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  1. I knew I shouldn’t have watched it….I discovered a new emaction (emotional reaction that actually causes body convulsions)…you can cry and throw up AND laugh (the text commentary saved me from stabbing myself) all at the same time

    I feel like what so many have shared before in that I can’t watch these videos anymore but only b/c I truly find it hard to breathe and it just brings up all these bottled-up emotions from being in this literal hell for the past few years and I can’t stop crying 😥 HELP!!!!!

    1. Ha ha! Welcome to SFL, that sounds like a mild reaction. I think that’s just called a *twitch* normally! 🙂 LOL

      1. I definitely need to not watch these, or, make sure there’s no sharp objects anywhere near me when I do….oh – and have the garbage can on hand

  2. I’m not a Piper fan, but I would never say what he is saying. I don’t agree with Piper theologically. I heard him at a Passion Conference say that God created Adam and Eve to sin so that God could show the world how much he loved the world.

    I checked out the church’s website. They have a Salvation Celebration Cook Off. Here is the flier

    Guess if you don’t ask Jesus in your heart, he will tell you that you will spend eternity burning in hell – hotter then the hottest chili.

    Back to my cup of wine in a Garfield mug!

  3. Cool!

    I truly love Lewis’s writings and “The Screwtape Letters” is one of my favorites. Of course, soon after posting a Lewis quote on fb, a fundy pastor’s wife I know posted on HER page a comment about how foolish it was for Christians to like Lewis and then she posted a link that claimed Lewis couldn’t have truly been saved because of his beliefs on certain subjects. 🙁 I guess my liking Lewis was an early indication that I didn’t belong in the IFB.

    1. Yet strangely enough, many Fundies I know or maybe they are quasi-fundies have watched or read the The Chronicles of Narnia!

    2. I have actually sat under several messages that preached Lewis was a Witchcraft recruiter. Using the Narnia stories as introductory paths to full blown witchcraft. Of course the Wizard of OZ was also an introduction to the same. Star Wars was another and Harry Potter was full on, no holds barred induction into the occult.
      At the time I was fully under the spell of the IFB and I unquestioningly followed the will of the M-O-g and everything he declared was true was (in my mind) the word and will of God.
      So, tell me, which was the greater sin? Whose magic was more dangerous and which cause greater harm to the cause of Christ?
      I am glad that the IFB spell has been broken and I am no longer mesmerized by the power of the IFB or the M-O-g.

  4. This is EXACTLY what made me start to see how the fundy mind works. If we preach the truth we don’t have to worry about the error. He has wasted how much time cutting down others. Let Jesus be lifted up! 😀

  5. My best friend (IFB) hates Piper and all things Calvanist. I think I’m mature enough as a Christian to read McArthur, Piper, Sproul, and be blessed by their insights without following them hook, line and sinker. Just like I can listen to Price. Oh, wait. No, I can’t. I couldn’t sit under this guy’s preaching. blech

  6. I will not watch the video. I’m a member of Piper’s church. It was under his preaching that I became a Christian. And that’s after having attending four years of a fundy university and graduating with honors. His preaching is the most biblically based I’ve heard in my entire fundy life.

    1. In my IFB church, we were always reminded of all the things we shouldn’t do lest another brother be offended, things like going to movie theaters.

      Why don’t they apply this same reasoning to insulting other believers? Why don’t they refrain from vituperation against specific pastors so as not to offend other believers who are blessed by these men such as yourself? I know WHY: they claim these men are “false prophets”, but they can’t prove that accusation based on the basic fundamental truths of Christianity. Instead they label pastors as heretics over things like standards or unclear and difficult doctrines.

      Their lack of charity is truly unbiblical.

  7. I get this tingling feeling in my brain when I begin to listen to John Piper and it’s as though my brain goes to sleep. It’s an involuntary response, and I’m not sure why this happens. I’m not finding fault with Mr. Piper, just saying, but he is far less dangerous than Ryan here. Love those captions! I laughed so hard I almost choked.

  8. What frustrates me is that all Baptists or all Fundamentalists (read, those who hold to the historic fundamentals of the faith) or all independents get brushed with the same stroke. This guy is as crazy as Fred Phelps, but neither they (nor Steve Anderson of Mesa, AZ, of “Him Who Pisseth Against the Wall” fame) truly represent those of us who hold to historic Particular Baptist doctrine and are independent congregations. I am weary of hearing the term “fundy” or “IFB” battered around by those who place us all in one category.

