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FWOTW: psalm118.org

psalm118The website of Victory Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC (home of a water tower that looks like a ginormous peach) had me hooked from my first glimpse of the animated guy waving hi. And it gets even more entertaining after that. No, really.

The website proclaims that “Victory Baptist Church is known for its fire and brimstone tent revivals but now the outreach ministry has went worldwide.” Indeed.

Be sure to check out the no less than six articles on tattoos and the 118 MB video sermon on “How to Handle Hindrances” (My biggest hindrance at the moment is that it’s taking 15 minutes to download this file off their server).

Update 1: I’m listening to this sermon and just learned that that the wild fires a few years ago in California were caused by gay marriage being legalized. I’m left to wonder if the pastor thinks the current wild fires were caused by it being outlawed again.