Commandments Concerning God’s Will

And concerning God’s Will thou shalt strive with all diligence to figure out where it is hiding and stand in the perfect center of it. And thou shalt accomplish this task with all fear and trembling for one false step shall surely mean utter destruction of thee and all thine house and thy little dog too.

And when thou abidest in God’s will thou shall in any wise take care that thou not scooch up over on the side nearby the edge or lollygag over on the left side of it nor take field trips over to the right. For if thou takest but one small step to the right or the left thou shalt land right smack dab in the permissive will of God and this is confusion of heart and will land thee in a heap of trouble.

And even if thou shalt be in the perfect center and not in the permissive nor yet standing outside it where the Presbyterians freely roam, thou shalt still spend many weary hours second guessing and agonizing over the one thou shalt marry, and the school thou shalt attend, and on which street thou shalt soulwin. For the Lord doth dearly love to play head games with thee and then chuckle at thy missteps.

And if it shall come to pass that thou know not at all the will of God, thou shalt seek it out from the Holy Spirit. And for thy convenience the Holy Spirit hath taken residence inside the leadership of thy local New Testament Independent Fundamental Bible Believing Baptist Church and thou mayest ask the leadership what the Spirit sayeth on any matter they shall be more than happy to tell thee.

Independent Baptist Book of Everlasting Rules and Requirements, p 15

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  1. I purposed in my heart to be first today. I kept hitting refresh on my browser between checking emails and running my TPS reports. About 30 seconds before Darrell posted this, my boss walked in and I had to minimize my browser. When she finally left my office, almost a dozen people had posted. I guess I’m just out of the will of God. 🙁

    1. Yeeeaaahhhhh. I’m going to need you to go ahead and put covers on your TPS reports. Mmmkay??? That’ll be great. 😆

    2. No, it’s just that your will isn’t God’s will. It was His will that today you learn some humility and be eighth! 😳


  2. Sadly, I know people who live this way; never sure or confident of what God wants them to do — always asking “THE PASTOR” for direction in every area of their lives.

    1. You’re so right….even with all of the laughing (and there’s PLENTY) watching people I know turn to their MOG before they turn to (or never do) God is just painful!

  3. This permissive will is like the Catholic’s purgatory. Heaven and Hell are on either side. I heard this “permissive will” thing in college. I bought into it for a little while. And then, experience showed me better.

    By the way, have you tried to find the absolute center of anything? It’s impossible. You’ll always be making corrections.

    1. Purgatory is not the “in-between” place. It is the process by which Christians (through the blood of Christ) are purged of the temporal effects of sin before entering heaven.

      Just wanted to clear that up. 🙂

        1. So did everyone in Purgatory get a free ticket to heaven or… I mean since their sins weren’t purged when it ended.

      1. It’s also simply absent from sacred scripture. So we’re allowed to poke fun a little. 😀

        1. To be fair, if you find a denomination/church that doesn’t have some practice belief that isn’t “totally absent from scripture”, I’d like to know who that is. Esp when it comes to eschatology or after life. Am fairly confident you know the issues w/ the Baptists eschatology (see Ruckman post a few days ago).

  4. Life is so much better now that I don’t have to worry about that stuff… Except that the thoughts still come back to haunt me from time to time. 🙁

    1. I think it’d be awesome if Darrell wrote enough of these to make an actual book 😛 I’d buy it….

  5. I’ve never understood and never will understand these people who assign God’s work to *EVERYTHING* that happens in life. I assume it helps to absolve them of responsibility for the things they do wrong, in their minds?

    1. God isn’t an absent Deist type God. But that doesn’t contradict the fact that we are also responsible for our actions.

    2. Not everything that happens is God’s will but everything that happens is within the boundres of His providence. We still have free will. Not everything that happens is an attack by the devil or a lesson from God. Everything that happens can be used by God or the devil but if we took a hard look at ourselves we would see that quite a number of our own problems are brought on by our own bad decisions.

    3. I still think fundies think that by defining the nonsense they do as being in the “center of God’s will” that they are absolving themselves of all the awkwardness, or difficulties they impose on just about everyone else they come in contact with.

  6. So true. The will is some mysterious thing that only God knows and you have to sleuth out. But this post makes it seem like the will is a constant immovable rock. When I was in fundy land I got the idea that it was a constant moving and disappearing object.