    I grew up hearing this kind of nonsense too, but I read my Bible, became a Calvinist, have pastored an independent Baptist Church for 30 years, and hold to what I consider fundamentals of the faith. I preach from the NIV; I have benefited greatly from the ministries of John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul and John Piper (I’ve even shown videos of them in church!); I take my wife to movies (even double-dated with a deacon and his wife); our church body doesn’t have a clue that dancing is “sin”; my wife actually wears pants to church on occasion; I preach expositionally–no really (and yes, I actually know what that means!), always drawing the message from the text; I don’t do “hell fire and brimstone,” though I believe in a literal heaven and hell; I believe the doctrines of grace and practice Christian liberty. I am not ashamed to call myself a Calvinist, but I’m also unashamed to call myself an independent, fundamental Baptist. It may seem that I am an oddity, but most of my friends are seminary graduates who are much like me. I do not dwell in the realm of people like this nut job on the video.

    I realize that there are many wacko IFB’s out there, but I’m not one of them. I am so tired of hearing this garbage from these guys. It saddens me and angers me. They are parroting their teachers (or favorite preachers). They do not think and they do not draw their conclusions from Scripture.

    So here’s my plea: keep exposing these nut-jobs. Just don’t include all of us with them. I actually love my brethren, including my Presbyterian brethren (many with whom I feel more affinity than Baptists). This “preacher” (Ryan Price?) is divisive, as are many others; let’s not make the same mistake by casting all fundamentalists or all Baptists or all independents in the same light.

    1. I wish there were more like you! Some of us have decided that the crazy just got too much for us, and decided to exercise separation from it. It sounds like my husband and I would enjoy fellowshipping with you, even if we don’t use the label “IFB” anymore.

      1. To be honest, my wife and I have been talking the same way lately. With the Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist), Ryan Prices (Ft. Lauderdale Baptist), Steve Andersons (Faithful Word Baptist), Jack Hyles (now Schaaps), et al, and 20/20 reports, it’s tough to be an IFB these days. Add to that the strange ideas people have in general (like someone who once asked if we do snake-handling!), and I’ve definitely thought about changing the name (though I’m still a Baptist in doctrine). I cringed when I read on Ryan Price’s website that he preaches expositionally! I guess that makes my words sound shallow when I say it (though I really do!). He also says that they hold to the five fundamentals of the faith. Yet, I have a feeling that he also thinks a particular translation is a fundamental of the faith! Ha! And I’m quite sure that he would consider me a damnable heretic! So how can I properly identify myself any more? You see, I could never become a Presbyterian! Ha!

        On another note, I’d love to explore Price’s theology behind the statement that those men he criticized are saved but being used of Satan (as damnable heretics, of course). Hmm.

  9. I know nothing about John Piper, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be a Calvinist and an Arminian at the same time.

  10. While I am not a Calvinist to say that Piper and MacArthur are very dangerous and will destroy your family is so way out of line I can’t believe it.

  11. To Ryan Price


    I just “accidentally listened to your attempting to tear down John MacArthur and his view on Lordship Salvation. I would love to see you debate and/or call him down on his beliefs in person or explain your reasons for calling him a heretic. I am not sure what or where you have studied or read that has put you in such conflict or have greater wisdom or revelation to have arrived at your conclusion about Dr. MacArthur. His teaching comes from the knowledge gained by reading and understanding the original languages used as the basis of the Scriptures.

    My Family has been under John’s teaching for 30 years. Once you personally have gained the knowledge that comes from 43 years (after John’s schooling years) in depth study and asking the Lord to reveal the meaning of each and every word in the Scripture, it’s origin, the environment in which the Holy Spirit inspired the writer, you may gain an accurate understanding of the Scripture yourself.

    I know John very well, he does not let those that are calling him a heretic or worse, bother him. It may cause introspection, but not doubt in his teaching or what he believes. He has been called by many, the Spurgeon of today and is as well grounded in the Word of God; and the rightfully dividing of it.

    Perhaps one day you will be able to meet John personally and clear up some misconceptions.


    Grasped by God

    Jer 33-3 Call on me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

  12. “”Avowed atheists are not a tenth as dangerous as those preachers who scatter doubt and stab at faith.” — C.H.S., The Sword and the Trowel, August 1887.

  13. This guy is talking out of his ass. John Macarthur is as solid as it gets. People that go to feel good baptist churches lookjust like the world the rest of the week. That talk like the world dress like the world and live like the world. When you go to John Macarthurs church you will be hard pressed to find a pair of high heels or boobs hanging out or buts hanging out. And there is no dress code. Those christians live it both in church and out of church. Im thankfull for the recorce at http://www.gty.org sermons on every subject you can think of and the Macarthur stundy bible is very usefull.

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