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What do you do when BJU Press and A Beka Books are just too liberal for your kids? Thank goodness there’s Landmark Baptist Church and their Freedom Baptist Curriculum to stand in the gap between your child’s ears.

You can take a course in Inspiration of the Scriptures(PDF) wherein you’ll learn not only that Christopher Columbus actually sailed to America on a mission’s trip but also some really crazy numerology stuff. Seriously. It’s insane.

In American History you can learn all about how our Constitution implements the Christian Doctrine of Government(PDF). After all, slavery is in the Bible.

Feel free to dig through the remaining courses and let us know what you find.

FWOTW: Dr. Edward DeVries

This week’s pick could best be titled the online resume of a fundamentalist preacher.

Dr. Edward DeVries is the author of 27 books and dozens of published articles. He holds 5 earned college and seminary degrees including a Doctor of Theology degree from Landmark Baptist University in Bristol, Tennessee.”

Worth checking out are the endorsements from everybody from Jack Hyles to Jerry Falwell. His writings include Symbol of Hate? or an Ensign of the Christian Faith? (a defense of the Confederate Flag as a “Christian Symbol that dates back to the old Roman-Celtic Wars”) and FINDING A NEW PASTOR: A Guidebook for Pastor Search Committees.

Fun for the whole family!