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Trial By Fire (Bob Gray cries “Persecution!”)

Bob Gray (Texas) has a new book out exploring the trials and tribulations endured by Independent Baptists. Oh, how they suffer.

Topics covered include: “Satan’s Attack on Pastoral Authority”, “Satan’s Attack Using Calvinism”, and and that ever present question: “Why Do Adult Children Rebel?” To that last perhaps not thinking of them as “adult children” and just calling them “adults” might be helpful.

Disappointingly, the only way to get your hands on this literary masterpiece right now is to direct order it from Bob himself. However, Christmas is coming up and I’m hopeful that one of these may find its way into my fireplace stocking. I can’t wait to see if there are any veiled references to SFL in its pages.


marytrsincolosseumatromeFundamentalists love persecution — or more accurately they love to call things persecution which people in real persecuted countries wouldn’t even notice.

For example, if there are ten miles of street that fundamentalists are allowed to preach on and ten square feet that is off-limits for safety reasons, you can bet your life on where the fundy street-preacher will end up standing. And don’t even think about asking him to get a permit…

The list of new persecutions is never ending.

Taxes? Persecution!

Building Safety Codes? Persecution!

Not to mention health inspectors, noise ordinances, gun laws, emissions tests…

Jesus would never have put up with all of this! It’s not like ever told his followers to follow the government’s rules or pay taxes, after all. Those early Christians just didn’t know how good they had it.