said something particularly crazy or downright immature (for instance: Dirty Rat or some facsimile). I can only imagine the facial expressions of the congregation. Who could have understood his ranting, nonsensical hate speech? Oh, and maybe they were confused because the title of his sermon was “love thy neighbor.”

    1. Right, He’ll call them Dirty Rat, but to their face he said he’d be very nice and just say simply he doesn’t agree with their doctrine. Why couldn’t he leave it at that to his congregration?

        1. I can’t bag on the guy for having a small storefront church. I can, however, bag on him for having no oratory and public speaking skills and then going in front of a crowd without having his facts straight. I don’t know why this post has set me off so much but it really has. I guess I’m just tired of everyone “knowing the REAL truth” and then crapping on everyone who has a slightly different point of view. I’m sick of people like this guy.

        2. GEAH – someone asked you a question in the new reformation press page on “The Gospel for those Broken by the Church”.

        3. His homiletical style is not that bad. If anything, it helps conceal how outrageous what he’s saying really is.

          Back when I preached, I spoke about like him. I got A’s in homiletics from a place that’s much more respected than PCC’s seminary.

          He’s got a good style that fits him.

        4. I thought he was a preacher boy filming his first sermon. I had to go back and read his credits again. A Pastor? He seems very nervous in his delivery. Bless his heart. I alwasy feel bad for the new guys, you can tell they feel pastionate on what they believe, but stumble in the delivery. I hope this is a new guy… He hasn’t been preaching for a while has he?

      1. I totally had that feel from the 2 videos that he was renting a small cramped room somewhere with very few attendees. I suspect is trying to get youtube notoriety ala Anderson, not that it’s done Anderson any good as far as what looks like the same poorly attended Anderson Family Sundays.

      2. I’ve noticed in this video that he is neighbors with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, one of the largest presby churches in the US. From the way he zoomed in on the tall steeple, it’s almost like he was being a little envious, jealous! And according to the website, his church just celebrated 5 years. Way to “reach Fort Lauderdale for Christ” with 2 rows of chairs!!

      3. Well that answers my question about he was preaching backed up to said blank wall. I kept expecting him to either smack his hand against it or lean against it while preaching haha.

  12. As much as I have problems with some of Piper’s teaching, he is in no way Satanic.

    BTW, Piper is Pastor of a Baptist church. Evidently, no the same kind of Baptist as this guy.

  13. I’ve always wondered what happened to my fish tank.

    Holy moley I got embarrased for this guy. What a silly tirade. Why doesn’t he just open up his bible and teach his flock what he thinks is correct going verse by verse. sheesh

        1. And there’s no way you can get 3 alliterated points from going verse-by-verse.

  14. This guy is the typical IFB pastor. He rambles on incoherently and does not have a clue about what he is talking about. This clip tells me he probably does this every time he preaches. The dirty truth about most IFB pastors is they have very little knowledge of the Bible they are trying to preach from.

  15. Darrell, your captions really nailed everything that it wrong with this idiot’s monologue. He is absolutely clueless. That’s why he’s the perfect fundie!

  16. Took this from straight from their website:

    Ryan Price, of Fort Lauderdale Baptist Church, received his bachelor degree from Pensacola Christian College as well as his Master of Divinity from Pensacola Theological Seminary. His wife, Melissa, also graduated from PCC. She plays the piano and is involved in almost every church ministry.

    Tooting their own horn just a little? A master’s degree? Sounds more like he has a verbal masturbator’s degree.

        1. As a matter of fact, I would gladly friend anyone who posts on this website so feel free to hit me up!

        1. Oh, they encourage the Floor leaders to ask about that too…

          Lots & lots of “just talking” as if it’s something college age guys just normally discuss just for kicks & giggle.s

        2. So thankful that even though I was a fundie, I never went to any fundie schools. Shhheeeewww!

      1. If you get your bachelor’s degree by age 21, you can have your master’s at 23, which is still quite young. I do find it interesting that Jesus did not begin His public ministry until He was 30.

