8 thoughts on “MOY: The More Things Change…”

  1. Ok. I think my math must be off. $7.25 x 40 hours seems to equal $290. And that isn’t enough to live on. In a decent country, people should be able to survive if they’re working a full-time job.

        1. We know the standard of living in the countries that don’t have a minimum wage. If you like that , the are more than happy to welcome Americans.

        2. RobM, why not just pay someone what they are worth instead of a very inefficient government mandating what someone is worth? It is a system that holds people back and shackles business owners.

  2. Because left to their own devices, corporations will quickly tell us we are all ______, a dime a dozen, replaceable, and worth zero–and expect us to be “thankful we have a job.”

    That’s why.

    I knew a business owner who wanted no minimum wage. His argument was that if they had a strong back and a slow mind, and they were willing to work for 2 bucks an hour, so be it. It is taking advantage of people. It would not have hurt that business owner to pay a decent and livable wage to those people sweeping dirt and stacking 100 pound sacks of pinto beans destined for somewhere else..

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