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psalm118The website of Victory Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC (home of a water tower that looks like a ginormous peach) had me hooked from my first glimpse of the animated guy waving hi. And it gets even more entertaining after that. No, really.

The website proclaims that “Victory Baptist Church is known for its fire and brimstone tent revivals but now the outreach ministry has went worldwide.” Indeed.

Be sure to check out the no less than six articles on tattoos and the 118 MB video sermon on “How to Handle Hindrances” (My biggest hindrance at the moment is that it’s taking 15 minutes to download this file off their server).

Update 1: I’m listening to this sermon and just learned that that the wild fires a few years ago in California were caused by gay marriage being legalized. I’m left to wonder if the pastor thinks the current wild fires were caused by it being outlawed again.

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  1. Ah, yet more white bread Americans trying to convince Spanish-speakers everywhere that their Bible is false, along with a good bit of English speakers’ Bibles. I thought this issue was a quirk of just the English-speaking world? Please let’s not import our baggage to other cultures.

    Also, this site fits perfectly with the pattern of right-wing whack jobs having absolutely atrocious, eye-searingly bad web design. At least this isn’t as bad as some.

  2. “In fact, it was after I finished my Masters Degree that I finally saw a school that offered a course on How To Study The Bible. Very few books are printed on the subject. The ones that are with a given exception are all put together with teaching the student of the Word of God to correct the Bible instead of how to study.”

    Um, it’s called hermeneutics and it’s a standard *required* class at most (ok, many) seminaries and Bible colleges – even my alma mater required it for most degrees. Just off the top of my head I can think of several theologically conservative, popular-level books that teach that very thing – and that’s not counting any systematic theologies or more scholarly books on the topic. Good ‘ol gnosticism again.

  3. Words can’t describe how angry I am while looking at this website. Just want to grab him by the collar and lead him around like I might lead around a disobedient child.

  4. The website is Psalm118 and the sermon is 118mb! More proof that the KJV is the only inspired word of God!

  5. The website is Psalm118 and the sermon is 118mb! More proof that the KJV is the only inspired word of God!

    I totally missed that connection. 🙂

  6. Darrell and Reader Mo,

    You have both made a subtle error. “Mega” is a metric prefix. The metric system is not found in the King James Bible, but comes from France at the time of the French revolution, an atheist event. I must admonish both of you to repent of this evil. It is tiny errors like these that lead people astray from the King James Bible. Be careful to maintain your separation or you will quickly find yourselves isolated from all the non-compromising Christians and cast into outer darkness where there is weeping, wailing, and the reading of the NIV.

  7. Randy,
    Thank you for your rebuke! Due to your sound, King James, preaching, I must needs go with haste to the nearest IFB church, run down the aisle, and have somebody come show me from the KJV how I can KNOW that I’m going to heaven. Then I’ll get rebaptized. Wash, rinse, repeat! 😀

    I must admit that after reading your comment, I was tempted to blot out “Mega” from my KJV. Would it read “I am the Alpha and the O[redacted]” or would it be “I am the Alpha and the Big O”?

  8. That waving dude is creepy and annoying…I must say.
    And ya gotta love the dude running from the brimstone of Popes, camps, and SBC towards the glorious KJB!!
    118Mb! Holy poop! Forget to compress that file from WAV eh?
    And check out the photos! I didn’t know an IFB was allowed to have full time Communion tables! What a pitiful shame…

  9. I don’t know whether I am angry or sad.

    Every link on the homepage leads to some atrocity of doctrine, taste, geometry, or grammar.

    1. not really connected to this thread, but the best advice I ever got was: Never moon a werewolf.

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