84 thoughts on “Podcast #1 “Why Is That Man Yelling?””

  1. I just can’t believe how @Darrell continues to come up with all these great post. I mean I would have to work full time at it and I still would not keep up. Great job Darrell!!

  2. I have never heard an entire Phil Kidd sermon. I listened to one because some people on my old facebook said “Just been so blessed by listening to Phil Kidd – I love preaching like that”. And I listened and was quite distressed. I had no idea what was to love about it… anyway, this same person also recommended Steven Anderson. I guess the screaming gets them fired up and they feel spiritual or something. It just makes me think “shut up!”

  3. @exIFB they feel superior to all the sinners when they listen to people screaming about how bad “those sinners” are who are engaging in “wicked acts” that generally aren’t committed by anyone in the congregation. It’s why they can get away w/ saying “african influence” in music is evil with no blacks, and they LOVE LOVE LOVE to bash gays since there are none of them around. It makes them feel like heroes of the faith standing on principle against the evil evil world out there for God.

  4. I checked out Kidds facebook. He charges $5 per sermon on his website.

    I had a chuckle at one guys reply though. He said he would save the money and buy a new ESV or something. I am guessing it was someone from here lol.

  5. @exIFB I’m going to assume that you also now count as a soul won, or possibly 3. Fundy math probably can guarantee 3 people saw the site on page load & I’m sure followed the clear plan of salvation! Congrats!

  6. Equipment: the cheapest headset mic I could find at Walmart because it’s what I can afford right now (my 2 year old ate my “good” one. It’s a long story)

    Software: Audacity and WordPress Podpress.

  7. Tony ‘Hayman’ Hutson (Ray), Phil (Egon), Jack Hyles (as Venkman) – and maybe later they will hire a black guy with some street cred. I don’t know any black IFB’s (also, I am an aussie – I don’t know if the word “black” is even offensive to anyone so forgive me if it is).

  8. @Darcy I’m relying on the 20 years of experience I had trying to decipher the latest eveangelist brought in to scream at us. It feels as natural as scoring a baseball game. We used to not only attend our evangelistic meetings but the ones of a couple other churches in the area as well (didn’t live an area where the bapists seperated from each other so much).

  9. @exIFB: No I think Venkman should be Schaap. Let use the one’s still living. Hutson’s a little big to be Ray, bu he would probably fit the character. I can imagine One of them saying don’t cross the streams and telling a story about a guy they knew/met who was told not to cross the streams and he crossed crossed the streams one time and it did not end well with him. Then the other tell their own stories too with similar, but scary details . Does anybody have photo shop to make a picture of this idea ?

  10. The black guys name was Winston btw – I only remember because the scariest scene in the whole two movies was in the train tunnel with the voice that says WIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and then all the dead bodies appear and the ghost train runs through him.

  11. my oh my… i ran with this crowd for years before i left due to unbearable guilt and shame for not being able to live up to phil kidd’s standards. i remember the first time i saw him in person… it was like meeting moses. anyways, after a 10 year absence from church, staying high all the time, i finally came back to Christ by the grace of God. I am so enjoying living in God’s grace and not working my butt off to please God and earn his favor. i now enjoy a beer or two, own multiple versions of the werd of gawd and my black leather kjv scofield that i bought in reseca georgia at sammy allen’s campmeeting has dust on it. i hope gawd still loves me!

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