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  1. This seems to go under the Monotone Yell, Clap, etc post. 🙂

    The “Why We Hold The KJB” book cover made me laugh too.

    Separatists? Man, every time I hear that i CRINGE! So unbiblical.

  2. I love it. I especially love the argument by assertion, eg.: “They say Mary is the Queen of Heaven. Well, no she’s not. [Amens all around]”

    And I still can’t grasp the fundy demonization of the Southern Baptists. Although I don’t consider myself a baptist any more, the times I’ve visited Southern Baptist churches I’ve gotten infinitely more out of those visits than to the many fundy churches I’ve gone to.

    Of course, the obvious answer is that “It’s not about what you get out of it. It’s what you put into it.”

    So it goes.

  3. I bet he preaches that Demas was not saved. I bet Peter wasn’t saved either since he acted like the old crowd and wouldn’t eat with Paul and the Gentiles.
    I guess he wasn’t since he went back to the fishing boats and all.

  4. Frightening thing is that there is an element in Fundyland that seeks to please David Cloud. This apparently had some sort of effect on Cloud because I remember seeing an article from him stressing that he was not their leader. A gentleman in my old church used to give everyone who was going off to college the Way of Life Encyclopedia to keep them “from compromise”. You know a fella is hardcore fundy if he sees the SOTL as a bunch of rank compromisers.

  5. Morgan,
    This is because the self-centered anecdote is essential to any fundy church that claim to preach only the Bible. Without the anecdotes to fill the time, the preacher might have to do some exposition of the text.

  6. “Without the anecdotes to fill the time, the preacher might have to do some exposition of the text.”

    According to a professor of mine that was why preachers use the KJV – because if they didn’t have to go back and more or less translate every single verse into modern English, then they’d actually have to think of something to say about the text! Mind you he said that in front of the entire class at a staunchly KJVO school. I remember my jaw just dropping when he said that – and that was long after I’d (secretly) abandoned the KJV myself. To this day I *still* can’t believe he said that in front of the class!

  7. @Paul

    No, it was someone else, and a different school for that matter (assuming Google is right and Dr. Jaeggli teaches/taught at BJU).

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