    ‘You must find it before you miss it.’ And of course you don’t want to miss the will of God. If that happens you’ll spend 40 years of your life outside looking in. ‘You only get one chance to get the school choice right.’ Otherwise you could spend your whole life making money and being miserable.

    Of course once you do find the will of God it could move at any time. ‘I had a wife, kids, a good job. I was happy and serving God and then *BAM* it all changed and now I’m heading to the mission field.’ Of course that testimony would usually end with an appeal to ‘not tune out the will of God.’

    God’s will is constant on some things, extremely fickle on other things, and impossible on other things. Don’t miss it, overlook it, choose wrongly, or get out of it once you find it or face dire consequences.

    1. So you have exactly one chance to get it right or your life is ruined forever, and even once you do get it right you have to keep on getting it right or, again, the whole ruination thing.

      Sheesh! Being a Fundy must be a fulltime job!

      1. Yea actually that about sums it up. And yes it is a full time job.

        Mix that with the out of context command to not be a stumbling block (i.e. don’t offend anyone or anything). They take that to mean that you shouldn’t offend anyone (including the pastor) and they take it to mean that non only should you not offend, as in it is known that what you do offends, but you cannot potentially offend. So if they can conceive of some random person being offended, not that said random person is offended, then that is cause for not doing something or condemning you for doing it. Again, not because anyone is actually offended, but because someone might be. And lets not forget that the passage isn’t talking about offense anyway and Paul was pretty clear that you must *know* that it was truly a stumbling block and once you know you still have the choice to abstain.

        It is hard work being so prescient in Fundy land.

  7. Life is great out here on the open prairie of the liberal wasteland, possibly the permissive will fringe area, where the PCA roam….. Hey there are antelope out here!

    1. And look over there at the roaming buffalo! It’s great out here, but watch where you step.

        1. That’s waaaaaay different from the inner circles. Pass me a beer–I’m staying Beyond the Fringe.

        2. Yep! Planning on making grilled cheese for dinner too, though I may decide I’m too tired. We have an inspection coming up so we’re on 12-hour shifts for the next couple weeks. But I’m on lunch break now, so only 6 more to go.

          Friday needs to hurry up.

        3. @Bassenco…isn’t that where we are according to the diagram? I’m SO confused! :mrgreen:

        4. @not drinking the kool-aid, the chart is obscure, pointing at “you” in the permissive will zone, but then it has a note putting “baby sprinklers” out in the liberal wasteland. The only solution is that the chart is vague. I averaged the distance from the center to the two separate areas and plotted the result. It puts me right on the fringe of permissive will. Then these deer and antelope went by. It seemed to be validation of my assessment.

        5. You’ll have to ride out further to the Liberal Wasteland to get some. Check the Unitarians. They swallow everything. It’s all the same to them.

        6. It’s a good thing you all didn’t show up at my front door expecting grilled cheese. I opted for cocoa puffs instead.

    2. Yeah, I wouldn’t exactly call the PCA a liberal wasteland. I grew up PCA and went to Covenant College and finally left in my mid-20s because of what I saw as the extreme conservatism.

  8. I really had a misunderstanding of God’s will because of teachings like this. It was very freeing to figure out that God’s will for me was to obey His word and after that it was open to wise decision making.

    I knew several people that were cessationists, but they claimed that they had figured out “God’s will” for their life in areas like dating, college, jobs, etc.

  9. Without saying it outload, because we never wanted to wrongly influence, The “Will Of God” always involved the “call”. Especially if you were “qualified”. So few were qualified for the ministry due to divorce etc… you were expected to answer the call because “there is nothing better than preaching”. If you didn’t submit to the call you were judged, silently. Special dispensation was given to those who had high paying jobs and tithed.

