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Fundy Fashion

Time stands still in fundyland. Walk into the average fundamentalist church and you’ll be able to easily spot suits and ties from the 70’s, women’s hair styles from the 80’s, and carpet colors that were last popular during the Eisenhower administration. And they shall not be moved.

The strange thing about this time warp, however, is that not all fundy churches freeze at the exact same moment. Exactly how far out of the mainstream a local church remains can vary from height-of-fashion-twenty-years-ago all the way to now-back-in-style-again! Of course, if the hair and clothes of the general populace does swing around to match the fundies, they’ll immediately have to leap into some other decade out of self defense.

One can only imagine that fundamentalists dress and decorate to reflect whatever era the Holy Spirit last visited in hopes that He’ll recognize them when he comes back.