    1. As someone whose dress clothing comes almost exclusively from the racks at Goodwill, I don’t have a lot of room to critique others in the style department. 🙂

      1. Hey, things to have to be expensive to actually fit properly. Seems like if you’re going to have a suit, it should at least look like you tried to buy the right size. 😀

        1. My point exactly, Renee. And I have been know to shop at Goodwill for dress clothes, Darrell.

  17. Maybe this guy’s got a point. I grew up Fundie, then became Orthodox Presbyterian (Calvinist.) I became convinced that the Calvinists were probably correct, but for a long time I, too, couldn’t figure out why they didn’t feel sorry for the un-chosen. I started thinking, well, the way I grew up was probably wrong, but they were nicer-at least they thot Jesus died for everybody.

    Anyway, now I’m agnostic, so maybe this preacher is correct to tell you you might be going down a dangerous path with Calvinism. It’s an ugly doctrine. Maybe correct, who knows? But ugly, no way around it.

    1. Lynn – Just got back from a nice hike in the mountains, and realized that you and I have something in common, I too believe that calvinism is “ugly doctrine” The God I met in the bible looks nothing like the one that calvinism speaks of. I simply can’t grasp a God that creates people purposely to fill Hell with. If I ever “found out” that calvinism is true, I’ll be joining you and your fellow agnostics, it wouldn’t matter because maybe just maybe I could be one of the pre-selected ones anyway. 😀

  18. First he brings John Piper into the conversation then casts him out. Nothing like setting up your own strawman and then kicking the stuffings out of him.

    Seems the whole point is to tear down Piper, Sproul, and Macarthur. Where was Jesus in all of that? Where was any Christian love in all of that? What was the point in all of that?

    Such a vile hatred of the Doctrines of Grace that in order to tear down the doctrine you have to attack the messenger. He alluded to the doctrines that Piper preaches but his attack was against Piper… not the refutation of the Biblical Doctrine Piper preachers, but against Piper himself.

    1. Yeah, no kidding. If he’s opposed to reformed theology, he should criticize theology not make personal attacks against people he dislikes.

  19. Okay, so I’m from Oklahoma and I’m a little slower than most 😉 The video won’t load on my computer and I’m curious if the Ft. Lauderdale pastor is saying Piper and Macarthur are bad or are you guys saying they are? I was raised in the IFB and attended BJU. Are Piper and Macarthur IFB? I want nothing in my home that even hints of anything to do w/ the IFB (I’m not bitter or anything lol) and I have a John Macarthur study bible and some of John Piper’s books!

    1. Some non-IFB people consider Piper and MacArthur fundamentalists, but most IFBers do NOT consider them truly acceptable. They may read their books or listen to them on the radio, but they’d never invite them to speak from their pulpits and they wouldn’t go to a conference where those men were featured. Most IFBers I know are somewhat more “reasonable”, but even though they will often say good things about Piper or MacArther, they still separate from them.

  20. If this guy TRULY believes that the greatest threat to the church is Piper, MacArthur, and Sproul, he either has no discernment or wisdom or he needs to get more (or probably both).

    To me this whole video proves that fundies are not actually out in the world vying with the forces of Satan for people’s souls. Instead they’re safely far behind the lines, sniping at other believers.

    I think this whole video just proves how out of touch fundies are.

    1. I agree that Price is “sniping” at believers but I am not so sure he is doing it from the same side of the battle line. WOW! @Darrell – the captions were hilarious!

    2. Ah, Tim, sad to say, but it could be. After all, love is the FIRST of the fruits of the Spirit, and John says if we don’t love our brothers, how can we love God?

      Also, I need to clarify that I meant in my first line above, to say that he either has no discernment or he needs to GET OUT more. (I left out the word OUT.) I meant he truly is not interacting in the world if he thinks Christianity’s greatest thread is John MacArthur. 😕

  21. Why do I watch these videos?! Just painful, can anyone suggest a good brand of brain bleach? Allow me to sum up his message, “Beware sheeple, a popular preacher is popular (unlike me) and doesn’t agree with me therefore he is a devil spawned heretic.”
    What annoyed me even more was that in the middle of all the ranting he tosses in a “come talk to me if you have concerns about what I just said”. Sure, right, so you can mock me, gossip about me behind my back, or perhaps add me to your “prayer” list? And so the poison spreads. I see this so often in IFB churches, though usually in a more “polite” form, authoritative proclamation of some indisputable “biblical” position followed by an invitation to “talk” if you weren’t quite sure how indisputable and biblical said position was. Sounds reasonable but the tone of the invitation that made the unspoken message quite clear, only an immature or backslidden Christian would need such a “talk”.

