28 thoughts on “The Monotone Yell, Gasp, and Clap Preaching Style”

  1. The preaching style reminds me of Fundieism, the highback chairs that look like kings thrones remind me of Fundieism, and the baptistery centered in the wall of the church reminds me of Fundieism, but doesn’t having guitar in church automatically disqualify you?

  2. Yea, living in the Northeast it’s rare to see a guitar on the stage (I mean platform). But you’re right, the highback chairs and even the purple carpeting are cleary fundie. But I’m not used to seeing those types of mikes on a fundie preacher, it’s almost always lapel mikes up here.

  3. I would keel over if I preached like that…and I’m only 27. It does give you a adrenalin high tho I imagine.

    Yea the guitar would never fly in a fundy church up here in the midwest!

    And did you notice that he’s using a pop-culture-born boom mike!!

  4. I thought this was going to be different. This guy is so minor league. 😉 The real champions are the “suck-n-blow” preachers. I heard one once — once (50 pts if you get the “Johnny Dangerously” reference).

    Guy read the Scripture in a normal voice — it was 3 passages that I was curious to see how he was going to tie together — I was quite intrigued.

    Then he prayed, also in a normal voice.

    Then he proceeded to yell unintelligibly for 45 minutes (blow), interspersed with gasps for air (suck). This was punctuated by lots of “Amen”-ing from the congregation, who apparently understood the crazy moon language that he was using.

    I still don’t know how those 3 passages correlate.

  5. Regarding the guitar on “stage.” Try 2 guitars, a banjo, mandolin and stand up bass in churches with KJV 1611 on the sign out front. I’ve been behind one of those guitars many times in many churches over 25 years of traveling music ministry and I don’t recall a time when they objected. One little KJV 1611 church even asked us to do our secular cowboy music along with our gospel music in both Sunday school program and the AM service! We were stunned and felt kind of uncomfortable with it, but they loved it and have asked us back over the years. I guess you just never know. BTW cowboy music here is not country– think Sons of the Pioneers or Roy Rogers.

  6. Honestly, I think everyone of these guys picks a preacher that they like and just models them.

    As a hairstylist, I must point out that my dog can cut a better high and tight than that guy’s sporting.

    1. Yes. Something like my “Tropical Jazzy Santa” figurine (who plays “Jingle Bells” on sax and dances the twist).
      The “Hollering Fundy Preacher” action figure waves his fingers and claps his hands while his jaws flutter.

  7. This has to be learned behavior, and in my brief time as a pastor before I came out of IFB and turned to the PCA, I never was able to learn it!

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