  10. The Perfect will of God in all matters can only be determined by the M-O-g. As god’s duly appointed, self-anointed, spokesperson all decisions must be filtered through the M-O-g for his approval. To make any decision unilaterally is to be outside the will of God and may incur not merely God’s wrath but more importantly the M-O-g’s wrath as well.
    It should also be noted that in order to be in the perfect will of God we must be exactly like Sheffy, Johathan Edwards, Helen Ewan, or George Muller. (I do not disparage their memories or how God worked in their lives) I do take umbridge at the way they have been venerated and made the standard that you must live your life by. The legalism is subtle but effective: “You have to get up at 5am or sooner to pray in order to be sold out for God.” “You have to give sacrifically, until you are financially ruined if you want to be blessed by God.” You have to… you get the picture. It’s all god-in-a-box and heres the rules to keep if you are ever going to do something for god.
    The problem is that we get so busy keeping the rules we end-up doing nothing for God.

    …and sometimes spend too much time on our favorite blogs commenting as well. *guilty* 😕

  11. Darrell – I can only chuckle over this post today because I am slowly disentangling myself from the bondage of this model. It is only after years of agonizing over “missing” God’s will and screwing up my destiny that I grasped the beauty and simplicity of Micah 6:8 –

    He has shown all you people what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

    Ironically enough, I remember this verse with a Mac Lynch song, hehe.

    1. That’s a really great verse. I’ve read it before, but somehow seeing it after reading this post really made it strike me in a different way today. “Act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” If only more Christians (Fundies and non-Fundies alike!) followed that! (including myself, mind you.)

  12. For the Fundy male, God’s perfect will is to go to an approved Fundy U, work in “full-time Christian service”, get married to a girl who wears frumpy floral print dresses, have a full litter of fundy children, have an affair with a woman from your church, deny having an affair with a woman from your church, cover up the affair you had with a woman from your church, and then wait for Jesus to rapture you out of the world before the tribulation period.

    For the Fundy girl, God’s perfect will is for you to be submissive and do what your husband tells you to do, even if what he says is illogical, unbiblical, or humiliating.

  13. Stick figures are awesome. Although, I would expect a tie on the pastor. Maybe that is his trying to relate and reach out to everyone else in the wasteland of pant-wearers.

  14. I was raised like this for years, and it only leaves you anxious and/or depressed. Thank God I broke free of that.

  15. It’s that old one-school-one-wife-one-ministry-for-life doctrine.

    You know the one where (before you are 18) you have to choose the right school, where you will meet the right wife, and together find the right ministry.

    If you mess up by choosing the wrong school, then you’ll never get the other 2 right. Not only will your mistake cause you to be out of the perfect will of God, but will also cause the woman you should have married (whom you have never met) to be out of the perfect will of God (along with the man she married).

    So much pressure to make a single right decision when you are a teenager because not only your future but the future of many others depends on your right choice.

    1. If you’ve never thought out the total ramifications of this, it’s a real trip. Start with yourself: if you don’t get the choice right, you’ve already messed yourself up for life. As you mentioned, you also mess up the girl you were supposed to be with for life too. But it doesn’t stop there. By marrying the wrong girl, you’ve screwed HER life up forever. But let’s back up a second. Assuming the girl you were supposed to get eventually marries (the wrong guy, of course), she (as a result of your wrong choice) screws up the life of WHOEVER SHE MARRIES.

      And so on and so forth.

      Eventually, you’re led to the inevitable conclusion that EVERYONE ON THE PLANET is married to the wrong person.

      1. This was one of the reasons I eventually discarded this idea as hogwash, the other reason being that I saw no justification for it in the Bible. Your being able to do “what you’re supposed to do” and apparently there’s only one “perfect will” was both completely dependent on you finding and making the right choice but also on everybody else involved doing the same. Marriage is the best example … everyone, including your parents, have to marry the right people and NOT mess with the wrong ones. And yet again, we’re totally responsible to not screw it up. What a nightmare.

        1. Ok Folks, here’s my first post. This one drew me out of hiding! 😀 I was actually taught at my “fundy u” as you say, that you can make the wrong decision for the gal/guy you are going to marry, but that doesn’t mess up other gal/guy because God already knew that you were going to mess up and chose another gal/guy for the one you missed. Problem solved! This one messed me up for quite a while. I now know that God is powerful enough to work with our choices to make all things work together for good.

        2. Welcome to the comment section 😀

          I always thought that since God already knew you would “mess up” and not marry the “perfect” one, and he works all things for good, then “messing up” IS his perfect will. Maybe you would have gone on and done amazing things with that “perfect” one, but it wouldn’t be exactly right for you.

