47 thoughts on “Finding Sin In the Strangest Places”

  1. Fantastic use of alliteration in this title.

    “Schaap special sure to satisfy” – fundy tongue twister.

  2. OH, and now that I’ve watched it:

    I love this tactic – “If you disagree with me, there’s something wrong with you/you’re quenching the spirit/you’re violating your conscience.”

    Essentially, if you disagree with me, you’re wrong. Not because of any lack of merit or flaw in your thought process or argumentation, but simply because you disagree with me and I am right.

  3. I would like to know what book he is talking about. I HAVE seen some DISTURBING childrens books in recent years..honestly. I cant say I have ever seen a stripper mouse, but I have seen things that made me put the book back in the library bag not to be taken out.

  4. I’m pretty sure this was a cartoon on a video, Emily.

    One of my loyal readers has done the legwork and figured out that it was most likely from Basil the Great Mouse Detective.

    I’m sure you can find the scene in question on Youtube.

  5. So . . . get rid of the cartoon mouse that you deemed perverse through some massive mental gymnastics that came from your twisted mind because, as you say, “it causes a grown man to have immoral thoughts.” All the while you continue to protect, shelter, and defend those from your church and other supporting ministries who have sexually abused and tormented those in your flock you are called to protect. Hey! Kettle! Your black!

  6. I had to break it to him but except for mankind all God’s creatures run around naked.

  7. How weak is he if he’s seduced by a cartoon mouse? Why is it that it’s assumed that man is so incredibly weak that he would be aroused by a cartoon? Honestly, it’s that “sin around every corner” thing that drives me nuts. Yes, we can be tempted to do things, but not every single little thing can lead us to sin. Why must man be made out to be a simpleton?

    I can watch that video of the mouse doing her dance and not be phased in the least. It doesn’t make me want to search out porn, or do anything sinful. Shaap must be extremely weak if he feels like he could succumb to that cartoon mouse dancer.

  8. Hmmm. After watching that clip (don’t know if that’s the one Schaap was referencing), I don’t think that’s something I’d let my young kids watch. Call me a fundy, if you wish – we can mock fundies mercilessly, but even a blind squirrel gets an acorn every once in a while.

  9. Not agreeing to his cartoon seduction point – but there are other reasons why I’d not have certain videos in our library at home.

  10. What is it with Jack Schaap and this constant preoccupation with “preaching” and writing books related to sex? Also, I love how his assistants (stooges) watch his every action and listen to him so intently. After all, fundies must have a Pope to follow too! He learned so well from the late, great, master-fundy himself… his father-in-law.

  11. That clip was so hot. I have to admit, she was pretty hot even for a mouse.

    But in all seriousness, I probably wouldn’t let my young kids watch this either. In this clip we have drinking, smoking, drugs, violence, and of course the stripping mouse. We can do a little better than that.

  12. I agree. I watched it and said that I wouldn’t let my kids watch that either because of the very things you listed but I wouldn’t be afraid that mouse would seduce my husband either. I wonder what it’s really like in that man’s head…

  13. That’s the thing here. Sure, if you don’t want your kids to watch that, it’s fine. As a parent, you can screen whatever you deem appropriate. If you were to watch this clip and decide it was inappropriate, great. Where I have an issue, is that he’s saying that adults could be seduced by this cartoon. Can an adult not have strong willpower, or common sense when watching a cartoon? If you are strong in your faith, why would something so small trip you up?

  14. I have decided to be offended by the cartoonish portrayal of mouse pirates, when we all know that real life mouse pirates are murderers and rapists.

  15. I don’t like be accused of causing disunity. I you will just agree with me, then we’ll be unified, and there won’t be any disunity or division.

    1. I find that all the disunity in the world is caused by people failing to agree with me.
      If everyone would just do what I say to do, and think what I tell them to think, there would be no more conflict.

  16. The clip is slightly sexually charged, but hardly inappropriate. I mean come on drinking is just a fact of life. Sheltering your child from it accomplishes nothing. And honestly the sexual elements of the clip is of little ramification. Believe me unless your children are locked up in the house 24/7 with no access to other friends they’ve been exposed to far worse things. For everyone who says that Adults have strong will power to resists so do Children. Isolating them or protecting them often causes more damage than good. I recall watching this movie as a child and while I can remember the story and even other clips in vivid detail this one hardly stands out and didn’t tempt me in the least. Perhaps you could use a clip like that to talk about appropriateness or why you believe what you believe. Avoiding objectionable elements means avoiding the conversation and that is a problem.

    But as to the clip of Schaap. It is so rich that at the end he says if you disagree with me than there is something wrong with you. How absurd is that logic…”I know I am write therefore you are wrong and go suck and egg.” That just isn’t how things work I’m sorry.

  17. This is unbelievable! I just watched the clip on youtube, and I can see why he would call it objectionable for his children. But the funny thing is, I watched that movie as a child, and I had completely forgotten all about it… no memorable scarring! As for his assertion that a cartoon mouse might cause a grown man to stumble…. he’d have to be quite the pervert.