  22. I had never noticed it before, but John Piper DOES look like a Vampire–not the glittery modern Emo vamp–but the old school Bram Stroker variety…….

    ..and who knew it was HIM putting all that Kool Aid in peoples gas tanks??

    ( I bet it was RED Kool Aid too—that “dirty rascal”)

    …but what is a jackanapes?

  23. If I were to guess, his concern is people read Piper, Sproul, and MacArthur and then see how shallow his preaching is. That’s dangerous. Don’t start reading that stuff, it will make you ask me questions that I’m not equipped to answer.

        1. For the record, I’m not arminian, but certainly not a calvinist. I simply don’t follow man-centered theology, and never will.

        2. Nice! I wish I was pretty. Bad vocab on my part. I’ll post a pic when we get some of those non-fundy swimsuit pics in the forum! LOL

      1. ****sighs heavily**** Greg, do you have some macro on your keyboard that types out the word Calvinism when you press the shift key? Give it a rest. And it’s time to find a new term for Calvinism besides “man centered theology”. The irony is laughable. 😀

        1. Greg, are you a full-out Pelagian then?

          Those are pretty much the only three options.

          Either man has total autonomy (Pelagian), autonomy in certain areas (Semi-Pelagian/Aminian), or God is totally sovereign (Reformed/Calvinist).

          You must come to a conclusion as to how big you think God is. You can’t say: “I believe none of those options.”

        2. I’m not any. Calvinists try to frame the debate so they can put everyone else into one of two boxes (Pelagian or SemiPelagian/Arminian) and then label them as heretics by associating those two boxes with every heresy under the sun.

          In the forum, I explained why I disagreed with most of the points of Arminianism and most of the points of Calvinism and gave my own explanation of where I am.

          There really isn’t any need to choose a side and fight.

        3. Sigh -I just made a forum post so the definition on sovereignty so the definition of the concept can be debated in general. It pointless to go back and forth with the whole either God is sovereign or he isn’t bit when the definition has not been debated or at least put forth to have a debate. Hope to see participants.

  24. Apparently I’ve already been corrupted by Piper and MacArthur. What did this guy say? I couldn’t quite follow it. All the “ums” got in the way.

    1. Oh…wait. A couple more swigs of coffee and I got it.

      “Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for PIPER!”

      Unfortunately for this rookie preacher, he needs a lot more work to be as polished as Harold Hill in scare tactics.

      1. I don’t know. I think telling his congregation to spit on their radio when Piper came on is pretty crass.

        And at least John didn’t say the kid was preaching Satanic heresy, which is what the preacher has accused MacArthur, Piper, and Sproul of doing.

        1. Not justifying John, but you said this “sermon” wasn’t crass, and I gave you an example that WAS crass.

          Let me rephrase John’s original comment: “Good thing that this rude and disrespectful young man is here to straighten out 150 combined years of faithful ministry.”

          You can dislike reformed theology all you want, but accusing these men of heresy, calling their teaching Satanic, and saying they’re the biggest thread to the church today goes beyond the hyperbolic past the absurd and into the realm of unBiblical. Instead of making personal attacks, he needs to preach the Word.

        2. BTW, I’ve read some MacArthur, some Sproul, very little Piper so I’m not a “follower” of any of these men.

        3. How about this, my favorite SFL star and I disagreeing 😀 I never said that the kids sermon wasn’t crass, it certainly was. I guess we are disagreeing about the level of “crassiness”

          I really don’t care how old reformed theology is, wrong theology is wrong theology, but fortunately we can all believe what we want to believe.

        4. I don’t fully understand certain passages of Scripture, but I know we’re lost sinners and Christ died for us and rose again! And we are to believe in Him and follow Him, showing His love and truth to the world.

          And after years involved under a lot of hate-filled preaching, I’m just eager to revel in loving God and loving others.

