FWOTW: Dr. Edward DeVries

This week’s pick could best be titled the online resume of a fundamentalist preacher.

Dr. Edward DeVries is the author of 27 books and dozens of published articles. He holds 5 earned college and seminary degrees including a Doctor of Theology degree from Landmark Baptist University in Bristol, Tennessee.”

Worth checking out are the endorsements from everybody from Jack Hyles to Jerry Falwell. His writings include Symbol of Hate? or an Ensign of the Christian Faith? (a defense of the Confederate Flag as a “Christian Symbol that dates back to the old Roman-Celtic Wars”) and FINDING A NEW PASTOR: A Guidebook for Pastor Search Committees.

Fun for the whole family!

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  1. I had to look twice. It looked like a plumper version of the late Jack Hyles. Yikes! I love those retro frames. Gold and silver frames are of the devil.

  2. “A defense of the Confederate Flag as a “Christian Symbol that dates back to the old Roman-Celtic Wars”

    Really?? I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  3. One of the books he wrote is “Dressing For The King King”. Do you think this may be a typo? I believe the real title is “Dressing like a ding-a-ling”.

  4. “As an Assistant to the Pastor of the world’s largest church DeVries’ duties included nursing home chaplaincy, working in the children’s ministries, the deaf ministry, the blind ministry, the ministry to the retarded and educably slow…”

    Who are the “educably slow”?

  5. He counted his associates degree as one of the 5. And the last one was originally not earned, but instead changed to earned based upon a paper. I wish real education were that easy.

  6. I love the “Just Good Recipes” – in case you have Dr. DeVries over for dinner. That is funny!

    @Stan – apparently me, because I just don’t get this guy.

  7. Wow….!

    “His doctoral project, which he did in place of a major dissertation, was to establish an Internet Bible College and Seminary which operated for one year as an extension of the Lake Charles Bible College…the board of Lake Charles Bible College voted to discontinue the on-line experiment, deciding that it had been a ‘noble failure’…”

  8. He sure has a thing for the south, and the confederacy. I would love to know more about his “Sacred Honor” book, where he states that 52 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were “fundamentalist” or “Evangelical”. Seriously, I tried looking up info on the book…no luck.

  9. “As an Assistant to the Pastor of the world’s largest church…” So he’s Catholic?

    Oh, I get it. Good one.

  10. Thanks, Darrell, I looked for that, but didn’t find it. I guess you’re a pro at digging up these things!

  11. The Confederate Battle Flag is indeed what the above preacher said…It is St, Andrews Cross, please do not let political correctness and your feelings about the old south blind you from a historical fact.

  12. Ok, the thing is, yes, the Confederate flag is technically a St. Andrews Cross, however, the design is specific. Any flag with two bars crossed has the St. Andrews Cross…the Confederate flag has a distinct look. It’s the same as flying a flag with the Nazi Swastika on it, and claiming (accurately) that it’s a historical symbol. Yes, both cases are true, but using the exact images of both the Confederate flag, and the Nazi version of the Swastika has specific connotations beyond the original historical symbols.

  13. There are a good number of people who disagree with the idea that the battle flag, which is not the confederate flag is the same as the nazi flag…too many the comparasion is now right offensive. I would encourage you to read some historical facts (and not I am not talking about neo confederate propagada) concerning the battle between the states, which technically was not even a civil war.

    1. You misunderstand his point – the Confederate flags which use the saltire are not the same as a simple St. Andrew’s cross; in the same way, the Nazi party in Germany used the Hindu swastika as the basis for their Party flag. The historical resonance of both modern flags is specific in the same way, having little or nothing to do with the older roots of the designs used.
      Incidentally, the designer of the Confederate flag claimed that he was using a St. Andrew’s cross for its heraldric connotations, not as a religious symbol. Attempts to make the Confederate flag some sort of ueber-Christian historical thingie are false to fact.

  14. “The flag was also carried into battle by William Wallace in the War for Scottish Independence . . . ” This clearly vindicates the flag of all more recent associations since Wallace and his army were strict fundamentalists and used ONLY the KJV.

  15. Oh no, I know this guy. Was in youth group with him. First time I met him we were on our way to the Bill Rice Ranch and he had a Jack Hyles mask on and kept preaching memorized sermons from him.

    He got a girl pregnant in our youth group, married someone else abused and divorced her, all sins but somehow he’s still preaching and thinks a lot of himself.

    1. I got a girl in your youth group pregnant? Don’t remember that. What was her name? Maybe it’ll jog my memory. And then I married someone and abused her? Don’t remember that either. Again, maybe you’d care to jog my memory with a name? As for the Bill Rice Ranch – yes, remember those summer camps very fondly – but I’m guessing you were sleeping during Jack Mount, Paul Levin, and Bill III’s sermons on lying, gossiping, making stuff up, and just generally being a sorry-butted slime-ball. Oh, by the way, whats your name? Since you were not man enough to sign it to your post! If you like eMail me directly at president@bibleschool.edu

      1. Bob 3 taught about lying, gossiping and making stuff up? Good to know, since he and his father perfected that craft.

      2. Just so you know, RE: classless “not man enough” comment, escapee is actually a female victim of a hard core fundy family. I have no idea the validity of what she’s stated. Maybe had you confused, or who knows what. Not everyone is comfortable using their real names

      3. escapee Gotta give some credit here. Lets not be hypocrites. Man up or girl up. apologize or get the facts. That post sounds like anti-fundamentalist sermon illustration. Did a Marine also punch him in the nose? 😀

    1. For the record, I was in the optical store, saw those glasses and immediately thought of Harry. And yes, thats why I bought them – call me a Cubs fan!

  16. DeVries book “Divinely Inspired” was the worst book I ever read. I don’t think DeVries actually did any research, and it seems as if he visited a blog to get his info. I wrote a rebuttal to his book exposing the vast errors in his book, every chapter is filled with non-sense and it seems that he wrote this book for one purpose, to uphold his view that the KJV of the Bible is the only word of God. I don’t attack the KJV, I address the tons of errors in his book. Here is a short video clip I made in response to his book, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i90iYPxmm-A and email me if you’d like my 10 pg rebuttal.

    1. Somehow…you are reading the history REWRITERS version of this issue……of coarse your information is not going to line up.

      Please don’t be arrogant and shallow anymore….God hates this.

      I don’t rebuke you, i come humbly

  17. Not sure, but this is the guy….who preached to a group of preachers who were very strong in character but were in a situation, and hearts were heavy and they needed to hear from God and get a blessing FOR REAL !!!!
    Well it so happens that Br Ed here has a sermon God gave him and it sent them into orbit. A REAL BLESSING CAME….they gave him a collection and love offering for 10,000 [ten thousand USD] worth $22,522.52 in 2014

    moral of the story; God uses anyone he wants to; whenever he wants to….be avalible and ask to be used of God…….don’t be like all the other BACKSLIDDERS
    Name of the sermon “The end of the Philidalphisa church age”….it is online….
    Signed; Jim J … istherenotacause1611@gmail.com
    Prov 3:5-6

  18. Dr:DeVries
    I went to school with you way back in Katy, Texas. I would love to hear from you. I remember you well and I was wondering if you do, me.

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