28 thoughts on “Denim Jumpers”

  1. What’s this? I sure don’t know one.

    You went to Pensacola Christian College and never saw a girl in a denim jumper?

    I find that hard to believe.

  2. Hey! That’s a “stylish” jumper (note the pockets) compared to some of the ones to which I have been a witness.

    Erin, it’s okay to laugh about it. It doesn’t matter if a pentecostal is wearing that, it’s still just as ridiculous. 😛

    Next topic: Ultra-defensiveness.

  3. That is most definitely a Baptist girl- note the “short” hair. And Marc is right- it is a stylish jumper as it has both pockets and a waistline! Good eye! 😀

  4. Careful what you say about Baptists, there are some Reformed churches that have Baptist in the name of their church and maybe they might not want to be included in what you say about Baptists.

  5. You like jumpers?! Then you’ll love Culottes!! You could do a whole post on those too. In fact visit http://www.myculottes.com/ to order yours today!! They offer Culottes, Jumpers, Skirtlots, etc.

    No lie – If the girls in my youth group wanted to go on ski trips, they had to have “Ski-lotts” custom made. They were some of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. Even the hard-line fundies would snicker when they saw those poor girls.

  6. I had one or two of these. They were by far the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe. Bonus: in cold weather, I could put my BJU School of Education shirt over the top, and wear my BJ anklets at the same time. Only on Saturdays, of course.

  7. Well this post is 2 1/2 years old but I’m rather new to the site. I happen to like denim jumpers and long skirts, because they are COMFORTABLE. Not because they are fundy approved but because you can move in them. As for culottes I think they’re from the pit of hell. Sorry so many of you have bad memories associated with denim jumpers. 😥

  8. I love how the ads often go with the post. I clicked on this as a random post and an ad for a women’s clothing retailer showed up. FOR WIMMIN’S BRITCHES!!!!

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