          Or something. It makes sense in my head 😛

        3. Glad I could finally draw you out. 😀 I actually wrote a paper for a philosophy course I took at fundy u in which I basically asserted that there’s no such thing as “God’s perfect will” because He’s bigger than our choices. The damage done by this wired “perfect will” thinking is infinitely worse than anything their own stupid choices could ever devise.

      2. And I didn’t even mention the CHILDREN had in these wrong marriages. Pretty soon, you’re forced to the realization that everyone on the planet SHOULDN’T EVEN EXIST!!!1

      3. You can’t possibly mess up a woman’s life because she’s not really a person. That’s one of the tenets of Fundystan.

  16. because there is no way an all powerful god could fix a misstep and place us back in the center of his will…there’s some things even god can’t do..

    1. That is because some teach that the will of gid for the woman is to submit to their husband in everything. As I was told by one person, that includes sex, drinking, smoking, movies etc… That’s because the man purpose of the woman is to submit to her husband. He will ultimately give an account to gid for her actions.

      1. But, in their arrogance, they forget that they also will give an account for their own actions. (as we all will..)

  17. Whew, glad it’s the PCA that is in the wasteland and not the United Methodists. LOL!

    I have had many youth come to me and talk about knowing the will of God. I always ask them, what do you like to do, what gifts do you have, what do you feel like God is calling you to do. I even say, you might have to try a few things before you ever really figure it out.

    The “Bible Believing” made me laugh. I remember being taught that the other churches didn’t use the Bible. I was shocked the first time I went to a United Methodist Church and they read from the Bible. Roman Catholic, Episcopalian and Lutheran churches read more of the Bible in church then Bible Believing churches do. They have a reading from the Old Testament, a Psalm, an Epistle and a Gospel reading.

    1. Yes, coming from a “mainstream” church, I was surprised to learn that the Fundies/Evangelicals/Pentecostals who say we don’t preach the Bible usually have fewer and shorter Bible readings in their services than us supposedly lukewarm liberal Protestants and Catholics have. In my tradition, we normally had an Old Testament reading, a Psalm, a Gospel reading, and an Epistle every Sunday.

      1. That is so true. (Well, I’ve never been to Methodist, Lutheran, etc)

        For all the emphasis my fundy church places on the Bible, they really don’t read it all that much. Except for Sunday morning when the pastor’s son reads a passage (varies from a whole passage to about 7-10 verses), it’s almost always one verse. That isn’t even kept in context lol And really don’t read much Bible throughout the sermon.

        In contrast, I went to a non-denom church. He read a whole passage that his sermon was from, then read two other long passages that tied in.

        I miss expository preaching 🙁

  18. It’s amazing how powerful we are that we can totally stop God’s will by just looking the wrong way….

    1. Yeah, fundies like to selectively choose when God is sovereign and when He is not.

  19. What is “permissive will”? I don’t remember that from my Baptist days.

    1. “Permissive will” was what the Fundies used to term something that wasn’t in God’s “perfect will”, but because you insist on having your way, He allows it to happen.

      That and as a former Baptist myself, they would always shove down your throat that the permissive will led to pain and disappointment.

      1. It’s also how God fixes things after you ruin your life by getting divorced. He creates a second best “permissive” will so you can sort of be in His will for the rest of your life.

        1. Whew! Good to know! Somebody better tell my fundy ex-MIL though, because I’m pretty sure she’s already signed me up for a one-way ticket to hell since I filed for divorce against her son who cheated on me and abandoned me. At least I have the hope now of being “sort of” in God’s will for the remainder of my life! 😆

        2. Innocent Lamb ftw! I had a similar experience in my divorce, however it was my own family that turned on me.

  20. Fundy preachers love the passage where paul talks about the good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. Some say that is three different things, some say no. Any thoughts?

    1. I always assumed it was one thing. The passage just seems to make sense that way.

      Then again, I’m not a highly-esteemed scholar in Greek like the wonderful Fundy preachers, so what would I know? 😆

    2. @ exfundy
      If you want to look at it from a grammatical pov, the word ‘and’ brings things together. …that good AND acceptable AND perfect will… 3 words brought together to refer to a particular thing. If one wanted to talk about 3 different things, the passage should say ‘OR.’

