marytrsincolosseumatromeFundamentalists love persecution — or more accurately they love to call things persecution which people in real persecuted countries wouldn’t even notice.

For example, if there are ten miles of street that fundamentalists are allowed to preach on and ten square feet that is off-limits for safety reasons, you can bet your life on where the fundy street-preacher will end up standing. And don’t even think about asking him to get a permit…

The list of new persecutions is never ending.

Taxes? Persecution!

Building Safety Codes? Persecution!

Not to mention health inspectors, noise ordinances, gun laws, emissions tests…

Jesus would never have put up with all of this! It’s not like ever told his followers to follow the government’s rules or pay taxes, after all. Those early Christians just didn’t know how good they had it.

7 thoughts on “Persecution”

  1. i’ve started following the “random post” links at the top, and am finding some real gems here!

    one great tale of persecution of fundies comes from roloff: how he ended up going to jail for refusing to obtain a state license to care for children (cause a license would mean that he would be accountable for hitting children). then he went ahead and moved the homes to different states which did not require a license to hit children.


  2. Like the old black preacher said, “when the lawd sends us tribulation, he ‘spects us to tribulate!”

  3. What can American Fundametalists teach Christians in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, about persecution?

  4. Christmas is coming up, don’t forget that Real True Xtains always bristle over people saying “Happy Holidays!” Oh the horror! Oh the misery! Oh the sheer tragedy of it all! 😯 😛

    1. I don’t know why people get upset over it. I mean, there are several holidays in November and December. Thanskgiving, xmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Year’s …….

      1. Any holiday greeting that does not EXPLICITLY refer to Christ is deliberately ignoring, slandering or insulting the Reason For the Season, so the idea goes. Trust me, you’ll find some slighted Fundy making their usual fuss about it. 🙄

        1. It’s just so stupid to get upset over it. There is real persecution in Sudan, Vietnam, North Korea, etc.; it’s stupid to worry about “happy holidays” instead of “merry xmas”. First world problems, people!

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