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Being Affirmed By Their Enemies’ Hatred

You can’t be in fundamentalist circles for very long without hearing someone use the phrase “Well, if people like that hate me, then I must be doing something right.” What’s more, they actually say it with a straight face.

Evidently, it never occurs to the fundy who proudly propounds this fallacious phrase that the reason why people hate him may not be that he stand for the truth but rather that he’s simply a crass and unpleasant person to be around and people would hate him no matter what his religious affiliation.

If after cutting someone off in traffic you can convince yourself that the real reason they’re honking and yelling at you is that they dislike your “In Case of Rapture This Car Will Be Unoccupied” bumper sticker…you might be a fundamentalist.

thanks to deedeedub over on the FFF for the idea