      1. Poking a bit at the Greek, I’m positive that it’s one thing. As a matter of fact, it’s impossible for this verse. The Greek looks like this: “God’s will, his good and perfect and acceptable.” The adjectives are used substantively and they can only modify the singular word will.

    3. if i remember correctly, the literal way to translate that passage is as found in the NASB – “so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” that’s exactly how we translated that verse in Greek class. and “good/acceptable/perfect” are just descriptive words for “God’s will.”

      almost like saying “so that i may show you my new car, which is blue, and has four wheels, and has leather seats.”

    4. Thanks for those explanations. I think once I heard a preacher say they were three different things, might have been hyles, but not sure. I believe you guys b4 him!

  21. I’m pretty sure the ‘will’ is one thing that is both good and acceptable and perfect.

  22. Tee-hee. That’s wonderful. I do have one small question, though, where do you put the heathens that read the NKJV? Are they straddling the line between “permissive” and “right out”, or are they just straight “right out”?

    Also, I couldn’t have been the only one getting a Monty Python vibe from this, could I? “And the Lord spake, saying, ‘First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once at the number three, being the third number to be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.'”

  23. I think the pope said it was Limbo that was going – not purgatory. And wtat is the permissive will? I don’t remember that one either; probably because I was too sunk in resentful (but fearful ) gloom when we got to that bit.

  24. This is my sister through & through. Actually, most things you write remind me of my sister. She’s a sophomore at Ambassador Bible College (waiting for a post on that place, btw) & has constantly made absolute statements on knowing 100% what God’s will is for her. Problem is, He seems to change His mind A LOT. She’s so worried that she won’t pick the right area of ministry (because she “knows” God’s called her to full time Christian service). Currently, it’s missions. But we’re pretty certain if she meets a preacher boy that just wants to take over his daddy’s church that, well, now it’s God’s will for her to be a pastor’s wife. With missions my hubby & I have joked that what country that will be will just depend on what’s the last presentation she sees before graduation. Well, recently she heard a guy who’s a “missionary” to the deaf & now she’s 100% certain God’s called her to deaf missions. Not sure how it’ll work since she knows she won’t actually preach. For now, she’s going to Bill Rice Ranch this summer. But I’m sure at some point in the next couple years God’s going to change His mind & she’ll go another direction.

    1. I knew a guy like that back in fundystan. He was definitively called to Wyoming, Mexico, Canada and Israel that I know of. He marched to the front of the church and announced it every time. I haven’t seen him in ten years or so but the last that I heard he was in TN.

      1. I have an aunt and uncle who God called to Australia. My cousins spent the summer with us, all excited about the koala bear they were going to have as a pet. Their parents came back and announced they were going to Paraguay!

      2. I had an IFB pastor called to California and then several weeks later came back and wanted his job back cause he misconstrued God’s call. It was at this business meeting to decide his fate that the church that we found out his “calling” apparently included several women in the congregation as well.

        1. Wow, that must have been what happened to my fundy ex! He must have felt “called” to minister to girls with bad reputations! Unfortunately, being the non-submissive wife that I am, I disagreed with his “calling.” *All joking aside, his mother really does believe that if I had been a more submissive wife, he wouldn’t have been attracted to *ahem* ladies of ill repute. So I guess I pushed him out of the will of God by my rebellious attitude?? 🙄

        2. Yes, cuz’ his hormones had nothing to do with it. Nor his willingness to act on them.

        3. “misconstrued God’s call”, the perfect fundy exit strategy, kind of like when Pat Robertson makes an outrageous prediction he says first “If I am hearing God correctly…”

        4. So you say it’s of the devil and we’ve got no choice
          Because you heard a revelation from the “still small voice?”
          If the Bible doesn’t back it then it seems quite clear
          Perhaps it was the devil who whispered in your ear

          It’s a Telethon Tuesday for The Gospel Club
          “Send your money in now or they’re gonna pull the plug!”
          Just remember this fact when they plead and beg
          When The Chicken Squawks Loudest Gonna Lay A Big Egg
          You could be smelling a crook
          You should be checking The Book
          But you’d rather listen than look
          The implication

          Guilty by association

    2. This is what happened to my entire family when I was about 9. Pop announced he’d been called to be a missionary to England, and despite the fact we had almost no money, no support and no one to help at the other end – off we went.