  18. “I have decided to be offended by the cartoonish portrayal of mouse pirates, when we all know that real life mouse pirates are murderers and rapists.”

    There is some irony in pirates (hello, Patch the Pirate?), with their reputation of being thieves, murderers, rapists, and drunks, being so revered by the very fundies who decry anything having the “appearance of evil.”

  19. @ mark rosedale My children are exposed to drinking and a good many other things. My husband and his friends drink and my kids are around when they do.

    I grew up in a very very very sheltered hardcore legalistic home. I know all about the damage sheltering can do but because of my responsibility to the children God gave me I’ve had to go back and do things differently than I said I would.

    One of my biggest concerns is the violence and the disrespect that is shown to women by men and by themselves. I have a 6 year old autistic child who cannot process good and bad in things like this and although very intelligent, socially he is like a 2 year old who will just blurt something out or copy an action and because of his communication deficits we cannot have discussions about right and wrong in these situations because he cannot understand why or what is wrong with it. So as a parent I have to make the decisions on what he can handle and cannot handle as he lacks the ability to distinguish.

    Look I appreciate your opinion and help you intended to give with it. I had a lot of opinions on parenting and what I would and wouldn’t do too and then on March 6, 2004, 2 days after I turned 21, I gave birth to a little boy with autism and everything in our lives changed. God placed a huge weight of responsibility on our shoulders with that special needs child that made us rethink everything we ever thought about parenting. I’ve had to do some of the very things I said I would never do because they were the best things for that little boy. Sheltering is one of them.

  20. All the little mice of the world better watch out. Here comes Jack, and he is excited!!

  21. @alm517

    I appreciate the post. I completely understand and agree with what you said. I should have prefaced by saying first I have no children of my own yet…though I am fairly certain that nothing drastic will change when I do have them, and second I absolutely understand that the needs of each individual child should be considered. So my statements were extremely general and perhaps too much so.

    There could be any number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to show such a clip to your child and I fully support your right as a parent to do so. I also understand that there could be any number of factors, given the child, that would also lead to sheltering in this case. I fully understand each. And in that case I was not specifically talking about anyone on this form or your specific situation per se. I was referring to the general form of isolationism and its impetus for being. Your situation certainly does not fall into that category. If I offended I’m sorry.

  22. You know, I never really liked that scene in that movie anyhow, and I probably wouldn’t show it to my son, for various reasons (though not because I think the cartoon mouse would seduce him or anything crazy like that!).

    But preaching against it from the pulpit? Um, what about preaching the Gospel, dude? Why don’t you stick to preaching the Bible and let us parents decide what we’ll allow or disallow in our own homes. You don’t need to accuse us of violating our consciences. There’s no edification in that.

  23. @ Mark Rosedale No need to apologize! No offense taken whatsoever, just merely a defense of my position. 🙂

  24. What is amazing to me is the brand of Jack Schaap fundies who put so much stock on the outside appearance that they neglect the inward man. Isn’t that the very thing that Jesus preached about when he condemned the Pharisees?

    I think that fundie think that their outside appearance shows their separateness and proclaims their righteousness before men. It is a badge of honor they wear proudly in the conviction that they are saved and the rest of us are – if not going to hell – going in the wrong direction.

  25. “You can make a cartoon mouse seduce an adult man.” So we have a bigwig in IFB churches railing on about furries? Gosh. Didn’t see that one coming AT ALL.

    Gentlemen, I believe we have found a new low.

  26. me conciencia, su conciencia….. or so Jack seems to have his cult followers believing. I bet Jack really gets excited about Jessica Rabbit. What a putz!

  27. If he does, it will probably be to attempt to burn it down. Wouldn’t count on it though. Without him, his flock might start thinking for itself and scatter.

  28. Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people.

    The guy who always has to talk about it must be struggling with it. Kinda like “he who smelt it dealt it.”

    …I stopped fixating on complaining about it myself when I learned that… 😉

  29. The first thing I did when I left home was to “catch-up” on my movie watching. Watched all those evil movies that were going make me sin and slip up so easily:)

  30. wonder if he has a stuffed animal fetish.ya know, what you hate most, you secretly are, haha.Yea i bet hes totally into mini mouse!

  31. Wonder if he’s ever seen “Krakatoa Katy” in the old Mighty Mouse cartoon from 1944 (the only episode that ever won Terrytoons an Oscar nomination)?
    “Krakatoa Katy / she ain’t no lady
    When she starts to shake her sarong . . .”

    Dangerously suggestive stuff, that. 😯

  32. I just tried to play the video (I know, I’m late getting to this stuff) and got the following message:

    This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including: [First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana], [First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana], [First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana]

    It sounds like they spammed YouTube with flags…but I find it interesting that a sermon could be copyrighted. If you were really interested in spreading your message, would you put legal restrictions upon its reuse? Unless, that is, you hope to make money off it. 😉

    1. Isn’t that one of the claims of KJVO folks: that no “real” Bible would be copywrited?

      I think they just don’t want the negative attention – the PROOF to the world of what’s ACTUALLY being said from the pulpit – so they’re doing what they can to get this stuff off the internet and away from critical eyes.

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