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MOY: 10 Ways To Ensure Any Political Discussion Turns Into a Pointless Argument


1. Assume the worst about those on the other side. For example, you can try adding “and we’ll do it by starving children” to the end of whatever they propose. As in “I believe we need to be more environmentally conscious…and we’ll do it by starving children” or “We really need to get spending under control…and we’ll do it by starving children. and old people. and puppies.” You know the real agenda no matter how cleverly the other side disguises it by seeming reasonable.

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Arguing on the Internet

For a person who loves the heady thrill of never-ending argument, the Internet is nothing short of a drug. For even mildly tech-savvy fundies who would rather argue than eat, the internet provides a venue to argue ad infinitum about every topic under the sun.

Nothing represents this non-stop battle of words better than The Fighting Fundamental Forums, a place where you can stop in on any given day and trade earnest verbal fisticuffs about subject matter that nobody else in the world cares about (other than the readers on this blog, of course). There is no detail too small, no doctrine too minor, no standard too outdated to be defended to the last man. The Truth must be preserved, even if virtual blood must be spilled to do it.

If you wish to stand in the gap, perhaps you too can gird your loins and join the fray on topics such as  Cheerleading, Water Parks, Tattoos, Female Song Leaders ,More Tattoos, Mid-Week Services, Even More Tattoos and Pastoral Authority. But I’d beg you not to. That way lies madness.