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  1. Wow…it looks like that type of preaching is really reaching the masses. (sarcams is meant)
    On the bright side, it looks as though not too many people will be scarred from this “preaching”. Was there any Bible mentioned, or did I miss that. It is way easier to preach against things than to actually study the Bible for a sermon 🙂

    1. If you would actually take the time to watch the whole sermon you would see that there was a good portion of Scripture quoted. And if problems like this aren’t blatantly obvious then you really need to open your eyes.

  2. BTW, Military also believes that shaving the heads and uniforming goes along way to stripping recruits of identity and making them more compliant/controllable. I don’t know they premeditate it as such in IFB’ism (I generally discount the intellectual capacity of most, and the “higher up” the more I doubts I have). But it’s interesting that IFB’s scream, and have very specific dress & hair styles for both men & women.

  3. Wwwwwwww….hhhhaaaa! Does this kids parents know he’s out? How did he get dad’s suit? What’s with the haircut…is he a Marine or a convict? It was people like HIM that made me run from Fundamentalism at almost an olympic pace. You can teach sanctification without looking and acting like a shoe salesman on crack. Do you s’ppose Jesus preached like that to Mary Magdeline? Yikes, now I’m in regression……

  4. Wow. The 19 year old girl that this guy quoted actually seems pretty mature about sexual things. And it’s not the girls attitude towards sex that is the abomination bringing our country to it’s knees, it’s idiots like this inflicting this crap upon young people.

  5. You go, NICK! As your pastor and mentor, I am proud of you and the clear-cut stand you’re taking. Don’t let the criticism bother you. All publicity is good publicity. Just preach on! Remember, you have an audience of One–Jesus Christ. If He is pleased, it doesn’t matter what the worldly crowd thinks.

    By the way, critics, I have watched Nick grow in his faith since he got saved when a young teenager. In my 23 years of pastoral ministry, I have only rarely seen such dedication to Christ. Laugh if you will, but the Lord is using Nick. Remember, God chose the “foolishness of preaching” as the vehicle for the Gospel message.

    Nick, I’m proud of you! –Pastor Marc Monte, “Preacher”

  6. But this is the most ridiculous preaching I have ever seen. Who is he preaching to? Why does this kind of ranting pass for preaching? Can he scream any louder? I doubt I’ll get answers to any of these questions

    “All publicity is good publicity”

    Don’t you know that is Hellywood’s slogan? They always get publicity for idiotic things.

    There is no gospel in what he preached. No good news. Only foolishness. And I would wager if I listened to 50 hours of his preaching, there would be very little good news for sinners but instead, 5 million things a sinner can do to get closer to God or be accepted by God.

    Marc, I am accepted by God because of what Jesus did not by anything I have or ever will do. If I sin, I am not “out of fellowship with God”. Anyone “out of fellowship” is LOST and in darkness. I do not need to go to an altar to get “back in fellowship with God”. I don’t even need to confess my sins to God for forgiveness because I am completely forgiven in him (past present AND future – I actually believe that) – on a side note, I do confess sins, but not for forgiveness, but for victory.

  7. I think dopey Marc Conte (am assuming his doctorate is a phony honorary one, and even an “earned” one came from a less than reputable organization). Anyway, I think his comment feels like it’s close to fundy mockery I’ve done on the blessed Drayton Parslow website. I don’t know how to parody fundies w/o one of them doing the same thing legitimately. I have so much to learn.

    Fundy on!

    1. I find it interesting how personal jabs seem to be passing as decent and insightful comments here. First making fun of the way the preacher in the video looks and then making fun of another Pastor’s doctrate. Feelin’ the Christian love here, really. 😐

      1. Here comes another incensed lurker with an axe to grind. Now, let’s be honest, you don’t really care about what goes on here. You’re just upset because we made fun of your friend.

        1. I doubt they are friends… Mike W here is a 100% internet Christian. His favourite preachers are Leonard Ravenhill, Tozer, and Paul Washer, so I already know that this guys idea of “joy in the Lord” is feeling guilty and weeping and promoting the idea of holiness and evangelism while never actually doing it, and excusing his sin because he “struggles” with it. Just look at his blog – legalism abounds, under the guise of “grace”.

  8. I’m just not sure how wise it is to title your message, “Slipping Towards Sodom” and then tell how much you know about the mag “17”. One might be tempted to say “Methinks he doth protest too loudly.”

    Whaaa? No, I don’t know him, but I know the type.
    Yes, I’m sure he “is” a fine upstanding man. Good parents, raised him right and all that.
    Yep, a credit to his church, a paragon of moral uprightness and virtue. Does everything his pastor asks, sorta like an over anxious puppy so excited about pleasing his handler.
    Yes indeed he is able to parrot all the cliches’ he has been told will push the right emotional buttons in order to increase his “APM’s” (Amens per minute) and PIB’s (Preach it Brother). (though, curiously, both seemed to lacking in the audio here.)
    The negative critique here would be the over use of , “the pit of hell.” If you don’t get an “amen” on the first use of it hold off using it for a bit…. it seemed like he was on a fishing expedition with it, just casting it all over the place trying tio snag a “PIB.”

    Well hope that helps. He has potential. Needs to man up a little, he tends to goes up a broken octive when making an emotional point but he has real potential. Why with a little more coaching he can graduate to more difficult logical fallacies and spend less time, and effort, setting up strawmen to knock down. I see a bright fundy future ahead for this fellow.

    Glad I could be a help and a blessing, g’nite.

    1. I know Nick now, and just so it’s known, he doesn’t only preach on “Seventeen” magazine. That only part of the sermon and if you want the context of the whole thing watch it. He doesn’t only preach on this and believe it or not, he does great exposition on Scripture. He is a good student and a good preacher, and you can hate fundamentalists all you want, but don’t hate him, that is not Christian at all.

      1. Well, that’s a surprise. I thought fundies were universally opposed to reformed legalists (I’m not saying all reformed are legalists, but this one is). I guess it’s just fundamentalism of a different flavour.

  9. “Avons Home of the Old Time Religion”?

    Why are fundies obsessed with the old time religion of the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s?

    Shouldn’t we simply focus on the scriptures and what they teach and be less concerned with traditions of man?

    Just because that’s how church was done in grampa’s day doesn’t mean that it is the Biblical model.


    And on a side note, why does every preacher fundy have parted slicked hair? You guys look like snake oil salesmen.

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