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FWOTW: samgipp.com

Sam Gipp is no stranger to this site but it’s about time we made it official and featured his website o’ crazy as our Fundamentalist Website of the Week. Do enjoy the motivation posters and his plethora of books about the King James Version. Jesus is strangely absent.

There’s also an entire section of audio and video which you’ll do best to completely avoid if you have any love for either your eardrums or your sanity.


Reader Submitted Photo: Answers To Tough Questions

Today’s photo is of a book by Sam Gipp, entitled The Answer Book.

Given that title one would imagine a work of Fundies Guide To The Galaxy proportions, but a quick look at the back cover reveals that the only answers Gipp is providing are to a strangely eclectic group of questions about the King James Version.

Looking at the bright side, at least Sam has decided to tackle some questions that are worthy of him and leave the discussion of the actual text to others.