    1. He is the superstar of Calvinism, has devoted fans, much like the wrestler, who will go anywhere to hear him, buy any book he writes, I’ve heard tell that they are building him a pyramid to rest in when he dies, that is bigger than any in Egypt. :mrgreen:

      1. So, how do YOU deal with the fact that not all men will be saved? Do you just avoid thinking about it? I am asking in all sincerity. No agenda here.

    2. I wish I didn’t know! LOL

      Big time author & speaker for new calvinism. So much so that he calls himself a 7 point Calvinist. The 5 aren’t enough apparently.

      Does some good, some bad, IMO.

      1. You shouldn’t limit his ministry to “new calvanism”, rather like Calvin himself shouldn’t be limited to the doctrines his followers mostly created. Piper is a wise man, a lover of Jesus and a truly passionate servant/pastor. Hopefully even those who don’t agree with some of his teaching can agree on that, cuz it’s just the truth.

        1. My main problem with him isn’t so much Calvinism or New Calvinism, it’s his regular attempts to define various people as being outside of whatever he calls orthodoxy. I’m not a Rob Bell apologist, or a Joel O’Steen fan, but his regular attempts to define both as heretics are over the line in my opinion.

      2. i think the scariest thing is that when you play piper backwards, he instructs chicks to wear britches.

        now we know what robert plant was talking about when he sang “the piper’s calling you to join him”.

        1. reader mo:

          Interesting that the “piper” line in that song is after the famous “If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now,” section that fundies and pentes loved to play backwards at inconsistent speeds to hear the subliminal message “Here’s to my sweet satan” …

          But anyhow, I personally like Piper and get alot out of his books. especially “Don’t Waste Your Life” which I enjoyed.

          This Ryan Price guy is another young blowhard who is trying to make a name off of someone else. They come, they go.

  25. bizarre rambling reasoning why these guys are Christian Enemys #1,#2, #3. They are saved BUT they preach satanic preaching which apparently has the effect of making you weary in well doing. ?? Sounds like a pretty watered down version of satanism. THAT’S the worst that can happen if you are a Christian with satanistic beliefs??

    1. it gets mad at my security and stops playing every minute or so requiring a refresh.

      Solaris guest with a ipsec firewall virtualized on a Ubuntu host OS, no viruses here.

        1. Solaris is an operating system, I believe a guest is a virtualized version of a Solaris box, running on a physical linux (ubuntu brand/distro) protected by a firewall (ipsec in this case wouldn’t seem to be very relevant, as it’s an encryption standard primarily used to establish site to site VPN tunnels, this is usually done on a firewall, but most high end routers, will come with IKE enabled protocols that you can setup an IPSec site to site either full mesh or hub & spoke vpn).

          Hope that clarifies. 🙂

  26. At the end of the day, aren’t ALL fundies Calvanists at heart? This is like someone telling me they are a “buyers” real estate agent. At the end of the day, every real estate agent is a seller’s agent. Think about it.

      1. Elijah, in my experieince, Fundies talk a good game about God’s love and desire for everyone to be “saved” but in the practical day to day, their actions and words alienate most people and its no accident, its intended. Fundies like their little country club of “the elect” as much as a five point Calvinist.

        Likewise, every “buyers agent” wants to house to sell at the highest price.

        1. I don’t get the analogy to real estate brokers at all.

          I can’t deny that both Fundamentalists and evangelical Calvinists (who aren’t necessarily two exclusive groups) often have a hard edge that drives people away.

          I can’t agree that Calvinists are happy with “their little country club of ‘the elect.'” I’ve met very few if any Calvinists like that. And by no means would I ever accuse Fundamentalists of not being evangelistic. I know of no other group more evangelistic than Fundamentalists.

        2. Elijah,
          the very fact that they identify as Calvinists means that they are happy with the arrangement.

        3. @MaybeGray. I’m very sorry but that just isn’t true. One basic difference for me is knowing that God allowed me to hear His voice. No room for pride. I tell others about Him because of the “heart of flesh” he has given me in exchange for my”heart of stone”.

          And just because God does things that I do not understand doesn’t mean that they are not just and perfect. Weeping for the lost is serious. No country club for me.

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