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Friday Challenge: Bless the Beasts and the Children

2009-08-16 Puppy at Duke East 1
(photo by Ildar Sagdejev)

I was thinking this morning about animals in fundyland and the way that nature is perceived. It seems that some fundies take a sort of pride in constantly pointing out that animals are not as important as human beings and that it doesn’t really matter how we treat them. From Jack Decoster’s heinous treatment of his factory farm chickens to the sadistic missionary who would routinely brutally kick his dogs just because he could. The very idea of a church service to bless animals would be unthinkable.

Today’s challenge is to remember pets or other animals from your time in fundamentalism. Has your perspective of nature changed since you left?

Friday Challenge: Tis’ The Season

Today’s challenge is to reach back into your own personal Christmas Story and recall what the holidays were like in Fundamentalism.

Has your celebration changed in form or focus? Do you do different things now than you did then? Do you now worship Santa Claus and participate in the debauchery of rock music around the Christmas tree?

We’d really like to know.

Did you know that you can give Kindle e-books as a gift? If you’ve got fundies on your list a copy of Fundamental Flaws may be just what they’re missing!

Friday Challenge: Fundy Olympics

Since the Olympics are beginning on just one week, today’s challenge is to use your creativity to imagine the Fundy Olympics. What events would be there? Who would be the sponsors? What anthem would play and what awards would be given when someone won?

I personally think that a rousing contest of “Pass the Offering Plate Over The Woman Next To You And For Heaven’s Sake Don’t Let Her Touch It” would be quite popular — at least among students from my Fundy U.