FWOTW: 21tnt.com

21tntThe thing that is so impressive about 21tnt.com is not the site itself but rather the enormous number of fundy sites that are listed in a single place.

It’s amazing how in one place you can have someone who lauds Jonathan Edwards, Jack Hyles, Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, George Witfield, Charles Finney, John Bunyan, and Lester Rollof — and evidently has no idea how absurd it is that those names are all on the same list.

Be sure to also check out the the links to Independent Baptist “news sites” with names like The Baptist Pillar, Baptist Fire, Calvary Contender, Lion of Judah, and (my personal favorite) The Flaming Torch.

10 thoughts on “FWOTW: 21tnt.com”

  1. This site is obviously run by liberal Baptists. I would wager that it’s a damnable heresy to not only provide links to CNN and the Associated Press, but to have the audacity to place those links before the Fox News link.

  2. I find it painful to know that the the Flaming Torch is still around, and that it is now online. As an MK, I spent many otherwise-wasted hours mocking it.

  3. Re the top banner. why do fundies like Juno? am i missing an inside joke?

    and yes, check out my email address! 🙂


  4. I see the Christian Etheral Library is marked as a link. Fundies really should read the Early Church Fathers and see for themselves how “Catholic” their beliefs were even before the fiction that “Constantine established the Catholic Church”.

    They believed in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, Baptism for the remission of sins, that Mary was Ever-Virgin, Confession, the Liturgy, etc etc.

    Maybe they shouldn’t read the Early Church Fathers. Fundies’ heads would explode. JK.

  5. So this is kinda like a shotgun approach to websites. Just load up your 12ga. with links and blast away!

    I can very easily see this being the browser homepage for a great many people. Why take the risk and surf? All you ever need is right here!

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