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MOY: Abortion: Politics, Prevention, and the Pope


The Republican Party has a narrative for being pro-life that goes something like this: keep electing Republicans to office and then someday in the future (if we can all hold office for long enough) we’ll repeal Roe v. Wade.

That’s pretty much it. The entire plan can be summed up in the words “vote Republican.” But voting Republican has changed hardly anything.

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MOY: 10 Ways To Ensure Any Political Discussion Turns Into a Pointless Argument


1. Assume the worst about those on the other side. For example, you can try adding “and we’ll do it by starving children” to the end of whatever they propose. As in “I believe we need to be more environmentally conscious…and we’ll do it by starving children” or “We really need to get spending under control…and we’ll do it by starving children. and old people. and puppies.” You know the real agenda no matter how cleverly the other side disguises it by seeming reasonable.

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