Sending E-mail

In my Inbox this morning…

Being used of saten is definitely something that no sane person would want. However, I am confident that I am prepared to answer to gid, my friend. I hope you are ready as well.

65 thoughts on “Sending E-mail”

  1. Hey Darrell, you could probably use that e-mail as evidence that people aren’t speaking well of you, and that therefore you’re right just like the fundies do!

  2. Is it too early to start asking our elected leaders to change the money to “In gid We trust?” How about changing the Pledge to …”one nation under gid….”
    I can now use OMG and not feel guilty since it is now “Oh My Gid!”

    I wish you all gidspeed,

  3. cint breeth…….lafin two hurd……..tears…….

    seriously, there are some very funny, smart people in this group!
    seriously laughing very hard

  4. I’m sorry, but most Fundies are the ones causing division with their “second degree separation” thing.

    Reading that message made my day … LOL. Gid … wow.

  5. “when my help-meat first showed me this site, i laughed so hard that ruined several pairs of pants. especially when i saw the post about Christmas cantatas where somebody dies. it takes a sharp mind to notice the subtler oddities of ifbism, and Darrell has given me more hours of entertainment than i can count.”

    I’m new here and just changing my first pair of undies. As a one-time death-cantata actress, I will be watching for that post.

    This stuff is too classic.

  6. So what you guys are saying is that Stuff Fundies Like is not stuff undies like?

  7. and you shall face the mighty wrath of gid!!!!!!!! bow down before the almighty gid and repent of your sins against him!!! lol, that was great 🙂

  8. LOL @…everyone.

    “I wish you all gidspeed”
    Haha. This post has made my day so thoroughly it’s not even funny…Ironically.

    Your other brother in gid,

  9. And thanks Don. Now I’m tempted to go into my itunes and change Anberlin’s “Godspeed” to “Gidspeed”. 🙂

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