      Little did he know that on the other side of the Atlantic, the wicked liberuls actually checked on home schoolers and decided lickerty split that we weren’t getting a proper edumacation and we had to go to public schools, where shorts were compulsory for sports and evolution was taken for granted.

      Of course, the Lord promptly called him to go home but by then we couldn’t afford to go back. 😆

  25. Best part about this is I read it in English at 9, and went to chapel at 11 and Dr. Hankin spoke on the will of the Lord. No joke. 😯

    1. Bob,
      I am curious to know what he said about the will of God. Can you give us a quick summary?

      1. Yeah, I’ve got no idea. I was gone. song, creed, prayer, song, heard the title and fell asleep in total exhaustion…. 😳

  26. After reading the comments, the perfect will circle should be smaller and constantly moving. Also, if this picture were in 3-D, the perfect will would be the mountain top, with permissive being several hundred feet below, and the lost liberals in the dreaded Valley of Death.

    1. How many days in a row is this for you? You’re unstoppable, it’s like you are coordinating with Darrell day after day.

  27. As a bonus I was taught God’s perfect will would often be completely counter to your natural skills and abilities, involve things you didn’t like or enjoy, and basically require you to become someone you where not. Why? 2 Cor. 12:9 “for my strength is made perfect in weakness” and other similar proof text passages. Needless to say I wasn’t particularly eager to find that mysterious perfect will, being a second rate Christian had some benefits if you could cope with the guilt. The idea that God created me to be me (if that makes any sense) really thrills me, and of course now I feel guilty for ignoring/under utilizing the talents and abilities He has given me 🙄 , SFL-guilt.

    1. YES! I was taught this too, and it screwed me up for a long time. Basically, whatever it was that you most hated/didn’t want to do/weren’t good at, that was what you’d be “called” to do. I lived in fear that my worst nightmare would become my life. I felt guilty about getting things I wanted as far as jobs, dates, etc, because according to what I’d been taught, God only wanted for me what I DIDN’T want. I would meet guys, not like them, and then become afraid that I’d be told by God to marry them b/c I didn’t want to marry them. Sooo messed up.

  28. I almost choked on my popcorn! I think I might need to start wearing Depends when I read these! LOVE THEM!!!!!

  29. I feel like you drew the “perfect” section a little too big. I know it’s not that big in real life.

  30. Spot-on, Nate. 😉

    After my 2nd(?) year in a Bill Gothard training center, I was home for the summer, and casually mentioned to my mom some concern about ‘being in the center of God’s will’ or somesuch nonsense.

    She stopped, her jaw dropped, and said, “where the heck did that come from?? We’ve NEVER taught you that stuff!!”

    (They were a bit naive about the proportion of cyanide to koolaid in Gothard’s teaching, as well as my ability at 18 to sort out the ‘bad’ from the ‘good’.)

    When I went back for my 3rd ❗ year, they sent me with my dad’s dog-eared copy of Gary Friesen’s “Decision Making and The Will of God.” Not a perfect book, of course, not many are, but it sure helped put some of the Gothard nonsense in perspective, as well as alleviating some of the needless self-torment that Gothard’s teachings encourage.:roll:

  31. Is Bill Gothard still alive and spreading his propaganda? I attended one of his seminars about 30 years ago in this massive convention center.

  32. Thanks for contributing. 😀 I actually wrote a paper for a philosophy course I took at fundy u in which I basically asserted that there’s no such thing as “God’s perfect will” because He’s bigger than our choices. The damage done by this wired “perfect will” thinking is infinitely worse than anything their own stupid choices could ever devise.

    1. Good for you! I’ll bet that paper went over well. (not) It’s taken me a few years, but I get it now!

  33. Have any of you heathens heard the song from 3 Doors Down, “When You’re Young.” Feels like the anthem of my life and I suspect many of you will feel the same way…but I’m sure I am eternally dammed to hell cause I like that song and feel this way!

  34. First post!!
    and to answer your question…does it have a beat?
    I just happened upon this site and am not familiar with you but after reading your post I cried out involuntarily…”I LOVE YOU!”
    The only contention I have is that it may have been more accurate to label the “foreigners” as “heathen”
    …oh well, there’s always next time.

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